First ID, Now SSM

- guest-blogged by W. Kevin VicklundJudge John E. Jones III, made famous for his 2005 decision striking down Intelligent Design in the Dover, PA school district, is making the headlines again.  He has been assigned a case, brought by ten couples and a widow, challenging Pennsylvania's law banning marriage equality.  The case is Whitewood v. Corbett.  The plaintiffs are being represented by the ACLU.  I wonder if they're bringing the band back together?In related news, opening arguments fo … [Read more...]

(Some) Progress in Sanford

guest-blogged by W. Kevin VicklundSome good news from Sanford, Florida, where a member of the neighborhood watch murdered a teen visiting his family, and was not arrested.The State Attorney just-assigned to the Trayvon Martin death investigation said her office is already on the case.  State Attorney Angela Corey said two of her lead prosecutors, and an investigators, are already looking into the shooting death...After a discussion with Scott and Bondi, State Attorney Norman Wolfinger … [Read more...]

Progressive Libertarianism – Introduction

guest-blogged by W. Kevin VicklundWith the Reason Rally yesterday in DC, and Rock Beyond Belief next weekend at Fort Bragg, Ed is on vacation.  So as I often do, I have offered to provide some content for Dispatches this week.  While I may have some one-off topics as the opportunity arises, I have a series planned on a topic that I have not discussed in the past: progressive libertarianism. … [Read more...]

To What Extent the Appeal? Part 2

- guest-blogged by W. Kevin VicklundLate last year, I guest-blogged on the old Dispatches about whether the government should be required to appeal a policy it doesn't want to defend.  While I ended up deciding that the executive branch should be allowed to cut bait after the initial trial without being forced to appeal, I left open what the legislative branch or proponents should be able to do.  Two events in the past year have clarified my thinking on this.  NB:  I was originally going to p … [Read more...]