Does Donald Trump Believe in Treaties at All?

Donald Trump really does seem to think that treaties that we have signed are purely optional and can be changed or discarded at his whim. The latest example is that he said in an interview that he would not defend our NATO allies unless they pay us some protection money. … [Read more...]

The Daily Show Interviews Mark Burns

The Daily Show had a hilarious interview with Pastor Mark Burns, a prosperity gospel con man who gave an appalling benediction to open the RNC and on Wednesday night hosted what was practically a Hitler rally when he spoke before Trump gave his closing speech. … [Read more...]

Trump Gets Tiny Fine for Union Busting and Retaliation

Donald Trump's company has agreed to pay a ridiculously small fine after being found guilty by the National Labor Relations Board of trying to bust a potential union at his hotel in Las Vegas and retaliating against the workers who tried to organize one. … [Read more...]

Flake Calls Out His Party’s Outrageous Rhetoric

Sen. Jeff Flake, a man so conservative that the American Conservative Union gives him a 97% rating, is calling out his fellow Republicans for their constant cries and declarations at the Republican National Convention that Hillary Clinton should be put in prison. … [Read more...]

Trump Delegate Hopes Cops Shoot Blacks at RNC

A Donald Trump delegate from Illinois was sent home from the Republican National Convention after she posted a picture to her Facebook page hoping that the cops outside would shoot some "niggers." But you guys, she's totally not a racist. Never mind that she uses the nickname "whitepride" online. … [Read more...]

Trump Tax Plan Would Save His Children Billions in Taxes

Third Way, a bipartisan think tank in DC, reports that Donald Trump's tax plan, by eliminating the estate tax, would save his children billions of dollars in inheritance after he dies. They estimate a $7.1 billion gift, but that's based on his exaggerated $10 billion claim of net worth. … [Read more...]

Qualified Immunity Overruled in Blatant Establishment Clause Case

Police in this country are given "qualified immunity" from civil suits, which means that in the vast majority of cases they can't be sued in their personal capacity for their actions. But in a Puerto Rico case where they blatantly violated the Establishment Clause, a judge has thrown out that immunity. … [Read more...]

FL Principal Quotes Stoning Gays Verses After Orlando Shooting

Cyd Ziegler writes at Outsports about the principal of a school in Florida who posted that infamous verse from Leviticus 20 calling for gay people to be put to death. He posted it as a comment on a picture of two married men kissing only a couple days after the massacre in Orlando. … [Read more...]

American Arrested in Iran for Mysterious Reasons

An American college student of Iranian descent has been arrested by intelligence officials while visiting family in Iran and there seems to be no indication as to why. This person just happens to be a friend of a friend, which makes it more troubling to me than just a random person. … [Read more...]

Root: America Won’t Survive a Clinton Presidency

Wayne Allyn Root, the absolutely ridiculous former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, gives us the old "America won't survive [fill in the blank with whatever politician I don't like] winning" nonsense. With all deference to Samuel Johnson, this is the first refuge of demagogues. … [Read more...]

Enbridge Gets Paltry Fine for Massive Oil Spill

In July 2010, a pipeline carrying tar sands crude oil began leaking near Marshall, Michigan. By the time it was stopped, almost a million gallons of that oil was in the Kalamazoo river. Six years later, they've been given little more than a slap on the wrist for it. … [Read more...]

White Supremacists Are Loving the RNC

You know who is absolutely loving the Republican National Convention? White supremacists. They're watching on C-SPAN and fondling themselves with joy, especially after the RNC actually showed a positive tweet from VDARE on a screen inside the arena. Here's white supremacist Richard Spencer: … [Read more...]