Even Gingrich Criticizes Fox-led Clinton Health Claims

Fox News' Sean Hannity has led the crusade to create this ridiculous conspiracy that Hillary Clinton is practically on her deathbed and the Trump campaign has been encouraging it as well. Even Newt Gingrich is strongly criticizing those incredibly stupid allegations. … [Read more...]

Irish Pol Rejects Climate Change Because of Noah’s Ark

Turns out America isn't the only country with ignorant creationists in public office. An Irish legislator named Danny Healy-Rae says that global warming has to be wrong because Noah's Ark proves that only God controls the weather. … [Read more...]

Global Warming and the Flooding in Louisiana

My friend Samantha Montano, a PhD student in disasterology and the person who helped create the Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams for the Foundation Beyond Belief, has a column at Vox about the role of global warming in extreme weather events like the flooding in Louisiana. … [Read more...]

Racist Stabs Black Man, Tells Cops He Did It for Them

A white supremacist in Washington stabbed a black man and injured his girlfriend as well in an attack motivated by his hatred of Black Lives Matter. In fact, he actually told the police that he did it in order to protect them from black activists. … [Read more...]

DOJ to End Private Federal Prisons

In what is an important first step, the Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it will end the use of private prisons at the federal level. This follows a DOJ investigation and report that found them to be less safe and more dysfunctional than government-run prisons. … [Read more...]

Silver: Trump Doubles Down on Losing Strategy

Nate Silver accurately identifies the core problem for Trump and his new campaign team and old campaign strategy, to which he is returning: What worked in the Republican primary to attract 14 million right-wingers will not work in a general election in which he needs 4-5 times that many votes. … [Read more...]

WND: Evidence of Flood is Proof of Noah!

The Worldnetdaily uses the standard Young Earth Creationist tactic of claiming that evidence of any flood anywhere is evidence of one huge flood that buried the entire planet. It's a monumentally stupid argument, of course, which is why it's being published by WND. … [Read more...]

Kellyanne Conway’s Greatest Hits

The new campaign manager for Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, is a longtime Republican pollster with an equally long history of saying rather asinine and bigoted things. Sounds like she'll fit right in. Media Matters runs down some of her greatest hits. First, some anti-gay bigotry: … [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Raising Funds for Flood Victims

The Foundation Beyond Belief has launched a fundraising drive to help the victims of the cataclysmic flooding that is taking place in the Southern United States, especially Louisiana. They are also planning to deploy Humanist Disaster Recovery Teams to help people rebuild. … [Read more...]

Beck: Bannon Hiring Should Make Republicans Abandon Trump

Glenn Beck, who absolutely despises Donald Trump and even says God will punish you if you vote for him, says that the campaign's hiring of Stephen Bannon is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to jump off the Trump bandwagon and withdraw their support. … [Read more...]

When Bryan Fischer Was Okay With Women as President

So the other day Bryan Fischer said that you would be perfectly justified in voting for Donald Trump just because he's a man because God does not want women to be in positions of power like the presidency. But guess what he said in 2011 when Michele Bachmann was running? … [Read more...]

Harry Jackson Explains Why Black People Should Vote for Trump

Bishop Harry Jackson, a prosperity gospel preacher who is on Donald Trump's evangelical advisory board, says that black people should vote for Trump because God won't fix our racism problem under Hillary Clinton due to her "anti-Biblical darkness." … [Read more...]