Trump Again Lies About Libya

Yet another example of Trump flat out lying about his previous position on an issue and the media allowing him to get away with it. On Morning Joe he again claimed that he was opposed to U.S. intervention in Libya. And he through in two more long-debunked lies as well. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Still Making the Dumbest Argument Ever

The man who brought us "tides go in, tides go out" is now repeating perhaps the even dumber argument that no woman (or man, presumably) who considers themselves a feminist should be allowed to report about Donald Trump because he's everything they despise. … [Read more...]

Another Issue Trump Has Been on Both Sides Of

I'm beginning to think of Donald Trump as Mitt Romney with a Hitler 'stache. Like Romney, he's been on every side of every issue, which is highly ironic given that those who support him do so because they think he's a straight shooter who says what he thinks regardless of what others might think about it. Here's another such issue: … [Read more...]

James O’Keefe Scores an Own Goal

James O'Keefe, the astonishingly obnoxious frat boy douchebag who fancies himself a guerrilla journalist but can't seem to stop embarrassing himself, has done it again. Trying to set up a "sting" of a George Soros foundation, he forgot to hang up his phone and outed himself completely. … [Read more...]

Miami Gets First Endowed Chair in Atheist Studies

This is a very cool development. Louis J. Appignani, the same man who donated the money to create the Appignana Humanist Legal Center at the American Humanist Association, has now endowed a chair in atheist, humanist and secularist studies at the University of Miami. … [Read more...]

Wiles Predicts God Will Destroy the Economy

Our old friend Rick Wiles, whose "prophecies" never actually happen, is back with yet another prediction. This time he says that God is going to destroy the American economy because of Planned Parenthood. This was during an interview with the guy behind those dishonest videos about selling baby parts. … [Read more...]

Schlafly Sics Her Followers on Her Daughter

And the grand drama of Phyllis Schlafly, her daughter Anne Cori and the Eagle Forum continues to get worse (or better, for me). Now ol' Phyllis has decided to sic her followers on her daughter, telling them to call her and get her to stop attacking her for supporting Donald Trump. … [Read more...]

Wow. Fallin Vetoes Anti-Choice Bill

Color me shocked. Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, one of the most far-right, I-speak-for-God governors in the country, actually vetoed that bill that would make it a felony for doctors to perform an abortion in that state unless it's done to save the life of the mother. … [Read more...]

Cotton: We Need to Imprison More People

Since joining the Senate a year and a half ago, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas has distinguished himself as quite possibly the most vile and ridiculous member of that body -- and imagine the competition for that title when we have James Inhofe bringing snowballs into the chambers to disprove global warming, for crying out loud. Cotton's latest pile of stupid: … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award: David Barton

The Worldnetdaily has an article about Rafael Cruz addressing allegation from Donald Trump that he was somehow involved with the assassination of JFK. I really couldn't care less about that, but these few paragraphs earn David Barton a Bryan Fischer Award: … [Read more...]

GOP Staffer Compares Confederate Flag Ban to ISIS

The House passed an amendment to a military spending bill that would ban the Confederate flag from being flown in most national cemeteries for most purposes. Almost twice as many Republicans voted against the bill than voted for it, unsurprisingly. And one Republican staffer compared those who advocated the bill to ISIS. … [Read more...]

Racist Lawyer Threatens LA City Councilman

The racist cockroaches are crawling out from behind every cupboard lately. Gee, I wonder what could have prompted that? In Los Angeles, a racist attorney who likes to go to council meetings in a KKK hood has been arrested for threatening to lynch a black councilman. … [Read more...]