Fox Brings On Another Fake ‘Expert’

Remember the former CIA agent who appeared on Fox News over and over again to comment on national security matters? He's in prison now for being a fraud and a con artist. And now Fox has done it again, bringing on an "expert" in Swedish security that is anything but. … [Read more...]

‘Witches’ Cast ‘Spell’ on Trump

From the Department of Completely Useless Gestures: A group of "witches" got together to cast a "mass spell" on Donald Trump that would "bind him" from doing any harm and remove him from office. In related news, I decided to cross my fingers and say jinx to do the same thing. They will be equally effective. … [Read more...]

White House Shuts Out Major Media Outlets

Donald Trump's ridiculous and authoritarian war on the media is becoming more childish by the minute. On Friday, Sean Spicer held a press gaggle but prohibited some major media outlets -- CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post -- from attending. … [Read more...]

Leaked Obamacare Replacement Would Be Less than Useless

Politico was leaked a copy of the draft of a House bill that contains the Obamacare "replacement." In the most predictable news ever, it would strip nearly everyone on Obamacare of their insurance coverage, do nothing to contain costs and make the nation immeasurably sicker. … [Read more...]

Wallnau: Media Using Witchcraft to Turn People Into Zombies

Lance Wallnau seems to be trying to elevate himself an entire level above some of his crackpot colleagues on the Christian right lately with some truly bizarre declarations. Like did you know that the media uses "witchcraft" to brainwash Americans into fighting against Trump? … [Read more...]

When Will Hannity Learn Not to Cite Gateway Pundit?

No matter how many times Sean Hannity tweets out links to false stories from Jim Hoft, aka Gateway Pundit, aka the dumbest man on the internet, he never seems to learn that Hoft never bothers fact-checking a story before passing it on. And he just did it again: … [Read more...]

Sessions Reverses Obama Policy on Private Prisons

Last year the Obama administration announced that it would stop using private prison companies to house federal inmates, but now Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have reversed that policy. Because of course they have. Where else are they gonna put all those dangerous marijuana users after the crackdown? … [Read more...]

Trump, Kelly Contradict Themselves Immediately

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and DHS Secretary John Kelly are in Mexico, but they don't seem to be on the same page with Donald Trump over whether the administration's loathsome crackdown on immigration is or is not a military operation. … [Read more...]

Starnes Has a Sad Over Ten Commandments Settlement

Todd Starnes, Fox News' professional hysteric, is upset that a public school in Pennsylvania has settled a suit and agreed to take down a Ten Commandments monument. And he's spouting his usual ridiculous rhetoric over the whole thing while putting his hypocrisy on display. … [Read more...]

Gohmert’s Pathetic Excuse for Skipping Townhall Meetings

Like most Republicans in Congress, Louis Gohmert, the single dumbest human being in national office, is avoiding townhall meetings because his constituents are angry and demanding answers. And he offers up the most ridiculous excuse of all: … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’ Nuclear Powered Psychological Projection

Even in the age of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz just put on a display of psychological projection so free of all self-awareness that it threatens to open up a black hole and swallow up the entire solar system. Get a load of this: … [Read more...]

Denmark Charges Man Under Blasphemy Law

I got this email from CFI and had to look at the calendar and make sure it was 2017, not 1817. Denmark, of all countries, has charged a man under a still-existing (why? For crying out loud, why?) blasphemy law for burning a copy of the Quran. … [Read more...]