Sean Hannity continues his bootlicking ways by declaring that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “has no business questioning the president of the United States.” Of course, everyone knows that he means the current president, the one he likes; if it were a Democratic president, Robert Mueller would be of unassailable integrity and it would be an outrage if anyone suggested that the president could not be questioned. (more…) Read more

Alex Jones and his buddy Milo Yiannapolis “stormed” the offices of Google Fiber in Austin, Texas. And by “stormed” I mean showed up, ranted incoherently about an “AI supermachine” watching him at home while Milo stood by silently. Oh, and he rolled around in some plants. It was all just bizarre. (more…) Read more

And so it begins. Rudy Giuliani is openly threatening some vague action against Robert Mueller if he does not wrap up his investigation soon, with or without interviewing Donald Trump. He doesn’t say what those actions might be, but it almost certainly includes Trump firing him. (more…) Read more

The new head of the Centers for Disease Control, Robert Redfield, caused a lot of controversy because of his huge salary, which he agreed to lower last week to bring it in line with others who have led the agency. But that isn’t where the real controversy lies, it’s with his appalling record on HIV/AIDS: (more…) Read more

In the age of Trump, we have more fringe-y figures running for major office than ever before, including several unabashed neo-Nazis. And in Idaho we have Michael Snyder, who promises that if elected he will “go right to the floor of the House of Representatives and I’ll start ranting like Alex Jones.” Rand Paul has now endorsed him: (more…) Read more

Amid the controversy over the nomination of war criminal Gina Haspel to had the CIA, Fox News has been relentlessly pushing the claim that torture led to the capture of Osama Bin Laden by providing the identity of his courier, who led us to the house he was hiding out at in Pakistan. All of that is nonsense. (more…) Read more

Scott Lively, the utterly deranged bigot who thinks gay people caused the Holocaust, is on the ballot once again for the Republican nomination to get governor of Massachusetts, and he says that, like Babe Ruth, he is “calling his shot” and is going to shock the world and win the election. (more…) Read more

In case you weren’t yet convinced of just how loathsome a human being Richard Spencer is, on his podcast recently he was complaining about how the US military sent aid to Haiti after a hurricane devastated that island. And he said that what we should have done is sent in the military to enslave them because that’s a proper aim of war. (more…) Read more

Mary Buchzeiger is CEO of Lucerne International Incl, a company based here in Michigan. She was a big Trump supporter in the 2016 election, during which he said over and over again he would impose tariffs on foreign products. Now that he’s done so, and it hurts her business, she’s getting all whiny. (more…) Read more

The official opening of our new embassy in Jerusalem unleashed mass protests that led Israeli forces to kill more than 50 people and injure nearly 3000 more, something that everyone but Trump predicted when he made that decision. But that’s not the part I want to focus on right now. Look who we sent over to deliver the prayers at the dedication ceremony: (more…) Read more

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