Here is the matchup for the national championship: Wake Forest CH v. Michigan State BH If MSU wins, it will be their second national title in the last 3 years. That’s an incredible accomplishment by any measure, made even more amazing by the fact that they didn’t even debate NDT until the two organizations merged. Read more

Please Note: There is an update to this post below the fold with the semifinal matchups. Here are the 8 teams to make the quarterfinals. I don’t know what the quarterfinal matchups are, or who they beat in octofinals to get there: northwestern bc dartmouth bm harvard km wake forest ch berkeley bw wayne state fm michigan state bh emory cg Josh Branson of Northwestern was top speaker and Harvard won the Copeland Award. More updates as the rounds happen…. Read more

On Friday, Baylor University officially notified Francis Beckwith that he was not being granted tenure for his position as associate director of the JM Dawson Institute for Church/State Studies. This is causing a good deal of hullaballoo, with claims of bias and, inevitably, accusations that this denial has something to do with us evil “Darwinists”. As someone firmly on the anti-ID side who is friendly with Frank Beckwith and relatively familiar with the politics at Baylor, I thought I should… Read more

Alan Keyes has a column at the Worldnutdaily about the Afghani man targeted for the death penalty for converting to Christianity. It sounds very much like something I might write on the subject of liberty and the need to protect it not only from dictators but from democratic majorities as well. I’ll put a long quote from his column and my reaction below the fold: (more…) Read more

Despite the fact that my two favorite teams, Duke and Michigan State, were knocked out earlier than expected, this has been an incredible NCAA tournament so far. How many classic games and amazing finishes could you possibly ask for? UCLA’s comeback over Gonzaga was stunning. Texas’ buzzer beater win over West Virginia had you on the edge of your seat. UConn’s victory over Washington was almost heartbreaking because the Washington kids played so hard and came so close. But George… Read more

The Worldnutdaily has yet another badly reasoned defense of ID, this one by a homeschooling mother who appears to be equally ignorant of both science and the rules of logic. But rather than spending the time to fisk this one myself, I thought I’d invite my readers to do it. Pick out your favorite passages, quote them, and post a response to them. The article can be found here. Read more

One of the fastest growing Christian right legal groups is the Liberty Counsel, run by Matt Staver. This is Jerry Falwell’s personal favorite and they’ve been in the spotlight a lot lately, gaining on the American Center for Law and Justice, the Alliance Defense Fund and the Thomas More Law Center in name recognition as a result. Predictably, the invocation of liberty in their title turns out to be little more than a punchline. They’re now threatening a lawsuit against… Read more

I’ve been trying like hell to find up to date information on the National Debate Tournament. The most recent information I could find last night was after the first elimination round when it was down to 16 teams. The way it works at NDT is that everyone with a 5-3 record goes to the elimination rounds and they have a partial double octofinal. In this case they had 30 teams with 5-3 records or better so the top two teams… Read more

I’m going to be on tonight with the HIllbilly Atheist. For those who don’t know him, the Hillbilly Atheist is a good ol’ boy from Oklahoma who is extremely funny. He has a radio show on the Freethought Media network, which is owned by the Infidel Guy. To listen to the show, click here. On the right hand side an inch or two below the top are three links tha say “Listen At” and it has three speeds, 128K, 48K… Read more

My old friend Henry Neufeld has written a response to all of our discussion of slavery and the Bible, as I actually hoped he would. Henry is a Hebrew scholar, a Christian and the director of the Pacesetter’s Bible Institute in Florida. He was among the first people I encountered online about 13 or 14 years ago, in the Compuserve religion forum, and he was a big influence on my thinking about religion. Until I met him, I really thought… Read more

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