Mormons: Masturbation Causes The Gay

A leaked document from the Mormon church teaches that masturbation must be avoided at all costs because it can turn kids gay. The argument it makes is hilariously moronic: Almost all gay people masturbate. Right. And only gay people, amirite? (more…) Read more

Moore’s Brother: Doug Jones and Democrats Will Burn in Hell

Turns out the wingnuttery runs in Roy Moore’s family. His brother spoke to an NPR reporter and told her that God will punish Doug Jones and “them Democrat people that’s out there,” either in this life or the next, for daring to defeat him in Tuesday’s special election. (more…) Read more

Wingnut: Trump is the Doorway for Angels to Heal the World

The virtual worship of Donald Trump by some segments of the Christian right has reached a fever pitch that is almost beyond belief. Con artist Jim Bakker had Sundar Selvaraj on his show and he declared that Trump is the doorway that will allow angels into the world to “cleanse the nation of filth.” (more…) Read more

Trump’s Ego is Leaving Our Election System Unprotected

The Washington Post has a long and detailed analysis of Trump’s refusal to believe that Russia tried to influence last year’s election, which could only be in doubt at this point by conspiracy theorists and those with a stake in the argument. Like Trump. (more…) Read more

UN Official Criticizes Obama on Not Prosecuting Torture

The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Torture is criticizing former President Obama for his refusal to prosecute anyone for torture that took place during the Bush administration. He also says that torture is still going on at Guantanamo Bay. (more…) Read more

Sargon of Akkad Parrots White Supremacist Rhetoric

If any of you are fans of Sargon of Akkad, a sort of Mini Me version of the Amazing Atheist, first of all, shame on you. Second, take a look at this, wherein he adopts the line from white supremacists that Heather Heyer really died of a heart attack, not from being run over by a neo-Nazi at the Charlottesville protest. (more…) Read more

Lithwick Backs Up Stories About Alex Kozinski

Dahlia Lithwick, one of my favorite legal writers, is backing up the stories of the law clerks who have accused Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals of all manner of sexual harassment. She used to clerk for another judge on the same circuit and experienced it herself. (more…) Read more

D’Souza’s Intentional Ignorance of Election Prediction

The right is full of conspiracy theories about the special election in Alabama being “stolen” by the Democrats, with Roy Moore refusing to concede. Dinesh D’Souza even implies that Fox News is in on it in a tweeted response to conspiracy nut Bill Mitchell: (more…) Read more

Roy Moore Didn’t Lose the Election, Harvey Weinstein Did

There have been a lot of absurd excuses offered by the right for why Roy Moore lost the special election to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate, but none quite as ridiculous as the one offered by Fox and Friends’ resident blonde, Ainsley Earhardt. She says it wasn’t a loss for Moore or Trump, it was a loss for Harvey Weinstein. (more…) Read more

Omarosa Gets Fired, Throws Tantrum

Incredibly obnoxious con artist Omarosa Manigault says she has resigned from the White House, but April Ryan reports that she was actually fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly and that she threw quite a tantrum when it happened and had to be escorted out of the building. (more…) Read more

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