Trump Lamely Defends Posting of White Supremacist Crime Chart


Donald Trump's total lack of concern for accuracy has gotten so bad that even Bill O'Reilly, a man who probably cares even less about it, is criticizing him for it. After Trump tweeted out a chart purporting to show that 81% of white murder victims were killed by black people, a chart originating with a neo-Nazi, O'Reilly practically begged him to be more careful lest the press spin it as him being a racist. Trump, as always, just let it slide right off. … [Read more...]

New Huckabee Lie Reveals Hypocrisy on Immigration Deferrals


You may be vaguely familiar with the case of the Romeike family from Germany. They came to the U.S. seeking asylum after Germany banned homeschooling but were denied. The case went to several courts that upheld the refusal for asylum and the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal. Then the DHS decided to give them a deferral to avoid deportation anyway. Huckabee lies about that case: … [Read more...]

Is Donald Trump a Long-Form Psych Experiment?


I'm beginning to form a new theory about Donald Trump. Up to now I've been chalking up his daily lies and stupidity as evidence that he is a narcissist and an ignoramus, but he's now lying so blatantly and so obviously that I'm beginning to wonder if he isn't doing it deliberately now to find out at what point his supporters will say, "Okay, that was a lie." The latest example: … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Even Further in Wanting Torture


Donald Trump has now doubled down on his call to bring back waterboarding, saying he would bring back other torture techniques as well. In a typically fact-free rant at a campaign rally, he declared, with all that military experience he got at an elite private high school, that torture works. In fact, he said it over and over and over again, and said only a "stupid person" would say it doesn't. … [Read more...]

Klayman Goes to the Well One More Time


Larry Klayman is nothing if not consistent. Consistently stupid and ridiculous, of course, but nonetheless consistent. His latest Worldnetdaily column calls on American "patriots" to remove Obama from office because the Republicans clearly won't do it. This is, in fact, a repeat from every day since January, 2009. How's that working out for you so far, Larry? … [Read more...]

Wingnuts Make a List; Right Wing Watch Checks it Twice


Liberty Counsel and the American Family association are doing their annual "Naughty or Nice" lists of companies that are either trying to destroy the baby Jesus by not talking enough about Christmas or are upholding Christian virtues by saying it a lot. But as Right Wing Watch points out, they can't seem to agree on which companies are naughty and which ones are nice. … [Read more...]

Santorum: Obama Refuses to Bomb ISIS!


At the presidential forum put on by the Iowa Family Leader last weekend, Rick Santorum put on a clinic in how to divorce yourself completely from reality while running for president (assuming he's still running for president; does anyone know? Does anyone care?). He actually said that President Obama refuses to bomb ISIS because they're not a state and we can only bomb states. … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ben McCarthy Carson

Credit: Michael Vadon

It seems that Ben Carson is trying to really establish his McCarthyite bonafides by one-upping some of his Republican presidential rivals. Not only does he think we should have a database for all "foreigners," but he thinks we should be surveilling anyone he deems to be "anti-American." He means Un-American, of course. Perhaps even a House committee to oversee their activities. … [Read more...]

Huckabee: I’ll Summarily Outlaw Abortion as President


Mike Huckabee, who remains absolutely convinced that the president can ignore any Supreme Court ruling he doesn't like (unless Obama did that, of course; then it would be an outrageous HitlerStalinMao action), told the Iowa Family Leader forum this weekend that if he is elected, he will not only ignore the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, he would issue an executive order outlawing abortion completely. … [Read more...]

Fiorina: Faith Makes Better Leaders


Over the weekend there was a public forum put on by the Iowa Family Leader, the most powerful Christian right group in that state, featuring several of the Republican presidential candidates. Carly Fiorina was in full pander mode, making the ridiculous claim that faith makes people better leaders because it makes them humble and gives them empathy. Seriously, empathy. … [Read more...]

Silver: Trump Supporters About Same Number as Moon Landing Deniers


Nate Silver has an amusing column telling the media to stop freaking out about Donald Trump's poll numbers, pointing out that the number of people currently supporting Trump are about equal to the number of people who think the moon landing was faked. And he still thinks Trump's chances of winning the Republican nomination is less than 20%. … [Read more...]

Dumbest Conversation Ever on Fox News?


Could we finally have found a conversation on a Fox News show that is dumber than what is heard daily on Fox and Friends? It doesn't even involve Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade or Elizabeth Hasselbeck, which is almost astonishing to believe. It involves Tony Sayegh and Dagen McDowell talking about the Girl Scouts and McDowell explaining why she hated being a part of it growing up. … [Read more...]