Monckton Thrown Out of Climate Conference

World class buffoon Lord Christopher Monckton was thrown out of a UN climate conference being held in Qatar after he dressed up as a sheikh and pretended to be a delegate from Burma so he could speak and deny that global warming exists in front of the assembly. (more…) Read more

David Horowitz Loses His Cool

My friend Bonnie Bucqueroux, an excellent journalist in Lansing, went to a talk by David Horowitz at Michigan State University, during which he delivered his usual “Obama is a Marxist Muslim” talk, and asked him to address a contradiction in what he said. Horowitz then lost his cool and said he was going to confiscate her video camera. Here’s the video, right up until he grabbed her camera and shut it off in the process. (more…) Read more

Harold Camping 2: Electric Bugaloo

Remember Hal Lindsay? Before Harold Camping made himself an international laughing stock with an inaccurate prediction of the end of the world, Lindsay was doing it. He once predicted that Jesus would return by 1988, and now another “scholar” has refined his prediction for another round of selling false promises to true believers. (more…) Read more

Religion Primary Basis For Opposing Marriage Equality

From the Department of the Incredibly Obvious, a new Gallup poll shows that religion is far and away the biggest reason why some people oppose marriage equality. Not only is it a full 11% more than the second and third reasons put together, those reasons are also religious. (more…) Read more

Theocrats Still Confusing Orientation and Acts

The bigots at Liberty Counsel have released a meme on Facebook that pretends that they just love gay people so much and they want to help them overcome their problems, just like they want to help drug addicts and adulterers. Because they love them so much. Which is why they want to deny them equal rights. It’s for their own good, you see. (more…) Read more

Stephen Baldwin Arrested Again

Stephen Baldwin, the dumbest and least talented of the Baldwin brothers, has been arrested yet again, this time for tax evasion. He faces up to four years in jail. This after being arrested for driving on a suspended license a couple months ago. Clearly he isn’t praying enough. Read more

The Legacy of Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck, one of the true legends of jazz, died on Wednesday, the day before his 92nd birthday. It’s difficult to overstate his importance in the history of jazz as a pianist, composer and bandleader. In particular, his pushing of the boundaries of the genre with odd time signatures influenced the last two generations of musicians like few others have. (more…) Read more

Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Mat Staver

To the title of Worst Lawyer in America Not Named Larry Klayman (or Orly Taitz), Mat Staver, dean of the Liberty University law school, can now add a Bryan Fischer Award for this breathtaking bit of unintentional irony. He actually says that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology: (more…) Read more

Boykin: Obama Bases Policy on Communist Manifesto

Deranged lunatic and former general Jerry Boykin appeared at an event put on by David Barton’s Wallbuilders organization and spun a web of crazy involving Sharia law, the Muslim Brotherhood and the communist manifesto that is simply breathtaking. Behold: (more…) Read more

Inhofe: Obama Wants to Disband the Military

James Inhofe is not only the dumbest and craziest person in the U.S. Senate today, he’s among the dumbest and craziest people ever to serve in that body. Here he is talking to the equally unhinged Frank Gaffney, claiming that Obama and liberals want to disband the military completely. (more…) Read more

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