Moore Wants to Get Rid of All Amendments After the 10th

CNN found the audio of an interview with Roy Moore in 2011 in which he laments the fact that the Constitution has been amended so many times. Agreeing with an interviewer who said he wanted to eliminate all amendments after the Bill of Rights, he said that would “eliminate many problems.” (more…) Read more

Dinesh D’Souza and the Downfall of Conservatism

Nicole Hemmer makes an interesting point in a column in US News and World Report, comparing the rise and fall of Dinesh D’Souza over the last couple decades to the path taken by Republicans and conservatism in this country as it has created an alternate universe in which facts and logic do not matter at all. (more…) Read more

Alex Jones Talks About Cranking

The ever-macho Alex Jones went on a rant about sex robots that was the usual mishmash of idiocy and exaggeration, if not outright lies. From sex robots it went to people marrying toasters and then to the absurd claim that you’ll be viewed as a homophobe if you don’t have sex with cars. Seriously. (more…) Read more

SCOTUS Takes Another Gerrymandering Case

In a highly unusual move, the Supreme Court last week granted cert in another case involving partisan gerrymandering to be heard later this term. What makes this unusual is that they already have the decision pending in the Wisconsin case and ordinarily they would wait to hand down that ruling and then remand the second case back to the lower court to consider the merits in the light of that new ruling. (more…) Read more

Lively Running for Massachusetts Governor. Again.

Deranged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively is once again going to run for governor in Massachusetts, where he has precisely the same chance of getting elected as I do, and I’m not even running or eligible. But this time, he’s running as a Republican instead of an independent. (more…) Read more

‘Coach’ Dave: Vaccines Are Making People Gay!

The Christian right crackpots continue to find the most ridiculous explanations for why some people are gay. Alex Jones says it’s caused by juice boxes, including apparently turning the frogs gay. Some say it’s caused by chemtrails. But “Coach” Dave Daubenmire says it’s caused by vaccines. (more…) Read more

Ingraham: Sexual Harassment Complaints are Ruining Christmas!

Laura Ingraham, one of Fox News’ resident chill girls who only believes sexual harassment allegations that are made against Democrats, is upset that the revelations of massive sexual harassment by politicians, media figures and many others is ruining office Christmas parties. (more…) Read more

Trump, Jerusalem and Dispensational Premillenialism

The almost orgasmic cheering for Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel coming from the Christian right in this country is easily understood if you are familiar with the Christian eschatological doctrine known as dispensational premillenarianism. (more…) Read more

The Exodus from the State Department Continues

The near-total destruction of the U.S. State Department under Trump and Rex Tillerson is well on its way to completion. The latest high-level diplomat to leave the department, Elizabeth Schackelford, resigned with an open letter to Tillerson that spelled out the problem in stark detail. (more…) Read more

Yes, Virginia, Trump Really Is a Bigger Liar Than Others

A social scientist who has studied liars and lying for decades has an op-ed in the Washington Post about Donald Trump’s penchant for lying about virtually everything. As I’ve been saying all along, he really does lie more often and more shamelessly than anyone I’ve ever seen. (more…) Read more

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