Wallnau: Witchcraft is Hurting Trump’s Family!

Christian con man and Trump sycophant Lance Wallnau (also a self-declared prophet) says that prayers are working to protect Trump from spells cast by "witches," but now those spells are bouncing off him and on to his family. So you have to pray for them too, you know. … [Read more...]

Scaramucci Trying to Ignore Past Statements

Like Trump's twitter archive, new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's is a goldmine for statements contradicting his current positions. He's been frantically deleting old tweets. But this is even better. He wrote a column last year basically calling Trump a xenophobic demagogue. … [Read more...]

Texas Republican Wishes He Could Shoot Susan Collins

Rep. Blake Farenthold, a Republican from Texas and a perfect match between Louis Gohmert and Otter from Animal House, called it "absolutely repugnant" that Sen. Susan Collins of Maine won't vote for the Obamacare repeal, and he wishes she were a man so he could shoot her in a duel. … [Read more...]

Kushner: I’m Innocent. And Totally Transparent.

Despite having conveniently forgotten more than a hundred meetings with foreign officials, particularly from Russia, and having sought a backchannel for communications with Putin that evaded our intelligence agency surveillance, Jared Kushner swears he's totally innocent and has been totally transparent -- but not under oath. … [Read more...]

Sanders Promises to Tell the Truth

Sarah Huckabee Sanders now has Sean Spicer's job as White House Press Secretary (she was his assistant before) and, like him, she's pledging to tell the truth at all times while doing her job. And if you believe that, you may be the most naive human being in the history of the planet. … [Read more...]

Bigot Files Incredibly Dumb Lawsuit

Chris Sevier, an anti-gay bigot and attorney with a history of filing ludicrous lawsuits against same-sex marriage, is now suing a group of legislators on the grounds that they display rainbow flags in their offices. Rainbow flags, he argues, are a religious symbol and this is a violation of the Establishment Clause. … [Read more...]

Plaintiffs Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Awarded Legal Fees

Remember Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who famously refused to issue any marriage licenses to gay couples? The plaintiffs in that case have been awarded legal fees, but those fees must be paid by the state rather than the county. … [Read more...]

The Extraordinary Chutzpah of Newt Gingrich

I think Newt Gingrich may give Trump a run for his money when it comes to the sheer audacity of his hypocrisy. He'll say anything that defends his tribe, no matter how transparently it contradicts his previous words or actions. The latest example: … [Read more...]

Trump Tosses Another Word Salad

Donald Trump may prefer McDonald's or KFC to eat, but he sure tosses a mean word salad (and no, I don't mean Putin's). These quotes are all from his interview with the New York Times last week. See if you can find anything remotely coherent in them. … [Read more...]

Ken Starr Concluded that the President Could Be Criminally Charged

It has long been believed that the Constitution prevents the president from being charged with a crime while in office. The Constitution does not address this directly, but the consensus opinion has long been that it is prevented by the structure of the Constitution's separation of powers. … [Read more...]

Scaramucci: Trump Still Doesn’t Believe Russia Hacked Us

Less than three days on the job and new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has already pulled a Spicer. In an interview with Jake Tapper, he first quoted an anonymous White House source saying the Russians didn't hack the DNC emails. Then a few seconds later, he admitted it was Trump. … [Read more...]

HHS Produces Fake Report on Obamacare Replacement

As Trump continues to pressure the Senate to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, which they clearly cannot do at this point, the Department of Health and Human Services has produced a fake report claiming that the new bill, with the Cruz amendment, would be wonderful for everyone. … [Read more...]