Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to play disingenuous games over a bill that would prevent Trump from firing Mueller. Despite the fact that such a bill would pass, probably easily, he refuses to allow a vote on the floor because, he says, it’s unnecessary and Trump wouldn’t sign it. (more…) Read more

Okay, even for the utterly deranged Rick Wiles, this is really bizarre. He thinks that the U.S. government has created soulless supersoldiers who can “cut a baby in half” or “cut out the hearts of Christians and eat them” because they have no conscience. And that means Jesus is coming back soon. Or something. (more…) Read more

Jesse Lee Peterson never ceases to astonish me with how badly he wants to deny the reality of racism, despite being a black man himself. He’s like Frank Drebben yelling “nothing to see here, please disperse” while things explode behind him. Listen to his absolutely bizarre take on the arrest of two black men in a Starbucks who had done nothing wrong whatsoever. (more…) Read more

Imagine if your boss opened up the window several times a day and screams out offensive and incoherent things, which prompts people to come in to the business and demand an explanation, and you’re the only one there except the boss, hiding in his office. That’s what working for Donald Trump is like. On Tuesday, he tweeted this: (more…) Read more

The Supreme Court handed down a ruling yesterday in a case involving a law allowing the removal of “criminal aliens” — legal immigrants who had committed crimes — and struck down a provision of that law as being unconstitutionally vague. It was an interesting lineup and a defeat for Trump (and Obama, who had taken the same position upholding the law in the lower courts). (more…) Read more

I am greatly amused watching Sean Hannity flounder around to explain how is both a client of Michael Cohen’s, and thus retains the attorney-client privilege for any communications between them, and not a client of Cohen’s because he doesn’t want to be associated with the scandals or potential criminal charges that the Trump fixer is involved with. Call him Schrodinger’s client. (more…) Read more

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, went on an InfoWars show and let his dystopic imagination run wild, telling viewers that if “the left” succeeds in impeaching Donald Trump, next thing you know they’ll be “literally” beheading Christian conservatives. (more…) Read more

Anthony Scaramucci, the walking caricature who lasted all of a week as the most ridiculous White House Communications Director, told Fox and Friends that James Comey should show loyalty to Donald Trump even after Trump fired him and has savaged him with lies. (more…) Read more

Attorneys for Donald Trump and Michael Cohen tried a desperate Hail Mary pass in court on Monday, asking the judge to quash the search warrant used to seize his records and let Trump decide what is and is not covered by attorney-client privilege. The judge rejected that motion, but is considering options for sifting through the evidence to determine what is protected and what is not. (more…) Read more

On Sunday, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley went on TV and announced that they were putting new sanctions on Russia, particularly companies involved with the equipment Assad used in his chemical weapons attack. On Monday, Trump threw her under the bus and said there would be no new sanctions. (more…) Read more

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