It looks like the battle over the redistricting maps in Pennsylvania may be over. On Monday, an appeals court and the Supreme Court both rejected emergency appeals by Republicans to issue an injunction against the new districts that were drawn after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the maps currently in use were illegally gerrymandered to favor Republicans. (more…) Read more

The New York Times has a long investigative report about the practice of “testilying” by police officers — lying under oath while testifying in court, and proven to be lying, usually by surveillance video they didn’t know existed. Most disturbingly, the records of their lies were often sealed afterward. A textbook example: (more…) Read more

The Washington Post reported this weekend that Trump had all of his senior staff sign non-disclosure agreements that lasted beyond his time in office. He has long done the same for employees in his business (and he doesn’t recognize the difference between his business and the government). (more…) Read more

Trump went on an epic tweetstorm this weekend, attacking former James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the attorneys and investigators working for him. I’m sure it will come as quite a shock that his attacks were highly dishonest. (more…) Read more

Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi is quite beside himself because the Navy is considering hiring a secular humanist chaplain. He wails and cries about how this is a betrayal of George Washington’s legacy and blah blah blah blah. Read this, then I’ll give a little more information on Wicker’s history and views: (more…) Read more

Christian con man Jim Bakker knows how to keep the money flowing in — scare the hell out of his audience with tales of impending persecution. His latest tall tale is that “they” — whoever they are — are going to remove the crosses from Arlington National Cemetery. (more…) Read more

Remember way back in 2009 when Sean Hannity said that waterboarding isn’t torture and he agreed, live on national television, to be waterboarded for charity? Nine years later, he’s still a big fan of torture, and of new nominee to be CIA Director, Gina Haspel — and he still hasn’t been waterboarded. (more…) Read more

With Trump going on perhaps his most ridiculous twitter spree yet, attacking Andrew McCabe and Robert Mueller in strong terms, and his lawyer publicly calling for Mueller to be fired, Congressional leaders reacted by saying he needs to let Mueller do his job. (more…) Read more

During the campaign last year, George Papadopoulos, who had been approached by a Russian intelligence asset, proposed that the campaign hold meetings with people close to Putin. AG Jeff Sessions told Congress that he pushed back against that proposal, but Reuters reports that three others who were in that meeting told Mueller that he did not do so. (more…) Read more

AP reports that the Kushner company, with Jared Kushner as president, filed false paperwork with New York City saying that none of their tenants in several properties were subject to rent regulation so they could force them out and put in higher-paying tenants in their place. (more…) Read more

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