The Tea Party: Never Enough Purity

More than half of the members of the Tea Party caucus in the House voted for the debt limit bill on Monday, including some of their very favorites like Allen West. And now they’re targeting even the most extreme of legislators for not being pure enough for them: Similarly, the Tea Party National Congressional Scorecard will mark as pass/fail every Congressman in the 112th Congress, and the “debt ceiling giveaway” is a ‘fail’, said Tom Trento, the National Security Chairman… Read more

Gaffney: Cain Consorts With Muslim Brotherhood

Now that Herman Cain has tried really hard to make himself look almost sane by apologizing for his anti-Muslim statements, the batshit crazy wing of the already-nutty-enough right is accusing him of consorting with jihadists. Last weekend, ThinkProgress spoke with Frank Gaffney, a conservative conspiracy theorist who nevertheless enjoys outsized influence on the right. The Center for Security Policy president had a unique take on the matter: Herman Cain had actually been meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Gaffney,… Read more

Missouri School Board Bans Books

The school board in Republic, Missouri voted to ban two books from the school library after a religious complaint: Shortly before 9 p.m. Monday, the school board voted 4-0 — three members were absent — to keep Laurie Halse Anderson’s “Speak,” an award-winning book about date rape, and remove Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five” and Sarah Ockler’s “Twenty Boy Summer.” Wesley Scroggins, a Republic resident, challenged the use of the books and lesson plans in Republic schools, arguing they teach principles… Read more

Perry Prayer Rally May Be Mostly Empty

My colleague at the Texas Independent, Mary Tuma, reports that Rick Perry’s prayer rally is having trouble selling tickets: Then there’s the question of attendance, whether Houston’s spacious Reliant Stadium, the prayer rally’s venue and home of the National Football League’s Houston Texans, will fill up on Aug. 6. Bearse says the number of registrants for “The Response” has grown from 6,000 RSVPs to 8,000 — a figure that still accounts for only a small fraction of the park’s 71,000-seat… Read more

How Not To Get a Judge Recused

Polygamist Warren Jeffs is defending himself in a Texas criminal trial and he’s got a rather novel approach to getting the judge removed from his case — he claims God told him to. The head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints filed a motion purporting to quote God as saying state District Judge Barbara Walther should “step away from this abuse of power against a religious and pure faith in the Lord.” (more…) Read more

Why DOMA Repeal Still Matters

The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy may be history in the military but there are still problems keeping some from joining. Lesbian couple Jessica Lohmeier and Lauren Russell have both served in the U.S. Army, and now after having a son, Lohmeier is ready to reenlist. “In 2009, I had James and now I’m ready to get back in the military,” said Jessica Lohmeier, who served in the Army Reserves for two years. But she was stopped at the gate… Read more

Anti-Gay Group Loses Tax Exemption

Peter LaBarbera’s group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was one of the many groups stripped of their non-profit status by the IRS recently. According to the IRS, the tax-exempt status of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) was revoked on 5/10/2010 (PDF). The reason for this action is listed by the reporting organization Guidestar as a “failure to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for 3 consecutive years.”  These forms are required of legitimate non-profit organizations for review… Read more

Rock Beyond Belief Gets Approved

I am very happy to announce that the commander at Ft. Bragg has finally approved the request to hold the Rock Beyond Belief event on the base without all the restrictions they tried to place on it the last time it went through the approval process. The event will take place on March 31, 2012. I have reconfirmed my involvement to act as host and emcee for the event, which will include a wide range of great speakers and performers…. Read more

The Foolishness of the Other Hitchens

Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories often contained cryptic references to Sherlock Holmes’ even smarter brother, Mycroft. If the main character in his stories had been Christopher Hitchens, the author would have needed to refer to his incredibly dull brother Peter. Faced with the undeniable fact that governments all over the world have lost the war on drugs — that is, the war on personal freedom — Hitchens doubles down and demands ever harsher penalties for marijuana use. (more…) Read more

Cain Disappoints Fischer

Poor Herman Cain just can’t win. He tries to act like a reasonable person by apologizing for saying that Muslims aren’t covered by the First Amendment and now one of his main benefactors is mad at him. It looks like Herman Cain’s handlers have gotten to him again. Just when we thought he’d found his voice once more on the threat that Islam poses to the West, he issued a “humble and contrite” apology on Wednesday for any offense he… Read more

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