A Republican legislator in Indiana who last year tried to get creationism into science classrooms now has submitted a bill to allow public schools in that state to recite the Lord’s prayer before school every day. The bill, introduced on the first day of the legislative session, says: (more…) Read more

Paul Ryan has long played silly games with the question of whether he supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to federal anti-discrimination laws. As ThinkProgress notes: (more…) Read more

Jack Schaap, pastor of a huge megachurch in Hammond, Indiana, came up with a novel excuse for why he had a sexual relationship with a 16 year old girl: He was just so stressed out about donations going down at the church that he couldn’t help himself: (more…) Read more

A few years ago, the state of Michigan shut down the Detroit Police Department crime lab because of serious problems and it was soon discovered that there were thousands of rape kits piled up there that had never been examined. Turns out this is a nationwide problem, with as many as a half a million of those kits unexamined to this day. (more…) Read more

In the aftermath of every tragic event, there’s always someone who narrowly missed out on it. Think of those who didn’t go to work in the World Trade Center on 9/11 or who missed a connecting flight on a plane that crashed. And they almost always see mystical forces at work, usually thinking that God just loves them more than all the people who died. But the mother of a child at Sandy Hook elementary is now convinced that her… Read more

Justin Griffith reports on the latest twist in the ongoing battle to bring Rock Beyond Belief 2 to Camp Pendleton, a Marine Corps base in Southern California. Despite hosting numerous Christian music festivals over the years, the camp is refusing to allow a single atheist festival. (more…) Read more

I don’t get Current TV on my cable and I’ve never actually seen the channel, but I’m happy to hear that Al Jazeera bought the network and I hope we get it soon. The wingnuts are, of course, throwing a fit about it. Here’s Pam Geller’s unhinged reaction: (more…) Read more

Michele Bachmann wasted no time in submitting the first pointless bill of the 113th congress, a bill to “repeal Obamacare in its entirety.” Because nearly three dozen votes to do the same thing in the last session, none of which changed anything at all, just weren’t enough. Read more

Judson Phillips, leader of Tea Party Nation, claims to love the U.S. Constitution. He also doesn’t seem to understand anything at all about how it works. In his latest jeremiad, he displays his ignorance like a peacock displays his feathers when talking about the debt ceiling fight. (more…) Read more

I’d never heard of Joseph Sciambra until I saw this video, which is absolutely hilarious. Sciambra claims to be an “ex-gay” porn star and he says that anal sex “release[s] into the world these rare demonic entities” and that the “devil could be given birth to anally.” Uh, okay. (more…) Read more

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