Alabama Media Group Laughs Off Lawsuit Threat from Moore

Last week, Roy Moore’s ambulance-chasing hack attorney sent a terribly written huff and puff letter to the Alabama Media Group, which owns three newspapers and the website, and to the Washington Post, threatening to sue them over allegedly inaccurate stories. AMG is pretty much laughing in Moore’s face. (more…) Read more

Pastor: Accusations Against Moore Part of a ‘War on Men’

Pastors in Alabama are split about whether to support Roy Moore. Two different groups have released public letters, one in support and one in opposition. One of the pastors supporting him is taking the utterly absurd position that the accusations against Moore are part of a “war on men” and that women are more likely to be sexual predators than men. (more…) Read more

Orrin Hatch is Terribly Offended

During the Senate Finance Committee hearing the other day about the new tax cut bill, Sens. Sherrod Brown and Orrin Hatch got into it a bit over whether the bill favors the wealthy (short answer: It does. That is undeniably true). And Hatch wants you to know that he is very offended at the mere suggestion that he would ever support such a thing. (more…) Read more

Tony Perkins Covered Up Sexual Assault by Ohio Republican

Wesley Goodman, a Republican member of the Ohio Legislature, resigned this week after it was revealed that he had a long history of having trysts, welcome and unwelcome, with teenage boys. The Washington Post has emails that show Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, knew about this and did nothing to blow the whistle on Goodman even as he got elected to office. (more…) Read more

OH Gov. Candidate Defends Franken by Bragging About His Sex Life

In case you thought massive douchebags were limited to the Republican party, a Democratic candidate for governor of Ohio, and current Ohio Supreme Court Justice, decided it would be a good idea to defend Al Franken by bragging about his sexual conquests. (more…) Read more

Crokin: Trump Was Sending a Message with Fiji Drink of Water

I don’t really understand why anyone made a big deal out of Trump drinking that water in Fiji. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as everyone made it sound. But conspiracy crackpot Liz Crokin thinks Trump was sending a message with it. She doesn’t say what that message was, but some of her Facebook followers have some equally unspecified “theories.” (more…) Read more

AL Governor Thinks Moore Did It, Will Still Vote for Him

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says she has no reason not to believe the many women who have accused Roy Moore of trying to date/molest them when they were in their teens, but also says she’s going to vote for him anyway because, I mean, you can’t have a Democrat in office! (more…) Read more

Black Men Get Longer Prison Sentences

A new study finds that black men receive longer jail and prison sentences for the same crimes committed by white men, even when you control for all the other factors that might be used to excuse such statistics. If this surprises you, you aren’t paying attention. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Blatant Hypocrisy on Sexual Harassment

Donald Trump, who has remained silent on the accusations against Roy Moore, could not resist the urge to jump in and display his rank hypocrisy on the allegation against Al Franken. Once he fired up Ye Olde Twitter Machine, you just knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself. (more…) Read more

Unqualified Judicial Nominee Defended ‘First KKK’

One of the myths favored by white supremacists trying to (literally) whitewash their own history of violence is that the “first KKK” that formed after the Civil War was totally different from the later iterations of it that formed in the early 20th century. That totally unqualified judicial nominee from Trump pushed that myth on a message board. (more…) Read more

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