Megachurch preaching con artist Robert Jeffress is such a Donald Trump sycophant that he might as well be attached to his penis. And he puts his hypocrisy on stark display by supporting Trump despite him cheating on every wife he’s had and paying off a porn star he had an affair with. (more…) Read more

Former Texas State Board of Education member, Liberty U. law professor and now-candidate for the House from Virginia Cynthia Dunbar is repeating pretty much all of David Barton’s lies about religion and the founding fathers, most obviously the blatant lie about the Donald Lutz study. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump can’t just win, he has to win by a landslide, the biggest ever. And when he doesn’t, he just invents a reality in which he does, lying over and over again until his followers believe it, against all evidence. He claimed the other day that he won a majority of the women’s vote in last year’s election. (more…) Read more

There are six Republicans running for the nomination to be the next Oklahoma Governor, including anti-choice extremist Dan Fisher. How extreme? He says if elected, he’ll shut down every abortion clinic in the state and then defy any federal court that rules against him. (more…) Read more

Former Clueless actress Stacey Dash is running for Congress. She is, of course, also currently clueless in pretty much every way. And she’s just such a good Christian that she can’t bring herself to judge the “hearts” of even neo-Nazis. (more…) Read more

It has been announced that Trump will meet with Kim Jong-un of North Korea sometime soon, something no American president has ever done with a North Korean dictator. And Sean Hannity, not even pretending to be anything but a pathetic, hypocritical hack, is praising Trump for this great victory. (more…) Read more

There is a long history of vicious anti-Semitism in Russia, as there is in much of the world, and it’s certainly no surprise that Vladimir Putin made bigoted comments seeking to shift blame for interference in our election to unspecified Jews, who apparently can’t be “real” Russians. (more…) Read more

What the hell was the Daily Caller, a conservative webrag owned by annoying twerp Tucker Carlson, thinking when they published an op-ed column by Russian oligarch, organized crime figure and Putin pal Oleg Deripaska? The paragon of political and financial corruption has the gall to talk about the “deep state” harassing Trump. (more…) Read more

Raj Shah, the Assistant White House Spokesperson who fills in once in a while for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, may find himself in a bit of trouble after giving a fascinating — and incriminating — answer to a question about the Mueller investigation from reporter Jonathan Karl: (more…) Read more

For at least the second time, Trump and his attorneys are trying to exercise prior restraint on the media, this time involving Stormy Daniels. She did an interview with 60 Minutes and Trump’s lawyers are trying to get an injunction to prevent it from airing. (more…) Read more

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