In impossible situations, we’re called to be immovable in our confidence that God is at work around and within us. Read more

While congregations can develop strategies for outreach, what we need to do is have more children. One of the most effective environments for discipleship is the home. Read more

Augustine wrote that the faithful are called to believe the truth of the gospel “so that by believing they may obey God, by obeying may live well, by living well may purify their hearts, and with pure hearts may understand what they believe.” Read more

The most compelling homes are rarely focused wholly inward.  They’ve got a mission, an outward orientation that pours forth into the life of the neighborhood. Read more

A recent study found that while 40% of rural residents claim to know their neighbors, they are far less likely to have interacted with them. Read more

God calls us by name and invites us to call him by name, to love and cherish and reverence his name so that we can grow in depth of communion with him. Read more

As followers of Jesus, our goal is to do all things as an expression of Jesus’ teaching and ways.  This is true for those who heal and help. But it’s just as true (and maybe even more urgently so) for those who police and protect–sometimes with deadly force. Read more

We also have to come to peace with ourselves apart from whatever we accomplish.  Or don’t.  We have to find our way into an identity as beloved by God, stamped with God’s image and likeness. Read more

On this Pentecost, where’s the Holy Spirit sending and empowering you? Read more

Distraction is not depth, and at some point, we discover that the only lasting solution is to find our way back to the well. Read more

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