Kudos to Steve Sanders for this article, entitled Federalists Do It Too: The False Debate Over “Activist” Judges. Sanders says what I’ve been saying for many years, that whenever you hear conservatives complain about judges “making law” as opposed to “interpreting the constitution”, you’re being fed a load of crap. Conservative judges are just as likely to be “activist” as liberal judges, and the complaints of judicial activism, on display so vividly during Bush’s recent State of the Union address,… Read more

A couple weeks ago I referred to an incident involving myself and Richard Dawkins and allegations of creationist dishonesty and I promised to write up the whole story soon. Let me preface this by saying two things. First, I am, as should be obvious to everyone who has read any of my writings on this page, a staunch advocate of evolutionary theory and a dogged opponent of the attacks that creationists of all types make against it. I have spent… Read more

There is a terrific new website designed to help teachers and students learn more about evolution that is finally up and available for public use. The Understanding Evolution site was an enormous project that has been under development for quite some time under the auspices of the University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) and the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), funded primarily by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Science Foundation. To quote from the site’s… Read more

Georgia school boss Kathy Cox has backed off her announced plan to remove the word “evolution” from the state academic standards. Paul Myers speculates that the whole thing could very well have just been a cover-up for the fact that the new proposed standards water down the teaching of evolution enormously, regardless of whether the word is used. I agree with him. It’s about the only explanation that makes any sense out of the whole sordid bunch of nonsense. Think… Read more

This is beginning to resemble a Monty Python sketch at this point. In my last post I made this statement: “He must know that “presenting the data” is pointless if he has already decided that no data possibly COULD establish what is being disputed.” Rusty replied: “…he has already decided that no data possibly COULD establish what is being disputed” Where have I said that? Honestly Ed, you accuse me of dancing around the issues but you yourself give Fred… Read more

In the last post, I wrote the following to Rusty: On the issue of transitionals, you are still dodging the question. You said that appearance alone cannot prove transition. Therefore wouldn’t you have to say that no fossil evidence could possibly show transition? Fossils can only show appearance, not actual ancestry. So why not just admit that no fossil evidence, regardless of what it shows, could possibly convince you that an evolutionary transition occured? That would at least be honest,… Read more

Rusty has been leaving comments in response to various entries here, but there are two issues that I’d like to move up here to the top so they don’t get lost and solicit a direct answer on. 1. Transitional Forms Rusty has repeatedly declared that there are no transitional forms in the fossil record. I have pointed out that I think this demand is a disingenuous one (not just from him, but from creationists in general) because they would deny… Read more

I’ve just come across a group called Catholic Apologetics International, a very, very conservative Catholic organization founded by Robert Sungenis. How conservative? How about so conservative that they think Pope John Paul was wrong to apologize to Galileo and admit that the earth revolves around the sun? Yes, they are genuine geocentrists. Needless to say, they are also young earth creationists. I’m a little stunned to see this sort of thing from Catholics. The creationist/geocentrist movement in the US has… Read more

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has an op-ed piece in today’s Wall Street Journal entitled “One Man, One Woman: A citizen’s guide to protecting marriage.” It’s a perfect example of the wild leaps of logic inherent in arguments against gay marriage. He starts out with a statement that he appears to think is uncontroversial:No matter how you feel about gay marriage, we should be able to agree that the citizens and their elected representatives must not be excluded from a decision… Read more

The Talk.Reason Archive has an absolutely hilarious article lampooning the Intelligent Design movement. A few of my favorites: Greater and greater numbers of scientists are joining the ID movement, which is why we keep referring to the same three year after year. We’re not creationists, except for those of us who are, but the rest of us won’t confirm that we’re not. But if you call us creationists, we’ll complain to no end. ID is a widely accepted theory in… Read more

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