What’s Killing The Atheist Movement?

Remember when our friends could be wrong? I do. Lots of my friends were idiots growing up. Hell, I was that idiot a few times. But we stuck by each other, we worked through our issues, and we grew together. Sometimes, years later, we’d look back at things we did and apologize for being assholes. How is that possible? Because we were still there to say I’m sorry. But why did we stick it out? Because we were all we… Read more

Corruption: The New Apple Pie

My fellow Americans,   We’ve been swindled. And it’s been happening for about 200 years. The reason you think Hillary is a crook, is not because she has done something unusual for politicians. It’s because in the age of the Internet & hackers, we now have ways of finding out things we were never meant to know. News came out today that Trump will likely have to face a trial for his fraudulent Trump University, and more emails are being… Read more

An Atheist’s Experience at the Ark Encounter

  July 7th, 2016 was the opening day of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, his follow-up attraction to the infamous Creation Museum. His goal was to build a replica of Noah’s Ark and to demonstrate to visitors of this attraction that the flood story is no fairy tale and was completely feasible. Ultimately, he wants to use this attraction to win souls to Christ. He seems to believe that if he can convince people that the flood really did happen, then… Read more

Pro-Gay Atheist Sides With Christian Mingle

An atheist & LGBT ally sides with Christian Mingle on not having a gay option. Read more

Why Gun Nuts Lie – I Know From Experience

An admitted gun nut from Texas cracks down on the excuses of NRA supporters with high-powered assault rifles, and offers legislation that could fix the issue on both sides. Read more

Why I Am a Secular Activist

The decision of whether or not to be open about being an atheist or agnostic is a difficult one for many people. It’s often looked down upon to identify as an atheist, even by other non-believers who just have a problem with the word or have a problem with people who seek to change people’s minds. I had a conversation with someone just the other day who said that we should just let people believe whatever they want as long… Read more

Why I Blame Christians For the Orlando Tragedy

All of you Christians talking about anti-gay Islam? Let’s talk. Read more

Top Reasons I’m an Atheist

1.     Suppose you are God. You created evil and calamity (Isaiah 45:7). When horrible things happen to your creation, you watch and do nothing. When a human steps in to solve the problem, you take the credit and demand to be praised. And you expect me to die and spend eternity worshipping the only being who was powerful enough to prevent the suffering, yet chose not to? It’s much more logical to assume that no god exists, and this book was… Read more

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