Worldnetdaily Columnist: ‘Bomb Mecca Off the Face of the Earth’


Yet another piece of evidence of the rapidly-deepening fascist impulse on the American right wing can be found in this column at the Worldnetdaily from Bert Prelutsky. He doesn't just want us to go back into Iraq for another war, and in Syria as well, he thinks we ought to "bomb Mecca off the face of the earth." Because killing millions of people is a great way to end the cycle of terrorist violence. … [Read more...]

Trump Tweets Non-Existent Crime Statistics


Donald Trump continues to show his complete disregard for truth and accuracy by tweeting out a graph full of wildly inaccurate crime statistics, allegedly from an organization that does not exist, for 2015, a year for which we do not have crime statistics yet (the official crime stats in the Uniform Crime Reports from the FBI will not come out until well into 2016). … [Read more...]

Republican Congressman: Syrian Refugees Just Want a Free Vacation


Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama is looking to join Steve King and Louis Gohmert in the Fucking Morons and Vile Human Beings Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives and his latest outburst should certainly earn him a spot. He says the Syrian refugees -- four million of them, by the way -- aren't really fleeing violence and destruction, they're just looking for a "free vacation." … [Read more...]

Trump Endorses Violence at His Rallies


As Donald Trump campaign stops begin to look more and more like Nazi rallies, complete with his own brownshirts beating up protesters multiple times, Donald Trump says it's okay, maybe they had it coming because they were being "obnoxious." To hell with Godwin's law, which I am declaring officially suspended with so many Republican leaders literally proposing policies borrowed directly from Hitler. … [Read more...]

Kansas Republicans Shred the Separation of Powers


The Republican party in Kansas, led by Gov. Sam Brownback, appears to have lost its damn mind. In one of the most absurd power grabs I have ever seen, they were so upset by the courts in that state overturning their cuts to education funding that they passed a law saying that they passed a judicial administration law that said if they overturned that law, it would void all funding for the entire Kansas judicial system. … [Read more...]

Moore: Right Response, Wrong Reason on Refugees


One of the few hopeful signs in the midst of this spasm of fascist impulses in the uproar over Syrian refugees coming to the United States has been some evangelical Christian groups bucking the trend on the right and speaking out in favor of allowing them to come here. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has the right response, but for the wrong reason. … [Read more...]

How Much Do Ultra-Orthodox Jews Hate Women? This Much.


The ultra-Orthodox Haredi sect has caused all kinds of problems in Israel, and in the United States as well to a lesser degree. They're the ones who go around assaulting women who don't show enough modesty, attack people at pride parades and bomb police stations. They're the Jewish version of the Taliban. So how much do they truly hate women? So much that they don't even want to see them. … [Read more...]

Stupid Atheist Meme, Absurd Oversimplification Edition


One of the things that irritate me about stupid atheist memes is that they almost always vastly oversimplify a complex issue, which is dangerous because it substitutes slogans for rational thought. Here's one I came across after several people shared it on Facebook. Ironically, it comes from a page called Evolved and Rational Atheist, but there's nothing rational about this. … [Read more...]

Armed Jerks Patrolling Outside Mosque in Dallas


As the right wing continues to cower in fear of Syrian refugees -- or perhaps more accurately to exploit that fear for political gain -- a group of armed wingnuts in Dallas have decided to patrol outside an Islamic center, based apparently on rumors and lies. They're spewing the usual bullshit about stopping Sharia law from being imposed in America, a possibility so farfetched as to be utterly laughable. … [Read more...]

Scott Adams: If You Don’t Have Sex With Me, I’ll Kill You


Scott Adams, the world-class douchebag who writes the Dilbert comic strip, has a post on his blog about patriarchal vs matriarchal societies. He seems, rather bizarrely, to consider America a matriarchal society. Why? Because he feels like he should have to pick up the check at dinner. And because women get to decide whether he gets to have sex with them or not. I'm not exaggerating. He actually says this. … [Read more...]

The Real Risk Calculus on Syrian Refugees

A friend of mine shared a link to my post about the Syrian refugees and our fascist impulses and a friend of theirs took issue with it, trying to argue that the risk that one of the refugees might turn out to be a terrorist is too high to accept. I left a fairly detailed answer to him, which I'll repost here: … [Read more...]

WND Thinks Fewer Immigrants is an ‘Invasion’


There's a new report from the Pew Research Center that shows that fewer Mexican immigrants entered the United States over the last five years than the number that went back to Mexico. For some weird reason, the Worldnetdaily posted a link to an article in USA Today about the report under the label "Invasion USA." Wouldn't that be like the opposite of an invasion? … [Read more...]