Gallups: UN Will Speed Up Global Takeover in Response to Trump

I find conspiracy theories about the United Nations highly amusing. The right wing has spun one ridiculous prediction after another since its formation, none of them ever coming true. But Carl Gallups, a pastor who supported Donald Trump, says they're speeding up their plans to take over the world in respond to Trump's election. … [Read more...]

The Inherent Authoritarianism of Trump’s Attacks on the Press

In a segment on CNN's Reliable Sources, Brian Stetler talked with a couple of experts who argued, quite correctly I think, that Donald Trump's constant bashing of the press is not only for his immediate political benefit, but that it also shows his authoritarian tendencies. … [Read more...]

KKK Recruitment is Increasing

With prompting from Donald Trump's cruel message of hatred for immigrants, Muslims and virtually everyone else, the KKK is seeing its numbers increase. And they're becoming far more bold about making public statements and holding rallies than they used to be. … [Read more...]

Military Leaders Love Trump’s Promise to Increase ‘Defense’ Spending

There was a large gathering of members of Congress, military officials and executives and lobbyists from defense contractors this weekend and -- surprise, surprise -- they're very happy about Donald Trump's pledge to increase spending on "defense." … [Read more...]

Gunman Enters Pizza Place Victimized by Fake News

Comet Ping Pong, a popular pizza place in Washington, DC was the victim of a fake news attack claiming that it's a front for a Clinton-led child sex trafficking operation. The conspiracy sites have gone off the deep end about this and one man apparently took them seriously and went in to shoot up the place. … [Read more...]

Did Trump Win Blue Collar White Voters or Did Clinton Lose Them?

Konstantin Kilibarda and Daria Roithmayr have an article at Slate arguing that the narrative of Trump winning the all-important votes of the blue collar white working class in the rust belt states is false. He did pick up some votes, they say, but Clinton lost most of them to not voting or to third parties. … [Read more...]

Rockefeller Foundation Pulls Oil and Gas Investments

John D. Rockefeller made his fortune, the largest in American history when he died, in the oil business, but one of the many foundations created in his name has decided to disinvest from all oil and gas companies. And they specifically singled out ExxonMobil for its often reprehensible behavior. … [Read more...]

Repealing Obamacare Means a Tax Cut for the Wealthy

Here's something I've not seen discussed as we face the prospect of the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare): Repealing it would give a tax break to those who need it least, the wealthy, because that law includes taxes on them that did not exist before. … [Read more...]

Priebus’ Weak Defense of Trump’s Voter Fraud Lie

Reince Priebus, like everyone who works for Donald Trump, is continually forced to defend the stupid, horrifying or dishonest things he says. He was asked about Trump's ridiculous claim about 3 million illegal voters, but you could tell his heart wasn't into it. This is the best he could muster: … [Read more...]

Another Trumper Says Facts, Accuracy Don’t Matter

We have Scottie Nell Hughes the other day saying that facts don't exist all, only opinions and beliefs, and that as long as someone believes a claim, that's all that matters. Now Corey Lewandowski says that it's perfectly okay for Trump to make claims without evidence because people understand that they shouldn't believe everything he says. … [Read more...]

Black Santa Prompts Massive Racist Outburst, Boycott Calls

The Mall of America in Minnesota for the first time has a black man playing Santa for Christmas this year, doing the usual pictures with kids on his lap and asking them what they want for Christmas. Predictably, that has led to an explosion of racist outrage. … [Read more...]

DeVos’ Education Goal is to ‘Advance God’s Kingdom’

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's nominee to be the new secretary of education, is, like her entire family, a staunch fundamentalist and near-theocrat. She proves that yet again by saying that her goal in working on education reform is to "advance God's kingdom." … [Read more...]