Rohrer: Force Immigrants to Become Christians

Sam Rohrer, head of the American Pastors Network, says that America should not accept any immigrants unless they first become Christians, like they (allegedly) did in ancient Israel (actually, they didn't). Because he thinks America is a Christian theocracy. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Can’t Figure Out Who’s Naughty and Nice

Every year the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel release "naughty and nice" lists of companies that are either anti-Christmas or pro-Christmas. There's just one little problem: They never seem to be able to agree on which companies should be on which list. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Does Diplomacy with Pakistani Leader

Since winning the election, Donald Trump has been fielding phone calls from world leaders to congratulate him. The government of Pakistan released a "readout" (not an actual transcript) of his call with Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and it's bloody hilarious. … [Read more...]

MI Trump Supporter Convicted of Election Fraud

Brandon Hall, a massive douchebag here in West Michigan with a long history of supporting Republican candidates including Donald Trump this year, has been convicted of ten counts of election fraud for faking names on a petition to get a candidate on the ballot. … [Read more...]

Saletan Absolutely Nails Trump’s Psychology

William Saletan at Slate has written what I think is the definitive armchair analysis of the psychology of Donald Trump. He notes many of the traits I and others have pointed out and adds a few new ones that are immediately obvious once you see them spelled out. … [Read more...]

Meet Your New Treasury Secretary

Self-declared "populist" Donald Trump has nominated a Goldman Sachs partner, George Soros-associated Hollywood and Wall Street elitist to be the next secretary of the treasury. Steven Mnuchin was also the national finance chair for Trump's campaign. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Mysterious Tweet About Conflicts of Interest

Early Wednesday morning, Donald Trump tweeted that he would be holding a press conference on Dec. 15th to announce a plan to "leav[e] my great business in total" to resolve the rather obvious conflicts of interest he faces as a president with global business interests. … [Read more...]

Hannity Upset Media Won’t Believe Trump Voter Fraud Claims

If you thought Sean Hannity was going to stop being a mindless shill for Donald Trump once he was elected, think again. He's quite upset that the news media, especially CNN's Jeff Zeleny, won't just accept Trump's ridiculous claim of millions of illegal voters without any evidence. This is just pure, undistilled Hannity: … [Read more...]

David Clarke is Constitutionally Clueless

David Clarke, the ridiculous cowboy hat-wearing sheriff of Milwaukee County who is one of Trump's potential picks to run the Department of Homeland Security, has some rather bizarre and extremist views that show he is constitutionally clueless. … [Read more...]

No, Trump Did Not Win in a ‘Landslide’

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's personal Baghdad Bob, tweeted out the other day that Trump's narrow electoral college win was a "landslide" and a "blowout." It is, of course, nothing of the sort, especially in light of the fact that he lost the popular vote by more than two million votes. … [Read more...]

Wildmon: Clinton Would Have Criminalized Christianity

Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association (read: American Bigots Association) says that we're all very lucky that Donald Trump was elected because if Hillary Clinton had gotten into office she would have "weaponized" the federal government to "criminalize" Christianity. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Crappy Food Before Anti-Trump Riots Explode

Always on the lookout for anything he can blow completely out of proportion to use as a marketing tool for his shitty survival food, TV evangelist con man Jim Bakker now says you should buy his buckets of swill because anti-Trump riots will usher in the last days. … [Read more...]