ThinkProgress links to a new study by Citizens for Tax Justice that shows four industries — financial; utilities, gas and electric; telecommunications; and oil, gas and pipelines — receive more than 50% of all tax subsidies. But pay particular attention to the real tax rate of those companies in this list: (more…) Read more

Day 2 of Skepticon was a blast. Got to finally meet several people in person that I’ve only interacted with online up to now — Jen McCreight, Rebecca Watson and Greta Christina, for instance. Had a great time with all three. Greta is a freaking rock star at this thing and she gave a great talk on why atheists are angry. (more…) Read more

Bryan Fischer mentioned my Bryan Fischer Award on his radio show on Friday, but clearly misunderstands the point of the award even though I’ve explained it in some detail. On his show he said: (more…) Read more

I’ve never been a big fan of Nancy Pelosi. I have little use for her or any of the Democratic leadership (or Republican leadership for that matter) in Washington. But you have to give her props for this brilliant answer to being challenged to a debate by Rick Perry: (more…) Read more

Here’s the dumbest thing anyone has said so far about the transition that the American Independent News Network is undergoing. It’s the usual right-wing boogeyman being trotted out: “Soros pushes the ‘flush’ lever.” Sorry, but AINN had not received any funding from a Soros organization in years. (more…) Read more

I apologize in advance for showing you this video. It’s of the PolitiChicks, a new show starring four wingnut women talking — and warbling — about politics. One of them is Victoria Jackson, which tells you pretty much all you need to know about it. (more…) Read more

The tiny little creation museum in Strafford, Missouri was inundated with evil heathens Friday afternoon as the hordes from Skepticon descended on the place. I imagine the people who run the place gathering this morning for an extra prayer session, asking God to convert us all. Didn’t happen. Here’s the sign out front: (more…) Read more

Oklahoma City just passed an ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. And the city council meeting at which this was done apparently featured some really bizarre arguments made by local residents. This one takes the cake: (more…) Read more

A professional skier who specialized in making huge jumps off cliffs and apparently held some sort of world record died recently in an avalanche. And that is tragic, of course; I feel for his friends and family. But look at what one of his family members said without a hint of irony: (more…) Read more

I’m seeing a lot of reaction in some circles to this article about Justices Scalia and Thomas attending a Federalist Society dinner that was sponsored by a law firm that is involved with the legal challenge to the health care reform law. That reaction is overblown. (more…) Read more

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