Is Grief Mental Illness?

Of course not! Grief is not mental illness — it is an inevitable part of the circle of life. Grief is as much a mental illness as puberty. In 1952, the first “bible of psychiatry” didn’t even refer to grief, considering it a normal reaction to the loss of a loved one. The fifth edition of [Read More…]

All this beauty will rise

All this beauty will rise to bless your sight as you look upon the world with forgiving eyes. For forgiveness literally transforms your vision…. The smallest leaf becomes a thing of wonder, and a blade of grass a sign of God’s perfection. A Course in Miracles [Read more…]

Hills of Blue

Hills of Blue When limbs fail, and skin curls and screams, You fall unto your grave, and into your dreams. But it is only a stop in your path, As through your eyes your life will flash, All the moments which you once held so dear, And your soul has now left, and you have [Read More…]