CBS News reports that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is planning to leave at the end of the year, along with her deputy, Raj Shah. She denies it, of course. Given her track record of lying, that pretty much guarantees that it’s true. (more…) Read more

Pat Boone, terrible singer turned terrible writer for the Worldnetdaily, is pulling a trick that right-wing Christians often do, citing the Bible about God putting all political leaders in power and warning that he will punish those who resist them — but only if Boone likes them, it seems. (more…) Read more

ABC News reports that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is losing his attorneys over a dispute about legal fees and that he is on the verge of flipping on Trump and cutting a deal with prosecutors. This is the proverbial white whale for Mueller, the one who truly can bring Trump down, and Trump must be quaking in his Italian shoes right now. (more…) Read more

Upon his return from Singapore, Trump immediately, and predictably, declared that he had fixed the entire problem of nuclear weapons in North Korea through sheer force of personality, without one single tangible thing actually being done. And of course, he did it on Twitter: (more…) Read more

Paul Begley, one of the seemingly endless number of far-right paranoiacs and con artists that populate the Christian right, says that Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade may not have actually killed themselves. Nope, they might have been sacrificed by the Illuminati. (more…) Read more

A U.S. District Court in Maryland is where Donald Trump is being sued for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, arguing that he is using the presidency to enrich himself by receiving business from foreign governments to his resorts in order to influence his decisions. He’s being sued by the city of Washington, DC and the state of Maryland. (more…) Read more

One of the reasons why Trump’s lawyers don’t want him to testify before the Mueller investigation is that he has a terrible and incurable case of verbal diarrhea. He just talks. And talks. And talks. And goes in circles. And sometimes, the truth just kind of slips out unintentionally, as it did in his press conference at the summit with Kim Jong-Un. (more…) Read more

The first episode of the new Culture Wars Radio podcast is now available to the public. You can listen to it or download it here. It should also be available on iTunes soon. Our Patreon subscribers could listen to it three days ago. They also have access to our special supplemental shows and the first of those is now uploaded. It takes a close look at a footnote in Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion in the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling and how… Read more

Lance Wallnau predicted that there would be a flood of information coming out by June 6th that would reveal the depth of the “deep state” conspiracy against Donald Trump. Of course, no such thing happened. But he says it did come true — it’s just a secret. Shhhhhhhh. (more…) Read more

Gary Bauer, who has directed several Christian right groups over the decades, has been born again. He has received a new revelation from the Holy Spirit telling him that a one-year investigation into the president is too much of a distraction and must be ended immediately. (more…) Read more

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