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Rafael Cruz Repeats David Barton Lie

Rafeal Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz, gives a lot of speeches that are little more than recitations of right wing myths and he borrows from David Barton a lot. But while speaking at John Hagee's church, he repeated one of Barton's most ridiculous lies, that the Supreme Court removed mandatory Bible reading from schools because it could cause "brain damage." … [Read more...]

Hey Look, David Barton is Lying Again

I'm pretty sure this is at least the one millionth example of David Barton flat out lying about the Constitution in the process of making an astonishingly stupid argument about it. He says that the founders included an oath in the Constitution to tie it directly to religion: … [Read more...]

Oh Look, More Lies From David Barton

I know this will be a terrible shock to my readers, but David Barton is lying again. A lot. After a caller to his radio show told what is almost certainly a false story about a TV show that supposedly said that Thomas Jefferson "hated Christianity and considered it a dangerous religion" and that it caused the inquisition, Barton claimed that the Christianity that caused the inquisition was totally different. But first, let's see what Jefferson actually said on the subject: … [Read more...]

David Barton Lies Again

David Barton, a man who would cross the street to tell a lie rather than stand still and tell the truth, is once again lying about the Pentagon forcing chaplains to perform same-sex marriages. They have done nothing of the sort, of course, but reality has never been a problem for Barton. … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Hearts David Barton

Bob Barr (yes, that Bob Barr) recently criticized his opponent in a House race in Georgia for being endorsed by fraud David Barton and Glenn Beck has leapt to the defense of his buddy Barton, assuring his listeners that Barton is just a wonderful, delightful man. And totally not bigoted. … [Read more...]

David Barton Lies. Film at 11.

David Barton is a liar. That's been well-established. I don't mean he sometimes gets things wrong, I mean he lies -- constantly, flagrantly and repeatedly. His latest lie, which he's told before, is that "the Obama administration has refused to prosecute any child pornography." … [Read more...]

I Wish Atheists Would Stop Emulating David Barton

In the thread on Rep. Sam Johnson's post about his bill to force military officers to swear on oath to God, I encountered the same kind of historical distortions I criticize so strongly when David Barton does it. But they came from an atheist claiming that some of the founders were atheists. His comment: … [Read more...]

David Barton, Serial Exaggerator

Right Wing Watch has caught David Barton in a lie -- an exaggeration by the most charitable possible interpretation -- that is entirely pointless. He tells audiences simultaneously that he speaks to nearly two groups a day and that he works so hard on his ranch all day long that he doesn't have time for other things. … [Read more...]

Sen. David Barton? Yikes

Warren Throckmorton is blogging at Patheos now, which is pretty cool for them. He notes that an effort is now being undertaken to draft David Barton to run for the Senate against Sen. John Cornyn in Texas. There's a Facebook group with hundreds of members trying to get Barton to run. Remember, John Cornyn was rated as the 2nd most conservative member of the Senate in 2012. And even he isn't far right enough for these people. … [Read more...]

David Barton: Master Historian

The Family Leader, a wingnut group in Iowa, is going to "celebrate the family" -- that is, they're going to attack families that include gay people or consider them human beings -- by bringing in lying fraud David Barton for a dinner in November. And you're gonna love how they present him: … [Read more...]

David Barton’s Reality Vaccine

One of the ways that Christian fundamentalists inoculate their followers and make them immune to facts is by telling them not to listen to anyone who disagrees with them or says they might be wrong. Those are bad people, on the side of the devil instead of God. Here's David Barton's version to his followers: … [Read more...]

Watch Your Back, David Barton

Uh oh. David Barton better have his head on a swivel because someone is looking to take over his territory -- and it's Rush Limbaugh. Rush has a new book coming out called -- seriously, get this -- Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. And it's a children's book. And he got the idea when his wife apparently tried to burn their house down. Explaining why he's refused to write a new book until now, he said: … [Read more...]