Deace Cries ‘Spiritual Warfare’


There's something quite bizarre to me about people who attribute entirely mundane events and behavior to some sort of demonic activity. Steve Deace, whose head is so far up Ted Cruz' ass that if Cruz stops quickly he'll break his nose, says that Cruz overcame "spiritual warfare" to win the Iowa caucuses. … [Read more...]

Keyes Endorses Klingenschmitt


Our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt is now running for the state senate in Colorado and he's picked up an endorsement from fellow wingnut Alan Keyes, who delivers one of his usual rambling but eloquent diatribes while endorsing him. Keyes plays Wingnut Madlibs like Palin does, he's just way better at it. … [Read more...]

Cliven Bundy Takes Over For His Son


With both of his sons now in jail in Oregon, one of them injured during their arrest, deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy has apparently decided to take over for them. He started by sending a letter to the county sheriff in Oregon demanding that he push all federal officials out of the county and protect the protesters, and telling them that they won't let go of the wildlife reserve they're occupying (this from the safety of his ranch in Nevada, of course). … [Read more...]

Obama is AN Antichrist, not THE Antichrist


For years we've been hearing from Christian right loons that Obama is the Antichrist, a fictional character they invented so they could identify pretty much everyone for the last 2000 years as The Man. But thank goodness Steve Magill has finally cleared it all up by informing us that while Obama is an antichrist, he's not the Antichrist. … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit Told Ted Cruz to Run for President


I find this quite hilarious. Rafael Cruz went on a Christian TV show and told the host that his son Ted only ran for president because the Holy Spirit told him to in an hours-long prayer session in which he surrendered himself to the will of God and became but a lowly servant carrying out the orders of the almighty. … [Read more...]

Cruz Wins Iowa Despite the Opposition of Satan


Ted Cruz has a campaign prayer team and it's made up of the kind of people who think there's an actual Satan who is working overtime to stop him from becoming president. Apparently, Satan is able to cause communications problems, which tells me that they all need to anoint their cell phones and laptops with holy water. … [Read more...]

Voter ID Laws Really Do Suppress Minority Votes


A new study of the last few election cycles that compares minority turnout in states that have strict photo ID laws to be allowed to vote and those that don't shows that such laws have precisely the effect that Republicans want them to have, suppressing the votes of racial minorities that are more likely to vote for Democrats. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Fake It Till You Make It Behavior


Michael Kruse writes at Politico Magazine about how Donald Trump never, ever admits to doing anything wrong or to failing at anything. Every failure is spun into a victory, every stupid statement or lie is defended to the death, all while attacking anyone who points out those lies and failure with irrelevant insults. … [Read more...]

Manning is a Tad Bit Upset About LGBT Group Buying His Church


Deranged Christian fascist James David Manning is all worked up now that a pro-gay group is raising money to buy his church, which has been put up for tax auction because he's a million dollars in debt, and turn it into a halfway house for gay teenagers. He's responding with his usual incoherent ranting and raving: … [Read more...]

Could Sarah Palin Be Any More Gullible?


Sarah Palin is lashing out at forced birth groups who aren't taking seriously Donald Trump's alleged conversion from being pro-choice all his life. She actually believes that he means it, or at least has to pretend to believe it while she's attached herself to him for publicity purposes. … [Read more...]

The We Love Rape World Tour is About to Begin


Vile rape defender and admitted rapist Roosh V is convening a meeting of other misogynists and rapists. "We have finally arrived," he actually said in announcing this event, which kicks off in Sydney, Australia on Feb. 6th and in locations in 43 other countries. I certainly hope law enforcement has their eye on these disgusting assholes. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump = Pat Buchanan?

Trump Shrug

Nate Silver has a fascinating column in the wake of the Iowa caucuses comparing the Donald Trump campaign to that of Pat Buchanan in the 1992 presidential election. As usual, he dives into the fine details of the polling and the caucus results to build the hypothesis that, like Buchanan, Trump's appeal may be limited to a minority of angry voters and to virtually no one else. … [Read more...]