National Review: It’s Trump’s Fault, Not His Underlings

The National Review, one of the nation's most venerable conservative magazines, has long had a clear view of Donald Trump and never fell for his carnival barker act. Matthew Continetti correctly diagnoses the current problems as being the fault of Trump, not those he seems intent on blaming it on. … [Read more...]

CNN: Russians Bragged About Using Flynn to Influence Trump

Another new and damaging revelation concerning Russia and Trump. CNN is reporting that the Russians bragged about how they had developed a relationship with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and could use that to influence Trump to get what they wanted. … [Read more...]

Mike Pence: Defender of the Indefensible

Rachel Maddow did a segment about the many times Trump has sent out Mike Pence to explain away some story or fact only to find out that everything he said about it is false, often proven so by Trump himself. He's getting hung out to dry repeatedly. … [Read more...]

FBI, ICE Using Anti-Terrorism Tool in Immigration Cases

The Detroit News reports that the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are using a tool that was supposed to be used for anti-terrorism cases -- a machine that mimics cell phone towers to capture phone calls and text messages -- in routine immigration cases. … [Read more...]

Israel is Furious Over Trump Revealing Info to Russians

As Trump embarks on his first foreign trip, which includes going to Israel, Foreign Policy magazine reports that Israel intelligence is "furious" over his off-the-cuff revealing of highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. … [Read more...]

Trump Told Russia Comey Firing Would Stall Collusion Investigation

The New York Times got its hands on a transcript of the conversation between Donald Trump, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office the day after he fired James Comey. Trump told them that the firing of Comey would relieve the pressure of the Russia investigation. … [Read more...]

WaPo: Senior White House Official is Russia Investigation Target

Another day, another story that is very, very bad for the Trump administration. The Washington Post is reporting that a senior White House official is a "person of interest" -- that is, a target -- of the FBI investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Most Persecuted Politician Ever

[Read more...]

Report: Trump Wants to Bring Back Flynn if Exonerated

The Daily Beast has a bizarre report that says two things. First, that Trump talked Michael Flynn into being his first National Security Advisor, a job he did not want. Second, that he wants to bring Flynn back if the investigation of him doesn't turn up anything. … [Read more...]

Trump: Special Counsel ‘Hurts Our Country Terribly’

As he so often does, Donald Trump is conflating his own interests with the best interests of the country. During a meeting with TV news anchors, he said that the appointment of a special counsel "hurts our country terribly" because it shows that we are divided. … [Read more...]

Spicer Looks to Be On the Way Out

Politico reports that Donald Trump has decided to scale back the daily press briefings from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer after he gets back from his trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Italy. Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be handling more of the on-camera appearances. … [Read more...]

Study: U.S. Health Care Lags Rest of Developed World

A new study that looks at the effects of highly treatable diseases, ones for which greater access to continual medical care can mean the difference between life and death, finds that the American health care system lags behind much of the developed world. … [Read more...]