Yes, Virginia, Trump Really Is a Bigger Liar Than Others

A social scientist who has studied liars and lying for decades has an op-ed in the Washington Post about Donald Trump’s penchant for lying about virtually everything. As I’ve been saying all along, he really does lie more often and more shamelessly than anyone I’ve ever seen. (more…) Read more

Why the Christian Right Loves Putin

One of the reasons why the Christian right supports Donald Trump so strongly may be because of his affinity for Vladimir Putin, a man some (but not all) of them view as leading a return to traditional Christian values (bigotry, mainly). Roy Moore expressed that attitude perfectly a few months ago: (more…) Read more

Trump Wants Weigel Fired Over Inaccurate Tweet

From the Annals of Irony: Donald Trump threw a tantrum after my former AINN colleague Dave Weigel mistakenly posted a picture from his recent rally in Pensacola showing a lot of empty seats. Turned out the image was of a secondary seating part before the main hall had filled up. (more…) Read more

Trump is Going to Fire Mueller

I’ve been predicting all along that Donald Trump is going to try to fire Robert Mueller at some point. Despite his attorneys continually praising Mueller’s work in their responses, I still believe that’s going to happen. Jonathan Chait agrees. (more…) Read more

Suddenly It’s ‘Ridiculous’ to Question a Politician’s Health

During the 2016 campaign, Trump and his surrogates (both official and the ones at Fox News) tried mightily to make people question Hillary Clinton’s health because of her fainting after getting pneumonia. Now that people are questioning Trump’s health because he’s been heard slurring his words and being incoherent, it’s “ridiculous” for anyone to dare to question his health. (more…) Read more

Rich People Want Trump to Make Tax Bill Even Friendlier

As if the tax bill just passed by Congress wasn’t already a huge giveaway to rich people being dishonestly sold as a cut for the middle class, Trump’s rich friends are lobbying him to make it even better for them. Also with highly dishonest arguments. (more…) Read more

Australian Couple Won’t Divorce After Marriage Equality

During the big buildup to the vote over same-sex marriage in Australia, a couple from Canberra was so upset about the idea of equal rights that they swore they would get divorced if gay people were allowed to get married too. Predictably, they have now reneged on that promise. (more…) Read more

Steve King Dons the White Hood Again

Since Donald Trump has become the standard bearer of the Republican party, Rep. Steve King has gone from being a right-of-center conservative to revealing himself as a genuine white supremacist. He isn’t even dog whistling anymore, he’s broadcasting it openly: (more…) Read more

Judge Alex Kozinski Accused of Sexual Harassment

With the retirement of Richard Posner, Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals took over the unofficial title of the most powerful and influential federal judge not on the Supreme Court. He has now been accused of sexual harassment by several former law clerks. (more…) Read more

Moore Thinks America was Great During Slavery

Newsweek reports on comments made by Roy Moore while campaigning a few months ago when he was asked when he thought America had last been a great nation. His response: During slavery. Because the family was “united.” Whatever the hell that means. (more…) Read more

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