Netherlands Almost Ready to Remove Blasphemy Laws

The Dutch parliament is considering a bill that would remove that nation’s blasphemy laws, which have not been used in decades, from the books. With one exception — an insult aimed at the queen of that country would still be punishable by law. (more…) Read more

Seriously, Ted. Just Shut Up.

I grew up listening to Ted Nugent’s music. I still like some of the early stuff (the later stuff, like Fred Bear and the Damn Yankees, are acts of musical genocide). But I really wish he’d just shut up now. He’s an ignorant buffoon saying stupid things like this: (more…) Read more

Why Standing Up For Your Rights is Important

I wrote the other day about Blake Page, the West Point cadet who resigned from the academy in protest against the rampant imposition and favoring of Christianity. Here’s a perfect example of why his example matters. This is an email he sent to Mikey Weinstein about what has happened since then: (more…) Read more

British Christian Group Bans Women From Speaking

A Christian group at Bristol University in England has adopted a new policy forbidding women to speak to the group unless their husbands are speaking with them. This is apparently a reversal of an earlier policy, which was likewise the reversal of yet another policy: (more…) Read more

Fischer: Second Amendment Based on Jesus

Noted constitutional scholar Bryan Fischer delivered one of his usual diatribes, claiming that the Second Amendment is all based on the teachings of Jesus. This must be right before Jesus delivered the King James version of the Constitution to George Washington at Mt. Sinai. (more…) Read more

More of that ‘Mandate’ Nonsense

I wrote a few weeks ago about the absurdity and inconsistency of all arguments about who does and doesn’t have a “mandate” after an election. It’s all a bunch of rhetorical nonsense that is easily manipulated to make the guy you support able to claim a “mandate” while denying it to those you don’t support. But here’s a particularly strained attempt to make such an argument: (more…) Read more

The Wingnut Secret to Winning the Election

One of the most amusing aspects of the post-election grieving process is watching all the loonies come out of the woodwork to declare that Romney and the Republicans could have won if only they’d focused on that person’s obsessive and bizarre theories. Here’s Paul Gilbert, the one who thinks Obama inherited Marxism from his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, saying that if only they had focused on his pet theory they would have won: (more…) Read more

The Evolving Indiana Anti-Evolution Bill

State Senator Dennis Kruze of Indiana is bound and determined to find some way, any way, to undermine the teaching of evolution in that state, come hell or high water. After trying and failing to pass a law allowing schools to teach creationism last year, now he’s got a new, more vague, bill: (more…) Read more

Farris Threatens to Sue LGBT Blog at College

If you don’t know who Michael Farris is, you should. He’s one of the most powerful people in the Christian right. He’s also the chancellor of Patrick Henry College, a charm school for wingnuts. And he got so upset about a group of students anonymously starting a pro-gay blog about the school that he threatened to sue them: (more…) Read more

Brownback Declares ‘Day of Restoration’

Gov. Sam Brownback, a certified theocrat, longtime member of the Family, and former roommate of deranged “new apostle” Lou Engle, has issued an official proclamation making Saturday a “Day of Restoration” to coincide with yet another wingnut event, this one called Reign Down. Here’s the proclamation: (more…) Read more

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