A federal judge has overruled an Obama administration rule that forbid the sale of emergency contraception — the morning-after pill — to girls under 17 without a prescription. Judge Edward Korman, a Reagan appointee, said the rule was the result of “a strong showing of bad faith and improper political influence.” You can read the full ruling here. (more…) Read more

Roger Ebert died last week. Given his long and serious illness, this could not have come as a shock to anyone and it certainly did not come as a surprise to him. He knew it was coming, likely sooner rather than later, and he wrote less than two years ago about his inevitable demise. (more…) Read more

A Brooklyn judge has apparently had enough of Christopher Earl Strunk filing lawsuits claiming that Obama is not a natural-born citizen and therefore not eligible to be president. In a ruling last week, he slammed Strunk as delusional and ordered him to pay almost $200,000 in fees for the other side: (more…) Read more

As Kim Jong-Un of North Korea engages in a series of provocative but mostly pointless “threats,” some Republicans are calling for a first strike and criticizing Obama for not taking decisive action. The Worldnutdaily, on the other hand, is criticizing Obama for taking any action at all. They know the real reason Obama has shifted military resources to the Pacific in light of those threats and, of course, it’s something nefarious. (more…) Read more

Following the age-old tactic of claiming that criticism is censorship and oppression, Rush Limbaugh told his credulous listeners the other day that the Obama administration is trying to “eliminate any opposition” — especially him, Fox News and the Drudge Report. (more…) Read more

Warren Throckmorton quotes from a book called The Covenant: America’s Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel by Timothy Ballard. That book has a strong endorsement from our old pal David Barton and it makes some truly loopy claims. Like that Americans are descended from the lost tribes of Israel, through Joseph: (more…) Read more

As you may have heard by now, Camp Quest Oklahoma was thrown out of a fundraiser that they had arranged at a BBQ joint called Oklahoma Joe’s. Dave Muscato, PR Director for American Atheists, spoke to the organizers of the event and has the details in that Reddit thread: (more…) Read more

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, now running for governor of that state and a rising star on the Christian right, is asking the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to grant an en banc rehearing and uphold the constitutionality of their anti-sodomy law, which was struck down by the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v Texas ruling in 2003. (more…) Read more

Ron Paul has just announced that he is developing a curriculum for use by homeschooling parents. He says this will teach young people to believe in freedom, yet guess who is working as the Director of Curriculum Development for this project? Gary North, the most prominent Christian Reconstructionist in the world. Freedom? (more…) Read more

Right Wing Watch really should get some sort of award for discovering Rick Wiles of TruNews. He’s just so much fun to watch. Lately he’s been saying things so delightfully idiotic that Alan Colmes invited him on his radio show. And that proves that judgment day is now upon us. Cuz God said so. (more…) Read more

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