Chaffetz Threatens Head of Office of Government Ethics

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, one of the douchier of the Republicans in Congress (and that's saying a lot) is quite upset that Walter Shaub, head of the Office of Government Ethics, is, you know, doing his job. So much so that he is openly threatening both his job and his entire agency. … [Read more...]

Justice Clarence Thomas to Swear In Mike Pence

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court issues the oath of office to each incoming president, but the vice-president gets to pick someone else to do it. So who is Mike Pence's pick to swear him in? Incredibly far right Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. … [Read more...]

Trump Keeps Repeating Ridiculous lie About Unemployment

Donald Trump continues to tell the same lie he told throughout the campaign, that there are almost 100 million people looking for a job who can't get one. This is a remarkably simple lie -- he just counts anyone who isn't employed as wanting to work. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Trump Overwhelmingly Won the Popular Vote

Professional con man Rick Joyner joined the long list of right wing dumbasses making the ridiculous argument that Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the popular vote in the election -- if you just don't count them sissified, godless city folk with their fancy lattes and their book learnin'. … [Read more...]

NRATV: Obama has ‘Inflicted Harm on America’

The deranged gun fetishists at the NRA responded to President Obama's farewell speech with predictable nonsense, droning on about how he "inflicted harm on America" and listing a bunch of unprovable claims. This is from a show on NRA TV: … [Read more...]

Greg Gutfeld Tells Me I Should Just Die

Loathsome little toad Greg Gutfeld of Fox News went off on a rant about why Republicans should feel no shame in repealing Obamacare even if they don't replace it, which would result in a huge number of deaths as people lost their insurance -- including me. … [Read more...]

Stone Still Pushing Claim that Cruz’ Father Helped Assassinate Kennedy

Roger Stone is nothing if not absolutely relentless in two things: Supporting Donald Trump and spreading total bullshit. Remember when Trump claimed that Ted Cruz' father was involved in the Kennedy assassination? Stone is still claiming he was right. … [Read more...]

Lord: Trump Was Elected, So He is Free to Engage in Corruption

Jeffrey Lord, who is nearly as bad as Kellyanne Conway when it comes to inventing monumentally ridiculous justifications for Trump, says that the fact that Trump was elected means that ethics considerations don't apply to him. This was an exchange with Robert Reich on CNN: … [Read more...]

Russian Duma Votes to Decriminalize Domestic Violence

The Russian Duma voted 368-1 to decriminalize domestic violence. Instead of a criminal act, it's now an administrative one with a much lower punishment. And why did they do this? Because it will "support the family tradition." … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for a Jericho March?

The whackadoodle Christian group Intercessors for America is getting their march on. Starting today they're going to begin a "Jericho march," taking laps around the White House and Capitol Hill blowing a trumpet for six days. Then on inauguration day they're going to shout out to God in heaven. Because they apparently think this will do...something. … [Read more...]

Another Community Freaks Out About a Muslim Cemetery

And we have yet another situation where a Muslim group wants to use land for a cemetery and the local bigots lose their minds over it. Some of them just go full-on bigot and express their fear and loathing of Muslims, while others invent ridiculous pretexts to pretend they're not being bigots. … [Read more...]

Trump’s ‘Answer’ on Obamacare Repeal

During that Donald Trump press conference, which was apparently broadcast from some bizarro world, he was asked what his plans were for repealing and replacing Obamacare. He was specifically asked if he had an outline of the replacement that could be used to craft the legislation. This is his rambling, nonsensical answer: … [Read more...]