Vince Foster’s Sister Rips Trump

After Donald Trump dug up the ridiculous old conspiracy theory that the Clintons had Vince Foster killed, Foster's sister has written a column for the Washington Post both debunking that idiotic claim and ripping Trump for trying to exploit her family's pain for political advantage. … [Read more...]

Barton Lies About PTSD Stats for Women in Combat

It's always exciting when David Barton invents a new lie. This time it's about women in combat. He claims that 90% of women in combat come back with PTSD while only 10% of men do. Oh, and he allegedly got this "fact" from an unnamed two-star general. Warren Throckmorton has the details: … [Read more...]

Trump’s Totally Non-Political Meeting with Christian Right Leaders

Donald Trump is going to be meeting hundreds of Christian right leaders next month in a big event brokered by Ben Carson. The group that helped put this together has now put out a press release about it and, hilariously, they're actually claiming it's a non-political event. … [Read more...]

Another Republican Hurt by Lack of Garland Confirmation Hearings

As I said when he was first nominated, the refusal of Senate Republicans to hold confirmation hearings for Judge Merrick Garland will hurt them in the election. Those in tight campaigns are already being hurt by it in a significant way, enough to swing the results and flip control of the Senate. … [Read more...]

Michigan Gets a Bathroom Bill

As expected, Michigan now has its own "bathroom bill," thanks to Sen. Tom Casperson. SB993 is very different from the North Carolina bill that has gotten so much attention, though. The bathroom part of the North Carolina bill was not close to the worst part. This one actually mandates an accommodation for trans students: … [Read more...]

What Life is Like on Glenn Beck’s Home Planet

I'm always amazed at the total fantasy world that right-wingers live in, a world I've dubbed Planet Wingnuttia. But Glenn Beck's corner of that planet is even weirder than the rest of it. In Glenn Beck's corner of Planet Wingnuttia, Obama has brought America to the brink of Marxism. … [Read more...]

Graham Lotz: America Has ‘Imploded’

Did you notice that the country has "imploded"? I didn't either. Just like I didn't notice that unemployment has gone up over the last 8 years or that the economy is on the verge of collapse. Only wingnuts like Anne Graham Lotz seem to notice these things. … [Read more...]

When Trump Was Defending Clinton Against His Current Attacks

Donald Trump is trying mightily, and hypocritically, to attack Hillary Clinton because of Bill's infidelity (never mind Trump's history of infidelity, of course), but 20 years ago and even more recently, he defended the Clintons against those very attacks. … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Lord is a Douchebag

Donald Trump sycophant Jeffrey Lord continues to be a (presumably) paid contributor for CNN, for reasons no one seems to understand. He's as much a racist as the object of his affection, among other shared attributes. This time he declared that a Latina governor can't be a Latina because she's an American citizen. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Multilevel Marketing Vitamin Scam

Donald Trump's approach to business seems to be a bit scattershot -- just put your name on anything and everything and once in a while, you'll make money. Did you know he had a multilevel marketing scam involving vitamins? I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out that the vitamins were useless. … [Read more...]

Beck’s New Grandiose Plan to Save America

Apparently Glenn Beck is on the upswing again. After repeatedly declaring that if Ted Cruz was not elected, America was done for, he's caught his second wind and come up with a new plan to save the country. And in true Austin Powers fashion, his plan is to soil himself, then come up with a new plan with help from some friends. … [Read more...]

Taylor: Trump Will Pack His Administration with White Supremacists

Jared Taylor, the "sophisticated" white supremacist leader of American Renaissance, did an interview on an alt-right radio show and opined that if Donald Trump is elected president, he'll pack his administration with "people who do think the way we do," i.e. white supremacists like him. … [Read more...]