After Gov. Tom Wolf rejected a new districting map drawn up by Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature, the state supreme court had a non-partisan expert draw new maps that make much more sense. Naturally, the Republicans are suing — again — to try to gum up the works a while longer. (more…) Read more

After Laura Ingraham told Lebron James and other athletes speaking out on social justice issues to “shut up and dribble,” and taking criticism for it, Dinesh D’Souza decided he needed to come to the rescue of his ex-girlfriend (they dated at Dartmouth long ago). And his weapon of choice, unsurprisingly: Hypocrisy. (more…) Read more

We know from study after study after study that implicit, and sometimes explicit, gender and racial biases can have a serious effect on decisions in hiring, housing and other areas. This study from the Kennedy School of Government, which dealt with hiring decisions by symphony orchestras, shows how those biases can be reduced through blind judging. (more…) Read more

I mocked Mitt Romney yesterday for his constant flip flopping on everything, including those times when he gets all self-righteous and declares his undying fealty to principle. And as if on cue he provides a spectacular example, pointed out by Sam Stein: (more…) Read more

If there’s one thing that is absolutely certain, it’s that the Pentagon brass and the rank-and-file troops want nothing to do with Trump’s ego-driven demand for a military parade. He has no idea how difficult it will be or how much it will cost, nor does he care. The cost is so high that the Pentagon is considering crowdfunding it. (more…) Read more

Does anyone have a running tally on how many times Trump or those around him have claimed that the investigation into Russian influence over the election has exonerated them of collusion or proven that it didn’t affect the outcome of the election? Mike Pence is the latest to tell that lie, in an interview with Axios last week: (more…) Read more

As the right wing grasps for any explanation for the prevalence of mass shootings in America that fit with their ideology, we’ve heard about dark conspiracies, mental illness (the shooter was white, after all), violent video games and much more. You knew someone was going to claim it was caused by demon possession. Carl Gallups to the white courtesy phone: (more…) Read more

Meet the new Mitt Romney, same as the old Mitt Romney — which is to say, completely different from the old Mitt Romney, who was completely different from the even older Mitt Romney. He’s now running for the Senate from Utah and is rolling out yet another version of himself for the campaign. (more…) Read more

CNN reports that one of the key things Mueller and his investigators are looking into is Jared Kushner’s attempts to secure new financing for his family’s flagship, debt-ridden property at 666 Fifth Avenue. They paid almost $2 billion for it just before the market crashed in 2007 and it’s been dragging them down ever since. (more…) Read more

Kali Holloway has a provocative article, originally published at Alternet, about the history of gun control laws being used to prevent black people from owning guns. This was most obvious during Reconstruction, when laws banned gun ownership by blacks out of fear that they would take out revenge on slaveowners. (more…) Read more

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