‘Coach’ Dave: Obama an ‘Emissary from Hell’

Our old pal “Coach” Dave Daubenmire had another of his classic inane rants on his little internet show the other day, claiming that Barack Obama was an “emissary from hell” who was only president because of election fraud. Oh, and he was God’s judgment on us. (more…) Read more

Not Just Too Little, Too Late

After much pressure and shaming even from his fellow Republicans, Donald Trump finally managed a hastily arranged statement at the White House condemning racism, “including” the KKK, white supremacists and neo-Nazis. It was greeted with cries of “too little, too late.” But it’s much worse than that. (more…) Read more

Joyner: I Was a Prophet for the CIA

The utterly ridiculous con artist Rick Joyner says that after 9/11, he and other “prophets” became assets for the intelligence community because “they needed somebody to help interpret and translate prophetic revelation.” They gave him cell phones and everything! (more…) Read more

Could This Be a Tipping Point?

We may be at a crucial crossroads in the nation’s history — either this new ascendant far right is going to grow larger and possibly spark major violence all over the place, or the broader society is going to rise up and force it back under a rock. Read more

Trump and Kaepernick: A Tale of Two Reactions

Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists specifically or to blame them for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. I think we should contrast that with his reaction to Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem. (more…) Read more

Condemnation is Not Enough When You Share an Agenda

While it’s nice to see so many Republicans drawing a contrast with Trump’s refusal to explicitly call out white supremacists, I would suggest that some soul-searching is in order. Because many of those very same people still support a whole raft of policies that those same white supremacists cheer wildly for. (more…) Read more

The History of ‘Blood and Soil’

At the Friday night tiki torch march of the fascists at the University of Virginia, one of the things they were chanting was “blood and soil.” I assumed they were merely making a reference to spilling blood, but turns out this was a common Nazi slogan in the 1920s. (more…) Read more

The ‘We Should Just Ignore Them’ Argument

One of the arguments I’ve seen many times over the last 72 hours goes something like this: The white supremacists are just a small, pathetic group on the fringe and we should ignore them, not give them the attention they want. Chris Cillizza of CNN offered his version: (more…) Read more

Roy Moore: ‘Maybe Putin is Right’

Christian fascist and disgraced former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is finding common cause with Russian fascist Vladimir Putin. When told that his positions on things like same-sex marriage are the same as Putin’s, he welcomed that comparison. (more…) Read more

The White Supremacists Heard What Trump Didn’t Say

After several hours of violence on Saturday, Trump finally stepped to the microphone to make a pathetically weak gesture in the vicinity of a statement condemning it, couched in the false equivalence of “both sides do it.” Josh Levin has it about right: (more…) Read more