Richard Hays’ Lanier Library Discussion on Figural Readings of the OT in the NT

In this video Richard Hays dialogues with Lynn Cohick, David Capes, and Carey Newman about his book Reading Backwards. A great line up with some great discussion. HT: Nijay Gupta. [Read more...]

Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today

I wrote this short piece for the Harvard Christian fellowship journal Icthus on Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today. To profess that Jesus is Lord is to make no empty claim. It is the singular most important confession that a person can make about who Jesus is and about their relationship to Jesus. [Read More...]

Atonement as Payment or Forgiveness?

Over at the Missio Alliance, Pastor William Walker has an article on Payment or Forgiveness: Putting the Gospel Back into the Atonement. In the article, Walker claims that folks like Wright and McKnight have brought a great corrective to evangelical theology by trying to integrate the big-picture story of the kingdom with the theology of Jesus’ death (and here I’d [Read More...]

The “Radical Perspective” a Brief Response

I want to thank Mike for posting something on this exciting area of Pauline research. I want to also commend my friend Mark Nanos for his perseverance after many years of feeling ignored and out alone on a boat. Mark the shore is coming to you! I’m an evangelical to my core and the label [Read More...]

The Radical Perspective on Paul – Part 1: A Guide for the Perplexed

At the moment the state of Pauline scholarship could be divided into four basic camps: (1) Traditional Protestant. Paul was preacher of grace that stands in contrasts to the legalism/nomism of second temple Judaism. In some versions, this is accompanied with an implied or even explicit supersessionist view of the church as replacing Israel. (2) The [Read More...]

Ridley College Creates Program in the Eastern Mediterranean

Spend a 10-week semester in Ridley’s Eastern Mediterranean Program based in the resort city of Antalya Turkey including a study tour of Israel and archaeological field trips throughout Turkey. In a very exciting development for Ridley College, we have established an off-shore campus on the coast of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast in the city [Read More...]

Mark Driscoll’s Invitation to Hillsong Church in Sydney Withdrawn

It’s not often that religion gets top tier billing in the Aussie news cycle , but it did this week with the uproar over Hillsong inviting Mark Driscoll to speak at their annual conference which is, incidentally, the biggest Christian conference in the country. Over at ABC is the headine: Controversial pastor Mark Driscoll who likened women to [Read More...]

Matthias Konradt on “Israel” and the “Church”

Here’s another insightful quote from Matthias Konradt’s recent book Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew (Baylor-Mohr Siebeck Studies in Early Christianity) on the difference between “Israel” and the “church” in Matthew. Jesus’ people (ὁ λαὁς αὐτου) and his church (μου ἡ ἐκκλησία) are not identical. Rather, the narrative indicates that Israel and ecclesia [Read More...]

Why God Never Argues with Rabbis

One of my favourite stories from the Babylonian Talmud: It has been taught: On that day R. Eliezer brought forward every imaginable argument for his teaching about the cleanness of ovens made with sand, but the other rabbis did not accept his teaching. So R. Eliezer said: ‘If the halakhah agrees with me, let this [Read More...]

Biblical Scholar J. Louis Martyn has Passed Away

I know I’m a bit late on this, but American biblical scholar J. Louis Martyn passed away earlier this week. Martyn will be best remembered for his contribution to Johannine and Pauline studies. Including a celebrated Galatians commentary in Anchor Bible series. Sean Winter has a great tribute to him and see similar accolades from Daniel [Read More...]

Matthew and the People and Land of Israel


I have just finished a chapter for a book on Israel. I am more convinced than ever that Matthew fits comfortably within his late first-century Jewish milieu when it comes his views on question of the future for Israel as a people and Land. Look for the piece in the book which comes out next [Read More...]

Review of Ridley Online by Jennifer Guo

A great review of Ridley On-line by TEDS student Jennifer Guo Have you had a desire for formal theological education, but do not have the means to pause your life for a few years and move to a different city/state? While many seminaries are starting to develop online courses and degree programs, recently Ridley Online caught my [Read More...]

CBE Conference in L.A. this July on Becoming New

For those inclined, Christians for Biblical Equality are having a conference in L.A. in July on the them of “Becoming New: Man and Woman Together in Christ” Speakers include John Stackhouse, Ken Fong, Anne Zaki, and Adelita Garza. I’m particularly interested in Anne Zaki’s story since this is here bio: Anne Zaki was born in Egypt and earned two master’s degrees, [Read More...]

Status Quæstionis on Qumran Studies

There is a lengthy review by James H. Charlesworth over at RBL on a new book about Qumran and the Scrolls. But in the review, Charlesworth sums up what he thinks are the six basic conclusions most Qumranologists would concur about: The leading Qumranologists would tend to agree on the following six conclusions: (1) Qumran [Read More...]

The Coming Evils of Mono-Normativity

These days, we are hearing about the evils of hetero-normativity, the prejudiced and intolerant view that heterosexual relationships are somehow normal. But coming to a theatre near  you will be mono-normativity, the prejudiced and intolerant view that monogamous relationships are somehow normal. Australian activist Simon Copland has an article on Same Sex Marriage Has Been Won: But [Read More...]