D’Souza’s Intentional Ignorance of Election Prediction

The right is full of conspiracy theories about the special election in Alabama being “stolen” by the Democrats, with Roy Moore refusing to concede. Dinesh D’Souza even implies that Fox News is in on it in a tweeted response to conspiracy nut Bill Mitchell: (more…) Read more

Roy Moore Didn’t Lose the Election, Harvey Weinstein Did

There have been a lot of absurd excuses offered by the right for why Roy Moore lost the special election to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate, but none quite as ridiculous as the one offered by Fox and Friends’ resident blonde, Ainsley Earhardt. She says it wasn’t a loss for Moore or Trump, it was a loss for Harvey Weinstein. (more…) Read more

Omarosa Gets Fired, Throws Tantrum

Incredibly obnoxious con artist Omarosa Manigault says she has resigned from the White House, but April Ryan reports that she was actually fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly and that she threw quite a tantrum when it happened and had to be escorted out of the building. (more…) Read more

Trump Pulls Two Judicial Nominees

Two of Donald Trump’s many horrible nominees for the federal bench will not be getting a vote on the Senate floor despite one of them being approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a straight party line vote. The White House has apparently decided to withdraw their nominations. (more…) Read more

The KKK Style Guide

Anyone who has worked as a reporter or editor knows of the two primary books that provide the rules for writing style, the AP Style Guide and the Chicago Manual of Style. Turns out the Daily Stormer has a neo-Nazi version of this. Call it the KKK Style Guide. The Huffington Post got their hands on it. (more…) Read more

The Trump Family Can’t Seem to Get the Hang of that Voting Thing

NBC News reports that Melania and Ivanka Trump both had their absentee ballots rejected in November when they voted in the New York City mayoral election because they were filled out improperly. Donald’s ballot was also screwed up, but it’s not clear that his vote was counted or not. (more…) Read more

About Those Anti-Trump Texts from FBI Agents

Republicans and Fox News are making a huge deal out of the release of thousands of text messages between two FBI agents, one of them initially involved in the Trump/Russia investigation but removed from it because many of those texts were very stridently anti-Trump. (more…) Read more

Jones: Trump’s Accusers Too Ugly for Him to Harass

Alex Jones is trotting out the tried-and-obnoxious line to defend his pal Donald Trump. He couldn’t possibly have sexually harassed all those women who have accused him of doing so because they’re just too ugly to meet his standards of beauty. (more…) Read more

What are Secularists Angry About Now? Christmas, of course.

I always love being told what I’m upset about by the Christian right. So what are we secularists up in arms about now in the mythical world inhabited by the likes of the Family Research Council? Christmas. We hate that Trump says it and loved it when Obama refused to ever say it. From a fundraising email sent out by the FRC: (more…) Read more

‘Coach’ Dave: Moore Should Lie if It Advances the Kingdom of God

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire loves the Ten Commandments. He thinks they should be posted everyone on public property. Except that one about bearing false witness. He’s all for that, at least in Roy Moore’s case, as long as a lie will “advance the kingdom of God.” (more…) Read more

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