Steve King Doesn’t Know It; Must Not Happen

Rep. Steve King, who is easily one of the most vile and irrational people in Congress, is stepping up to defend Todd Akin, at least a little bit. And he wants you to know that he’s never heard of anyone getting pregnant from a “non-forcible” rape. (more…) Read more

FRC Declares Akin the Victim

Poor Todd Akin. According to the Family Research Council, he didn’t say something appallingly ignorant and vile that dehumanizes rape victims — he’s just getting a “bad break.” And they stand behind him 100 percent because he agrees with them — and they agree with him — that rape victims should be forced to carry the rapist’s child. (more…) Read more

Olasky and the Argumentum Ad Labelum

Marvin Olasky, editor of the Christian publication WORLD magazine, has written a column to defend that magazine’s handling of David Barton over the years. And he basically says that he paid no attention to previous criticism of Barton’s work because it came from “left-wing historians.” (more…) Read more

The Latest in Pyramidiocy

You’ve probably seen the image below, or some version of it, on Facebook or elsewhere. It’s usually accompanied by breathless gee-whiz exclamations or even talk of how brilliant and advanced and ahead of their time the Egyptians were to build the pyramids where they would line up so perfectly with astronomical objects. (more…) Read more

Soledad O’Brien Schools Christine O’Donnell

Okay, confession time: I’ve long had a crush on Soledad O’Brien. And after watching her commit actual journalism during an interview with John Sununu, and then doing it again in this interview with Christine O’Donnell, the crush is getting deeper. She challenged O’Donnell to define “marxism,” a term she throws around about Obama a lot. Unsurprisingly, O’Donnell babbled incoherently. (more…) Read more

‘Concerned Woman’ Defends Jailing of Pussy Riot

We hear constant cries of persecution from the religious right and constant declarations that their religious freedom is being destroyed. How ironic, then, that Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America is just fine with Russia throwing the punk band Pussy Riot in prison for daring to criticize her religion. (more…) Read more

Air Force Issues New Regs on Religion

The Air Force has issued a new directive that includes some important language on the issues of religious freedom and religious impositions on others in that branch of the armed services. Howard Friedman quotes some of the relevant portions: (more…) Read more

Lively Wants Off Hate List

I find this kind of amusing. Scott Lively, who is on the far right fringe of the anti-gay crowd occupied by the likes of Fred Phelps, is demanding that “leftists” stop calling him a hatemonger just because he thinks gay people are evil and were responsible for the Holocaust. (more…) Read more

Sullivan on Paul Ryan

Andrew Sullivan was on vacation when Paul Ryan was named as Romney’s vice presidential nominee and he was committed enough to taking a break that he didn’t weigh in on it until he got back to work. But here is his take on the Ryan nomination, with which I mostly agree: (more…) Read more

Bryan Fischer Hearts Todd Akin

Surprise, surprise — the truly vile Bryan Fischer is supporting Todd Akin’s idiotic claim that women don’t get pregnant when they’re raped. If it’s a real rape, of course. He says Akin is “absolutely right” that a woman “may not” conceive because of a “delicate and complex mix of hormones.” (more…) Read more