So this story about Donald Trump paying $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet about an affair he had with her just after Melania gave birth to their son Barron keeps getting juicier and creepier. To start with, Fox News had the story on the record during the campaign and killed it: (more…) Read more

I wish I’d thought of the title that Andrew Sullivan used to use on his blog for stories like this: “From the annals of chutzpah.” Jeff Sessions made an appearance in honor of Martin Luther King day and heaped praise upon a man he would have railed against if he were politically active at the time. (more…) Read more

One of the most bizarre aspects of this whole fight over DACA and shitholes and Trump’s racism is that Trump seems to think that if the failure to reach an immigration deal results in a government shutdown, he can credibly blame the Democrats for it and the people will go along with that. (more…) Read more

All the really good con men – sorry, I mean “prophets” — are smart enough to be specific enough in their predictions that they can plausibly claim a hit but vague enough that they can explain away a miss. This lesson seems lost on firefighter-turned-con artist Mark Taylor, who is getting very specific: (more…) Read more

A Republican Party precinct chairman in Utah posted on his Facebook page that it was a “grave mistake” to allow women the right to vote and he is shocked — shocked, I tell you — that this declaration was greeted by “mean emails” and “mean comments.” (more…) Read more

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and her timing could not have been worse. In the wake of Trump’s racist comments about immigration, the questioning was not going to be comfortable for her. And it wasn’t. I particularly found this exchange important, after she was asked if Trump used the term “shithole”: (more…) Read more

I have written at great length over the last few years about the astonishing chutzpah of the right wing claiming the mantle of Martin Luther King, which some have done repeatedly. But that’s just the more extreme part of a broader attempt to whitewash the civil rights leader. The indispensable Sincere Kirabo debunks the use of out-of-context quotes to justify an unearned colorblindness. (more…) Read more

Steve Strang, publisher of Charisma magazine, is one of the many high-profile Christian right leaders who has gleefully, and absurdly, attached his clown car to the Trump train. He says Trump is like Jesus and his critics are like the Pharisees who attacked him. (more…) Read more

As Trump and his sycophants try to pretend that Sen. Dick Durbin lied when he revealed that Trump had referred to “shithole” countries during that immigration meeting in the oval office, and far too many people pretend that the problem with this is the profanity, the Washington Post has a report on the meeting that shows just how ridiculous those arguments are. (more…) Read more

It was bad enough that Donald Trump tried to get a little reflected glory from issuing a proclamation for Martin Luther King day. Now Mike Pence is doing the same thing. The two of them are about as far as you can get from being anything remotely in line with MLK’s views without actually being named Hitler. (more…) Read more

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