Wiles Has a New Explanation for Vegas Shooting

So far we’ve heard that the Vegas shooter was an Antifa member targeting Trump supporters, an Illuminati agent committing a “blood ritual sacrifice” to Satan and many more. Deranged conspiracy nut Rick Wiles has a new one: It was a secret government death squad. (more…) Read more

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Shoebat vs Voris

It’s wingnut on wingnut crime time again, kids, and this time it involves two Catholic dominionists (a rare breed these days). In one corner we have Michael Voris, who says God gave his mom cancer to stop him from being gay. In the other we have fascist Theodore Shoebat, who wants to kill pretty much everyone who disagrees with him in his dream Catholic theocratic utopia, and his equally fascist father Walid, a fake “ex-terrorist.” Let’s get ready to rumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbble…. Read more

Trump Lies About Judicial Confirmations

During that impromptu press conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday, where they pretended that they’re really BFFs, Trump lied through his teeth about the Senate confirming his judicial nominees, many of whom have been horrible picks. (more…) Read more

White House Refuses Request for Private Email Records

After making such a huge deal during the campaign about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, the Trump administration is now using them to conduct business and refusing to turn over any information to the House Intelligence Committee, which requested those records. (more…) Read more

God is Going to Beat Me Up for Mocking Jim Bakker

If you’ve been mocking Christian fraud Jim Bakker, you’d better stop before you make his imaginary friend really, really angry. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Bakker says his big bad buddy is going to rain down holy hell on those who make fun of him. (more…) Read more

FFRF Wins Suit Against Texas Governor Over Solstice Display

In 2015, the Freedom From Religion Foundation tried to put a winter solstice display up at the Texas state capitol, along with other displays, but Gov. Greg Abbott personally intervened to order its removal. A federal judge has now ruled in favor of the FFRF in the resulting lawsuit. (more…) Read more

Iowa School Board Shows How to Handle Protests

In Ames, Iowa, members of the band and the student body engaged in a silent protest against racial inequality at a high school football game and the school board is showing other schools around the country exactly how they should be dealing with such protests instead of what we’ve seen many times now. They released this statement: (more…) Read more

Trump Thinks He’ll Get Four More SCOTUS Appointments

Axios reports that Trump has told those close to him that he expects to be able to name three more Supreme Court justices, in addition to Justice Neil Gorsuch, who is already on the bench. That would be very bad news for the country. (more…) Read more

Ross Hid $2 Billion in Assets from Disclosure

The nomination of Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary has always raised big red flags to me and many others, for reasons I’ll get to in a moment. But Forbes is now reporting that between the election and inauguration, he moved $2 billion in assets into trusts in his children’s names to avoid having to disclose them for possible conflicts of interest. (more…) Read more

Iraq and Kurds on Brink of War

The Kurds, who control most of the northern third of Iraq and have long had a separate identity even while being under Saddam Hussein’s rule, recently voted overwhelmingly for independence. The current Iraqi government has moved troops in to seize greater control, pushing the country to the brink of a civil war. (more…) Read more

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