Swanson: Everyone Not Me is Possessed by Satan

Christian fascist Kevin Swanson puts on the full armor of Gordon Klingenschmitt and decides to "discern" who is and is not, from today and ancient history, was literally under the control of Satan. The conclusion: Pretty much everyone not him. … [Read more...]

Trump Religio-Babbles Again

It's so amusing to me hearing Donald Trump talk about religion. It's a subject he's so obviously uncomfortable with that he just comes off as awkward. That so many Christians are fooled by it tells you how easily they're conned. From a recent interview with Steve Strang of Charisma magazine: … [Read more...]

Clinton is a Bigot for Calling Trump a Racist!

It's kind of hard to imagine, but a lot of Donald Trump's surrogates might even be more inane than he is. I mean, he has got a gaggle of liars and dumbasses representing him that are truly awe-inspiring. Like Kayleigh McEnany, who says Hillary Clinton is a bigot for pointing out that Trump is a bigot. … [Read more...]

Conway: Trump is Really Winning Due to Hidden Voters

Kellyanne Conway is a professional pollster. She's never run an election before, she does polls for people who run elections. So she knows damn well that she's just lying through her teeth when she claims that Donald Trump is really winning because of some hidden mass of pro-Trump voters that the polls aren't measuring. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump Says His Dad Shouldn’t Release His Taxes

As controversy continues to build over Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns, his son Eric says that it would be "foolish" to release them because non-specialists would try to build scandals based upon what is in them. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Campaign to Change His Racist Image

As is evident from the last few days, Donald Trump is frantically trying to change the perception that he is racist against blacks and Latinos. The Washington Post has a look at how the plan unfolded within his campaign and the tactics he is using. … [Read more...]

TN Official Refuses to Perform Gay Weddings

A country trustee in Tennessee, who is empowered under state law to perform weddings and solemnize them, initially stopped doing weddings so he didn't have to do any for gay couples, but now he has resumed them again but is still refusing to do them for gay couples. … [Read more...]

Rush Limbaugh and the Curse of the Lesbian Farmers

No, that's not the name of a new novel by JK Rowland, but perhaps it should be. Rush Limbaugh has found a new source of outrage in the news, true or not, that the Department of Agriculture has grants for lesbian farmers (read: man-hating feminazis). … [Read more...]

Katrina Pierson’s Latest Ridiculous Claims

Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump's spokesperson, is every bit as ridiculous and reality-challenged as he is. She'll say absolutely anything, no matter how absurd. Here are two examples from last week. Remember Trump's attorney who kept saying "says who?" when confronted with polls showing Trump is losing? … [Read more...]

Jones and Guests Wax Eloquent About the Nephilim and ‘Elite bloodlines’

Alex Jones had two guests on his show, an end times radio show host, Steve Quayle, and Gary Heavin, the wingnut owner of the Curves fitness chain, and they carried on quite an amusing dialogue about the Nephilim roaming the earth and the "elites" protecting their "demonic" bloodlines. … [Read more...]

The Bigots Have a New ‘Study’ to Cite

There's a new "study" -- not really a study at all -- published in a journal that does not do peer review, which claims that sexual orientation can be changed through therapy because people aren't born with such an orientation. And the bigots are promoting it like crazy. … [Read more...]

More Countries Where Trump’s Suits are Made

We've already seen proof that the Donald Trump suit and shirt collection are made in China and Mexico, but Buzzfeed reports that they are also made in Honduras and Indonesia. Oddly, Amazon, which is now the primary means of selling the suits, lists them as both imported and made in America. … [Read more...]