This post is undoubtedly going to irritate some of my longtime readers, but as I often like to say it has the great virtue of being true. I mostly agree with Michael Moynihan that the Koch brothers have too often been used as a cartoon bad guy by liberals painting with too broad a brush and that them buying the Tribune Company and the many newspapers it owns isn’t really that big a deal. Do try to read the whole… Read more

Alan Keyes seems to like the Talk to Solomon radio show, as he’s been a frequent guest over the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because Solomon gives him free reign to deliver his breathtakingly incoherent rants and tell lies. You know, like claiming that condoms have an 80% failure rate. He says letting a child have access to condoms is like giving them a gun to play Russian roulette. Worst analogy ever? (more…) Read more

Rick Wiles is quickly distinguishing himself even from the usual wingnut radio hosts for his bizarre and incoherent rants and conspiracy theories. On a recent show he claimed that not only were the World Trade Centers destroyed by the Illuminati, but the height of the new tower there is a tribute to the Illuminati as well. (more…) Read more

The Huffington Post reports that the Department of Justice obtained the phone records of numerous reporters for the Associated Press as well as records for the news organization’s generic phone lines and switchboards. AP sent a letter to the attorney general protesting the situation. (more…) Read more

Dan Brown is the tiresome hack who wrote The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and other books that have sold millions of copies. Those books go over territory that was explored in much more interesting ways by far more talented writers (most obviously Umberto Eco). Michael Deacon mocks Brown beautifully: (more…) Read more

Rep. Steve King, the prom king of Wingnuttia High School, is quite upset about Jason Collins coming out as a gay basketball player. And he’s even more upset about President Obama calling him afterward. And wouldn’t you know it, it involves Tim Tebow and the death of Western civilization too. (more…) Read more

Darrell Issa is one of the more buffoonish members of the House (which is saying a lot). He’s never met an issue he couldn’t demagogue and he’s really pushing the Benghazi story in an attempt to damage Obama. Listen to his latest argument about this: (more…) Read more

A Republican legislator in Pennsylvania is submitting a bill that he calls the Student Religious Liberties Act. The actual language of the bill is not yet available, but he has written a memo to his fellow legislators outlining what he seeks to achieve. It looks mostly meaningless to me. (more…) Read more

Paul Buchheit has an article at Alternet that spells out the core problem underlying our systemic federal debt problem and the way the tax burden has been shifted away from wealthy corporations and toward individual taxpayers. Some of these numbers are pretty astonishing: (more…) Read more

As the Christian right continues its hysterical freakout over the Pentagon’s non-existent policy of court-martialing any soldier who utters the word “God” in the presence of another person, this may be the silliest story of all. The Worldnutdaily is asking questions: (more…) Read more

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