Donald Trump vs Megyn Kelly. Again.

Megyn Kelly noted on her show the other day that Donald Trump's views on ISIS and what policies he would pursue against them are entirely unclear. Trump, naturally, fired back on Twitter (does he do anything other than watch TV and tweet responses?). … [Read more...]

Inhofe: My Granddaughter was Brainwashed in School!

James Inhofe, quite possibly the dumbest man in the Senate, is outraged that his very own granddaughter challenged his claim that global warming is a giant hoax and he blames it all on the "brainwashing" she got in one of those evil public schools. … [Read more...]

Trump Pretends to Care About Veterans

Donald Trump has claimed repeatedly that if elected he'll take better care of our veterans, a promise that you'd have to be a fool to believe. His record of lying to and insulting veterans is a long one. He even repeated a promise he already reneged on: … [Read more...]

Fox, CNN Paying ‘Analysts’ Still on Trump Payroll

More evidence of the incestual relationship between the media and the campaigns. Both Fox News and CNN are paying contributors to provide analysis who are still on the payroll of the Donald Trump campaign. Most know about Corey Lewandowski and CNN, but Fox employs one of Trump's main foreign policy advisers too. … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Islam Wants to Dominate the World!

From the Department of Irony: Michele Bachmann says that Islam must be defeated because its goal is to dominate the world and institute Sharia law. Because that's totally different from the Christian dominionism that she has long advocated. … [Read more...]

Everyone Just Relax About the Polls

I see people on Facebook freaking out because OMG DONALD TRUMP IS IN THE LEAD NOW! And Nate Silver says he has a 57% chance to win now! No, he isn't. And no, he doesn't. Everyone just relax about the polls. This election is still solidly in Clinton's favor. Let me explain why. … [Read more...]

Creepy Trump Girls Are Suing Donald Trump

Remember that creepy scene with three little girls singing a song of praise for Donald Trump at a few of his political rallies? Turns out he stiffed them too and now the father of one of the girls and creator of the group is planning to sue him over it. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones’ Supplement Scams

Like many other right-wingers, Alex Jones makes a lot of money selling health care scams to his credulous followers. And he knows exactly what buttons to push to get them to buy them. The government doesn't want you to know this! Get it before it's banned! … [Read more...]

More Dishonest Reporting from Liberal Sites

I am enormously frustrated with the number of liberal websites that have cropped up in the last couple years that emulate so many right-wing sites that have operated for years by lying and distorting the facts. Here's a perfect example from the site Winning Democrats: … [Read more...]

Trump Sends Omarosa to Philly to Talk Foreign Policy

The Donald Trump campaign continues to do things that just leave me shaking my head in astonishment. With the Democratic convention going on, they've sent people down to Philadelphia to counter the messages heard. And the person they picked to criticize Clinton on foreign policy? Omarosa. The GOP's communications director actually tweeted this: … [Read more...]

Fischer Upset the RNC Had a Gay Speaker

I think the GOP was wrong to have Peter Thiel speak because he thinks women having the right to vote has undermined freedom and democracy in this country. Bryan Fischer, on the other hand, is highly agitated that they let him speak because he's gay. … [Read more...]

Eric Metaxas a Chip Off the ol’ Barton

Seeing the numerous historical errors and falsehoods in Eric Metaxas' new book, it was obvious that he is emulating David Barton in being incredibly dishonest. But he confirmed on his radio show that he used Barton's books in writing his own (though without ever footnoting him). … [Read more...]