Australian Couple Won’t Divorce After Marriage Equality

During the big buildup to the vote over same-sex marriage in Australia, a couple from Canberra was so upset about the idea of equal rights that they swore they would get divorced if gay people were allowed to get married too. Predictably, they have now reneged on that promise. (more…) Read more

Steve King Dons the White Hood Again

Since Donald Trump has become the standard bearer of the Republican party, Rep. Steve King has gone from being a right-of-center conservative to revealing himself as a genuine white supremacist. He isn’t even dog whistling anymore, he’s broadcasting it openly: (more…) Read more

Judge Alex Kozinski Accused of Sexual Harassment

With the retirement of Richard Posner, Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals took over the unofficial title of the most powerful and influential federal judge not on the Supreme Court. He has now been accused of sexual harassment by several former law clerks. (more…) Read more

Moore Thinks America was Great During Slavery

Newsweek reports on comments made by Roy Moore while campaigning a few months ago when he was asked when he thought America had last been a great nation. His response: During slavery. Because the family was “united.” Whatever the hell that means. (more…) Read more

Huckabee Sanders’ Ridiculous Excuse for Trump Not Releasing Taxes

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by a reporter on Thursday whether Trump is going to release his 2016 taxes, which are not under audit as far as anyone knows. She said that all presidents are automatically audited, so he can’t release those taxes either. (more…) Read more

Former CO Republican Party Chair Found Guilty of Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is almost entirely a myth in this country. Cases of it are very, very rare, a tiny fraction of a percent at the most. But in the rare instances in which it’s actually been caught and prosecuted, it’s usually done by Republicans, the very ones who think it’s real. Here’s another example. (more…) Read more

‘Deep State’ Invented Russia Scandal to Cover Up Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate

Wingnut pastor Carl Gallups has a shiny new conspiracy theory. The “deep state,” he says, invented the fake Russia scandal to warn Trump to drop his birtherism. But it won’t do any good, you see, because Trump is “getting his ducks in a row” to expose Obama’s fake birth certificate. (more…) Read more

Wingnuts Love Trump’s Jerusalem Madness

As I said yesterday, about the only people who are happy with Trump’s appalling and disastrous decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel are those on the Christian right in this country. They’re proving that by lavishing him with praise for it. (more…) Read more

Porter Dodges Questions on Roy Moore’s Positions

For some weird reason, Roy Moore has hired wingnut extraordinaire Janet Porter, she of the “fetal heartbeat” bill, as his spokesperson. And while most spokespeople would be trying to get the media to focus on policy positions instead of the sex scandal, she seems to want to talk about anything but that. (more…) Read more

A Police Officer Finally Held Accountable for Murder

In a rare situation, a police officer has been held truly accountable for killing an unarmed black man. Michael Slager, a former cop in South Carolina, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing Walter Scott as he tried to run away during a stop, then lying about it. (more…) Read more

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