Alex Jones: False Prophet

If you thought the religious right "prophets" were highly inaccurate in their predictions, take a look at this video of Alex Jones predicting dozens of things that never happened. Alex Jones is a long line of tradition going back to the John Birch Society, people who are always predicting impending doom. And the fact that they're almost never right doesn't seem to bother their followers in the least. … [Read more...]

TX Fertilizer Plant Failed to Disclose Hazardous Materials

Here's one likely reason why the explosion at that fertilizer factory in West, Texas was so massive. According to Reuters, the company had failed to report stores of ammonium nitrate that were more than 1300 times more than they were supposed to have without DHS oversight. … [Read more...]

Nugent’s Inane Screed

Ted Nugent has reacted to the arrest of one of the Boston Marathon bombers in exactly the manner one would expect, with an inane explosion of ignorant rage that boils down to "let's kill him as quickly as possible." And for some reason, he thinks this has something to do with voodoo. … [Read more...]

Judge Voids ND Medication Abortion Ban

A judge in North Dakota has declared unconstitutional a law passed in North Dakota that forbid the use of medications to induce abortion during the first trimester. The judge called arguments that such procedures are dangerous “exaggerated or contrived." … [Read more...]

Kansas School Offers Creationist Assembly

The ACLU is trying to get a Kansas school district to cancel a mandatory school assembly put on by the Creation Truth Foundation, an Oklahoma creationist group. The assembly is going to be about dinosaurs, which this group claims were in the Bible and lived alongside human beings. … [Read more...]

No More Trial by Twitter

One of the most appalling aspects of last week's search for the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings was the fact that several people had their names smeared because they were named as suspects -- not by the police or the FBI, but by people on Reddit, Twitter and other internet forums who thought they were helping the authorities find the bad guys and ended up hurting good guys instead. Alexes Madrigal has a breakdown of how Sunil Tripathi, a missing Brown University student, and someone … [Read more...]

Laurie: Prayer Will Work This Time.

Pastor Greg Laurie, a columnist for the Worldnutdaily, is the honorary chairman of Joseph Farah's day of prayer and fasting that the WND is promoting like mad for Sept. 11th of this year. And he's sure that, despite all the other prayers that have ever been said, this time it's going to do something: … [Read more...]

Kuhner’s Alternate Reality

Jeffrey Kuhner has a problem. Writing at the Washington Moonie Times, he wants desperately to claim that political violence in the United States comes primarily from the left, but that flies in the face of the evidence. So what to do? Oh, just play pretend: … [Read more...]

Fischer: Ban Muslims From Coming to America

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Bryan Fischer is once again beating the drum for banning all Muslims from entering the country. Because remember, the First Amendment only applies to Christians, who generously allow others to have their freedom but retain the right to stop doing so any time they please. … [Read more...]

Washington Continues a Fact-Free Rant on 14th Amendment

Ellis Washington is still ranting incoherently about the 14th Amendment and the incorporation of the Bill of Rights against the states. Now he's complaining that freedom of speech and of the press can't be violated by state and local governments due to evil liberals and the 14th Amendment. And saying bizarre things like this: … [Read more...]

Jones Still Reporting the Wrong Suspect

As if you needed any more evidence that Alex Jones and his merry gang of nutjobs has no credibility, click on this article and you'll see that his website is still claiming that the guy arrested last week is Sunil Tripathi, a missing student from Brown University. … [Read more...]

US-Backed Dictator Escapes Justice

Gen. Efraín Ríos Montt is one of the many brutal Central American dictators the United States helped put in power in the 70s and 80s. He seized control of Guatemala in 1982 in a military coup and then went on a killing spree and instituted extremely repressive policies, especially toward the indigenous population. He was on trial for genocide, but a former crony has ended the trial and subverted justice: … [Read more...]