Chris Tilling Reviews N.T. Wright’s Big Paul Book

Over at Anvil, Chris Tilling reviews Paul and the Faithfulness of God, see here. He concludes: Only a few scholars have ever had Wright’s learning or brilliance, something most of us cannot pretend to imitate. At the very least he models an energy and determination to find Paul that the wider scholarly community should attempt to replicate. [Read More...]

David deSilva’s Lebanon Lecture on Revelation

Recently David A deSilva’s Introduction to the New Testament (IVP) was translated into Arabic. To celebrate this project, David gave a lecture at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary on the Book of Revelation. It’s a great talk, listen to it below: [Read more...]

Ridley Course on Apologetics for Lay People

Ridley College has put together a great on-line unit for lay people about apologetics featuring speakers like John Lennox, Tom Wright, John Dickson, and Simon Smart. It is part of the Ridley Certificate which is a program designed for Christians and Study Groups to get together to cover materials to strengthen them and encourage them [Read More...]

Why I Endorsed a Book that Dissed Me!

Andrew Malone Image

My Ridley Colleague Andrew Malone has written a book called Knowing Jesus in the Old Testament? A Fresh Look at Christophanies (Nottingham, UK: IVP, 2015). Note how the book begins:   Irrespective, its a great little discussion about the meaning of so-called “Christophanies” in the OT. So much so that I wrote this blurb for the book: [Read More...]

Latest Issue of JSPL

Here are the articles for the latest issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 4.2 (2014). Now edited by Stanley E. Porter and Christopher D. Land. Editors’ Foreword Stanley E. Porter Christ as Creator: Implications for Ecotheological Readings of Paul J.J. Johnson Leese Letter Carriers and Paul’s Use of Scripture Matthew [Read More...]

Scot McKnight’s Fellowship of Differents

Just got my copy of Scot McKnight’s  A Fellowship of Differents: Showing the World God’s Design for Life Together. A great piece by Scot on the nature of the church and what it means to really “be” the church. Great mix of biblical exposition, theological reflection, biting exhortation, and memorable illustrations. The chapters on “The Table of [Read More...]

Michael Bird’s Lecture on Romans Now Online

Here is my lecture for Lincoln Christian University’s Las Vegas extension campus professorial lecture delivered in Las Vegas in November 2014. My thanks to Paul Trainor for posting it on-line. [Read more...]

Book Review: NIDNTTE

Moises Silva (ed.) New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis 5 vols.; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at When this behemoth landed on my doorstop I was little more excited than when I get most book packages. The  NIDNTTE is a terrific reference source for Greek words and their meanings. To give [Read More...]

Book Notice: Let Creation Rejoice by J. Moo and R. White

Jonathan A. Moo & Robert S. White Let Creation Rejoice: Biblica Hope and Ecological Crisis Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. Available at I know that any talk about the environment can elicit a sway of responses ranging from a new age-esque earth worship to the other extreme of advocates for environmental vandalism. In this book, Moo [Read More...]

Book Notice: The Text of the OT

Ernst Würthwein The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica. 3rd Edition. Revised and expanded by Alexander Achilles Fischer. Translated by Erroll F. Rhodes. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014. 363 pages. Available at By Jill Firth Würthwein’s classic Der Text des Alten Testaments was first published in 1952, and the fifth [Read More...]

Book Notice: Blenkinsopp Festschrift

Richard J. Bautch and J. Todd Hibbard (eds) The Book of Isaiah: Enduring Questions Answered Anew. Essays Honouring Joseph Blenkinsopp and his Contribution to the Study of Isaiah. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. 234 pages. Available at Joseph Blenkinsopp is the John A. O’Brien Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Notre Dame. While he [Read More...]

Harold Attridge on Romans

I was poking around on where I found some interviews with Harold Attridge (Yale Divinity School) on Romans. There is a whole series of them, but particularly relevant for my students this week, is the discussion on Romans 5. Good discussion on stuff like: Original sin, universalism, grace and law, usefulness of the word [Read More...]

Preston Sprinkle Nails Homosexuality in Romans 1

My buddy and home-boy, Preston Sprinkle (Eternity Bible College, Idaho) has a cracking good article on homosexuality in Romans 1 in the latest issue of BBR. Preston M. Sprinkle, “Romans 1 and Homosexuality: A Critical Review of James Brownson’s Bible, Gender, Sexuality,” BBR 24.4 (2014): 515-28. James Brownson argued that none of Paul’s prohibitions about homoerotic [Read More...]

N.T. Wright on Marriage and Family

Somehow I missed this, it is N.T. Wright’s video for the Humanum 2014 Conference in Rome about marriage and family. Gets more interesting after 6:30 mins. [Read more...]

Baptists Beware of those Anglicans!

Over at WSJ was an article about two brothers, both brought up Southern Baptist, but one brother ended becoming a Catholic priest, and the other brother became an Anglican bishop. Al Mohler seized on this story  as reason for making sure that children growing up in Baptist churches have a good theological grounding, less they leave the [Read More...]