Joyner: God Elected Trump to Stop Clinton’s Evil Takeover

Rick Joyner, who seems to be battling with Lance Wallnau and Wayne Allyn Root for leadership in the Trump Fellatio Brigade, says that God is the one who elected Donald Trump, not American voters, and he did so because he could not allow Hillary Clinton's "evil" to take over the country. … [Read more...]

Wiles Stands With Russia Over ‘Satanists’ Who Run the U.S.

The deranged Rick Wiles says he proudly stands with Vladimir Putin and Russia over the "Satanists" he thinks run the "deep state." And the "deep state," he bizarrely thinks, was responsible for the Bolshevik revolution that created the former Soviet Union. … [Read more...]

Another Example of Trump’s Total Ignorance of Public Policy

Donald Trump did another of his campaign-style rallies the other day, this time in Iowa, because he's just dying to be cheered and applauded in order to prop up his massive, fragile ego. And he put his ignorance of public policy on full display: … [Read more...]

Of Course Trump Didn’t Have Tapes of Comey

Gee, who could have guessed that Donald Trump was being a childish liar when he hinted that he might have tapes of his conversations with James Comey? I mean, other than anyone with half a brain. He finally admitted to not having them on Twitter. … [Read more...]

Bush Admin. Used Torture as Human Experimentation

Physicians for Human Rights has a new report based on a review of thousands of documents related to the torture regime put in place by the Bush administration. The report says that the two psychologists who designed the program used it as human experimentation to perfect their techniques. … [Read more...]

Report: Gorka Was Fired by the FBI

Trump White House advisor and Nazi sympathizer (at least) Sebastian Gorka used to do consulting with the FBI about terrorism, but they stopped using him because the content of his analysis was little more than anti-Muslim bigotry, not even thinly veiled. … [Read more...]

Trump University Case May Not Be Over Yet

Donald Trump probably thought he was out from under that fraud suit over his scam Trump "University" when he settled for $25 million (while declaring that he never settles because he always wins), but the case may not be over yet. One woman wants to pursue her own case outside that class action settlement. … [Read more...]

Meet One of Tom Cotton’s Interns

I'm quite familiar with a certain strain of young conservatives who imagine themselves to be Hunter S. Thompson in penny loafers. They were around when I was in college 30 years ago and included a good friend of mine (now reformed). They can be quite obnoxious. And one of them is an intern for far-right Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas. … [Read more...]

Trump, Russia and the Bayrock Group

Timothy O'Brien, the journalist unsuccessfully sued by Trump for writing a book saying he exaggerated his wealth (which Trump admitted to during his deposition, along with dozens of other lies), has an article at Bloomberg detailing the possibly troubling relationship between Trump, the Russians and the defunct property company the Bayrock Group. … [Read more...]

Gingrich’s New Book Gets a Scathing Review

Newt Gingrich has a new book out that seeks to ride Donald Trump's coattails back to something resembling relevance. The book is even called Understanding Trump, which he thinks those of us who fail to recognize his genius fail to do. Alexander Nazaryan has a rather scathing review. My favorite part: … [Read more...]

DHS: Russians Tried to Hack 21 State Election Systems

While Trump and his underlings continue to play silly games with the question of whether the Russians hacked into computers to influence the election last year, they might want to tell the Department of Homeland Security, where one official just admitted that they hit almost two dozen state election computer systems. … [Read more...]

All the Wingnuts Agree, It’s a New Civil War

All the far-right "news" sites and talk show hosts seem to agree that we are on the brink of another civil war. And it's apparently all because of the attacks on Trump -- we call that "criticism" and nearly all of it is entirely justified, but the truth is they're just dying to fight another civil war. … [Read more...]