And There is A Time to Avoid Simplicity in God-Talk

In responding to a critic of his first edition of The Epistle to the Romans, Karl Barth offers a reflection on the relative importance of simplicity in his preface to the second edition (1921). One critic dismissed Barth’s first edition of the commentary with the line “Simplicity is the mark of divinity”. Barth’s reply is [Read More...]

Book Review: Evangelical vs Liturgical

Melanie C. Ross Evangelical versus Liturgical: Defying a Dichotomy Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at Review by Dr. Rhys Bezzant (Ridley College) This book defies more than a dichotomy. It also defies the odds, as it ably brings together competencies in systematic theology, liturgical studies, oral history, with an evangelical heart. Ross has [Read More...]

Andrew Lincoln and the Virgin Conception

Andrew T. Lincoln Born of a Virgin: Reconceiving Jesus in the Bible, Tradition, and Theology London: SPCK, 2013. Available at This book is an attempt to show that one can still maintain a high christology of the incarnation without believing in a literal virgin conception of Jesus. Lincoln argues that the oldest tradition in [Read More...]

Introducing the Biblica Hipsteria

Okay, does everyone remember the Bibliotheca project where a guy raised something like 1.5 million dollars to produce an ASV in four volumes with no chapter or verse numbers? I have to confess that it struck me as a  trendy Bible for hipsters with too much disposable income and I wasn’t impressed by their selection of the [Read More...]

Wolfhart Pannenberg 1928-2014

I just heard the news about the passing of German Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg. You can read a German news report posted by Jim West here. Fred Sanders has a great write up on the significance of Pannenberg here. His volume Jesus – God and Man is one of the best treatments on Christology in the 20th century. Probably [Read More...]

Doug Moo on Romans in Logos Mobile Ed

I’ve had the benefit of being able to check out Doug Moo‘s course on Romans in Logos Mobile Ed. I have to say that its a very good module which will meet a variety of needs. In sum, its quite a neat set up with over 90 short 5-8 minute videos divided into six units including: [Read More...]

Dutch Documentary on Tim Keller

See below and amazing Dutch documentary about the ministry of Tim Keller. HT: TGC outreach. [Read more...]

Douglas Green to Join Queensland Theological College

I was delighted to hear on FB that Douglas Green will be joining Queensland Theological College (Brisbane, Australia) in late 2015 as Senior Lecturer in Old Testament. The QTC principal is Gary Millar. QTC already have a great faculty and it is located in a wonderful part of Brisbane adjacent to the University of Queensland. So, ironically, an [Read More...]

The American Encounter with Vegemite

In Australia, Vegemite is a popular spread for sandwiches and toast! See this video of American kids eating it. When I teach courses at US colleges, this is what I’ll be making students eat as a punishment for not doing their assigned readings! Yes, I am that evil. Moowohaha! [Read more...]

Ioudaios as “Jew” or “Judean”

Over at Marginalia, T. Michael Law has put together a great team of folks including Adele Reinhartz, Steven Mason, Daniel Schwartz, Annette Yoshiko Reed, Joan Taylor, Malcolm Lowe, Jonathan Klawans, Ruth Sheridan, and James Crossley to chime in on the debate about how best to translate Ioudaios. This is a topic that touches upon biblical studies, [Read More...]

Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament

I’m hoping that you all know about Tyndale House which is probably one of the best research centers for biblical studies in the world. Well, the team at TH (Dirk Jongkind, Peter Head, and Peter Williams) are producing the Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament. You can read about it here with an [Read More...]

OT Teaching Position in Sydney

The United Theological College in Sydney is looking for a lecturer in OT studies beginning in 2015. See the info here. [Read more...]

The More We Know . . . the More We Understand

The more accurately we understand the historical setting of 1st-century Palestine, the more precise and faithful will be our understanding of what the incarnate Word taught, did and suffered. The more we know of the Mediterranean world of Roman antiquity, more naunced will be our understanding of the ways in which the NT’s epistles summoned [Read More...]

Chocolate Cake Does Not Lie

One of Mariam Kamell-Kovalishyn’s students at Regent College made this cake, and I love it. Make sure you read the words on the cake!! [Read more...]

Too Much Jesus in the Old Testament … Makes for a Bad Presbyterian

Over at CT, Kevin Emmert has a piece on, Can You See Too Much Jesus in the Bible? referring to WTS-Philly’s decision to “retire” Doug Green because he found more Jesus in Ps 23 than the Westminster Board was comfortable with (assuming you don’t think the real reason was to poleaxe him because he was [Read More...]