Beck: I Never Settle Lawsuits

Glenn Beck may hate Donald Trump but they share at least one trait: They both lie and claim that they never settle lawsuits because they're always in the right. Trump has said it many times and now Beck claims that "not one penny ever" is his mantra on lawsuits. … [Read more...]

Dominionist: New World Order Released Tape to Destroy Trump

The Oak Initiative, a bunch of self-declared prophets and dominionists, have an article on their site by Thomas Ertl, a former member of the secretive Council for National Policy, a group that has long had Christian Reconstructionists on it, including RJ Rushdoony. Ertl says that Access Hollywood tape was released by the New World Order to destroy God's candidate, Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Jones: If Trump Loses, 1/3 of the Population Killed in World War

Ah, good ol' Alex Jones. Every muddleheaded conspiracy theory he comes up with, every prediction he makes, has turned out to be bullshit, but that isn't about to slow him down. His new theory is that if Donald Trump loses, a world war will kill one-third of the human race. … [Read more...]

Supporter: Trump Will Take Us Back to Good Ol’ Days Before Gay Abortions

After the last debate, CBS News spoke to a group of Donald Trump voters and got some interesting answers to their questions. When asked why they support Trump and what it means to make America great again, one woman said he'll take us back to the days before the gay abortions and stuff. … [Read more...]

Curt Schilling Jumping Into Politics, Talk Radio

Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, an outspoken right wing bigot and all-around asshole, is jumping into electoral politics. He has announced that he's going to run against Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the next election, which should be fun. And he held a rally for Donald Trump that was a bit underwhelming. … [Read more...]

The Empty Promise of Term Limits

Donald Trump is now proposing term limits for Congress, something that would require a constitutional amendment. It's an appeal to superficial anti-government cynicism that simply does not work in reality the way the uninformed average American thinks. In fact, term limits are a very bad idea. … [Read more...]

Early Voting Sees Boost in Women Casting Ballots

Many states have already begun early voting, some of them weeks ago, and new information on some key swing states has some bad news for Donald Trump: The number of women going to the polls to vote early has increased from past elections. … [Read more...]

Trump Explains Major Supreme Court Decisions

Above the Law, which is sort of the Wonkette of the legal blogosphere, decided to put together some major Supreme Court decisions and how Donald Trump might describe them if asked to do so. The results are absolutely hilarious, of course. A few of my favorites: … [Read more...]

Trump Spokesman Meekly Defends Online Snap Polls

Donald Trump will find anything to support his insatiable desire to have won any and every battle since the day of his birth, so he loves those worthless online snap polls after the debates that say he won. And that forces his spokespeople to try to back him up with a straight face. … [Read more...]

GOP Candidate: People Shot by Cops ‘On the Way to Jail’ Anyway

Virginia Sheriff Mike Wade, who is now the Republican nominee for congressional seat, handwaved away the staggering number of black men killed by police officers, saying that it's not a big deal because most of those men were "on the way to jail" anyway. … [Read more...]

Stone Being Paid by Trump Super PAC

Roger Stone is both Donald Trump's BFF and the head of a pro-Trump Super PAC, but he has insisted in the past that he runs the PAC as a volunteer and takes no salary. But new FEC filings from the group shows that he's being paid a whole lot of money for it. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Business Credit is As Bad As You Would Expect

The business credit company Nav decided to look up the credit score for the Trump Organization and it's pretty much exactly what I would expect for a company that has declared bankruptcy and stiffed creditors repeatedly. Trump's company gets 19 out of 100. … [Read more...]