The government in Egypt continues to destroy the notion of free speech and send people to prison for “insulting” religion, and not just Islam. They convicted a reactionary Muslim Imam for tearing up a Bible and sentenced him to a very long prison term: (more…) Read more

I met Jerry DeWitt for the first time a couple months ago when we both spoke at Reason on the Bayou. I knew who he was but we’d never met. After hearing him speak, I was sure glad I didn’t have to follow him. He really is still a preacher and he does it quite well (I’m a fan of good preaching; it’s an art form when done well), he’s just preaching reason and humanism instead of Christianity. Here’s the… Read more

In an entirely unsurprising move, the five conservatives on the Supreme Court have once again weakened the minimal safeguards in the Bill of Rights for those accused of a crime. Specifically, they said that you don’t really have a right to remain silent until you’re informed of or have explicitly invoked that right. Tejinder Singh, who (if it’s the same person) was one of the best college debaters in the country a decade ago, gives the background on the case:… Read more

Late last week, President Obama made an abrupt policy shift and decided to start sending arms to the rebels in Syria fighting against Bashar al-Assad. He did so after Bill Clinton publicly called him out and after the CIA determined, supposedly definitively, that Assad had used chemical weapons against the rebels. I’m not too happy about the whole situation, though I doubt Obama is either. (more…) Read more

Uri Geller, the spoon-bending “psychic” con man from Israel, is now claiming to have been a CIA agent during the Cold War, helping the CIA counter the Soviet Union’s non-existent ability to use their minds in warfare. And apparently there’s a whole new documentary about it. (more…) Read more

The use of confidential informants is a system prone to massive abuse, especially when there’s a big financial incentive for them to lie in order to get paid. USA Today reports that the DEA is now using an informant again who was previously blacklisted because he had lied in numerous cases. (more…) Read more

President Obama, Sean Hannity and many others may be changing their position on the NSA’s data mining programs out of political necessity or partisan convenience, but Dick Cheney is not. In an interview with Chris Wallace, he said he’s just fine with what the NSA is doing: (more…) Read more

Glenn Beck went on another of his weird, rambling diatribes on his show the other day, claiming that we are in the “end times” because it all matches up to the Book of Mormon. And then, of course, he gets all weepy eyed. (more…) Read more

When I saw that John Ratzenberger, the actor who played Cliff Claven on Cheers, was going to appear at last weekend’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, I kind of chuckled. Turns out he was there to introduce Allen West and his comments were a bit…unusual. (more…) Read more

Guess who said in 2006, “If I know every single phone call you made, I’m able to determine every single person you talked to. I can get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive.” If you guessed Joe Biden, come on down. And he didn’t stop there: (more…) Read more

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