Kuhner: They’re Gonna Burn Us at the Stake!

Jeffrey Kuhner, a columnist for the Moonie Times and a first class nutball, went on Janet Mefferd’s show and struck the persecution pose, claiming that the “gay gestapo” will make sure anyone who criticizes them will be “burnt at the stake” and have their careers destroyed. But first, they engaged in what passes for witty banter among the wingnuts: (more…) Read more

Kupelian Makes Predictions

Mycroft Holmes was Sherlock’s even smarter brother; David Kupelian, the #2 guy at the Worldnutdaily, may be Joseph Farah’s even dumber and crazier brother. In his latest bit of lunacy, he’s making predictions about what will happen if Obama is reelected. It’s predictably apocalyptic. (more…) Read more

Jackson: Blacks Will Vote Against Obama

Bishop E.W. Jackson, who runs a group called Staying True to America’s National Destiny (STAND), went on Janet Mefferd’s radio show and absurdly claimed that black Christians are going to vote against Obama in November because he supports gay rights. (more…) Read more

Bob Larson Kicks Out a Gay Demon

A few months ago I had a woman on my radio show who had grown up in the inner circle of Bob Larson, the endlessly ridiculous “exorcist” and hater of rock music. Here’s a hilarious video of him “exorcising” the demon of homosexuality from a man. Love the combover and the bad acting. (more…) Read more

Jon Stewart on the Foreign Policy Debate

The Daily Show had a great segment about the third and final debate, when Romney did his best impression of Obama and agreed with him on almost everything. Video below the fold. (more…) Read more

Hilarious Moonie Times Headline

Rev. Moon may be dead but the newspaper he owned, and his family continues to own, is keeping up its drumbeat of dishonesty in the service of right wing authoritarianism. Take a look at the headline on this article about Richard Mourdock’s idiotic claim that rape babies are God’s will and compare it to the headline on the video they’re showing: (more…) Read more

Romney’s Marriage Equality Etch-a-Sketch

Like every other issue, Mitt Romney has been on every side of the marriage equality issue depending on what he thinks is most politically expedient at any given moment. After absurdly claiming in 1994 that he would be “better than Ted Kennedy” on gay rights, during the Republican primary this year he signed a pledge to support the Federal Marriage Amendment that would ban same-sex marriage nationwide and overrule all state laws on the matter. (more…) Read more

The Difficulty of Hearing Your Own Voice

Probably the single most common thing said to me by people who meet me for the first time is some variation of “you’d be a perfect radio host, you have the perfect voice for it.” But when I hear my own voice, I don’t particularly like the way my voice sounds. Matt Soniak attempts to explain why: (more…) Read more

Dumbass Quote of the Day

The response from Republicans to President Obama’s absolutely accurate belittling of Romney’s moronic claim about the size of the Navy has been quite amusing to watch. Paul Ryan feigned ignorance and said he just couldn’t imagine what it means. But Marco Rubio knows what it means; it means Obama hates the troops. Or something. “I think the president belittled the military,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). “He compared the modern Navy to bayonets and horses — I thought that was… Read more

Moore: God is Punishing Us

Former and almost certainly future Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, an unabashed theocrat, joins the long list of wingnuts who are convinced that anything bad that happens must be God’s punishment on us. Conveniently, that punishment is being meted out because of all the things Moore himself opposes, abortion and gay marriage. (more…) Read more