Joyner Doesn’t Understand How Government Works

Professional con man Rick Joyner clearly has no idea how our government works. Okay, so the list of things he has no idea about is pretty much endless. But his latest ignorant screed, this time about the courts issuing injunctions against Trump's travel ban, shows that he's totally clueless about the government. … [Read more...]

Ryan Open to Changing Health Care Bill, Still Wants It Rushed Through

Man, the Republicans are absolutely desperate to get their health care destruction (not reform) bill passed as quickly as possible. Paul Ryan knows it can't pass the way it is, so he says he's open to making changes to the bill -- but still wants a vote on it before the CBO can report on the impact of those changes. … [Read more...]

Pence to Receive ‘Working for Women’ Award

The Independent Women's Forum, on whose board sits Baghdad Kellyanne Conway, is going to give Vice President Mike Pence, a guy who has done nothing but work against the interests of women in this country, its "Working for Women" award this year. … [Read more...]

Study: Moral Outrage Aimed at the Intentionally Childless

As someone who neither has nor wants children, it has always annoyed the hell out of me to see the common attitudes toward people like me from breeders. A new study shows that most Americans respond to those who choose not to have children with high levels of moral outrage. … [Read more...]

Pence Adviser Part Owner of News Outlet Given Exclusive Access

Buzzfeed reports that one of the investors who owns the Independent Journal Review, a right-wing news outlet that was the only one allowed to send a reporter with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on his trip to Korea and China, is also one of Mike Pence's advisers. … [Read more...]

Won’t Someone Think of the Millionaire Celebrities Who Support Trump?

Tim Allen, a rare conservative working in TV and movies, is something of an idiot. He actually says that conservatives are so mistreated these days that it's like Nazi Germany in the 30s. Seriously, he said that. Out loud. On national television. … [Read more...]

Fake ‘Psychic’ Doesn’t Want You to Question Her Abilities

Fake "psychic" Teresa Caputo, the "Long Island Medium," has a new book out and she's promoting it with interviews full of the kind of empty blathering you would predict. She wonders why skeptics can't just let people believe in her ability to talk to their dead loved ones. … [Read more...]

Klayman’s Absurd Analysis of Travel Ban Ruling

Larry Klayman's got his dander up again, this time over a federal judge in Hawaii issuing an injunction on the enforcement of Trump's Muslim ban 2.0 pending further argument. Given that he's the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, it's no surprise that his analysis of the ruling is positively ridiculous. … [Read more...]

Trump Has No Idea What He’s Talking About on NATO

One of the themes that Donald Trump has hit on again and again is this notion that other NATO countries don't pay their fair share of the burden and that they owe money to the United States. He has even said quite bluntly that if they don't pay up, we won't protect them. He has no idea what he's talking about. As usual. … [Read more...]

Napolitano’s Source for British Wiretap Claim

When Sean Spicer quoted Fox News' Andrew Napolitano saying that his sources said Obama farmed out the wiretapping of Donald Trump to the British version of the NSA, it touched off a diplomatic brouhaha. Now we find out that Napolitano's source was a disgraced former CIA agent. … [Read more...]

Ryan Dreamed About Cutting Medicaid as Drunk Frat Boy

Paul Ryan appeared at an "ideas summit" put on by the National Review on Friday and issued one of those most tone-deaf statements you will ever hear a politician make, saying that he's been dreaming about cutting people off Medicaid since he was a drunken frat boy swilling beer in college. … [Read more...]

Report: Bharara Was Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price

ProPublica, the multiple Pulitzer prize winning non-profit news organization that does amazing work, reports that former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was investigating Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price when he was fired by Trump. The investigation focused on the shady stock deals he made in Congress. … [Read more...]