Bakker: Satan Wants to Kill Trump

Con artist Jim Bakker loves him some con artist Donald Trump, so much so that he's practically elevated him to the status of God himself. But he says Satan is trying to kill Trump, figuratively if not literally, because Trump is a miracle from God. … [Read more...]

And Another Trump Tweet Comes Back to Haunt Him

Donald Trump receives another visit from the Ghost of Christmas Tweets Past, this time a tweet from last year's campaign when he criticized Hillary Clinton for accepting money from the Saudi government for the Clinton Foundation. … [Read more...]

Root: Trump Being Crucified Like Jesus

Wayne Allyn Root continues to be Donald Trump's chief sycophant, so much so that he's now comparing him to Jesus Christ (you know, like it said when those two Corinthians walked into a bar). He says "they" are trying to crucify Trump just like they did Jesus. … [Read more...]

Joyner: God Set a Comey Trap for Trump’s Enemies

Professional con man Rick Joyner is really providing a great deal of amusement to me lately as he comes up with one asinine claim after another about Trump. The latest is to claim that God set up the Comey firing to set a trap for Trump's enemies in order to take them out. … [Read more...]

Dear Anderson Cooper: Stop Hosting Jeffrey Lord

Anderson Cooper had professional Trump fellater Jeffrey Lord on his show, as he so often does, and criticized him for always reflexively defending Trump no matter what. "If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it," Cooper said. And he's right. … [Read more...]

Tucker Carlson Fans Threaten and Harass Guests

Media Matters notes that guests on Tucker Carlson's show, which replaced Bill O'Reilly in the Fox News lineup, are routinely being harassed and threatened by his viewers. And they don't even include one of the worst examples, Amanda Knief of American Atheists. … [Read more...]

Another Trump Tweet Comes Back to Haunt Him

Donald Trump's Twitter feed is like a one-stop shop for hypocrisy and stupidity. Time after time, he tweeted a criticism of Obama before doing the exact same thing himself once he was elected. This time it's about the first ladies not wearing headscarves in Saudi Arabia: … [Read more...]

Black Congressman Gets Lynching Threats Over Call for Impeachment

Life in allegedly post-racial America: A black congressman from Texas called for the impeachment of Donald Trump last week and, predictably, started getting death threats. Specifically, Trump supporters threatened to lynch him and all the other "fucking niggers." … [Read more...]

Trump Considering Incoherent Attack on Mueller

Reuters reports that the Trump administration is considering making a rather incoherent argument to undermine the investigation of newly-named Special Counsel Robert Mueller, arguing that because his now-former law firm represented two possible targets of that investigation, he can't hold that job. … [Read more...]

Pruitt’s Gutting of EPA Helps His Political Paymaster

Scott Pruitt, the anti-environmentalist head of the Environmental Protection Agency -- aka the arsonist who got to be Fire Marshal -- is gutting one regulation after another, to the delight of rich and powerful polluters. And that includes one of his own benefactors from Oklahoma, where he was Attorney General. … [Read more...]

Oh, Trump Made His BFF Really Mad

Trump is on his first trip abroad as president and he's already angering his BFF, Roger Stone. Stone was upset that Trump is playing nice with Saudi Arabia and he took to Trump's favorite place, Twitter, to express his displeasure. … [Read more...]

Are There More Atheists Than People Think in America?

Five Thirty Eight has an article that looks at a recent study that found that roughly one quarter of Americans don't actually believe in God, a higher estimate than most other surveys have found. But the study was done in a novel way: … [Read more...]