The Classiest Political Ad Ever Made

Donald Trump has yet to put out a campaign commercial, so Jimmy Kimmel created one for him. And it's the biggest, classiest, most amazing political ad ever made. It reveals Trump's secret plan to do something incredible to fix every problem there is, unlike all those other loser candidates who are just stupid. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to campaign commercials. … [Read more...]

Court Rules Ten Commandments Monument Illegal, but Irrelevant

Church and State

Here's one of those very frustrating situations that happens a lot in church/state separation lawsuits. A federal district court in Pennsylvania has ruled that a Ten Commandments monument at the entrance of a public school is a violation of the Establishment Clause, but because the plaintiff has already graduated the ruling is mooted and no injunction to remove it has been issued. … [Read more...]

Indian Village Council Orders Continual Gang Rapes

This is one of the most horrifying stories I've ever seen. A town council has ordered two young women to undergo repeated gang rapes, among other punishments, because their brother ran off and eloped with a woman from a different caste. The sisters are asking the India Supreme Court to intervene and protect them, but I find it hard to believe that they could actually do so if that is the attitude prevalent in their communities. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones and the Jesus Picture

Church and State

As I've reported here, a public school in Kansas removed a portrait of Jesus from a hallway after the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote a letter telling them that they risked a lawsuit they would lose if they didn't. The school's attorneys confirmed that they would lose that lawsuit. But Kit Daniels at Alex Jones' InfoWars site seems more than just a bit confused about the whole thing. … [Read more...]

Rafael Cruz, Still Lying for Jesus


Rafael Cruz, father of Ted, is still telling the same ridiculous lie he's been telling all along about imminent Christian persecution, but now he's attempting to add in a bit of constitutional law analysis to make it even more ridiculous. He claims, absurdly, that since the same-sex marriage ruling was based on the 14th Amendment (and it really wasn't), churches will now be forced to hire gay ministers. Oh, and the devil too. … [Read more...]

The Bible, King Donald Trump Version


Here's a great reason to love Twitter. Since Donald Trump is professing his undying love of the Bible but thinks it's too personal to share his favorite verse -- because he doesn't have one, because he doesn't give two shits about the Bible -- Twitter users have created the hashtag #TrumpBible and they're coming up with some truly hilarious verses as Donald Trump would write them. Some of my favorites: … [Read more...]

Pro-Reform Iranians Strongly Support Nuclear Deal


Friend and colleague Kaveh Mousavi, an atheist blogger who lives in Iran, has been posting a lot of important things about the nuclear deal between our two countries and how it is affecting reality in that country already. One of the arguments he has been making is that the agreement strengthens the hands of reformers who want to push Iran to be more democratic, free and equal. And a whole bunch of them are enthusiastically supporting the agreement. … [Read more...]

Jindal to Obama: Don’t Talk About Climate Change


Hurricane Katrina was 10 years ago, believe it or not, and President Obama was in New Orleans this week to commemorate that event. But Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, afraid that the president might offend the oil and gas industry that controls his state and has funded his campaigns, had the chutzpah to write a letter to him telling him that he shouldn't talk about climate change during his visit. … [Read more...]

Rod Parsley’s Prosperity Gospel and Faith Healing Nonsense

Youtube screenshot

About 20 years ago, I first encountered Rod Parsley on one of the half dozen Christian TV networks on my cable. He's a standard issue prosperity gospel-preaching and faith-healing con artist, but he's particularly charismatic and incredibly good at keeping his audience enraptured as he spews the dumbest things imaginable. Here's video of him claiming that a woman's baby was healed of brain tumors because she gave him money: … [Read more...]

Savage: Throw Homeless People in Jail

Michael Savage, always an exemplar of human compassion, is tired of seeing homeless people all over the place and he has a solution: Throw them all in jail or in mental hospitals so he doesn't have to look at them all the time. He's actually on to something here, but not what he thinks. A huge number of homeless people are, in fact, mentally ill and need help. But you can't imprison people if they haven't broken the law, except in the totalitarian reality he wishes we all lived in. … [Read more...]

County Attorney Files Misconduct Charges Against Kim Davis


New developments on Friday in the case of Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. First, she asked Judge Bunning to extend his stay so she could ask the Supreme Court for a more permanent one. He refused. But the more interesting development is that Rowan County attorney referred her to the state attorney general's office asking that official misconduct charges be filed against her. … [Read more...]

Alveda King’s Bizarre Planned Parenthood Conspiracy Theory


Alveda King, Martin Luther King's utterly deranged niece who has been trading on his name to give her credibility as she opposes everything he stood for, has a truly bizarre conspiracy theory about Planned Parenthood. She claims that the only reason they give women birth control is not to help them decide when to have children, it's because that gives them breast cancer and then they have to come back for cancer screenings so they make more money. … [Read more...]