Liberty Counsel’s Ludicrous Argument Against Contempt


Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis will be in court this morning for a hearing on why she should not be held in contempt of court. In advance of that hearing, her attorneys from Liberty Counsel have filed a brief making arguments as to why she should not be held in contempt and the arguments are so absurd that I wouldn't be surprised to see Judge Bunning literally laugh out loud in the courtroom. They claim, for example, that she should not be held in contempt because complying with his … [Read more...]

Nazi Germany Began With…Political Correctness?

Screenshot from Youtube.

Carl Gallups, a wingnut pastor promoting a new book about the coming persecution of Christians -- it should be put in the fiction section, of course -- has some rather bizarre ideas about how persecution begins. He seems to believe that genocide against Christians is inevitable because people make fun of them. And because of political correctness...just like in Nazi Germany. … [Read more...]

Big Meanie Obama Gets Bristol Palin All Upset


Palin the Lesser, aka Bristol Palin, the whiny little hypocrite who makes nearly $300,000 advocating for abstinence until marriage but managed to get pregnant twice without being married, is really upset you guys. President Obama made a trip to Alaska and Bristol is balling up her little fists and stomping her feet so hard that she -- or someone in her employ -- penned an amusing little hissy fit about it. … [Read more...]

Kim Davis Releases Utterly Ridiculous Statement


Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis is, as I predicted, defying Judge Bunning's injunction even after the Supreme Court refused to stay the order. And now, in a PR move undoubtedly concocted by her attorneys from Liberty Counsel (because she sure as hell isn't smart enough to put it together), she has released a statement defending herself. The parts that aren't completely irrelevant are simply stupid. … [Read more...]

Republicans Headed for Another Shutdown Showdown They Can’t Win

It appears that the Republicans in Congress are headed for another budget fight that may result in a government shutdown, this time over their desire to tie defunding Planned Parenthood to important spending bills needed to keep the government funded before the end of the fiscal year (the end of this month). But even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admits that they simply don't have the votes to win: … [Read more...]

West Point Prof Publishes Horrifying Legal Paper


My former colleague Spencer Ackerman, now the national security editor for the Guardian, has a story about one of the most appalling papers I've ever heard of. A law professor at West Point named William Bradford has written a paper arguing that not only are Islamic holy sites a legitimate target for bombing by the U.S. military, but so are American legal scholars and journalists who are critics of the war on terror. … [Read more...]

Uncle Tom Sheriff Blames Black Lives Matter for Cop Shooting


A police officer in Houston was ambushed and killed last week, which is a horrible tragedy. To hear the right wing tell it, however, this is all the fault of President Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement for leading an alleged "war on cops" that has turned the people against the police. And they've got their very own Uncle Tom, a black sheriff from Milwaukee, eager to make that argument for them so they can cover up their racism. … [Read more...]

Farah Still Pimping Those Blood Moons

Joseph Farah and the Worldnetdaily have been furiously promoting all that "blood moons" nonsense for well over a year now, selling several books and videos about how this entirely natural phenomenon, which actually has nothing to do with blood or, frankly, with the moon (it's the atmosphere that changes the way it looks, the moon stays exactly the same). But time is short now because the last one is appearing in less than four weeks, so they can only make money on it before the whole thing … [Read more...]

Think You’re Brave? Not as Brave as These Guys


It's very easy to take for granted the freedom to speak our minds without fear of arrest or, worse, murder by religious fanatics. When we see non-Muslims, atheists and Christians alike and even the wrong kind of Muslims, being imprisoned and killed in a country like Pakistan, it's jarring and horrifying. So if you want to see an example of bravery, how about the people who just formed a CFI chapter in Pakistan. … [Read more...]

Coulter’s Male Alter Ego Loses Law License


If you've never heard of Todd Kincannon, do a Google search on him and you'll quickly come to the conclusion that he's the male version of Ann Coulter, a troll who just continually tries to top himself in making the most appalling and outrageous statements to get attention. But now the former head of the South Carolina Republican Party has lost his law license, for so-far unspecified reasons. … [Read more...]

There Goes Obama, Shaking His Fist at God Again


If I had a dollar for every time some wingnut declared that Obama, or the Supreme Court, or whomever else, had "shaken their fist at God" or "slapped God in the face" or "poked God in the eye" by doing something the divine bully doesn't like, I'd be a very rich man. Tony Perkins is the latest, saying that lighting the White House up in rainbow colors after the Obergefell ruling is gonna get the deity quite upset. … [Read more...]

Beck Complains About Lack of Media Coverage He Didn’t Want


When Glenn Beck was planning and promoting this past weekend's "unity" rally in Birmingham, Alabama, he made it very clear that he didn't want media coverage of it, that he was only doing it to get the attention of God, not the media. On August 17, he waxed eloquent about how this was all being done to be seen by God to win his favor and that he didn't even want the media to show up and cover it: … [Read more...]