Jared Kushner’s brother from another mother, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, has been waging a vicious campaign to seize control of that country and eliminate his possible rivals in the royal family, and now he’s rounding up women’s rights activists and charging them with being traitors. (more…) Read more

One thing that may fall out after the New York Times’ bombshell story about a second meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump, Jr. and foreign officials trying to help get his father elected is that Erik Prince may be cited for perjury during testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. (more…) Read more

I’m enjoying the hell out of Rudy Giuliani’s two-week tour of the media as he spouts one false thing after another and has to walk them all back. But his argument in a Wall Street Journal interview that Trump should be told whether the informant the FBI used to probe for information on Russian interference from Trump campaign officials provided incriminating information is not so much false as it is laughably idiotic. (more…) Read more

The New York Times dropped a bombshell story on Sunday that says Donald Trump, Jr. didn’t just meet with Russians offering help to get his father elected, he also held a meeting with officials from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates offering similar help. (more…) Read more

Conspiracy nut extraordinaire Jerome Corsi is now pushing a conspiracy within a conspiracy, that the anonymous Q that is behind all that “Trump is rounding up the pedophiles including Hillary Clinton” nonsense, has been caught and replaced with someone posting fake stuff to throw them off the scent of the real story. He’s now decided the Q stand-in is a Jewish Kabbalist. (more…) Read more

If you watched Trump’s utterly disgusting comments about immigration and sanctuary cities, you probably know that he told several lies to justify his barbaric and inhumane policies, like separating children from their families (more than a thousand of those children have subsequently been literally lost. They can’t find them. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker provides the details: (more…) Read more

I’ve not paid much attention to the Jordan Peterson phenomenon. What little I’ve read or heard from him has struck me as the intellectual equivalent of one of those Peeps that are, for some reason, eaten around Easter — just empty, sickeningly sugary nothings that are hardly worthy of even a momentary glance. After reading this profile and interview with him in the New York Times, my initial dismissal of him seems well warranted. It is a cavalcade of trite… Read more

The latest attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation by Trump’s sycophants and apologists is to claim that the FBI “planted” a “spy” in the Trump campaign in 2016. The wild exaggerations they’re engaged in would be embarrassing to anyone with even a shred of integrity. (more…) Read more

As Trump once again ups the rhetoric against immigrants, calling them “animals” and thus literally dehumanizing them, his sycophants in the wingnutosphere are busy lying to defend him. One guest on Fox News, Lawrence Jones, flipped reality completely on its head with this lie: (more…) Read more

Joseph DiGenova, whose frequent appearances on Fox News got Trump to try to hire him for his legal team until the plan was scuttled by conflicts of interest, presented the Trumpworld alternate reality version of the origins of the FBI investigation. In that universe, the FBI is guilty of crimes and Trump is an innocent victims. (more…) Read more

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