One of the things I find endlessly amusing is watching the really really far right attack the really far right as not being crazy enough. Robert Spencer and his pal Pam Geller do this whenever anyone on the right even suggests that maybe they’ve taken things a bit too far, accusing them of being tools of the global Islamic caliphate. Like CPAC, for instance, which Spencer declares is now “Sharia-compliant” because, for the first time in years, he and Geller… Read more

Michael Hammond of Gun Owners of America, the insanely-far-right group that thinks the NRA are a bunch of weak-kneed liberals, went on Crosstalk Radio with Jim Schneider and they explained how background checks for buying guns leads to genocide, just like it did with Hitler. (more…) Read more

Eli Lake has been pouring over the documents filed in the prosecution of Blackwater that ended in almost no consequences for that company breaking the law repeatedly, and what he’s found is pretty disturbing. Blackwater operated as an unofficial extension of the CIA around the world. (more…) Read more

Rep. Loui Gohmert, who may well be the single dumbest person in the entire Congress, gave a talk at CPAC on Thursday and delivered a line that has become virtually a mantra on the right, that we could have won Vietnam if only the politicians had allowed it to happen. (more…) Read more

I’m sensing a new meme developing among the anti-gay right. Lately I’ve seen several of them claim that being gay is “disordered,” though I have no idea what they actually mean by that. Illinois State. Rep. Jeanne Ives is the latest to do it in response to the legalization of same-sex marriage there: (more…) Read more

Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) went on Tony Perkins’ radio show and claimed that abstinence only sex education works really, really well, better than comprehensive sex ed in fact. He wants to spend more than $100 million more on abstinence only sex ed. (more…) Read more

Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, who was one of the leading candidates to be Romney’s vice presidential nominee last year, has reversed his position on same-sex marriage after his son came out of the closet. That personal connection convinced him of the need to treat people equally: (more…) Read more

There’s a profile of Nate Phelps in the Telegraph, much of which is probably familiar to many of you. But there are a few things in there I didn’t know. I knew that his father Fred had done some civil rights work in the 50s and 60s, and I assumed he’d just become a terrible person since then. Turns out he was a terrible person all along: (more…) Read more

A poster on Free Republic, maybe the craziest wingnut site on the net, has the perfect plan to talk to atheists, especially of the ex-Mormon variety (for some reason). Like Ray Comfort, he likes to invent conversations with straw atheists to make his point seem much stronger: (more…) Read more

Jennifer Carroll, the lt. governor of Florida, has stepped down from that position due to an ongoing investigation into a non-profit organization that she worked for and did commercials for. This is the same woman, you might recall, who was accused of being a lesbian and said that women who look like she does aren’t lesbians. (more…) Read more

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