Scott Lively, the utterly deranged bigot who thinks gay people caused the Holocaust, is on the ballot once again for the Republican nomination to get governor of Massachusetts, and he says that, like Babe Ruth, he is “calling his shot” and is going to shock the world and win the election. (more…) Read more

In case you weren’t yet convinced of just how loathsome a human being Richard Spencer is, on his podcast recently he was complaining about how the US military sent aid to Haiti after a hurricane devastated that island. And he said that what we should have done is sent in the military to enslave them because that’s a proper aim of war. (more…) Read more

Mary Buchzeiger is CEO of Lucerne International Incl, a company based here in Michigan. She was a big Trump supporter in the 2016 election, during which he said over and over again he would impose tariffs on foreign products. Now that he’s done so, and it hurts her business, she’s getting all whiny. (more…) Read more

The official opening of our new embassy in Jerusalem unleashed mass protests that led Israeli forces to kill more than 50 people and injure nearly 3000 more, something that everyone but Trump predicted when he made that decision. But that’s not the part I want to focus on right now. Look who we sent over to deliver the prayers at the dedication ceremony: (more…) Read more

Tomi Lahren, aka Discount Ann Coulter, put out a tweet in which she suggested a ridiculous “game” where people should go into Whole Foods and take food from liberals, then compare that to illegal immigration. Which is a bizarrely backwards argument, but here it is anyway: (more…) Read more

With so many for-profit universities being seriously scammy, the Education Department has had multiple investigations going into corrupt practices at those institutions. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and Trump, are closing down those investigations — some of which involved universities that high-ranked department officials came from. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump fancies himself the greatest dealmaker the world has ever seen, but he lurches from one extreme to the other like a baby throwing a tantrum. After years of bashing the Chinese for the trade deficit, he has now instructed the Commerce Department to lift sanctions against ZTE, a maker of cell phones, that were just put in place last month for a variety of reasons. He apparently thinks that will help get the deal done in trade talks,… Read more

The fringiest part of the right wing fringe, the ones who have been pushing this idiotic conspiracy theory about Trump destroying a global pedophile ring based on cryptic 8Chan postings by someone called Q Anon, is now splitting up over whether Q is authentic or not. Jerome Corsi’s total 180 on this is particularly amusing. He once claimed that a picture posted by Q was proof that he is very close to Trump, and might even be Trump himself: (more…) Read more

Associated Press reporter Seth Hettena is the author of the new book Trump/Russia: A Definitive History, which documents the decades-long relationship between Donald Trump and Russian organized crime, which has helped finance many of his development projects and bought up his properties, often at higher-than-market prices. He did an interview on MSNBC about those ties. (more…) Read more

I find this truly hilarious. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was so upset at having to go out and lie and brush off questions about the White House comms staffer who mocked John McCain dying that she berated her staff for the “selfish” leak of that comment. At least five people immediately leaked that meeting as well. (more…) Read more

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