Trump Exempts Florida from Offshore Drilling

The Trump administration wants to open up the entire continental shelf on both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico to offshore oil drilling. They announced a plan to do just that last week. Then Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke met with Florida Gov. Rick Scott and suddenly that state was exempted from the plan: (more…) Read more

McInness Launches Misogynist Attack on Oprah

Look, I don’t want Oprah Winfrey running for president either, but some of the attacks on her from the right are vile and misogynist and disgusting. We would expect nothing less from MRA, white supremacist and “proud boy” Gavin McInness, who flat out calls her a prostitute and a slut: (more…) Read more

Trump Publicly Wavering on Mueller Interview

Last year when he was asked if he would testify under oath as part of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the election, Trump said yes “one hundred percent.” But after multiple reports that his attorneys are trying to keep him from doing so, he’s now publicly wavering on that promise. (more…) Read more

Trump Again Demands Change in Defamation Law

Once again Donald Trump is threatening the First Amendment by demanding that our defamation laws be weakened to allow him to sue any news outlet that publishes anything that makes him look bad. He says his administration is going to take a “strong look” at changing those laws. (more…) Read more

A Bizarre Day on DACA

Tuesday was a very strange day for the ongoing negotiations and uncertainty regarding the DACA program and the DREAMers, young people brought here illegally by their parents who have known this as their home. First, a federal judge issued an injunction preventing the Trump administration from rescinding deferred deportation status from any of them pending a full trial on a legal challenge to that order. (more…) Read more

‘Coach’ Dave: Oprah for President = White Genocide

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is moving closer and closer to just putting on the hood and declaring himself to be a member of the KKK. He’s gone full on anti-Semite over the last few months and now he’s echoing their idiotic “white genocide” rhetoric. He thinks the talk about Oprah running for president is just paving the way for that to happen. (more…) Read more

Appeals Court Strikes Down NC Voting Districts for Partisan Gerrymandering

While the Supreme Court prepares to rule on a very similar case, a federal appeals court panel has ruled that several districts in North Carolina were drawn unconstitutionally to gain a partisan advantage. That ruling is likely to be stayed pending the outcome of the Wisconsin case, which has already been argued before the Supreme Court, with a ruling now pending. (more…) Read more

Trump Lawyer Files Pointless Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed was the first news outlet to publish the now-infamous Christopher Steele dossier on what Russian intelligence had on Donald Trump. Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is now suing Buzzfeed for defamation in a case that will be dismissed very quickly. (more…) Read more

Testimony: FBI Had Russia Source Inside Trump Campaign

Sen. Dianne Feinstein released the transcript of the testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson before the Senate Intelligence Committee, testimony that the Republicans on the committee had refused to release because it was embarrassing to Trump, and it contains this very interesting little tidbit (you can read the full transcript here). (more…) Read more

Yep, Bannon is Gone at Breitbart

As predicted, Steve Bannon has now lost his post at Breitbart. He has stepped down, but that almost certainly means he was allowed to do so rather than be forcibly removed by Rebekah Mercer and the Breitbart family that own and control the site. (more…) Read more

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