Christian con artist Lance Wallnau just slides further and further into the abyss of Trump sycophancy, praying that God will strike down the enemies of Donald Trump — and declaring Trump to be the king in the process. I wonder what country Wallnau lives in inside his head. (more…) Read more

When North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un announced the other day that he was suspending that country’s missile testing program, I was immediately skeptical. And while Trump has publicly praised it and tried to take credit for it, his national security advisers aren’t buying it either. (more…) Read more

While his attorneys and advisers tell him that his former fixer Michael Cohen is almost certainly going to turn on him, Donald Trump is, as usual, playing pretend, saying that Cohen would never do that to him. He’s probably hoping his public expressions of faith will convince Cohen to stay loyal. (more…) Read more

A group of pro-Trump evangelical ministers and leaders walked out of a conference held at Wheaton College over what they considered Trump-bashing. The meeting did not include any members of Trump’s “faith advisory council,” which is made up mostly of mega-preachers and prosperity gospel con artists. (more…) Read more

The evidence is piling up that Elliott Broidy, the recently resigned vice chair of the Republican National Committee’s fundraising committee and Trump’s campaign fundraising committee, was engaging in all manner of corruption to turn is ties to Trump into big money for his business interests. The New York Times has new documents that reveal his attempt to do so with the prime minster of Malaysia. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump went golfing at one of his resorts on Saturday, which I ordinarily would not care one bit about. It’s an incredibly stressful job and I certainly hope every president has a hobby that helps them relax and reduces their burdens. But Trump made a HUGE deal out of Obama golfing and now golfs more than twice as often as Obama ever did. And if he’s going to set that standard, I’ll gladly hold him to it. (more…) Read more

The real story regarding Elliott Broidy, the vice-chair of the RNC fundraising committee and chair of the Trump campaign fundraising committee who just resigned, is not the $1.5 million payout to a mistress he got pregnant, it’s how he tried to broker is relationship with Trump into millions of dollars in deals with foreign entities seeking favors from the administration. (more…) Read more

Rudy Giuliani is apparently the last big name lawyer in America willing to represent Donald Trump, almost certainly due to his love of being on television. And immediately upon joining Trump’s legal team, he made the patently ridiculous claim that he’ll have all this Mueller business wrapped up in a week or two. (more…) Read more

Jeff Sessions, long one of the most unprincipled little weasels in all of Washington, DC, appears to have discovered that he’s a vertebrate, telling the White House that if Trump fires Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he will resign his position as Attorney General as well. I’m not sure whether that makes it more or less likely that Trump will fire Rosenstein. (more…) Read more

I’ve been meaning to write something like this and CNN’s Chris Cuomo did it for me. In a discussion about Sean Hannity’s status as an unofficial advisor to Trump, Cuomo correctly notes that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski played much the same role before suddenly turning on him later. (more…) Read more

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