See, this is why I still enjoy reading the Worldnutdaily. It just cracks me up what they think is news and how they slant everything toward their intellectually challenged audience. Like how they’ve blown the lid off the fact that there’s a powerful new telescope in Arizona called — cue the scary music — LUCIFER. (more…) Read more

One of my Facebook friends posted a link to this online debate. He knows one of the participants in the debate and has dealt with the one I’m going to quote and he assures me that this is not a Poe, that this guy really believes stuff like this. You’re gonna love this one: (more…) Read more

Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor turned wingnut darling and first-class paranoiac, says that President Obama may release Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman as demanded by Algerian militants who took hundreds of hostages, including many Americans, at a gas plant in the Sahara desert. (more…) Read more

Birther queen Orly Taitz has made yet another shocking discovery, presumably in her anal cavity (where she has plenty of time to look since that is where her head is lodged). In her latest dismissed lawsuit, she declares that there is not one but two Obamas — and the one in the White House just might be an Indonesian spy. (more…) Read more

Here’s an epic rant from Alex Jones claiming that the government is putting chemicals into products to produce more gay people to reduce the population. Oh, and fluoride. And juice boxes are making little girls all slutty, or something. Who the hell knows? (more…) Read more

Conway Public Schools in Arkansas has suspended, at least temporarily, a practice allowing local ministers to come into the school cafeteria during lunch and talk to students. The school says they’re suspending the practice until they can do a thorough legal review of the matter: (more…) Read more

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council gave a self-fulfilling prophecy on his radio show, saying that gay people are innately more depressed and suicidal because of their “destructive lifestyle” and that therefore the “It Gets Better” project is a deceit. (more…) Read more

I have begun writing a column in Secular World, published by Atheist Alliance International, on the subject of free speech around the world. The column is called Life Itself, a reference to Salman Rushdie’s statement, “Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.” You can read excerpts from the current issue, including my column, here. But the full magazine is sent to all AAI members, so join up if you want to read… Read more

I’ve written before about the right wing’s absurd attempts to reinvent Martin Luther King as a conservative, an effort led by his highly dishonest niece, Alveda King. But Glenn Beck and others have been pushing this idea as well by leaving out a hell of a lot of information that doesn’t fit their agenda. CNN reports on this phenomenon: (more…) Read more

Pop the popcorn, kids, it’s wingnut on wingnut crime time again. This time it’s the far-far-right anti-choicers, represented by Randall Terry’s lackey David Lewis, and the far-right anti-choices, the Ohio Right to Life. Because the latter group didn’t support the nutty “heartbeat bill” in that state, Lewis goes on the attack: (more…) Read more

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