Response to Rusty’s Questions Below

Rusty posted a brief response to my last entry on the testable creation model. I’ll paste the comments here because it allows a bit more space to respond: Ed, you really are tempting me to respond… I really think a good, long conversation on this topic would clear a lot of things up. We would each still be sitting in our respective camps, but we’d probably have a better understanding of what the other was positing. Let me explain in… Read more

Analysis of the Proposed Georgia Science Standards

Reed Cartwright of the University of Georgia has done a thorough analysis of the proposed Georgia science standards. It shows, in brief, that Kathy Cox is lying when she says that the new standards would teach the concept of evolution without using the word. Of course, I think everyone knew that already. Thanks to Paul Myers for the heads up on this one. Read more

Response to Rusty on the “Testable Creation Model”

Rusty Lopez of the New Covenant blog has stated that his latest response to me regarding the “testable creation model” that he advocates will be his last. I thank him for an engaging dialogue on these issues, and regret that he chooses not to continue the conversation. He says he does not have the time, and I take him at his word. These kinds of posts can indeed, as he says, become very complex and time consuming, as this one… Read more

Georgia Jumps on the Anti-evolution Bandwagon

Georgia wants to ban the word “evolution” from science classes, replacing it instead with “biological changes over time”. The superintendant of schools, Kathy Cox, claims that she wants to do this because the word “evolution” has become such a controversial buzzword that perhaps replacing the term while continuing to teach the substance of the theory will avoid controversy. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. First, Kathy Cox is on record when she ran for… Read more

Reply to Rusty on the “Testable Creation Model”

To continue the dialogue with Rusty Lopez from the New Covenant blog, let’s examine his latest posting. I’m going to do this one a bit differently so as not to lose the threads of each specific point of dispute. I’m going to divide this post by those areas and label them as such, and I will put my original argument in plain type, then Rusty’s response in italics, then my new response in plain type again. That way each issue… Read more

Testable Creation Model, part 2

In this entry, I will deal only with the brief note that Rusty Lopez made in reference to a testable creation model. In the next few days, I’ll post a longer and more detailed critique of the model presented by Hugh Ross that Rusty referenced in his note. I’ll put his statements in italic and my own responses in plain type. A Scientifically Testable Creation Model…How is this possible? Are we saying that science can prove creation? No. Reasons to… Read more

A Testable Creation Model – Does It Exist?

Rusty Lopez of the New Covenant blog has an entry in reply to a comment I left him. In a post a few days ago, he made a reference to a new Hugh Ross book that he said contained a “testable creation model approach to the issue of the origin of life”. I left a comment on his blog saying that I could not conceive of even a hypothetical way to test a creation model. He replied:I’ll address your inquiry… Read more

And Other Bloggers Think We Have Too Much Freedom?

On the heels of Josh Claybourn quoting another blogger quoting a third blogger about the dangers of unrestrained liberty leading to chaos, I have 3 stories that illustrate that the impulse to control is still alive and well. Example #1: The first story comes from The Great Separation, a blog I took to task a few days ago for calling the city councilan who put up a 2000 pound Ten Commandments monument in front of city hall a “hero”. But… Read more

Humanism and the Perfectibility of Human Nature

Josh Claybourn has an interesting blog that I read now and then, but this morning he has an odd entry on the front page entitled “Libertarian Freedom: Self Destruction?”. I think he’s engaging in a bit of a straw man – at the very least, in drastically oversimplifying complex ideas. The entry begins,The consequence of original sin – man’s fallen nature – is central to everything in the Christian worldview. Marxists, humanists, and most atheists/agnostics will tell you that human… Read more

The Mind of the Zealot

I haven’t written much about the (former) Judge Roy Moore situation in Alabama, but as an interesting postscript, I find this incredible. Judge Moore’s supporters are now asking President Bush to withdraw the nomination of Mark Pryor for the federal bench. Pryor is the Alabama Attorney General who enforced the federal court ruling taking Moore’s monument out of the courthouse. Now mind you, Pryor is a prominent religious right supporter and publicly favored Moore’s position – until Moore defied a… Read more

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