Perry: Humans Don’t Cause Climate Change

Rick Perry, now the head of the same Department of Energy that he once said he wanted abolished, told CNBC that he doesn't think human activity is causing climate change. His answer was predictably ignorant, saying it was caused by the oceans and climate, as if that was somehow immune to the effects of human action. … [Read more...]

Gay Texas Teen Disowned by His Family

Austin Hodges is a football player in a small town in Texas, where football is practically a religion. He's also gay, openly so, and says it has never been a problem with his teammates or coaches, who have been completely supportive. Tragically, the same is not true of his own family. … [Read more...]

Russian Orthodox Leader: Beards Prevent Homosexuality

I didn't realize there's a sort of breakaway Russian Orthodox faction, much like the Old Catholic Church is to the Roman Catholic Church. But the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church has a leader, Metropolitan Kornily, thinks that growing a beard will keep you from being gay. … [Read more...]

Mother Arrested for Violent ‘Exorcism’ of Daughter

Here's yet another story about a deranged Christian committing felony violence in an "exorcism," this time involving a mother allegedly biting and choking her own young daughter on a California beach. The mother has been arrested. … [Read more...]

Is Flynn Cooperating With the FBI?

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse was on CNN being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer and said he believes former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is cooperating with the FBI's investigation into Trump and Russia and likely has been doing so for a while now. … [Read more...]

Stop Taking Health Advice from Celebrities

I have always found it bizarre how much stock we put in things said by celebrities. If someone is a good actor or singer or athlete, for some reason we buy the products they endorse. They don't get paid millions of dollars because no one listens to them. Michelle Dickinson points out the obvious: … [Read more...]

U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Plane, Russia Responds

The U.S. shot down a Syrian fighter jet on Sunday, prompting a hypocritical reaction from the Russians and escalating tensions with them in a situation where Putin is strongly supporting Syrian dictator Assad with both ground and air power. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Grants Cert in Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case

As expected, the Supreme Court did agree to hear the appeal of the Wisconsin case involving partisan gerrymandering (as opposed to racial gerrymandering). If decided correctly, this case could be absolutely crucial to restoring a level playing field, especially in state legislatures and the U.S. House of Representatives. … [Read more...]

Jackson: Liberals Want Christians Dead

Bishop E.W. Jackson, former candidate for Lt. Governor of Virginia (failed, thankfully) responded to the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by slamming calls for unity from Republicans, saying that "the left" literally wants Christians dead. … [Read more...]

March for Marriage Fizzles. Again.

Every year I look forward to the March for Marriage, put on in Washington, DC by the National Organization for Marriage. I find it endlessly amusing to watch the numbers dwindle every year as they continue to make defiant speeches about how they're going to win back the right to discriminate. This year they got literally tens of people. … [Read more...]

Peterson: Democrats are ‘Children of Satan’

The terminally idiotic Jesse Lee Peterson says that when Democrats said they were praying for the victims of the shootings in Washington that included Rep. Steve Scalise, those prayers were phony because Democrats are "children of Satan." … [Read more...]

Sekulow Can’t Decide Whether Trump is Under Investigation

Donald Trump has now hired Christian right lawyer Jay Sekulow, whose track record of lying is almost as bad as his own, and is sending him out to defend him in the media. But he can't seem to decide whether Trump is under investigation or not. … [Read more...]