Cruz Ramps Up Rhetoric Against Trump

Getting very desperate and knowing he had to win the Indiana primary, Ted Cruz really turned the rhetoric up to 11 in attacking Donald Trump. So much so that it's really hard to imagine how he could transition to supporting Trump now that he has dropped out. … [Read more...]

Beck Lies About Bill Gates

Self-declared prophet of God Glenn Beck, who continually claims that he's never wrong and has predicted everything that has happened for the last 25 years, has a real problem with the truth. This is what happens when you hang around with David Barton. Check out what he claims Bill Gates said recently: … [Read more...]

Shoebat Again Calls for Murder of Gay People

The utterly irrational and deranged Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat is once again calling for the mass murder of all gay people. His excuse? One gay rape in England. But as always for marginalized groups, the actions of every individual automatically represents the entire group. … [Read more...]

VA Cops Beat Handcuffed Man, Threaten Witnesses

Two officers from the Portsmouth, VA police department beat a man after he was handcuffed, then threatened to have any of the witnesses evicted from their apartments if they didn't leave. And another officer deleted a cell phone video showing the beating, but another video of the eviction threats and lies has been released. … [Read more...]

Stick a Fork in Bernie Sanders, He’s Done. Or Is He?

It appears that Bernie Sanders may get a small victory in Indiana, though as I'm writing this it hasn't been called yet. I'm sure the wildly unrealistic Sanders fans will be furiously telling each other that this proves he can still win, but I'm sorry to inform you that this simply is not the case. He's done. Stick a fork in him. … [Read more...]

Andrew McCarthy’s Fantasy World of White Privilege

Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who usually rants about the evils of civilian trials for those accused of terrorism, has decided to lend his unbelievably inane views to the subject of federal sentencing reform. Not only is the criminal justice system not racist, he says, it's the least racist institution in all of society! … [Read more...]

Savage: God Is Making Sure Trump is Next President

While Glenn Beck is telling anyone who will listen that Ted Cruz has been raised up by God to be the next president of the United States, Michael Savage says that it's Donald Trump who has the endorsement of the Almighty. He says the hand of God is all over Trump's campaign. … [Read more...]

Cruz Drops Out, Trump’s the Nominee. Right?

After a royal buttkicking in the Indiana Republican primary, Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race last night. So that's it, Trump's the nominee, right? Well, not necessarily. It will depend on just how brazen the GOP wants to be in stealing it from him. … [Read more...]

Beck: God Raised Up Cruz. Just Like…Thomas Paine?

Beck hit the road to campaign for Ted Cruz again, this time in Indiana, which is probably Cruz' last serious chance to prevent Donald Trump from getting 1237 delegates and a first-ballot nomination. He made a claim he has made before, that God has raised up Cruz to save the country, but then he said it was just like God raising up...Thomas Paine? … [Read more...]

Patrick Colbeck’s Attempt to Get Out of Bigotry Accusation

Patrick Colbeck is one of the most far-right politicians in Michigan. He's a state senator who is a dogmatic Christian righter on every single issue. But he's quite upset that people think he's a bigot because he can't be a bigot because it's just his "deeply held religious belief." … [Read more...]

Courser, Gamrat Get Radio Shows

The two featured players in the Greatest Political Scandal Ever, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, are getting their own radio talk shows. They will no doubt regale all 12 of their listeners with tales of how horribly mistreated they are. I might just have to call in just to make fun of them. … [Read more...]

Racists Flip Out Over Interracial Couple in Old Navy Ad

As an official foodie, I urge all chefs to incorporate the tears of bigots into their dishes. They're so delicious it's amazing. Their latest freakout is over an Old Navy ad that had an interracial couple in it. Wouldn't you know it, that is apparently "white genocide." You keep using that word... … [Read more...]