Glenn Beck Sues…Himself?

Okay, this is weird even for Glenn Beck. He's suing Christopher Balfe, the former CEO of The Blaze and COO of its parent company, Mercury Recording Arts. But those companies are incorporated in Delaware and the laws there require that the company indemnify all corporate executives from actions undertaken on behalf of the company. … [Read more...]

Loudon Explains Why Trump Will Win

Gina Loudon, one of the Worldnetdaily's roster of opinion-writing dullards and halfwits, explains why Donald Trump is going to win an election. She has no actual evidence to back up her prediction, of course, because all the evidence points the other way. But she cites the "it factor." … [Read more...]

Man Who Wants Gays Killed Says Liberals are Like Nazis

Walid and Theodore Shoebat have a jointly-authored column on their website -- it's two, two, two fascists in one -- declaring that liberals are just like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. And another irony meter bursts into flames and gives up the ghost. … [Read more...]

Staver: Only ‘Brainwashed’ Think Obergefell is Binding

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, says that only those who are "brainwashed" believe that the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling in Obergefell is the law of the land. Oh, and it may take a civil war to overturn it. … [Read more...]

Stone: Bill Isn’t Chelsea’s Real Father

Roger Stone, Donald Trump's BFF and soulmate, buys into, and often invents, pretty much every anti-Clinton conspiracy theory that comes down the pike. His latest is to claim that Bill is not Chelsea's real father and she's had plastic surgery to cover that up. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Bill O’Reilly’s No Logic Zone

Logic is not Bill O'Reilly's strong, to say the least. On his Twitter account he makes the ridiculous argument that America can't persecute black people because we won a lot of medals at the Olympics. No, seriously, he actually said that. I'm not making it up. … [Read more...]

12 Year Old Running Trump Office in Colorado

In what seems almost perfectly emblematic of his entire campaign, a big Donald Trump campaign office in Colorado that includes much of the Denver area, is being run by a 12-year old. It came down to him and another guy, but that guy was a big poopyhead. … [Read more...]

Wow, Hawaii Has a Whacked Republican Candidate

You don't really think of Hawaii as the home for far-right Christian loons, but a Republican congressional candidate there named Angela Kaaihue has gone so off the deep end that the chair of the state GOP has officially disavowed her. … [Read more...]

The New Trump Campaign Song

The Donald Trump campaign unveiled a new campaign song this weekend. It's a classic by the great Tom Lehrer and I think the theme is perfect for Trump. It's called I Wanna Go Back to Dixie and it should broaden his appeal to white supremacists. … [Read more...]

Conway: Trump Doesn’t Insult People

Okay, Kellyanne Conway's job is to say anything she has to say to defend Donald Trump. That's what she gets paid to do. But I have no idea how she manages to say that Donald Trump doesn't insult people without just busting out laughing at herself. … [Read more...]

PA Wingnut: Trump Can Only Lose State Through Voter Fraud

A "pro-family activist" (read: anti-gay bigot) from Pennsylvania says the only way Donald Trump can lose that state in November is through voter fraud. And she cites a long-debunked myth about the vote being rigged in Philadelphia in 2012. … [Read more...]

WND ‘Finds’ Secret Poll That Shows Trump Winning

The Worldnetdaily has a typically hysterical and conspiratorial article about an allegedly hidden poll that they don't want you to know about, one that shows Donald Trump in the lead for the national popular vote in the general election. … [Read more...]