A Perfect Example of Christian Privilege

One of the cases I’m researching for my book is called Herdahl v. Pontotoc County School District, case involving prayer and Bible classes in Ecru, Mississippi. Lisa Herdahl and her husband had moved their family from Wisconsin to Mississippi to be closer to his family and immediately discovered that the local schools were flagrantly violating the Constitution. (more…) Read more

Romney and the White Horse Prophecy

Here’s something I’d never heard of before. Apparently there is something called the “white horse prophecy” in Mormon folklore, an old and unconfirmed story that Joseph Smith once had a vision that in the last days a Mormon will save the country and the Constitution: (more…) Read more

Barton Hearts Lively

When David Barton’s book was pulled by Thomas Nelson, Scott Lively was one of his most vocal defenders. That’s not a surprise, of course, since Lively, like Barton, is a fake historian telling ridiculous lies about history. His specialty is lying about Hitler and gay people, while Barton’s is lying about American history. Barton is now returning the favor by headlining a fundraiser for Lively. Birds of a feather and all that. Read more

Delgaudio Under Investigation, Flips Lid

The batshit crazy Eugene Delgaudio isn’t just a guy who raises money with hysterical screeds and hilarious fantasies about how persecuted he is, he’s also an elected official in Loudon County, VA. And he’s now under investigation for misuse of his office. Now I don’t have any idea whether he’s guilty of that or not, but the speech he gave at a recent meeting when the investigation was officially started is brilliantly loony. You can watch the video here, but… Read more

Police Lie About Death of Man in Custody

Here’s another one of those depressingly unsurprising stories about a man dying during an arrest and the police lying about what caused his death. In this case, the police claimed the man died from choking on drugs while they were putting him in custody; the coroner now says he died from blunt force trauma: (more…) Read more

If Only Uppity Women Hadn’t Ruined Marriage

Vile misogynist Vox Day links to this blog post by someone called Dalrock (Day calls him an “influential Christian writer on intersexual relations”), also a vile misogynist, saying that men are getting the bad end of the stick now that women think they should vote and go to college and have equal rights and stuff. (more…) Read more

Mitt Romney’s Invisible Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney gave what was billed as a major speech during which he would stake his ground on foreign policy, an issue on which he has made several statements that any intelligent person would find, to say the least, embarrassing. You can read the whole speech here, but good luck finding much substance in it. (more…) Read more

Adam Lee on Atheism and Dissension

Adam Lee of Daylight Atheism has an excellent essay at Salon.com about atheism and the things that frequently divides what is referred to as the “movement.” He begins with a discussion of Atheism+ and I think he describes the goal of it better than anyone else I’ve seen: (more…) Read more

Dumbass Quote of the Day

Reading this column by Sally Quinn in the Washington Post set my teeth on edge, as I’m sure it will yours. Don’t click on the “read more” link and see the quote I’m about to give if you have a problem with high blood pressure or are prone to wanting to hurt kittens when you read something egregiously stupid: (more…) Read more

Coal Company Coerces Contributions

Remember the story about the coal company who forced their workers to attend a Romney rally in Ohio without pay so he could get a good photo op and tell them, “I tell ya, you’ve got a great boss”? Turns out that same company coerces their salaried employees to donate money to the company’s PAC, which gives money to Republican candidates. (more…) Read more

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