We all know what’s coming from Alex Jones every time there’s a mass shooting or a bombing in the country: False flag! MK Ultra! It’s a plot to take away our guns and impose martial law! But he’s getting a bit more specific in regard to the Parkland shooting. Turns out the “globalists” did it, in the library, with the FISA memo. (more…) Read more

Paul Manafort’s right hand man, Rick Gates, is changing his plea to guilty on fraud and money laundering charges brought by Robert Mueller, and he has agreed to testify against his former boss. This does not directly involve Russian interference or collusion, but those are the charges most likely to implicate Trump and those closest to him (along with obstruction of justice). (more…) Read more

A lot of people assume that decisions to start wars are based largely on the self-interest of the people making those decisions, but rarely do you see someone openly advocate for starting a war for partisan purposes. Wingnut Josh Bernstein went on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s show and did exactly that. (more…) Read more

Offered without comment. Because I don’t have to explain why this is an atrocious idea, do I? @realDonaldTrump time to consider armed drones at every school in USA. If drones can save lives in middle of Syria, operated by military heroes at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, then they can be used to protect schools inside USA.— Wayne Allyn Root (@RealWayneRoot) February 17, 2018 (more…) Read more

This weekend was the Munich Security Conference, a major gathering of the world’s foreign policy leaders, including members of the Trump administration and Congressional leaders. They spent their time telling foreign leaders that they should ignore Trump’s tweets and public statements. Seriously. (more…) Read more

One of the disturbing things that happens after every mass shooting is that virtually everyone, right and left, immediately starts talking about mental illness as the cause of the problem. The right does this only when the killer is white, of course, but the left does it too. We’ve seen it since the Parkland school shootings in all the memes criticizing Trump for blaming it on mental illness while simultaneously complaining that he signed a bill that withdrew Obama-era restrictions… Read more

A federal judge in North Carolina issued a very wrongheaded ruling in a case involving whether the state could force a magistrate judge to perform same-sex marriages now that they are legal nationwide. The clerk who filed the case has a column in the Washington Post making bad arguments on her own behalf. (more…) Read more

The Senate failed to pass a compromise bill on comprehensive immigration reform last week and Trump promptly blamed the Democrats for abandoning the DREAMers, but the Washington Post reports that the bill was killed by a last-minute flurry of lobbying from the White House to scare Republicans from voting for it. (more…) Read more

In the wake of Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals for interference in last year’s presidential election on his behalf, Trump has unleashed a torrent of angry, desperate tweets that show his usual total lack of honesty on that (or any other) subject. Like this one: (more…) Read more

Every time there’s a mass shooting somewhere, we hear the familiar refrain from the right: It only happened because that’s a gun-free zone! If people were allowed to carry guns, no one would try that because they’d be gunned down. We’ve heard Republican politicians make that argument a thousand times. So why is Capitol Hill a gun-free zone? It hasn’t always been. In fact, it wasn’t even after there were shootings there in the 50s. It was until 1967 that… Read more

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