Whose Religion? Which Secularism?

ABC Religion and Ethics has published my piece on: Whose Religion? Which Secularism? Australia Has a Serious Religious Literacy Problem Where I show the slipperiness of the term “secularism,” try to explain to secularists why people actually enjoy being religious, and assert that church and state should be separated but can and do work together [Read More...]

NT Job: Trinity Theological College, Perth, Western Australia

SENIOR LECTURER/LECTURER IN NEW TESTAMENT (2016) Trinity Theological College, Perth an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, invites expressions of interest and nominations for the position of full-time Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in New Testament (to begin July 2016; earlier start date is possible). The successful candidate will demonstrate: a lively personal Christian faith and [Read More...]

Revisiting Salvation in Paul’s “Judaism” with Preston Sprinkle

I’m refurbishing an old essay on “Salvation in Paul’s Judaism” and Preston Sprinkle is a good dialogue partner to spring ideas off: Paul teaches that salvation comes from Judaism in a positive sense in terms of its point of origin because Christ himself came from Israel and to Israel (esp. Rom 9:4-5). In Pauline language, Gentiles [Read More...]

N.T. Wright Conference on the Cross in Baltimore this November

For those in Baltimore or nearby, you might wanna get to this: N.T. Wright Conference: The Royal Power of the Cross November 18-19, 2015 The Ecumenical Institute of Theology of St. Mary’s Seminary & University, Baltimore, MD Wednesday, Nov. 18, 7:30-9 pm (doors open at 6 pm) Dunning Lecture: “The Puzzles of the Cross: Ancient Text, [Read More...]

Book Notice: Goldingay on Isaiah for Everyone

John Goldingay  Isaiah for Everyone London: SPCK, 2015. Available at Amazon.com Many of us have favourite passages in Isaiah, such as the promises for the child to be born in Isaiah 9, or the suffering servant of chapter 53. Other passages are puzzling, such as the disturbing vision of the last words of the book, [Read More...]

Book Notice: Goldingay on Jeremiah for Everyone

John Goldingay  Jeremiah for Everyone London: SPCK, 2015. Available at Amazon.com Goldingay’s magnum opus is nearly complete with the publication of Jeremiah for Everyone, while Lamentations and Ezekiel for Everyone will be available in April 2016, followed by Daniel and the Twelve for Everyone in June 2016. Goldingay offers an introduction which sets the Book of [Read More...]

Great Intro Video on Romans by The Bible Project

The guys at The Bible Project have produced probably the best intro video to Paul’s letter to the Romans that I’ve seen. I recommend this for churches, Bible study groups, and youth groups. Part 1 Part 2 [Read more...]

Leading Theologians Put Differences Aside to Enjoy Icecream

From the good folks at Zondervan, this is just hilarious! I think this could be the future ecumenism!! [Read more...]

Review of Lynn Cohick on Ephesians

I was glad to see a very positive review of Lynn Cohick’s NCCS volume on Ephesians posted at RBL. Cohick provides a very accessible, nontechnical commentary that is geared toward the nonspecialist. She rarely delves into the Greek text but occasionally has discussions of grammar that require some basic knowledge; the reader is expected to [Read More...]

Book Notice: Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi

Anthony R. Petterson Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi (Apollos Old Testament Commentary; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2015) Available at Amazon.com By Len Firth Anthony R Petterson’s Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi is a gem. It forms part of the Apollos Old Testament Commentary series which seeks to meet the needs of those who preach from the Old [Read More...]

Book Notice: Gender Dysphoria

Mark Yarhouse Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Challenging Culture Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at Amazon.com Reviewed by Chris Porter Gender dysphoria (GD) and transgender issues are currently a hot topic in the media and everyday discourse, thanks in no small part to the topic being thrust into the limelight by [Read More...]

Book Notice: Advances in the Study of Greek

Constantine R. Campbell Advances in the Study of Greek: New Insights for Reading the New Testament Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015. Available at Amazon.com Time to get your Greek geek on cause there are two great books out about the study of NT Greek. The first is by my friend and TEDS professor Con Campbell. [Read More...]

Brendan O’Neill on the Intolerance of the Liberal Left on SSM

Brendan O’Neill, the editor of Spiked, by his own admission a “godless Brit,” argues that the liberal left is illiberal and intolerant on how it treats dissenters of same sex marriage. See his article at The Australian on The New Dark Ages, Where the Perfectly Normal are Branded Bigots. Plus, his superb monologue on the Aussie socio-political [Read More...]

New NIV Study Bible

I just got my hands on a new NIV Zondervan Study Bible. There are some great one’s around, the ESV Study Bible and the HCSB too. The new NIV Zondervan Study Bible is edited by D.A. Carson, it has the usual maps and charts one would expect, plus a great set of notes, but also [Read More...]

Russell Moore and Catacombs, Cathedrals, and the Kingdom

A great piece by Russell Moore on Catacombs, Cathedrals, and the Kingdom. There’s a lot in church history that went wrong. The people who build the majestic cathedrals were sinners deserving of hell. So were the martyrs of the catacombs. So are we. Lots of bad decisions were made, and some of them persist. But [Read More...]