About Jenica Crail

Jenica is the Media Relations Director for Dogma Debate. She is also a wife, mother, atheist activist and secular humanist, with a passion for justice, equality and freeing people's minds from the bondage of religion. Blogs at www.reallifebeyondfaith.com.

An Atheist’s Experience at the Ark Encounter

  July 7th, 2016 was the opening day of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, his follow-up attraction to the infamous Creation Museum. His goal was to build a replica of Noah’s Ark and to demonstrate to visitors of this attraction that the flood story is no fairy tale and was completely feasible. Ultimately, he wants to [Read More…]

Why I Am a Secular Activist

The decision of whether or not to be open about being an atheist or agnostic is a difficult one for many people. It’s often looked down upon to identify as an atheist, even by other non-believers who just have a problem with the word or have a problem with people who seek to change people’s [Read More…]