Did Trump Actually Hand a Bill to Angela Merkel?

It was obvious that Donald Trump's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel didn't go well (he did, after all, spend the whole campaign trashing her), but if this story is true, then Trump's diplomatic skills are even worse than I thought -- and I thought they were pretty much non-existent. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones Apologizes for Promoting Pizzagate

Alex Jones is now apologizing, while simultaneously minimizing, his advocacy of all that Pizzagate nonsense about John Podesta and Hillary Clinton running a child sex trafficking wing out of a pizza place in Washington, DC. But it turns out he had little choice. … [Read more...]

Tomi Lahren Fired by Glenn Beck

Oh, this just gets better. Now multiple reports say that rather than just suspending her for a week, Glenn Beck has permanently banned -- that is, fired -- Tomi Lahren from The Blaze. This after self-righteously declaring that he would never fire her -- her, specifically -- over anything she said because he just believes so much in free speech. … [Read more...]

Trump Throws Ryan Under the Bus

In the immediate aftermath of the failure of their healthcare bill, Republicans were all reading from the same happy script. No one was pointing fingers, especially Ryan and Trump, who praised each other's efforts. That lasted about 24 hours, which is frankly longer than I expected. … [Read more...]

Why Public Investment in Health Care Matters

Adam Davidson has an article in the New Yorker that explains why a nation's healthcare system matters so much, because healthier citizens are more productive and is a huge boost to economic growth. Conversely, poor health undermines the economy and has huge implications throughout society. … [Read more...]

Why The GOP Healthcare Bill Failed: Peter Suderman

Peter Suderman, writing at the libertarian Reason.com, is another analyst with a smart take on why Trump and Ryan couldn't get their Obamacare replacement bill passed. His position is that it failed to pass because Trump simply doesn't understand health care policy. … [Read more...]

Why The GOP Healthcare Bill Failed: Ezra Klein

In the wake of the failure of Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to pass their Obamacare replacement bill, there are many post-mortems being written, some of them very smart and insightful. Ezra Klein offers a couple reasons why it failed, starting with the fact that it was just a terrible bill: … [Read more...]

Trump’s ‘Pact’ Not to Talk Business With Sons

Donald Trump's refusal to take the steps necessary to avoid obvious conflicts of interest is a perfect recipe for corruption. After putting his sons in charge of his companies, they swore that they wouldn't talk about business. That lasted all of a few weeks. … [Read more...]

Report: Trump Aides Illegally Purging Their Phones

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC reported on Friday that, according to her source, White House aides and former Trump transition officials are now purging their phones because they expect to be subpoenaed in one of the many Trump/Russia investigations going on. It starts around the 7:45 mark here: … [Read more...]

Trump Lied About NY Times Article

The New York Times fact checks Donald Trump in his interview where he lied repeatedly about lying. On the topic of his now-infamous wiretap lie, he claimed that the Times printed an article that supported him and then changed the headline to hide that fact. That was also a lie. … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Deals are Not Like Political Deals

If it did nothing else, the disastrous -- and fortuitous -- failure of the Republicans to pass their bill to replace Obamacare should have killed once and for all the myth that Trump is the Greatest Dealmaker Ever. The reality is that cutting a real estate deal is nothing like reaching a political agreement to pass legislation. … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Story of Trump, Woolsey and Turkey

Remember when former CIA Director James Woolsey was an adviser to Trump during the campaign and a member of the transition team? He suddenly quit the team after a brief stint and now he tells a story to the Wall Street Journal with all kinds of dark implications for Trump and Michael Flynn. … [Read more...]