Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Roger Ailes

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who exhibit a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents and critics of their own worst traits. And this one is a doozy. Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, says that President Obama is trying to make Americans hate each other. (more…) Read more

Pentagon Announces Partner Benefits

As reported and anticipated, the Pentagon has announced that it will make some benefits, but not all, available to the married partners of gay soldiers. Outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta issued the following statement on the change of policy: (more…) Read more

Wingnut: Brennan is a Muslim Convert

For reasonable people, the real problem with Obama’s nominee to head the CIA, John Brennan, is that he has been a proponent of torture and the architect of the drone program. For wingnuts, the problem with Brennan is that he’s a terrorist-loving appeaser who just loves Muslims. But now they’re going even further and claiming that Brennan actually is a Muslim. (more…) Read more

Worldnutdaily: Allah is the Antichrist

One of my favorite parts of reading wingnut websites is that they’re always figuring out who the antichrist really is. One day it’s Obama, the next day it’s the pope. The Worldnutdaily has an amusing new theory that the true antichrist is…Allah! (more…) Read more

Breitbart: CNN Mistreats the Poor, Downtrodden Pope

Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be resigning at the end of this month on Monday, prompting a great deal of speculation as to the reasons why. And according to John Nolte of, even raising the question of whether the ongoing sex scandal with the pope at the center has something to do with it is “trashing” the pope and engaging in wild “conspiracy theories.” (more…) Read more

Worldnutdaily ‘Exclusively’ Quotes Limbaugh

Remember the post recently about how annoying it is when a media outlet calls something “exclusive” when it isn’t? The Worldnutdaily is taking this to whole new heights, calling a story “exclusive” when all they did was quote something Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show. (more…) Read more

Indianans Want to Create Straights-Only Prom

Fondly remembering the days when they attended whites-only proms, the “good” folks of Sullivan, Indiana would like to create a straights-only prom so they won’t have to put on ugly taffeta dresses and dance to lame music around any gay people. (more…) Read more

Weirdest Anti-Evolution Bill Ever

Rep. Rick Brattin of Missouri has submitted what may be the strangest anti-evolution bill ever. HB 291 is, in some ways, a standard “teach intelligent design along with evolution” bill, but when you dig into the details and definitions in the bill you’re just left shaking your head. It starts out tamely enough, with this silly but standard definition of ID: (more…) Read more

DOMA and Military Survivor Benefits

As the Pentagon reportedly prepares to offer some benefits to same-sex couples in the military, this article shows both why such benefits are important and why the Defense of Marriage Act needs to be eliminated, either by Congressional repeal or judicial overturning. (more…) Read more

Forward Thinking: Talking to Teens About Sex

Dan Fincke and Libby Anne’s latest question in their Forward Thinking series is a very interesting one: What would you tell teenagers about sex? Let me preface this by saying that I don’t have any kids and I never will. And I don’t think you should wait until they’re teens to talk to them about sex. But there is a hell of a lot that needs to be said on many related issues. (more…) Read more

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