Yesterday’s behavior at the summit with Putin in Helsinki really should be the final straw for Republicans. Will it be? I doubt it. In fact, I say categorically that it won’t. But I agree with Ruth Marcus that it’s time for a mass exodus from the Trump administration, for people to quit in droves and start talking about just how dangerously incompetent Trump is. Because if this is how he behaves in public, imagine how much worse it is in… Read more

John McCain is dying. If he lasts the year, that will be a surprise. But facing death can be liberating. It can give you the freedom to say anything, without regard to the consequences, and in politics that’s just about the only way you’ll ever hear the truth. And the statement he put out hammering Trump’s statements and actions in the Putin summit is directly on point. Here’s the full statement: (more…) Read more

I have been dismissive of the notion that Putin has blackmail material on Trump and that’s why he does the things he does. My reasoning has been that so much negative has already come out, what could he possibly have that would do any real damage to Trump? Even if it’s the infamous, speculated “pee pee tape,” does anyone think that would actually matter? He isn’t going to be impeached over that and he knows it. But his behavior has… Read more

I said last week that we were about to see history repeat itself, with Trump replaying his performance at the G7 Summit and the Kim Jong-Un meeting, this time at the NATO Summit and his meeting with Putin. It turns out I was being an optimist. He was even worse, far worse, than even I imagined he would be. That press conference with Putin was nothing more than a public servicing of Putin and a wholesale sellout of the United… Read more

Firefighter turned Christian con artist Mark Taylor explains how God “confirms” his prophecies and it’s every bit as amusing as you might imagine. He “confirmed” Taylor’s alleged prophecy about Justice Scalia and the justice who would replace him with a train horn during Scalia’s funeral. (more…) Read more

Christian con man Rodney Howard-Browne, who meets with Trump at the White House and lays hands him (presumably not in the same way Trump likes to lay hands on women), has conclusively disproven every climatologist in the world in a sermon delivered at his church this past weekend. Take this, you “liberals” with your fancy “science.” (more…) Read more

In the right wing version, instead of good cop/bad cop you’ve got whacked out extremist cop/lives in an entirely different, bizarro world reality cop. The first part was played by members of a House committee last week when they interrogated FBI agent Peter Strzok; the second part is being played by Christian right conspiracy nuts like Paul Begley, who says things like this: (more…) Read more

Fox News, fully understanding that their job is to defend Donald Trump no matter what the evidence says, put in overtime for the last few days trying go find ways to explain away or minimize the indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officials for hacking into American election systems and the DNC servers. Lou Dobbs decided to do it by just putting his ignorance on display: (more…) Read more

It’s become clear that Donald Trump wants nothing less than the the dissolution of the European Union. Now I have my problems with the EU myself; in fact, I think it’s almost intentionally designed not to work. But Trump actually considers them to be a foe of the United States instead of an organization of nearly every close ally we have in the world. (more…) Read more

Stephen Bates, who was one of Ken Starr’s assistant prosecutors in the Clinton investigation, has a Washington Post op-ed making a terrible argument for why he thinks Special Counsel Robert Mueller should not issue a subpoena to Donald Trump to testify before a grand jury. Bizarrely, he says not doing so would protect the rule of law. (more…) Read more

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