As the conclave of cardinals meets in Rome to choose a replacement for Pope Benedict XVI, there’s a new report out that says the Vatican wiretapped many high church officials as part of an investigation into who had leaked documents to the press about the outgoing pontiff. (more…) Read more

One of the most absurd aspects of American political culture is watching rich and powerful politicians pretend to be just like the common folk they’re trying to appeal to. ThinkProgress catches a perfect example, a Republican Senate candidate in Massachusetts, state Rep. Dan Winslow, talking about how much he hates yacht clubs while winning a straw poll held at a yacht club: (more…) Read more

The American Sociological Association has filed a brief in the Prop 8 case before the Supreme Court that slams the now-infamous Regnerus study on same-sex parenting. You can read the full brief here. There were two main problems with that study, both of which seriously undermine the validity of the conclusions Mark Regnerus reached and the way anti-gay leaders have used it. (more…) Read more

Frank Turek often participates in debates over the existence of God and the validity of Christianity. I’ve never seen him in such debates, but I’d be willing to bet that he uses arguments as illogical as the ones he uses in this Townhall column arguing against marriage equality. (more…) Read more

The Family Research Council sent out a mailing to their followers recently railing about the evils of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would add sexual orientation to the list of unlawful forms of discrimination in federal law. It was full of all the usual illogical claims, hypocrisy and hyperbole. (more…) Read more

Bravo to the ACLU for coming to the defense of a student in Connecticut who was told he could not wear an anti-gay t-shirt to school. The shirt was simply a rainbow with the universal symbol of the circle with a line through it over the top. Here’s the more disturbing part of the story: (more…) Read more

You remember Dean Chambers, the right wing dolt who made a fool out of himself by spending months claiming the polls were skewed and that Romney was going to win in a landslide, don’t you? At some point I started following him on Facebook and he has never missed a chance to make a fool of himself. He posted this tidbit on Facebook on Saturday: (more…) Read more

Sarah Palin extended her near-perfect record of being wrong on practically everything with a Facebook posting about the sequestration deal, wherein she passes on that nonsense about the federal government hoarding ammunition while simultaneously telling others to stop “wetting their pants” and to end the “hysterics.” (more…) Read more

The conservative media and blogosphere has been hit with a scandal after a federal filing revealed that the government of Malaysia had paid hundred of thousands of dollars out to several of them to write good things about them on major online media outlets like Red State and the National Review Online. (more…) Read more

This week’s example of wingnut on wingnut crime takes place in New York, where Marco Rubio went on a charm offensive among powerful Wall Street types to raise money for his campaign war chest. Rep. Peter King, the chief Republican blowhard of New York, went absolutely apeshit over it because Rubio voted against the relief bill for Hurricane Sandy victims. (more…) Read more

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