Let’s All Pretend the Shooter is Nothing Like Us

I write very little about gun control or about mass shootings, but one thing that fascinates me about them is how everyone immediately tries to pretend that anyone who commits an act of mass violence is nothing at all like them and just like their political enemies. And it isn't just conservatives who do it, or just Christians -- people on our side do it too, each and every time. But here's Rush Limbaugh: … [Read more...]

Fischer: ‘Gay Gestapo’ Has Bullied the Pope!

Screenshot from Youtube clip

I haven't written anything about the pope's alleged meeting with Kim Davis because, frankly, I don't understand why anyone would care at all. He's an anti-gay bigot, so is she -- a meeting would hardly be surprising. I do find it funny how the Vatican is now scrambling to change the story, but I really don't care. I do care about Bryan Fischer claiming that the pope has been intimidated into denying the nature of the meeting by the "gay gestapo." … [Read more...]

Jones: Interfaith Ceremonies Will Kill a Billion People!


Ah, good old Alex Jones. While Pope Francis was in the United States last week, he took part in an interfaith ceremony involving leaders from multiple religions commemorating the World Trade Center bombings, which has Jones freaking out over how the pope is trying to establish a single world religion, which will -- like almost everything, it seems -- KILL A BILLION PEOPLE! … [Read more...]

Hey Look, Another David Barton Lie


I know, I know -- dog bites man. But it's still good to chronicle all of the instances where David Barton tells a lie (I somehow manage to find time to sleep while doing this, believe it or not). The latest lie is about a poll that the Barna group took that was almost exclusively made up of conservative Christians, which Barton dishonestly pretends was a poll of all "churchgoers." … [Read more...]

More Ignorant Blather from Ben Carson About Evolution

Credit: Michael Vadon https://goo.gl/cS3vxP

Now that Ben Carson is a serious contender for the Republican presidential nomination, reporters are digging in to some of his past writings and speeches and finding some really terrible stuff, especially when it comes to science and evolution. There are a lot of doctors who are creationists (insert your own "because they think they're God" joke here), but his level of thinking on the subject is really, really ignorant and unreasoned. … [Read more...]

Ed Has a New Video Project

I've hinted at a project I've been working on and I'm finally ready to announce it. I'm starting a new video series/Youtube show called Approaching the Bench. Each episode will be a relatively short video explaining an important constitutional law concept or Supreme Court decision in a way that the non-lawyer can understand. This will expand my writing on con law into a whole new area. … [Read more...]

Bad Strategy by the Anti-SSM Crowd


The anti-gay Christian right is doing anything and everything it can think of to undermine the Supreme Court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide and the public doesn't seem to be buying it one bit. The polls show that Americans overwhelmingly think Kim Davis should either do her job or quit. But her strategy of refusing to issue any marriage licenses at all, not just same-sex ones, is being tried in other places as well. … [Read more...]

Land: Obama the Result of God’s Judgment


I wish the Christian right would figure out whether President Obama's presidency is going to lead to God's judgment on the United States or whether it actually is God's judgment on us. Some claim the former, some claim the latter. Add former Southern Baptist Convention leader Richard Land to the list of those who think God put Obama in power as a judgment for all the terrible things we've done. … [Read more...]

Oregon Shooting Investigator is a Sandy Hook Truther


Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if the ranks of America's county sheriffs aren't jam packed with wingnuts completely out of touch with reality. More than a few of them seem to be Alex Jones-level conspiracy mongers, including the one who is now investigating the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. Sheriff John Hanlin of Douglas County, Oregon is a Sandy Hook truther. From his Facebook page: … [Read more...]

TN County to Beg God Not to Destroy Them


The Board of Commissioners of Blount County, Tennessee are very worried that God is going to come down and open a can of whoop ass on us all and eager to find a way out of the ass-kicking. So they're going to vote on, and likely pass, a resolution asking God to spare their county because they totally had nothing to do with all that gay marriage stuff and they agree with God that it's a no good, very bad, horrible thing. … [Read more...]

Time to Stone False Prophet Jim Bakker


As Jonathan Cahn and Mark Blitz wrote books and enthralled the credulous with dramatic tales of impending doom brought on by "blood moons" (read: the plain old moon with some atmospheric effects to change the color we see) and the "Shemitah" year, disgraced felon and con man Jim Bakker got even more specific on his show while pushing his followers to buy his buckets of survival food. He was wrong about everything. … [Read more...]

ACLJ Freaks Out Over Comparative Religion Lessons


The American Center for Law and Justice, Pat Robertson's answer to the ACLU run by the extraordinarily dishonest Jay Sekulow and his son, is throwing a fit over lesson plans at a Georgia school that teach about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Why? Because they teach them about very basic things like the five pillars of Islam, the shahada and that they all worship the same God. … [Read more...]