Remember how conservatives have argued for the last 50 years that the anti-poverty programs of the Great Society program, like food stamps and Medicaid, totally fail to fix the poverty problem? Well they were just joking. Now, the Trump administration says, they worked so well that poverty no longer exists and those programs are thus no longer needed. Psyche! (more…) Read more

The same federal judge who ordered the Trump administration to reunite more than 2000 children with their parents has now ordered the federal government to pay the cost of that reunification after Trump actually tried to charge some of the parents in order to get their children back. (more…) Read more

In the latest case of a police department deliberately targeting black and Latino people for pedestrian and traffic stops, Milwaukee agreed to settle a case for $3.4 million because the evidence overwhelmingly showed that racial targeting was going on. As usual, minorities were many times more likely to be stopped without any evidence of wrongdoing. (more…) Read more

In the indictment that came down against 12 Russian military intelligence officials on Friday, it highlights communications between a close Trump associate and the Russian hackers, posing as Guccifer 2.0. The Washington Post has the evidence that this unnamed person is our old friend Roger Stone. (more…) Read more

Upping the pressure on Donald Trump to at least acknowledge the reality that Putin ordered interference in our presidential election in 2016, Robert Mueller indicted 12 more Russians, this time military and intelligence officials, as part of his investigation. Trump, predictably,. reacted to the news as if it didn’t matter one bit. (more…) Read more

A House committee interrogated FBI agent Peter Strzok for hour after hour yesterday in an embarrassing and desperate attempt to smear the entire FBI in order to undermine the integrity of the Mueller investigation and help Trump’s public case against it (not his legal case, of course). But Strzok had the perfect answer to their absurd conspiracy theory in his opening statement: (more…) Read more

Episode 6 of Culture Wars Radio is now available to our patrons and will be available to the public on Monday morning. In this episode, we spend a small amount of time on Trump’s embarrassing performance at the NATO summit, then move on to a long discussion about originalism as theory of constitutional interpretation. (more…) Read more

With Brett Kavanaugh replacing Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, which is a virtual inevitability, there is concern not only for the survival of Roe v Wade but also for the Obergefell ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationally in 2015. This was Kennedy’s greatest — only — legacy on the court. But my friend Walter Olson, a gay libertarian legal scholar at the Cato Institute, says it’s unlikely that the new court will overturn that ruling. He offers several reasons…. Read more

As he left for the NATO summit and a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump revealed both his fecklessness and his cowardice with his answer to one simple question from the Washington Post’s Phillip Rucker: What will you say or do if Putin denies interfering in the 2016 presidential election? His answer could have come from the mouth of Droopy Dog: (more…) Read more

While Donald Trump was busy lying about and insulting our NATO allies, and embarrassing the hell out of the entire country on the world stage, the Senate seems to have at least momentarily found enough vertebrae to pass a resolution reaffirming our commitment to that organization that is the basis for the entire post-WW2 Western order. (more…) Read more

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