Trump’s Blatant Hypocrisy on Sexual Harassment

Donald Trump, who has remained silent on the accusations against Roy Moore, could not resist the urge to jump in and display his rank hypocrisy on the allegation against Al Franken. Once he fired up Ye Olde Twitter Machine, you just knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself. (more…) Read more

Unqualified Judicial Nominee Defended ‘First KKK’

One of the myths favored by white supremacists trying to (literally) whitewash their own history of violence is that the “first KKK” that formed after the Civil War was totally different from the later iterations of it that formed in the early 20th century. That totally unqualified judicial nominee from Trump pushed that myth on a message board. (more…) Read more

Another Hail Mary Pass Considered on Roy Moore

As Roy Moore takes a pounding in the polls and remains defiant that he will stay in the race for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat, Republicans are considering yet another hail Mary pass to try to retain that seat. The new possibility is having incumbent replacement Sen. Luther Strange resign, forcing the government to restart the clock on the replacement election so Moore can be defeated in another Republican primary. (more…) Read more

Bakker Declares Victory in Mythical War on Christmas

Jim Bakker has always been…let’s just say reality-challenged. No, let’s not just say that. He’s a liar and a con artist. His latest lie is that a few years ago “they” outlawed saying “Merry Christmas,” but he and his brave warriors for the Lord went out and won the battle anyway. (more…) Read more

Crokin: God Will Reward My Crackpottery

Deranged conspiracy nut Liz Crokin says she isn’t worried about people laughing at her or not taking her seriously for her constant prattling on about global pedophile conspiracies because she knows God will reward her crackpottery on judgment day. (more…) Read more

Surprise! Hannity Backed Off His Backing Off on Moore.

What a shock. Sean Hannity’s 24 hour ultimatum to Roy Moore to provide a “satisfactory explanation” for the inconsistencies in his response to multiple allegations of pursuing teenage girls for sex and/or dating turned out to be total nonsense. No such explanation was coming and two more women came forward to make similar allegations, but Hannity is backing down completely. (more…) Read more

The Gateway Pundit Falls for Another Hoax

Here’s a shocker: Jim Hoft, the oft-labeled Dumbest Man on the Internet (who has White House press credentials for his site) has fallen for yet another hoax that he passed on, from an anonymous Twitter account with a long history of inventing ridiculous stories. (more…) Read more

Senate Tax Bill Would Raise Taxes on Poor and Middle Class

As was the case with the tax cut bill passed by the House, what was sold as a tax cut for the poor and middle class is turning out to be yet another giveaway to the rich. A bipartisan analysis finds that while taxes would initially go down for the non-wealthy, they would soon go higher than they are now. (more…) Read more

Taylor: The Illuminati Sent the Hurricanes to Punish Trump Voters

Former firefighter turned Trump bootlicker, Christian con man and self-declared “prophet” Mark Taylor has a new conspiracy theory, one that came directly from God himself. The hurricanes that hit Florida and Texas a few weeks ago were sent by the Illuminati to punish those states for voting for Trump. (more…) Read more

EPA Environmental Justice Official Resigns

Mustafa Ali, the longtime EPA adviser on environmental justice issues (in fact, he founded the position), has resigned after 24 years on the job, writing an open letter to EPA Administrator (read: destroyer) urging him not to dismantle the agency’s important regulations that protect public health. (more…) Read more

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