And here’s yet another story about how Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates sought influence over Donald Trump before and after he took office. This time it isn’t Michael Cohen, it was George Nader and Elliott Broidy, former vice chair of the Republican fundraising committee (as was Cohen). (more…) Read more

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, an associate of Roger Stone who brought a Holocaust denier who raised money for the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer to the State of the Union address as his guest, says that AG Jeff Sessions is now a captive of the deep state, but he has Stockholm Syndrome and is now sympathetic to them. (more…) Read more

Liz Crokin, a conspiracy crackpot who makes Alex Jones sound like the fountain of reason, pledged her undying allegiance to Donald Trump on her Twitter account last week and her followers jumped right on that bandwagon with her, praising him with language usually reserved for religious deities and saviors.. (more…) Read more

End times crackpot Paul McGuire went on Christian con man Jim Bakker’s TV show (I wonder, do they serve his crappy survival food in the green room for the show?) and declared that criticism of Trump is part of “the biggest spiritual battle in the history of the world” because his election shows that Jesus is coming back and this is the last generation. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump loves to brag about how everything he does is the best, biggest, greatest achievement the world has ever seen, but this time he might be right. On Sunday morning, he put out 5 tweets in 33 minutes and those tweets contained 11 lies. Even for Trump, that’s pretty impressive. One of the more ridiculous ones. Trump said this: (more…) Read more

Let me start with a disclaimer: This story comes from the Daily Mail and has not yet been confirmed by a more reputable news source. The Daily Mail is not generally a reliable news outlet, but they say they have a source that gave them this information. Take it with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed by a more reputable outlet. The source told them that Michael Cohen asked an official from Qatar who controls the sovereign wealth fund… Read more

Alex Jones’ latest conspiracy follows a long pattern of claims from the right wing fringe that used to focus on Obama’s “private army” of street gangs and Black Lives Matter and anyone else they don’t like. But now it’s the Democrats using MS-13 to kill people. (more…) Read more

The key to a long career is versatility and that is no less true of David Barton’s chosen career, which is professional liar. So he’s branching out. No longer content merely to lie about historical matters, he’s now taken to lying about current events as well. To wit: (more…) Read more

Here’s where two aspects of the various investigations around Trump and his people intersect. Politico reports that Mueller is investigating an arrangement between Michael Cohen and a Ukrainian politician, Andrii Artemenko, to broker a “peace deal” that would end with the lifting of sanctions against Russia. (more…) Read more

Jared Kushner’s brother from another mother, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, has been waging a vicious campaign to seize control of that country and eliminate his possible rivals in the royal family, and now he’s rounding up women’s rights activists and charging them with being traitors. (more…) Read more

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