Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Orly Taitz or Larry Klayman, has a dire warning for the Supreme Court. If they allow gay people to get married, it will be the “beginning of the end of America.” Be afraid, be very afraid! (more…) Read more

Eight years after her body was mercifully pulled from the machines keeping it artificially “alive” long after her brain was done (literally gone, as in turned mostly to liquid), the wingnuts are still bleating about Terri Shiavo. So a group still raising money from her name asked Sarah Palin to spout some utterly meaningless rhetoric on the subject: (more…) Read more

Vice President Joe Biden gave a talk last Friday at a banking conference and he uttered a line that was absolutely certain to make the wingnuts lose their minds. He said that as the world changes rapidly, we need to create a “new world order.” Aaron Klein of the Worldnutdaily reflexively took the bait: (more…) Read more

You can always count on the National Organization for Marriage to make a truly ridiculous claim that they wrongly think supports their position. On their Facebook page they posted this graph of marriage rates in the United States, along with this caption: (more…) Read more

Dean Chambers, the git who humiliated himself with those “unskewed polls,” clearly has a big future as a wingnut pundit. Like all the other great ones, he is capable of writing the most astonishingly stupid things while remaining utterly oblivious to how ridiculous he is. Like did you know that “same-sex marriage is actually marriage inequality”? I didn’t either. But he does: (more…) Read more

Though nearly every other Democratic legislator in Congress has finally “evolved” on marriage equality, Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana has steadfastly refused. And her excuse is that while she personally thinks gay people should have the right to marry, her constituents don’t: (more…) Read more

Tony Perkins, president of the virulently anti-gay Family Research Council (whenever you see “family” in such a context, read it as “bigot”), is being mentioned as a potential Republican candidate to run against incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu in 2014. (more…) Read more

As the Department of Health and Human Services prepares to implement the Affordable Care Act, they are hiring people to help uninsured Americans find health insurance in the state exchanges that law sets up. Would you believe this has something to do with ACORN and voter fraud? Let’s peek into the dark, festering mind of the wingnut to find out just how, starting with, which declares “HHS RESURRECTS ‘ACORN’ THROUGH OBAMACARE!” (more…) Read more

Remember a couple weeks ago when Fred Luter, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention, bizarrely agreed with Rick Wiles that North Korea’s threats toward the United States were tied to same-sex marriage? Luter recanted those remarks on CNN, after initially denying having said it (Anderson Cooper played the audio for him). Now Wiles is calling Luter a yellow-bellied coward. (more…) Read more

Here’s yet another wingnut, this time “ex-gay” evangelist Joe Dallas, declaring that God’s judgment will be upon the country if we don’t prevent gay people from having equal rights. It seems that God is forever threatening to kick our ass over such things. (more…) Read more

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