Wiles: Gays Would Rape Angels if God Sent Them

Echoing the story of Lot in the Bible, deranged bigot Rick Wiles says that if God were to send angels to America today, gay men would try to rape them because “we have become that wicked.” (more…) Read more

Trump Supports Moore and Dismisses Accusations Against Him

For the first time, Donald Trump has spoken publicly about Roy Moore and the accusations against him. After reports that Steve Bannon had called Trump several times asking him to publicly support Moore, he did exactly that, dismissing the allegations on predictably flimsy and hypocritical grounds. (more…) Read more

State Dept. Officials Accuse Tillerson of Violating Law on Child Soldiers

In an astonishing move, a group of high-ranking officials in the State Department have accused their boss, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, of violating a federal law against selling weapons or providing military support for countries that use child soldiers in war. (more…) Read more

Flat Earth Crackpot May Die Soon

A flat earther from California has built a homemade rocket out of scrap metal and plans to fly it a whopping 1800 feet high because, for some weird reason, he thinks that will show that the earth is flat. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say logic isn’t his strong suit, though I doubt we’ll have much longer to say that. (more…) Read more

Fox Pays $90 Million to Shareholders Over Sexual Harassment

Fox News has agreed to a settlement to pay $90 million to shareholders who filed suit claiming that the company’s lax policies on sexual harassment, which resulted in massive payouts in lawsuits, reduced their dividends and harmed them financially. The case was filed by a city here in Michigan with funds invested in shares of the company. (more…) Read more

Trump Policy on Sanctuary Cities Blocked for the Third Time

For at least the third time, a federal court has called Trump’s executive order withholding federal funds from what he deems to be “sanctuary cities” unconstitutional, and this time it comes with a permanent, nationwide injunction to enforce the ruling. (more…) Read more

Swanson: God Will Punish Australia for Marriage Equality

Australian voters overwhelmingly approved the legalization of same-sex marriage recently and Christian fascist and murderous bigot Kevin Swanson says that God will punish them for it. The best way he could do that, of course, is by inflicting Kevin Swanson on them. (more…) Read more

Davis May Face Gay Man She Discriminated Against in Election

I missed this story late last week but I love it. David Ermold, one of the gay people that Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis discriminated against by refusing to issue he and his partner a marriage license, is probably going to run against her in the election next year. (more…) Read more

The Vileness of Christian Right Support for Moore

The Boston Globe has been contacting Christian pastors who continue to support Roy Moore’s bid for the Senate in the wake of multiple allegations that he pursued, and in at least one case sexually molested, teen girls as young as 14. Some of their arguments are nothing short of appalling. (more…) Read more

Glenn Thrush Suspended by NY Times Over Harassment Allegations

Glenn Thrush, star reporter for the New York Times, has been suspended pending a full investigation into allegations from many younger, female reporters that he engaged in a wide range of sexual misconduct against them over the course of more than a decade. (more…) Read more

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