It’s become obvious that the next major target to be indicted in the Mueller probe is longtime Trump confidante and adviser Roger Stone. Almost everyone he worked with has been subpoenaed and one of them, Andrew Miller, refused to testify on Friday, part of a plan to challenge — again — the legality of Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel. (more…) Read more

Exactly how dumb is Donald Trump, Jr.? This may tell us a lot. On his Instagram account he shared an obviously faked picture of a TV chyron claiming that his father has a 50% approval rating. Trump the Lesser shared it along with a self-righteous message. And it was still there after a day and a half, despite being told by dozens of people that it’s fake, so I’ll share a picture of it in case he eventually deletes it…. Read more

Despite attempts to stop NFL players from protesting racial injustice during the national anthem, several players did so before the first preseason games on Thursday. Trump predictably through a fit about it and used an argument I’ve heard repeatedly from many others as well, the “they don’t even know what they’re protesting” argument. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump has railed against so-called “chain migration,” when someone comes here, becomes a citizen and sponsors their relatives to come here after them. It’s evil, brings violence and undermines the country, he has argued. But guess who just got citizenship because of chain migration? His wife’s parents. (more…) Read more

The Trump administration tried to deport a woman and her daughter while she is appealing her deportation ruling in court, prompting a federal judge to halt the flight and slam the government for what he called their “outrageous” actions that are “not acceptable.” They literally had to turn a plane around in El Salvador and return them to the United States so they could have their day in court. (more…) Read more

Someone on Facebook sent me a link to an old episode of Reasonable Doubts in which Jeremy Beahan and I spent more than an hour and a half showing how dishonest Dinesh D’Souza is when he debates. This was in response to a debate he did with Susan Jacoby that we arranged for CFI Michigan. His performance was just spectacularly disingenuous. He was a walking logical fallacy. You can listen to it here. Read more

Christian con man Rick Joyner loves to tell amazing stories of miraculous things that have happened to him through the power of God, but this may be the best one yet. In a video on Facebook, he tells the story of how the Holy Spirit miraculously transported him from one place to another for two hours when he got the “anointing of Phillip.” And his car went with him too. (more…) Read more

The federal government is adding some new sanctions against Russia in response to the poisoning of a Putin critic and whistleblower and his daughter in England. He will no doubt use that to claim that he’s been really tough on Putin, but the truth is that federal law requires it. He had no choice in the matter. (more…) Read more

I said on Wednesday not to be shocked if Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach refuses to recuse himself from overseeing the recount of his own election battle for the Republican nomination for governor. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. No law requires him to do so and he’s not going to. (more…) Read more

Justice Anthony Kennedy will be remembered by history almost exclusively for one thing: Being the author of every major pro-LGBT equality ruling from the Supreme Court in the last 25 years, from Romer v Evans to Lawrence v Texas to Windsor v United States to Obergefell v Ohio. Because of him, state sodomy laws were overturned, the Defense of Marriage Act was partly overturned and same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide. But all of that is in serious jeopardy, not… Read more

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