Beck: I Always Correct My Mistakes

Fans of irony will love this one. Glenn Beck is criticizing others for not owning up to their mistakes when they spread false information and holding himself up as a model for how to show that kind of intellectual honesty. The mind boggles at the thought. … [Read more...]

Trump: My Totally Arbitrary First 100 Days Are the Greatest Ever

It's been fun watching Trump, Spicer and their merry band of surrogates simultaneously argue that a focus on the first 100 days of a presidential administration is totally arbitrary and meaningless and that he had the greatest first 100 days ever. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Crappy Food Because Muslims

Jim Bakker's latest hysterical pitch for his crappy buckets of survival food is to claim that Muslims are going to begin murdering Christians here in America when they take over. And you wouldn't want to not have some day-glo freeze-dried mac and cheese in you when you get murdered, would you? … [Read more...]

Alex Jones is Just Such a Manly Man Stud Hunk Bro

Alex Jones, probably all hopped up on the super male vitality formula stuff he makes money from, went on an extended rant about how we're all supposed to be having babies as teenagers. It included some amusing bragging about his teen sexual conquests. … [Read more...]

Unofficial ‘Trump TV’ Host Calls for Murder of CNN Staffers

The Right Side Broadcasting Network is closely aligned with Trump, having produced with his campaign a series of debate analysis shows that were streamed on his campaign website. A host there is now calling for the murder of the "globalists" at CNN. … [Read more...]

Nazis: Trump Now Controlled by ‘Vicious Jews’

After getting hammered for not even mentioning the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust in a statement a few weeks ago, Donald Trump spoke to the World Jewish Congress in New York and called the Holocaust “the darkest chapter of human history." His Nazi supporters are losing it. Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer: … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Thing You’ll Read Today, Confederacy Edition

Corey Stewart was Donald Trump's state campaign chairman in Virginia and is now running for governor of that state. He also has a deep and abiding love of the Confederacy and he's so upset about New Orleans removing statues of Confederate heroes that he said this: … [Read more...]

Tantaros Accuses Fox of Tapping Her Phone

Things may have just gotten worse for Fox News. Andrea Tantaros, a former Fox News host who was already suing the network for sexual harassment has now added a second suit, this time alleging that the network tapped her cell phone to leak dirt on her after she made the harassment allegations. … [Read more...]

Will Trump Go Big or Small on Taxes?

The Washington Post reports that there is a divide among Trump's advisers over whether to go big or small with their tax bill. Small would be just cuts in taxes; big would be a more comprehensive package that would eliminate all kinds of deductions and simplify the tax code. … [Read more...]

Gorka Ties to Nazi Group Get Deeper

The Forward has been doing some great reporting about Sebastian Gorka, a Trump national security adviser brought in by Steve Bannon, and his close ties to a Hungarian Nazi group. In their latest article, they document that his ties to the group go back decades. … [Read more...]

The Laffer Curve Returns, as I Predicted

I said the other day that Trump's big announcement of tax "reform" would be just the same old trickle down economics, tax cuts for the wealthy with some anticipated economic boom. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin obliged me by proving me right. … [Read more...]

Trump Thinks He’s Still on Reality TV

The Washington Post has a report that really says so much about Donald Trump that is important if you want to understand him. When asked if he might fire Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who is absolutely horrible at his job, he said no -- because he gets good ratings. … [Read more...]