The Trump-Ailes Bromance is Over

It appears that the short-lived bromance between Donald Trump and Roger Ailes is already over. Gabe Sherman says they are no longer speaking, but different stories are coming out as to why, spun by supporters of both men. … [Read more...]

Hindu Radicals Attack Atheist Gathering

A former guru turned atheist planned a meeting for his fellow atheists in his native country of India, but the meeting never happened because Hindu radicals attacked the location and got the police to shut it down in the name of keeping order. … [Read more...]

Lively: Media Has ‘Borked’ Trump

Scott Lively, like most conservatives, has a deeply flawed understanding of why Robert Bork was one of the very few men ever voted down in confirmation hearings to be a Supreme Court justice. And he thinks the fictional version of what happened then is now happening to Trump. … [Read more...]

Roy Moore Refuses to Clean Out His Office

Former two-time Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is refusing to clean out his office and return his keys after an Alabama judicial ethics commission suspended him for the rest of his term. And as usual, it's based on a bizarre and self-serving legal theory. … [Read more...]

The Very Real Prospect of Post-election Violence

Donald Trump is using demagoguery and lies to whip up his heavily-armed fan base into a frenzy, convincing them that if he loses the election that means it's all rigged, not just by Hillary but by an international cabal. And those fans are taking him seriously. … [Read more...]

Trump Revives Another Voter Fraud Myth

The flailing and desperate Donald Trump, who not only doesn't care about truth or accuracy but views all claims in his favor as immutably true and all claims to the contrary as false, is reviving another voter fraud myth, and adding another lie to it as well. … [Read more...]

Barton: Trump Voters Not Responsible for What He Does in Office

Professional liar David Barton is pulling out all the stops to get Donald Trump elected president. He's already told Christians that if they don't vote for Trump they'll be disobeying God. Now he absolves them of any responsibility they might have for Trump's actions in office. … [Read more...]

Trump: Illegal Immigrants are Stealing Our Elections!

Trump has added a new argument in favor of his ego-saving attempt to claim that there is massive voter fraud that will steal the election from him. He's now claiming that illegal immigrants are voting all over the country, joining his hatred of immigrants (well, the dark-skinned ones; he seems to be fine with beautiful white supermodels coming here in violation of the law) to his pathetic excuse-making and fear-mongering. … [Read more...]

Newt: Hillary’s Justices Will Rewrite the Lord’s Prayer!

Newt Gingrich, in his usual fact-free and hysterical approach to pretty much everything, told an audience that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she'll appoint Supreme Court justices who might tell churches they have to rewrite the Lord's Prayer to include gender-inclusive pronouns. Seriously. … [Read more...]

GOP Election Law Expert Slams Trump’s Claims of Voter Fraud

Chris Ashby, a Republican attorney who specializes in election law and has worked for many campaigns, explained on CNN why Donald Trump's constant claims that he will be robbed of a win on Nov. 8 by massive voter fraud is so dangerous. … [Read more...]

About That Study on Media Donations to the Candidates

The Center for Public Integrity put out a report on Monday that Republicans are now using to claim that there is huge media bias for Clinton, and Trump is even using to claim that election is rigged (another one of his "best words" that he doesn't know the meaning of). The Washington Post explains why that study doesn't say what they claim it says. … [Read more...]

Trump Still Thinks He’s Gonna Win the Black Vote

It's almost cute, and a little sad, that Donald Trump apparently still thinks he's going to win the black vote. He told Michael Savage that they aren't going to vote for Hillary because they like him more than her. The fact that she will get 90%, at least, seems lost on him. … [Read more...]