Government Resources Misused in Greatest Political Scandal Ever

The saga of Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat continues. In the wake of their ingenious scheme to cover up their adultery by putting out a fake story that Courser paid a prostitute for gay sex, the speaker of the Michigan House ordered an internal investigation. That investigation has found that the uber-Christian duo, both of whom are married with children, used government resources in their hysterical attempts to cover up their hypocrisy. … [Read more...]

Quantifying the Magnitude of a David Barton Lie


I reported last week about David Barton repeatedly lying about child porn prosecutions. On his radio show he said, "the last I knew, there has not been a single prosecution of child pornography under this administration. There were many under previous administrations; this administration just shut it down.” Warren Throckmorton managed to quantify just what a huge whopper of a life this is by asking the DOJ how many such cases they'd prosecuted. … [Read more...]

Trump Still Has No Actual Answers on Policy


Donald Trump made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows again this weekend and, yet again, showed that he has absolutely no answers when asked how he'll actually accomplish the grandiose things he says he'll do if elected. He can't say how he'll do them, only very loudly declare that he'll do them, even if they're illegal or impossible. Like rounding up 11 million people. … [Read more...]

Titus: We Should Only Allow Christian Immigration

Many years ago, a couple friends of mine put me in touch with Herb Titus, former dean of Pat Robertson's Regent School of Law, after I had written a blog post referring to him as a Christian Reconstructionist. Turns out he's not, but only for technical theological reasons. There is no question that the man is a genuine theocrat, he's made no bones about that. And now he says that we should only allow Christians to emigrate to the United States. … [Read more...]

Illinois Bans Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors


Illinois has now become the 4th state to forbid the use of "gay conversion therapy" for minors. It acts not against the parents but against anyone licensed to perform therapy in the state, considering it a question of consumer fraud. This is why such laws have been upheld in other states, because they are professional regulations and thus not viewed as questions of free speech. Here's what the law actually does: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Every Bad Thing is a Warning From God

Screenshot from Youtube clip

There are few things that amuse me more than the interminable wankery from the Christian right about how every bad thing that happens is a warning from God, or punishment from God, for -- what a coincidence -- whatever the person making that claim personally doesn't like. On his radio show last week, Fischer continued this inane line of "reasoning" and said that all natural disasters, losses in war and economic downturns are God's warnings to us: … [Read more...]

Hey, Guess What? Donald Trump Said Something Untrue Again.


I don't want to shock anyone with that headline, but it's true. Donald Trump is once again pulling numbers out of his ass, claiming that the "real" unemployment rate is 42%. In his own speeches, it's gone from 18% to 21% to now 42%. Pretty soon, he'll be claiming that no one has a job in this country. Vox explains why his numbers are completely fictitious because they count everyone who isn't working for any reason. … [Read more...]

Carlson Thinks Confederate Flag is a Patriotic Symbol


As incredibly idiotic as the weekday version of Fox and Friends is, what with three of the dumbest people in television all sitting together every day, the weekend version with Tucker Carlson may actually be worse. Reacting to a school in Tennessee that has banned all flags on campus, Carlson and his equally ridiculous co-hosts are apparently under the impression that the Confederate flag is a patriotic symbol. … [Read more...]

Beck Thinks a Musical Will Solve America’s Racial Problems


Of all the various sides to his personality he likes to show, it's hyper-emotional, sentiment-soaked Glenn Beck that makes me laugh the hardest. He gets all weepy-eyed over some bit of pop culture schlock and declares that if only everyone would see this, we'd all join hands and sing in perfect harmony forever. The latest object of his teary obsession is a Broadway play called Amazing Grace that left ol' Glenn quivering with boundless love. … [Read more...]

Bradlee Dean’s Absurd Column About Crime


The endlessly stupid Bradlee Dean, who once sued a news organization I worked for and got stuck with a huge legal bill he can't pay, seems to think that crime is rampant in America. "Had enough crime yet, America?" his headline asks. The article itself is mostly about support for the death penalty, about which he could hardly be more wrong. And some of his reasoning is just...baffling. … [Read more...]

And Now, a Message From Donald Trump Supporters


Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of around 20,000 in Mobile, Alabama on Friday and there was much fun to be had. He gave his usual rambling, incoherent stump speech, much of it packed with false claims and wild exaggerations. But the real fun was in talking to his fans to find out why they support him. I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out that a whole bunch of them are racist bigots who just love his xenophobic attacks on immigrants. … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz: God’s Own Candidate


As usual, we have several of the Republican presidential candidates claiming that it's God's will that they be the next leader of the free world, but Ted Cruz is really playing up that angle. At a rally for "religious freedom" -- that is, Christian privilege -- in Iowa, the state chairman of his presidential campaign told the audience that God has raised up Ted Cruz to be the nation's political savior. … [Read more...]