Comedian To Atheists: A Message From Jay Mohr

A guest post from comedian and actor, Jay Mohr, talking directly to atheists, after his appearance on Dogma Debate. You may recognize him from one of his many movies, televised comedy specials, Saturday Night Live, his tenure as a sports talk radio host, or as the original host of Last Comic Standing on NBC. But when I see Jay Mohr, I see the coolest, and most hilariously down-to-earth Christian I’ve ever been able to call “friend.” I obviously disagree with… Read more

Reasonably Controversial: How the Regressive Left Is Killing the Atheist Movement

We’re eating our own. We’re destroying our message. We’re disintegrating. Read more

Should All Humanists Be Vegan?

I’m not vegan, but I am food non-conforming veg-curious. That was my tweet from April that caused PETA to reach out to me via Twitter and start an interesting conversation about the struggle I’ve been having with my food choices. It wasn’t long thereafter, that someone reached out from PETA’s Celebrity Relations division, asking to send me a gift to “help with the journey.” Would it be a still-beating chicken heart showing me what an asshole I’ve been for the… Read more

Is The Alt-Left Creating Conservative Atheists?

Perhaps Liberals don’t want atheists on their team anymore. In fact, more nonbelievers and the religiously unaffiliated are identifying as Libertarian, Independent, and even Conservative than ever before. Why? Because the vast majority of skeptics are reasonable people, who quickly identify hyperbole and extremism, and avoid it like the plague. Many of us grew up in very religious households, watching the sheep mentality destroy relationships because facts didn’t matter, and emotional appeals were rampant. We’ve rejected the ultimate authoritarian dictator,… Read more

Grow Up, Liberals

Censorship is not the way to go. Read more

Congratulations America

Congratulations America. You’ve shown that the middle class white blue collar voter still has a voice in this country. We had no idea. Congratulations Democrats. Your corruption and deception led to the election of an unelectable hated candidate in bed with corporate America who voters don’t trust. Congratulations Misogynists. The most powerful leader in the free world will fight for your freedom to brag about sexual assault, and will never hinder your civil liberties to grab what you want. You’re safe… Read more

“Grab Them By the Pussy.” Just Words?

In response to Trump’s most recently leaked lewd comments on a 2005 Access Hollywood bus, Dr. Gina Loudon, host of America Trends, was featured on a CNN panel regarding this topic, and defended Trump by saying “they are just words!” In one sense, I have to agree with Dr. Gina. They are words. So why is it, that as a woman, I’m extremely bothered by something that didn’t physically hurt anyone? When I posted about this on social media, a commenter asked a… Read more

A 3rd Party Vote is a Vote for Scalia

As someone who was considering a 3rd party vote, everything changed for me Sunday night. Bernie was not treated fairly. I’m pissed, too. And as much of an activist as I am, I have to say, now’s not the time for protest. As I debate apologists and right-wing fundamentalists in my radio studio, I have to pick my battles. I can’t go after every incorrect statement or offensive assertion, as much as my listeners would love for me to. I… Read more

Responding to Bryan Fischer

A few minutes into my radio show with Bryan Fischer, he talked about a baker who refused to bake a cake “with Bible verses on it” and that the court said “It’s okay to discriminate against Christians, but not the other way around.” At the time, I didn’t know enough about the case to respond properly, so I told him, if that was the case, I’d stand with him on that being wrong. And then I did my research. Here are the… Read more

Bryan Fischer vs. David Smalley

My recent guest on Dogma Debate #271  began garnering national attention after he was hired by the American Family Association, which the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as an anti-gay hate group in 2010. Now, he’s the Host of Focal Point on American Family Radio, and essentially, my exact polar opposite. Yes, I’m talking about my conversation with Bryan Fischer. Right off the top, I admitted that having a live radio microphone in my face over the years has resulted in… Read more

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