Texas Congressman Upset by Tweet

Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) did what politicians always do in times of tragedy and called for prayers after the Ft. Hood shooting, as though prayer was going to change anything. When a constituent replied to him on Twitter suggesting that perhaps public policy would work better than prayer, Olson was mighty upset. … [Read more...]

Harun Yahya Exposed

The Balkanist has an article about Harun Yahya (real name: Adnan Oktar), a fabulously rich and absolutely bizarre Muslim creationist from Turkey. He's been pumping out young earth creationist bullshit for decades, all while putting on a TV show like this one: … [Read more...]

Christian Fliers Distributed in Dearborn

Dearborn is a predominantly Muslim city outside Detroit and some parents there are upset that a local church was allowed to distribute a flier for an Easter celebration for kids, calling it a violation of the separation of church and state. … [Read more...]

The Obama Admission That Wasn’t

You know, even with the flagrant dishonesty of the Worldnetdaily, this article, entitled Obama Admits Waging 'War on Men,' manages to stand out. I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that there was no such admission and that the issue, in fact, has absolutely nothing to do with this mythical "war on men." … [Read more...]

Loudon’s Extraordinary Dishonesty

Even by Worldnetdaily standards, Gina Loudon is distinguishing herself with her dishonesty. She's apparently a PhD psychologist whose latest column asks the question, "Is Obama a Psychopath?" And while she says up front that "no one can make a mental diagnosis from afar," it's the equivalent of starting a sentence with "I'm not racist, but..." because she then goes on to do exactly that. And she does so by lying through her pearly white teeth. … [Read more...]

Man Tries to Burn Lesbian Couple and Children to Death

A Florida man has been arrested for attempting to burn to death a lesbian couple and their 8 children while they were sleeping. During police questioning, he said he despises their lesbian relationship and especially hates to see them kiss. So naturally, he tried to kill them. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Issues Weird Church/State Ruling

I agree completely with Hemant on the appeals court decision in the case involving the Bronx Household of Faith and its attempt to rent public school facilities during non-school hours. I'm a little astonished at the hair splitting the court is doing to deny their right to do so. Here's what the NYC public school policy says: … [Read more...]

Shocker! Allen West Uses Fake Quotes In His Book

You might want to sit down for this one lest you fall over from the shock. Failed former far right member of Congress Allen West uses a bunch of fake quotes from the Founding Fathers in his new book. Well, his ghostwriter did anyway. The book is called Guardian of the Republic, which of course is him, even if he knows so little about the thing he pretends to be protecting. … [Read more...]

Uganda Shuts Down HIV/AIDS Clinic

The horrors of that brutal new anti-gay law in Uganda are becoming more appalling by the day. The Ugandan police shut down one of the few clinics in that country that treated those with HIV and AIDS and arrested clinic staff for the "crime" of "promoting homosexuality." … [Read more...]

CEOs: Banning Discrimination Good for Business

A group of the top CEOs in the state of Michigan is telling the state that they should add sexual orientation to the list of prohibited bases for discrimination, arguing that it will be good for business by helping them attract the best employees. … [Read more...]

The Woolly Mammoth, Created on Day Six

You've probably heard by now about the idiotic controversy in South Carolina over a little girl's suggestion that the state name the woolly mammoth the official state fossil. The creationists lost their minds over it and tried to block it, managing to get this bit of educational malpractice into the bill: … [Read more...]

What Caused the Ft. Hood Shooting? Evolution. Obviously.

As always happens after mass shooting incidents, lots of people immediately conclude that it was caused by whatever they were already against and could have been prevented by whatever they were already in favor of. And what caused it? Teaching evolution in schools, of course. … [Read more...]