WND Wants Roberts to Refuse to Swear In Obama

Craige McMillan, a columnist for the Worldnutdaily, writes an open letter to Chief Justice John Roberts demanding that he refuse to administer the oath of office to President Obama because he’s a Muslim communist Kenyan illegal alien, or some such bullshit. And he threatens impeachment if Roberts refuses — and maybe even a new Nuremberg trial. (more…) Read more

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Klingenschmitt vs Gingrich

Newt Gingrich recently said that the Republican party needs to come to grips with the fact that a majority now supports LGBT equality and shift their positions. That prompted loony bigot Gordon Klingenschmitt to declare that Gingrich is controlled by a “demonic voice.” (more…) Read more

The Importance of Lead Abatement

Kevin Drum has an article in Mother Jones arguing that the use of leaded gasoline is the real explanation for high crime rates from the 60s through the early 90s and that ending its use explains why crime began dropping thereafter. I’ve long argued that this was at least one factor in the trends in crime rates as well. (more…) Read more

Illinois Republican Leaders Support Marriage Equality

The next state to have a big battle over marriage equality appears to be Illinois, where a bill has been submitted to legalize and recognize same-sex marriages. And in an incredible turn of events, the leader of the Illinois GOP is supporting the bill. This is the chair of the state party, Pat Brady: (more…) Read more

Obama Allowed to Keep Drone Rationale Secret

The Obama administration’s efforts to keep every tiny detail of its actions in the war on terror secret continues to succeed in court and has now been extended even further. A federal judge has ruled that the administration doesn’t even have to reveal the legal basis for the drone strikes it uses so often. You can read the full ruling here. David Kravets has a report at Wired. (more…) Read more

Conflicting Michigan Rulings on Contraception Mandate

There are so many different legal challenges to the Obama administration’s contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act that it’s hard to keep up with them all (and I’m not really trying, only taking note of a few). But in Michigan, we now have conflicting rulings from two different district courts and a split ruling from the appeals court. (more…) Read more

Staver: Marriage Equality = Civil War

Sometimes it seems like the wingnuts have a competition going to see which one can come up with the most hyperbolic and inane result of same-sex marriage. One person says it will destroy marriage so the next one says it will destroy America and the next one ups the ante to destroying civilization itself. Here’s Mat Staver, the dean of Liberty University Law School, with his entry in the sweepstakes: (more…) Read more

AFA Raises Money Using Paranoid Delusions

The American Family Association is selling its usual dystopic vision of a future America where Christians are terribly persecuted. ThinkProgress has the text of an email they recently sent out with some of the dumbest and most paranoid predictions you’ll ever see: (more…) Read more

Drake to Demand Divine Curse Every Week

Remember Wiley Drake, the former Southern Baptist Convention official and preacher who told his followers to pray for President Obama to be killed by God? Well now he’s decided to start praying for these divine curses every Wednesday in a weekly prayer meeting. (more…) Read more

UPDATED: Saudi Cleric Okays Gang Rape of Syrian Women

Update: Alternet has retracted this story, as it turned out to be a hoax. Alternet reports that an influential Saudi imam who is closely tied to jihadist groups worldwide has issued an edict endorsing temporary “intercourse marriages” to allow opposition fighters in Syria to each have their turn having sex with any Syrian woman over 14 who is widowed or divorced. (more…) Read more

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