Turns out the warrant served on Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, didn’t just come out of the blue. The DOJ confirmed that the FBI has been investigating Cohen for months for various potential crimes involving his business dealings, including the payoff to Stormy Daniels and other “fixing” he has done for Trump. (more…) Read more

We have yet another prediction that the end is nigh and the rapture is about to take place, based on numerology and astrology and a weird reading of the Bible. And Fox News not only has a story about it, they’ve put it in the science section of their website. Because of course they did. (more…) Read more

NBC News is reporting that talks have broken down in negotiating the terms of Trump’s interview with either prosecutors or a grand jury and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now prepared to issue a report on obstruction of justice by Trump without doing an interview. That’s a very bad idea, if true. (more…) Read more

In the dark days before the internet, we had tabloids like the New York Post (and still do). I still remember seeing the headline of a story wherein Marla Maples — Trumps’ second wife, the one he cheated on his first wife with — said that sex with the Donald was the best she’d ever had. And I remember feeling sorry for her, if she actually said that. The reporter who did that story says she may well not have… Read more

As many have noted, Donald Trump is not the least bit interested in public policy and he has no governing ideology whatsoever. What he has is a set of deep-seated psychological compulsions that he is desperate to satisfy with every statement he makes and every action he takes. After nearly three years of observation, I have distilled these traits down to a few simple rules necessary to understand why he says and does anything and everything. (more…) Read more

A new study of the tax cuts pushed through by Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress finds that companies are not using their windfall for new investment or to increase wages for workers, but to buy back stock, thus increasing its value to the already-rich major stockholders. (more…) Read more

When Michael Wolff’s book came out, revelations it contained led to the immediate firing of Steve Bannon by Trump. It sounds like the publication of James Comey’s book could lead to the same thing happening to Chief of Staff John Kelly, who is already on thin ice with Trump, over this revelation: (more…) Read more

Trump bootlicker Wayne Allyn Root seems to want to be the male version of Ann Coulter, constantly upping the ante on his own ridiculous and outrageous claims and arguments. Just take a look at his reaction to the warrants served on Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. (more…) Read more

Trump sycophant Michael Savage is once again putting his rank misogyny on display with an attack on Stormy Daniels. She is, according to him, a “low-life slut.” Not a word about his buddy Trump, of course, who has had a string of mistresses and cheated on every wife he ever had. (more…) Read more

I’ve written about a lot of Trump’s appalling nominees for the federal bench, but I somehow missed that he had nominated Wendy Vitter, wife of disgraced former Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, the diaper-fetishist who was a regular client of the DC Madam. But that isn’t the most noteworthy thing about her right now. In her confirmation hearing this week, she refused to say whether school segregation was unconstitutional. (more…) Read more

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