No, There Is No ‘Balanced Look’ at Female Genital Mutilation

I was emailed a link to this appalling article on female genital mutilation by a sociologist named Lisa Wade, which is mostly just a bunch of cultural relativism bullshit. I thought about writing a response to it, but Zinnia Jones has already written one that says most of what I would have said. So I’ll just link to her. (more…) Read more

WND: Noah’s Ark Proven!

The Worldnutdaily headline screams “Evidence That Noah’s Flood Did Indeed Happen.” The article is actually just a link to an article on the ABC News website that deals with an entirely local flood, which in fact contradicts the Bible’s claim that God sent a global flood to destroy everything in the world other than what was on the ark. Unfortunately, ABC News is equally bad: (more…) Read more

Police Officer Steals Money, Lies About It

A Connecticut state trooper has been charged with multiple felonies after being caught on video taking almost $10,000 worth of cash and property from the body of a man who died in a car accident. He took the money as “evidence,” somehow magically forgetting to log it in or mention it on his report. And then lying to investigators about it. (more…) Read more

Fox News: Atheists = Communists

Some git named Alice Stewart has an op-ed on the Fox News website about the non-existent War on Christmas and she reveals both her irrationality and complete lack of ethics and intellectual honesty. Let’s start with the irrational part, in the very first paragraph: (more…) Read more

Even Maggie Gallagher Thinks DOMA is Gone

As people from all sides of the fence try to handicap the outcome of the two marriage equality cases the Supreme Court has agreed to hear, even virulently anti-gay Maggie Gallagher, the first leader of the National Organization for Marriage, thinks DOMA is going to be overturned: (more…) Read more

D’Souza’s Ridiculous Rationalizations

Andrew Goldman has an interview of Dinesh D’Souza at the New York Times and I found this exchange particularly fascinating. D’Souza admits that he went to Kenya expecting to find President Obama’s half-siblings to be lazy, shiftless bums looking for a handout. And then: (more…) Read more

Barber Wants to ‘Metaphorically’ Punch FFRF in the Face

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel gave one of his typically irrational rants on his radio show, targeting Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor and the Freedom From Religion Foundation. He calls them “bullies” and says that the only way to respond to a bully is to — metaphorically, of course — punch him in the face. (more…) Read more

Scott Lively’s Mafia God

Deranged bigot Scott Lively has already praised God for an explosion that destroyed a strip club and injured 18 people, most of whom were firefighters and other public servants. Now he’s detected yet another reason why his violent imaginary friend did it: To stop a casino. (more…) Read more

McKibben Still Naive on Keystone Pipeline

Environmentalist Bill McKibben, probably the most outspoken opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline and the use of tar sands oil in general, has an article at the Daily Beast taking Hillary Clinton to task for her support of that project. And it seems he still thinks Obama might decide not to approve it: (more…) Read more

Possible Outcomes in SCOTUS Marriage Cases

On Sunday night, JT Eberhard surprised me with a phone call in the middle of his podcast to ask me about the Supreme Court’s decision to hear two cases involving marriage equality. That prompted me to do some thinking about how the court will rule. Here are my thoughts on that question. (more…) Read more

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