Wingnut: Boycott Blue States!

I didn’t think anyone would be able to top the idiot who reacted to Obama’s reelection by pledging not to speak to anyone ever again if he even suspects that they may have voted Democratic, but the anonymous dolt behind the site Boycott the Blue States gave it a hell of a shot. He thinks people should boycott any company whose headquarters is in a state that Obama won. (more…) Read more

Islamists Want to Destroy Pyramids

The utter madness of Islamic fundamentalists doesn’t seem to have any limit at all. Now a group of Islamists in Egypt wants to destroy the famous pyramids of that country, some of the most incredible ancient artifacts in all of human history. (more…) Read more

Silver Rates the Polling Companies

Now that his coronation as the King of Polls is finished (though honestly, several other poll aggregation analysts did just as well), Nate Silver compares all of the polling companies to the outcome of the election to see how accurate they were. And maybe the biggest name in polling, Gallup, came out looking pretty bad. (more…) Read more

Oh No! Pat’s Gonna Out Me!

Our old friend Pat is upset. Mighty upset. He doesn’t like it that I make fun of him every once in a while and, being the weapons grade dumbass that he is, he thinks that’s stalking. Of course, he always did have a problem with that idea and a Bryan Fischer-like ability to project his own behavior on others. (more…) Read more

First Hindu Legislator to Swear Oath on Bhagavad Gita

The state of Hawaii became the first to send a Hindu to Congress last week, electing Tulsi Gabbard to the House. She’s going to swear her oath of office on a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, one of the holy books of Hinduism, instead of the Bible. Cue the inevitable outrage from the wingnuts in 1…2…3… Read more

How to Do and Not Do a Counter-Protest

A white supremacist group held an anti-immigration rally in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend and they were met by a delightful counter-protest by a bunch of people dressed in clown suits — a group much larger than the racist group, apparently. (more…) Read more

Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill to Pass?

The Ugandan legislature may be on the verge of passing the “kill the gays” bill that has caused so much controversy over the last couple years. It’s appeared to be dead, or at least tabled, a few times but now one of the leaders of the parliament there is predicting it will pass soon: (more…) Read more

Goldberg Explains Why Obama Won

I’m having a good deal of fun listening to those who were absolutely sure that Romney was going to win the election now try to explain why Obama won. The thoroughly mediocre Jonah Goldberg blames it all on the breakdown of the traditional family. (more…) Read more

Best Pre-Election Rant Yet

We know that lots and lots of wingnuts were absolutely sure that Romney was going to win the election and ended up with egg on their faces, but this pre-election rant by Kevin DuJan, a “Christian gay man” and an “Out and Proud Conservative Republican,” may cause an overdose of schadenfreude. He’s telling his readers in advance to recognize the inevitable panic and fearmongering from liberals as they realize Romney is going to win: (more…) Read more

Everything Old is New Again — Fluoride? Seriously?

I somehow missed this result from last week’s election. The city of Wichita, Kansas actually passed an ordinance banning the use of fluoride in that city’s drinking water supply. And the organizers of the campaign to enact that ban say they’re now going to reproduce it in other cities and states around the country: (more…) Read more

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