It’s a Fake Quote Festival

State Rep. Matt Shea of Washington has submitted a gun rights bill in the legislature there and offers a half dozen quotes from the founding fathers to support it. The problem is that half of those quotes are fake, which is hardly a surprise given how often conservatives use fake quotes from the founders. … [Read more...]

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Arian Foster on Thanking God After a Game

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is one of the very few NFL players, or professional athletes at all, who have ever come out as openly atheist. In a video for Funny or Die he pokes fun at the nearly ubiquitous practice of thanking God after winning a game (but never after losing, strangely). … [Read more...]

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Rubio Wins Another Irrelevant Endorsement


I can't be the only one who cracks when a former presidential candidate who went absolutely nowhere in their campaign endorses someone who is still in the race. Lindsey Graham has been stumping for Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio and now Rubio has been endorsed by the totally irrelevant Bobby Jindal. … [Read more...]

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Saudi Troops in Syria?


The Guardian reports that Saudi Arabia is willing to send some ground troops into Syria to fight against ISIS as part of an effort by multiple Muslim nations to bring down this terrorist group that threatens them. Would this be a good idea? Would it improve or hurt the situation? I wish I had the answer to those questions. … [Read more...]

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Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger


During the last Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton boasted that Henry Kissinger praised her work as secretary of state, a moment that really should leave liberals with their mouths agape. Henry Kissinger, undeniable war criminal and enemy of human rights and freedom, should be viewed as anything but a character witness. … [Read more...]

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‘Why Don’t You Atheists Complain About Muslims?’


Fox News' resident hysterical prevaricator Todd Starnes gives us the usual "why do you atheist groups only care about separation of church and state when it involves Christians, not Muslims" narrative. My buddy Andrew Seidel, chief counsel for the FFRF, provides the perfect answer: … [Read more...]

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John Fea on Ted Cruz’ Dominionism


John Fea, a well-respected Christian historian from Master's College, has a new column at Religion News documenting that Ted Cruz is a genuine dominionism, specifically an advocate of Seven Mountains Dominionism. He also has a post on his blog introducing the column, in which he points out that we should not use that term as casually as we often do: … [Read more...]

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And Yet Another Stupid Atheist Meme


I come across these memes being shared, sometimes by people I know in real life and like, and it just makes me sad. Here's another stupid atheist meme that, like many others, provides a simplistic and superficial answer to the question of why people believe in God that allows them to just wave it all away. … [Read more...]

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NH Wingnut: Public Assistance for Muslims is Treason!


And we have yet another raging bigot -- a Republican, of course -- making a staggeringly idiotic statement about Muslims. This time it's New Hampshire State Rep. Ken Weyler, who wants to pass a law forbidding Muslims from getting any public assistance because that constitutes treason. Seriously. … [Read more...]

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Court: Housing Commission Can’t Refuse to Rent to Religious Group


A federal court here in Michigan ruled this week that the Lansing Housing Commission had engaged in illegal viewpoint discrimination when it refused to allow a church to use a community room for a worship service. The LHC's policy is to allow community groups to use the facilities, but not for religious programs. … [Read more...]

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Fischer: All Muslim Charities Fund Terrorism


Bryan Fischer, master of the totally unsupported assertion, said on his radio show this week that every single Muslim charity in the entire world is just a front to raise money for terrorism. He provides no evidence of that, of course, just a bald assertion. Probably the holy spirit told him or something. … [Read more...]

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Geller’s Bizarre Definition of ‘Islamic Supremacism’


Unhinged anti-Muslim bigot Pam Geller is up in arms that a Muslim woman has made the U.S. Olympic team in fencing and will be wearing a hijab during the competition. And for some bizarre reason, she thinks that this one woman following her own religious beliefs is somehow imposing "Islamic supremacism" on the entire Olympic team. … [Read more...]

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