Trump Ordered to pay $300K to Vendor He Stiffed

Here's one of the vendors that Trump tried to stiff who not only won in court against him but got all their legal fees paid, plus extra. It's a paint company in Florida that Trump tried to cheat out of more than $30,000 and got almost $300,000 in legal fees paid. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Bizarre Attack on Cruz

After Ted Cruz pointedly refused to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, you knew Trump would be going after him with his usual childish bullshit. And this weird screed about his father being involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and defense of the National Enquirer fits the bill. … [Read more...]

Duke Decides to Run for the Senate

After making some noise about running for the House seat currently held by Steve Scalise, former KKK grand wizard David Duke says he will instead run for the Senate seat that David Vitter vacated to unsuccessful run for Louisiana governor. … [Read more...]

DNC Considered Using Sanders’ Alleged Atheism Against Him

A huge trove of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee includes several with the chief financial officer of the organization, Brad Marshall, floating the idea of accusing Sanders of being an atheist (which he may well be) in order to score points against him in the campaign. … [Read more...]

Pence Thinks They Found WMDs in Iraq

While Donald Trump has very dishonestly used the Iraq invasion that he originally supported against Hillary Clinton, his VP nominee, Mike Pence, not only voted for that invasion, he aggressively defended it -- even falsely claiming they found the infamous WMDs used to justify it. … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s Triumphant Return

Jon Stewart joined Stephen Colbert on Thursday night to wrap up the Republican National Convention and it only reminded us all of how much we miss him. It was absolutely brilliant. Jon, please come back. John Oliver and Samantha Bee are geniuses, but we need you too. … [Read more...]

Jones, D’Souza: Hillary Clinton is a Psycopath

Dinesh D'Souza went on the air with Alex Jones, which seems entirely appropriate. D'Souza says that when Clinton speaks he hears the "voice of evil" and Jones declared her to be a psychopath. To be fair, if anyone knows about being a psychopath, it would be Alex Jones. … [Read more...]

Fischer: GOP Invited a ‘Demon God’ to the RNC

Bryan Fischer says that the GOP invited a "demon god" into the Republican National Convention, and apparently he isn't talking about Donald Trump. No, it's because they had a Trump-supporting Muslim deliver a prayer at the event. … [Read more...]

Defeat Trump to Send Duck Dynasty Douchebag into Hiding

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the tribe of fake Duck Dynasty douchebags and bigots, says that if Donald Trump is defeated by the "evil one," he will disappear by going into the woods and not coming out. I think he thinks that will help Trump. … [Read more...]

Looking for a Few Good Moderators

Lately the blog has been getting hit with a lot of spam and I just can't check the comments all the time, so I'm looking for some longtime, trusted readers to be moderators on Dispatches. You would have the power to delete comments and ban commenters, which I would like you to use constantly against spam and relatively lightly against controversial commenters. Please leave a comment below if you're interested in doing this. Thanks. … [Read more...]

Does Donald Trump Believe in Treaties at All?

Donald Trump really does seem to think that treaties that we have signed are purely optional and can be changed or discarded at his whim. The latest example is that he said in an interview that he would not defend our NATO allies unless they pay us some protection money. … [Read more...]

The Daily Show Interviews Mark Burns

The Daily Show had a hilarious interview with Pastor Mark Burns, a prosperity gospel con man who gave an appalling benediction to open the RNC and on Wednesday night hosted what was practically a Hitler rally when he spoke before Trump gave his closing speech. … [Read more...]