A Muslim Marine Brilliantly Trolls Trump


After Donald Trump has publicly entertained the idea of creating a national registration database of Muslims and making them carry special identification, a Muslim man in the Marine Corps brilliantly trolled Trump on Twitter by showing the ID badge he already carries: … [Read more...]

Harvey: Missouri Protesters Will Join ISIS!


Linda Harvey is one of the most extreme and ridiculous voice on the Christian right, especially when it comes to The Gay, a subject on which she is a thoroughgoing bigot. Her latest bit of stupid comes in a column at BarbWire in which she says that the students who protested at Missouri and other universities are going to be recruited by ISIS and become terrorists. … [Read more...]

Neil Carter Nails It Perfectly

This post by Neil Carter is a perfect example of why I think he is such an important new voice in atheism. In it, he provides tremendous documentation for a pattern I've been pointing out for years, the tactic of Christian apologists who claim that Christianity is the cause of enormous social changes that they were strongly against at the time. Slavery, for example: … [Read more...]

Carson Dishonestly Retreats From Schiavo Position

Credit: Michael Vadon https://goo.gl/cS3vxP

As I expected, Ben Carson is trying to walk back statements he made about the Terri Schiavo case a decade ago because those comments are likely to anger the Christian right base he is trying to appeal to. And he's doing so quite dishonestly, pretending that the only thing he said was that it was "much ado about nothing" and that this was -- of course -- "taken out of context." … [Read more...]

Huckabee, Cruz, Jindal Refuse to Repudiate Swanson

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Rekha Basu of the Des Moines Register has been trying to get Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal to go on the record about their presence at a "religious liberty" conference put on by Kevin Swanson, who openly advocates that gay people should be put to death (by stoning, specifically, as Leviticus demands). They seem to want to do anything but address the matter. … [Read more...]

The Syrian Refugees and the Fascist Impulse

The reaction in this country to the Paris terrorist attacks has reached an absolutely frightening stage where people are seriously offering up policies borrowed, quite literally, from the Nazis. As the right wing continues to pretend that the Syrian refugees and ISIS are the same thing, some of them are suggesting policies that should horrify any reasonable person. Donald Trump, for example, thinks maybe Muslims should have to carry ID badges. … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, ‘Murika

You can't find a better representation of the American right wing than this. In Virginia, a Muslim group is trying to build a new mosque and a bunch of dumbass, ignorant goobers showed up and started screaming about how all Muslims are terrorists. It got so bad that a sheriff's deputy had to break up the meeting. I'm so glad Sam Harris tells us that Islamophobia is a totally made up thing and doesn't actually exist. … [Read more...]

Texas SBOE: Experts? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Experts.


From the Department of Totally Unsurprising News: The Texas State Board of Education voted down a proposal by one of its members that would have established panels of experts from universities in the state to review the accuracy of textbooks in their specialty areas before the board votes on whether to adopt them. Because why in the world would you want knowledgeable people rather than right-wing cranks deciding what's in the textbooks? … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz Is Apparently a 12-year Old


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more childish, Ted Cruz decides to put on a junior high school bully act in response to President Obama criticizing the proposal by several Republican presidential candidates that only Christian refugees from Syria be allowed into the United States. Calling that criticism an “insult,” he double dog dared Obama to say it to his face. No, seriously, he actually used those words. … [Read more...]

Trump Does the Secret Sources Thing Too


For months, Donald Trump has been claiming that Obama is planning to bring in 250,000 Syrian refugees, which is a rather blatant lie. The number is 10,000 by the end of 2016. That is the figure they notified Congress of in a mandatory filing on refugee resettlement that is made every year. When asked why he keeps lying about this, Trump took a card from Ben Carson and claimed he has secret sources. … [Read more...]

Shoebat: Victims of Paris Terrorist Attack Had it Coming


Deranged Christian fascist Theodore Shoebat says that God allowed Muslim terrorists to attack Paris because the French deserve it for "sucking up" to "secular trash." And the people who were at the concert at the Bataclan, they really had it coming because they were listening to evil heavy metal and were thus devil worshipers. "Don’t Pray For France, France Is A Godless Nation That Deserved To Be Attacked. France Supports Terrorists And Kills Christians, And Needs To Be Punished," says the h … [Read more...]

What Caused the Paris Attacks? Selfish, Childless Women


It's kind of fun watching the loony right try to figure out who is to blame for the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. So far we've had feminists, Obama (of course), Mikey Weinstein and, my personal favorite, Duran Duran (seriously). But William Murray, the unhinged son of Madilyn Murray O'Hair (who was pretty unhinged herself), blames it all on selfish European women who won't have children. … [Read more...]