Arpaio Talks to Holocaust Denial Publication After Pardon

Shortly after receiving his pardon from Trump, Joe Arpaio decided to give an interview to an anti-Semitic Holocaust denial publication called American Free Press, which sought to combat the “false narrative that Arpaio had engaged in ‘racial profiling.'” Media Matters documents the kind of site this is: (more…) Read more

Here’s Why the GOP is Back to Pushing Obamacare Repeal

The Guardian explains why the Republicans are fighting so hard to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare after trying and failing several times already — because major conservative paymasters are demanding it before they spend money to help Republicans in the midterm elections. (more…) Read more

What the ‘Alt-Right’ Really Believes

During last month’s violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, one of the men marching with the white supremacists was a Swedish man named Patrik Hermansson. He was an undercover infiltrator who had spent a year getting video of what these people said to each other away from the spotlight. What he recorded is predictably appalling. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Embarrassing Speech to the United Nations

Donald Trump spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday and, predictably, he embarrassed the hell out of the entire country. It was a Cat 5 hurricane of hypocrisy, contradictions, pointless boasting, pseudo-macho posturing and nonsense. It started with the bragging: (more…) Read more

Trump Rejects Study on Positive Impact of Refugees

Donald Trump asked the Department of Health and Human Services to do a study on how much refugees cost in the programs that they administer. The study concluded that they contribute far more than they cost. Naturally, the White House just rejected that conclusion and buried the study. (more…) Read more

Oh Look, Another Glenn Beck Makeover

How many times can one person claim to have had some huge epiphany and that they’re going to do things totally different from now on? Glenn Beck seems intent on finding out. About once a year he declares that he has learned from his past actions and will now be all about good things. The latest attempt at a reset: (more…) Read more

Joyner: Indians Winning Streak a Fulfillment of Prophecy

Christian con man Rick Joyner loves to see prophecies come to life in sports, especially when it has nothing to do with sports. Now he claims that the recent 22-game winning streak by the Cleveland Indians is a fulfillment of prophecy. (more…) Read more

Wallnau: God Protected Trump Property from Hurricane

Professional Donald Trump bootlicker and fellow con artist Lance Wallnau is just sure that his prayers kept Hurricane Irma from damaging any Trump properties. Because the storm was “demonic,” dontchaknow. And who cares about all the other people hurt by diverting it away from Trump’s properties and toward them? (more…) Read more

Guandolo Knows How to Spot a Terrorist

Disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo, a raging Islamophobic bigot if ever there was one, knows how to spot a terrorist. It’s remarkably easy, it turns out. All you have to do is look for anyone who looks Arabic and voila, you’ve got your terrorist. (more…) Read more

Why the FISA Court Approved Wiretap of Manafort

A leak the other day revealed that prior to his joining the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort was under surveillance pursuant to a warrant issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Susan Hennessey, Shannon Togawa Mercer and Benjamin Wittes explain the details based on the reporting so far. (more…) Read more

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