Rudy Giuliani is apparently the last big name lawyer in America willing to represent Donald Trump, almost certainly due to his love of being on television. And immediately upon joining Trump’s legal team, he made the patently ridiculous claim that he’ll have all this Mueller business wrapped up in a week or two. (more…) Read more

Jeff Sessions, long one of the most unprincipled little weasels in all of Washington, DC, appears to have discovered that he’s a vertebrate, telling the White House that if Trump fires Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he will resign his position as Attorney General as well. I’m not sure whether that makes it more or less likely that Trump will fire Rosenstein. (more…) Read more

I’ve been meaning to write something like this and CNN’s Chris Cuomo did it for me. In a discussion about Sean Hannity’s status as an unofficial advisor to Trump, Cuomo correctly notes that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski played much the same role before suddenly turning on him later. (more…) Read more

After the FBI raid on his offices and home, Michael Cohen is going to face major pressure to flip on Trump and become a cooperating witness in exchange for a plea deal. Trump is worried about him doing so and those close to him are warning him to be prepared for it. A former longtime lawyer for him, Jay Goldberg, told the Wall Street Journal what he told Trump a few days ago: (more…) Read more

Talking Points Memo has been doing some digging and they’ve found something very interesting. Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was practically raised with ties to the Russian mafia. In fact, the biggest Russian organized crime family in the country operated out of his uncle’s business, in which Cohen himself had a stake. (more…) Read more

Remember a couple weeks ago when the AP reported that the Kushner company had, while Jared was president, repeatedly filed paperwork falsely claiming that they had no tenants in their buildings in rent-controlled units? A federal grand jury has now subpoenaed them on the matter. (more…) Read more

Some of the parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School have filed a defamation suit against conspiracy nut Alex Jones for claiming that it was all staged and that they and their children were “crisis actors.” He responded in the calm, thoughtful manner we’ve come to expect from him. (more…) Read more

Not only is Sean Hannity Schrodinger’s client — a client of Michael Cohen’s when it’s convenient to be one and simultaneously not a client when he needs not to be — he’s also Schrodinger’s journalist, claiming to be one at one time and denying it at another. In light of his flagrant violation of journalistic ethics in not disclosing his relationship with Cohen while defending him on the air, this is a rather important question. (more…) Read more

Trump’s personal fixer, Michael Cohen, has withdrawn two lawsuits he filed, one against Buzzfeed and one against Fusion GPS, over the infamous Steele dossier, which was commissioned by Fusion GPS and published by Buzzfeed. He had virtually no chance of winning the suit anyway. (more…) Read more

Someone involved with the Theta Tau fraternity at Syracuse University sent video of what looks like some sort of initiation ceremony that will make your blood boil to the school newspaper. In it, they pledge to always hate blacks, Latinos and Jews, only they used the common slurs for those groups of people and even included Hitler references. The fraternity has now been suspended. (more…) Read more

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