The Secular Student Alliance is working on a program that would provide training for teachers and signs for their classrooms declaring them a safe zone for secular kids, which I think is a great idea. And they’re crowdsourcing the logo. So if you have elite ninja photoshop skills, head over to his blog for information on how you can help out. Read more

Pat Robertson is among the many wingnuts throwing a fit about the Obama administration’s decision to use diplomatic and economic leverage to pressure nations that violate the human rights of gays and lesbians. He says God is going to punish us for doing so. (more…) Read more

What do you do when your campaign for the Republican nomination is fading faster than Lindsay Lohan’s acting career? You crank up the bigotry and try to win back the rubes by attacking gay people. That’s Rick Perry’s strategy. You see, the Obama administration is standing up for the human rights of gays and lesbians around the world. (more…) Read more

Peter LaBarbera continues his perfect record of hysterical overreaction in response to the boycott of the Salvation Army for their discrimination against gay and lesbian people. The AFA’s ridiculous little “news” operation reports: (more…) Read more

Joseph Farah takes his faux persecution complex out for a drive when he creates a dystopic alternate reality around the question of how Tim Tebow would be treated if he were Muslim instead of Christian. Farah’s answer, of course, is that Tebow would be greatly loved if he were Muslim — as though he wasn’t now. (more…) Read more

I’m sure you remember the incredibly dishonest ad the Romney campaign put out a couple weeks ago quoting Obama as though he was saying something when he was actually quoting someone from the McCain campaign saying it. Well now one of his campaign operatives is justifying the deceit in the most appalling way imaginable: (more…) Read more

Here’s an entirely unsurprising video of Bill O’Reilly hitting a man with an umbrella, breaking it in the process, and then telling a police officer that he wants to press charges against the guy he just hit. The man simply asked him a question. You’d think someone who has producers and interns ambush people on camera all the time would have a little bit thicker skin. Well, you’d think that if it wasn’t Bill O’Reilly, a juvenile bully with a… Read more

The lawsuits filed in the wake of the Gulf oil spill two years ago are providing lots of opportunities for major corporations to accuse each other of wrongdoing. BP, for example, is accusing Haliburton of destroying evidence of their own culpability in the spill: (more…) Read more

I swear, the wingnuts must buy pre-bunched underwear in bulk. The things they freak out about just make no sense. The latest faux outrage is over the defense authorization bill that passed the Senate, which includes a repeal of the military’s ban on sodomy. But the same section of the code that includes sodomy also includes beastiality — and to hear the wingnuts tell it, now our soldiers will be screwing every animal they can get their hands on. (more…) Read more

In 2004, the United Nations declared an International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. President Bush issued an official statement about the importance of investigating and prosecuting those who engage in torture. No, seriously. He did. (more…) Read more

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