The Boy Scouts of America appear to be ready to go halfway toward equality, lifting the ban on openly gay teens joining the group but still forbidding gay adults from acting as scout leaders. The matter still has to be voted on by the BSA board: (more…) Read more

The Worldnutdaily puts their total lack of honesty and integrity on full display with this article headlined “FEDS ADMIT DRYING UP AMMO SUPPLIES.” But the only “admission” is what has been known all along, that the Department of Homeland Security had signed a contract for a large amount of ammunition over the next few years. This is the sum total of that “admission.” (more…) Read more

Joseph Farah has won a high-level endorsement of his plan to hold a day of prayer and fasting on Sept. 11, 2013. Michele Bachmann, unsurprisingly, just loves the idea. She even commented on it on the floor of the House so it would be in the Congressional Record. (more…) Read more

Remember a couple years ago when a South Carolina middle school held a mandatory assembly featuring evangelist Christian Chapman and horrible Christian rapper B-SHOC? A suit was filed and the school agreed to a consent decree forbidding a huge range of clearly unconstitutional actions by the school. A South Carolina newspaper now tells the story of the abuse endured by the family that filed that suit: (more…) Read more

Another interesting development in the multiple investigations of campaign law violations by Michele Bachmann. In an Iowa Senate probe, her former chief of staff is going to admit that the campaign illegally paid a state senator by funneling it through a third party, a pretty serious violation. (more…) Read more

John Paulk was one of the most prominent faces of the “ex-gay” movement. He and his wife, now estranged, were featured in a Newsweek cover article in 1998 talking about how he had successfully left homosexuality behind and was perfectly straight now. He was the chairman of the board of Exodus International. And now he is renouncing the whole thing: (more…) Read more

When President Obama took office, he promised to change business as usual in Washington. No lobbyists would work in his administration, he declared, but quickly made so many exceptions to the rule that it became irrelevant. And in reality, as Noam Scheiber notes, virtually nothing has changed; the revolving door is still revolving as quickly as ever, especially in the second term. (more…) Read more

Alex Jones isn’t the only one coming up with crazy conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon bombings. The Worldnutdaily and other right wingers have a new one: Obama is deporting that Saudi student for “national security reasons” as part of a coverup. Tea Party Nation leader Judson Phillips, who is nuttier than a jar of Jif, repeats this nonsense: (more…) Read more

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Orly Taitz or Larry Klayman, is challenging a new law in California that forbids anti-gay therapy. And he told Mike Huckabee that he’s really worried that this will lead people to go to back alley anti-gay therapists: (more…) Read more

It must have been an 80s flashback day on the 700 Club when Pat Robertson told a viewer that it was wrong to play games involving magic because it’s part of the occult. Oh, and Dungeons and Dragons has “literally destroyed people’s lives.” Now I despise D&D and cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would play RPGs (yes, I know many of my friends and readers can’t understand why I don’t; it’s an entirely subjective question), but… Read more

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