Jon Rowe is guesting on Sandefur’s blog this week and has this essay on the dual influence of Christian and Pagan sources in American history. I think he nails the issue almost completely. Like him, I thought the ACLU’s lawsuit threat against LA County over their seal was pretty silly. But in most cases, the ACLU is right on church and state issues, despite the often hysterical overreactions from the religious right. Read more

Paul Musgrave has written a response to some of the same statements I commented on in my recent post that has gotten so much controversy. Though Musgrave is himself a Christian, he has some of the same problems with those responses that I do: One Christian website writes that the tsunami affected worst those countries that persecute Christians the most; some Indians think the wave was punishment for the arrest of a Hindu religious leader; and one rabbi writes: This… Read more

Sandefur points to this article in Reason, responding to this article in the Washington Times about American popular culture’s dominance over the rest of the world. Sandefur is quite right to point out that Bork has far more in common with the Taliban than he or his followers would like to admit. Witness this comment: Robert H. Bork remembers his ambivalence in 1989 as the Berlin Wall came down and dungarees and rock music poured into the former East Germany…. Read more

For those who think that my article using the tsunami (that is, using scientific explanations for the tsunami, not the fact that it killed people) to make a point is tasteless and inappropriate, let me show you what a real tasteless response to it might be. I’m sure there will be a great wailing and gnashing of teeth coming any minute now from the ARN crowd over this one. I think some people really need to get a grip on… Read more

I have to confess to being amused to no end by the reaction to my tsunami post on ARN’s message boards. They’ve all got their panties in a bunch because of how horribly insensitive I am, though I frankly think this outrage is entirely fake. It’s just easier to focus on that rather than on the actual substance of the post. Charlie D, who I don’t know, tried mightily to get one of them to actually discuss the substance of… Read more

You all should definitely be keeping up with the conversation going back and forth between Richard Posner (posting on Leiter’s blog), Timothy Sandefur, Larry Solum and others. Follow the links. I like Sandefur’s phrase “mass moral relativism”, and it looks to me like Posner is getting thrashed pretty severely at this point. Read more

In the wake of a deadly earthquake-triggered tsunami that has killed at least 77,000 people in southern Asia, brave scientific dissenters are standing up to the Wegenerian Orthoxody that has for so long censored and belittled anyone who dares to question the validity of Naturalistic Seismology. For decades, scientists have told us that they understood the processes that cause earthquakes. In high school science textbooks, they dazzle unsuspecting students with tales of tectonic plates shifting and so-called “continental drift”. But… Read more

The Panda’s Thumb currently features two essays thoroughly fisking attempts by pro-ID pundits to defend ID. The first post, by Timothy Sandefur, deals with an article from Hugh Hewitt, the religious right talk show host (and ironically, Sandefur’s con law professor in law school). The second, by Steve Reuland, absolutely blisters a ridiculous column by Phyllis Schlafly on the same subject. Schlafly has written numerous similar columns in the past, all showing a very poor grasp of both the science… Read more

Okay, here’s an odd story, perhaps. The Alliance Defense Fund, the same religious right legal group that is representing Steven Williams in his lawsuit against the Cupertino School District (the group that sent out the utterly dishonest “Declaration of Independence Banned from Classroom” press release), is also representing a woman who was in a lesbian relationship before the Utah Supreme Court in a custody battle with her now ex-spouse. Cheryl Barlow and Keri Jones were a lesbian couple for quite… Read more

Dean Esmay never replied to my post explaining why ID should not be taught in science classrooms, but in checking back at his blog for a response I’m beginning to think that the real problem is that he just doesn’t understand evolution well at all. For instance, notice this post, where he says: Scientists thing they have found a way that mutation can drive rapid evolutionary change. That flies in the face of most evolutionary theory, which tends to hold… Read more

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