Is it progress if the wingnuts start calling each other Nazis instead of calling liberals that? Probably not, since it isn’t really “instead of” but rather in addition to. But the Tea Party Patriots are now calling Karl Rove a Nazi and even photoshopping him into an SS uniform. (more…) Read more

My dear friend Jamila Bey appeared on the show Crosstalk on Russia Today this week to talk with two religion professors about the Pope Benedict’s resignation and the future of the Catholic Church. There’s a really interesting discussion about the differences between the church hierarchy and the local churches in many places and how diverse the church really is. As always, Jamila is thoughtful and eloquent. (more…) Read more

Marcus Ranum has been commenting on my blog and many others for as long as I can remember. He’s also an incredibly generous guy, funding scholarships to send six young women, including FTB’s own Miriam Mogilevsky and Kate Donovan, to the Women in Secularism 2 conference in May. Like any large and diverse group, the secular community has its flaws. But I am continually astonished by the generosity of so many people within it. Thank you, Marcus. Read more

I have for many years regarded Gregg Frazer, a historian from The Master’s College, as one of the finest scholars on the subject of religion and the Founding Fathers (he is the one who coined the phrase “theistic rationalist” to describe the views of the key founders, which I use often). In World Magazine, he and Barton have an exchange over Barton’s many distortions about Thomas Jefferson. (more…) Read more

Bishop Eddie Long has had enough legal trouble recently with several male members of his church suing him for coercing them into sex (he settled the suits), but now he has more. Several members of his church have filed a suit accusing him of endorsing a Ponzi scheme run by a friend of his. (more…) Read more

The Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Florida v Harris, a case challenging the use of drug dogs to establish probable cause. The early date of the ruling suggested that it was a lopsided decision and that would indicate that it went the wrong way, and that is exactly the case. In a 9-0 ruling authored by Justice Sotomayor, the justices essentially concluded that a drug dog’s “alert” was presumed to establish probable cause. (more…) Read more

The Family Research Council is terribly concerned about the two marriage equality cases slated to be heard by the Supreme Court at the end of March (as they should be). And they’re urging their followers to send messages to their senators and representatives to pressure the Supreme Court to rule against equality: (more…) Read more

Cliff Kincaid, the utterly deranged Accuracy in Media leader, went on the radio show of the equally deranged Rick Wiles recently and the two of them exchanged imbecilities. Among them, they both claimed that if Obama was not the president, he would be arrested if he applied for a government job. (more…) Read more

Not all bills, of course, just ones that the sponsor doesn’t like. Rep. Mike Leara of Missouri has submitted a bill, HB 633, that would make it a felony for any legislator to propose any gun control measures in that state. Here’s the text of the bill: (more…) Read more

The Supreme Court has granted cert in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, a case that could potentially make the result in Citizens United much worse by allowing essentially unlimited contributions to political candidates and parties. (more…) Read more

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