The loathsome Tucker Carlson is, like most right wing pundits, quite upset that teenagers are actually engaging our political process and demanding change to keep them safe in schools. He says they’re being exploited by adults and they’re just like Mao’s guards. (more…) Read more

Gabe Sherman, who has excellent connections at the White House, quotes his sources saying that Trump is going uber-Trump now, feeling his oats and flying by the seat of his pants in firing those he has clashed with. And he isn’t done yet. Those sources say Sessions will be replaced by Scott Pruitt and, most alarmingly, National Security Adviser HR McMaster will be replaced by John Bolton. (more…) Read more

The Republicans abruptly ended the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Russian interference and possible collusion (not the same thing) and claimed there was no evidence that Russia tried to help Trump win. Now the head of the committee says they were just trying to hurt Clinton. (more…) Read more

As already noted, Trump has nominated torturer and war criminal Gina Haspel to replace Mike Pompeo as CIA Director, but there may be some question as to whether she will be confirmed by the Senate. John McCain has already spoken out against her record and Rand Paul said that he will vote against her because of it. (more…) Read more

Deranged whacko — or con artist, take your pick — Alex Jones reacted to Rex Tillerson’s farewell speech live as his show aired and, of course, was able to use his Secret Wingnut Decoder Ring (free with a purchase of 10 boxes of Crackpot Jack) to detect secret messages Tillerson was sending to the “deep state.” (more…) Read more

Now that Gary Cohn is out as the head of the National Economic Council, Trump is doing what he usually does by picking someone completely unqualified for the job based solely on the fact that he has seen him on TV a lot. Because in Trumpworld, you don’t exist if you aren’t a TV star. So Larry Kudlow gets the job. (more…) Read more

With the naming of war criminal Gina Haspel as the nominee to run the CIA, the host of Fox News’ The Five were so giddy that I half-expected them to begin fondling themselves at the thought of waterboarding a [insert anti-Arab or anti-Muslim bigoted slur here]. (more…) Read more

Sheila Zilinsky’s guests are as much crackpots as she is. The latest was Pastor Randy Richey of Christ Outreach Oklahoma, who regaled listeners with tales of how Bill Clinton didn’t get convicted in his impeachment because the Senate is full of Freemasons, who are also pulling down Confederate statues to pave the way for the Antichrist. (more…) Read more

Deranged far-right crackpot Liz Crokin is channeling messages from Q again, throwing in a little numerology and telling her exceedingly dull followers that Clinton campaign manager John Podesta is going to be arrested “very soon.” In fact, it should have happened already. But maybe not. But it could be. But soon. Because pedophiles. And stuff. (more…) Read more

The firing of Rex Tillerson and transfer of Mike Pompeo wasn’t the only weird thing to happen with Trump administration officials on Tuesday. Trump’s personal assistant, who did things like give him massages, was escored out of the White House and fired for an “unspecified security issue,” but then was immediately hired by the Trump 2020 campaign. Wha? (more…) Read more

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