Rusty Lopez has written a more thorough response to my post on morality. I specifically brought up Numbers 31, and Rusty has taken up the cause to defend the biblical passage and the genocidal command allegedly given by God. Here is his defense:There are several avenues of response available to the questions posed by Ed and Dark (very good questions, by the way). For one, I could discuss how the instances of God commanding the Israelites to slaughter their enemies… Read more

As I often do, I sent a link to my article, Idiot of the Week? Or Liar of the Week?, to the target of my criticism, Robert Meyer, and invited a response. That has led to a brief exchange of e-mails, which I will reprint here along with a further response to the last one from Mr. Meyer. I will put his words in italics and mine in regular type. Here is the first response he made, interspersed with the… Read more

Matt Powell has continued the discussion that began here in a post on his blog. Here begins what is addressed to me:You, like DarkSyde, keep switching the argument in the middle. If Moses simply claimed that God told Him to destroy the people of Canaan, but God did not tell him to, then Moses is just another bloodthirsty madman. Make that argument all you like. It won’t convince anyone of anything. The whole difference comes down to whether or not… Read more

Today’s target is one Robert Meyer, who wrote this train wreck of an article, Were We Fooled by Stephen J. Gould ? on a site called If this article represents what they consider to be intellectual, it’s time to redefine the term. It’s one of those extraordinarily common articles where someone who clearly knows nothing whatsoever about evolutionary theory nonetheless feels qualified to spout off about it, combining smugness with ignorance along the way. In it, Meyer goes for… Read more

In a post about Linda Ronstadt and the Aladdin situation, someone mentioned that the opening act for her show was the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performing Rhapsody in Blue and other Gershwin songs. It reminded me of this story, which in retrospect I find very amusing. As a much younger man, I was involved in a long term relationship that was about as empty as a relationship could be. She wasn’t a bad person, she just wasn’t really what I wanted… Read more

Matt Powell of Wheat and Chaff has responded, at least indirectly, to my post on evolving morality. That is, he is ostensibly responding to my friend DarkSyde’s comments left on Rusty’s kind-of response to my post, but he mentions me by name. The mistakes in Matt’s post begin with the title itself, which is “Judging God”. But nowhere do I “judge God”. What I judged – i.e. analyzed, thought about, reached conclusions about – are claims about God, specifically the… Read more

In the last few months, I’ve given away numerous Idiot of the Week awards. This is the first time any recipient has ever replied. Mrs. Wilhite sent me an e-mail this evening. As we shall see, it is as badly reasoned and ridiculous as the commentary that won her this prestigious award in the first place. She begins:With regard to your blog – which someone sent me after searching for one of my articles – it was interesting. Do you… Read more

This is the text of a fundraising e-mail sent out by the Christian Family Coalition. I have not altered the text in any way, but I have added my own comments in italics just for fun. ——————————————- From: Christian Family Coalition The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the nation’s most radical homosexual group HAS RECEIVED A $100,000 matching grant to LEGALIZE homosexual “marriage” in America from a “gay family”! (see the scare quotes around “gay family”? Everyone knows that… Read more

You have to see his latest fisking, this one of Thomas Krannawitter. Krannawitter takes the social conservative position, that morality trumps liberty, against the libertarian position, that liberty is paramount unless one can show a compelling reason for violating it. Sandefur dissects him like a surgeon. Excellent work. As is his latest post on Panda’s Thumb. Read more

I would like to introduce my readers to an old friend that I have had the good fortune to get reacquainted with recently. His name is Aaron Dworkin and he is the founder and president of the Sphynx Organization, a non-profit group that helps black and latino students find a place in the world of classical music through the funding of outreach and educational programs, scholarships and internships. I lost track of Aaron and have been out of touch with… Read more

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