Hannity and Bannon: The Deep State is Going to Arrest Us!

Sean Hannity and Steve Bannon have their persecution fantasies cranked up to 11. Hannity went on the daily Breitbart radio show with Bannon and the two of them agreed that the “deep state” may arrest both of them for their unwavering support of Donald Trump. (more…) Read more

Staver Goes All ‘Spiritual Warfare’ on Opposing Attorneys

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, is calling down the wrath of God on the attorneys on the other side in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. He’s asking God to intervene to confuse the attorneys and to make the Supreme Court rule the way he wants. But he starts with a fake persecution tale: (more…) Read more

The Absurd ‘Slavery’ Argument Against Discrimination Laws

The Christian right is trotting out a new argument against laws that forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (but only that form of discrimination) as the Supreme Court considers the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. Making businesses serve gay people is slavery! Tony Perkins says so: (more…) Read more

Trump Jr. Invokes Attorney-Client Privilege with His Father

In an absolutely bizarre turn of events, Donald Trump, Jr. invoked attorney-client privilege to refuse to answer questions before the House Intelligence Committee about conversations he had with his father about his response to the story about the meeting in Trump Tower. Neither is a lawyer at all, much less for one another. (more…) Read more

Trump Organization Fighting the War on Christmas

As in previous years, Donald Trump panders to idiots with his inane claim that saying “happy holidays” is a “war on Christmas” and that he’ll make it okay to say Merry Christmas again, but his company continues to talk about “holidays” rather than Christmas. (more…) Read more

Whistleblower: Flynn Promised to End Russian Sanctions

Rep. Elijah Cummings, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, has released a letter he sent to the chair of that committee about new allegations from a whistleblower who says that Michael Flynn had promised to get rid of the Russian sanctions early in the Trump administration, giving the green light to building nuclear power plants all over the Middle East, a project for which he was being paid. (more…) Read more

Fox Guest: Trump Already Released His Taxes

And now, a report from the alternate reality of Fox News, particularly Fox and Friends. We know that Trump watches that show almost every day. I bet even he was surprised to find out that he had already released his tax returns, as a guest on that show dishonestly claimed. (more…) Read more

Newt: Flynn was ‘Set Up’ by the FBI

Newt Gingrich is dutifully playing defense for Donald Trump and Michael Flynn with the usual “but what about Hillary” blather. He’s also making the inane argument that the FBI set up Flynn by asking him about his meetings with the Russians. (more…) Read more

Remember When Obstruction of Justice Was Reason for Impeachment?

Now that it’s become increasingly clear that Trump could actually be charged with obstruction of justice, the line from his defenders has changed from “he didn’t do that” to “obstruction of justice isn’t a crime if the president does it.” So let’s look at the wayback machine and see what those same people were saying when it was Bill Clinton being impeached for exactly that. (more…) Read more

Trump to Destabilize Middle East by Recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli Capitol

In one of the most thoughtless things he has done yet, Trump has decided to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel rather than Tel Aviv. This is a dramatic reversal that can only result in more violence and bloodshed in the region, while providing no benefit at all to anyone. (more…) Read more

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