Josh Jipp on Christ is King

Fortress press had a 20 page excerpt of Josh Jipp’s book Christ is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology.  Here’s the blurb: Until recently, many scholars have read Paul’s use of the word Christos as more of a proper name (“Jesus Christ”) than a title, Jesus the Messiah. One result, Joshua W. Jipp argues, is that important aspects of Paul’s thinking [Read More...]

The Gospel of Mark and End of Exile

Just found this great quote by James Scott about the opening of Mark’s Gospel and the theme of “end-of-exile.” ‘Taken as a whole, then, the introduction to Mark’s Gospel provides a mutually reinforcing, prophetic picture of the focus and intent of Jesus’ appearance on the scene: he will be the divinely appointed messenger of a [Read More...]

Another 1 Year NT Job at Wheaton College

Another one year position at Wheaton College, this time for someone with a NT/Archaeology background. WHEATON COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF BIBLICAL AND THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Wheaton College seeks candidates who are specialists in New Testament Literature and Exegesis with expertise in Second Temple Archaeology and History or Classical Archaeology and History for a Visiting Assistant Professor of [Read More...]

Who Said That about Exile in Matt 2:18?

Can anyone name me the NT scholar who said this about the citation of Jer 31.15 in Matt 2.18? ‘The tears of exile are now being “fulfilled” – i.e., the tears begun in Jeremiah’s day are climaxed and ended by the tears of the mothers of Bethlehem. The heir to David’s throne has come, the [Read More...]

New Book on What to Do When Christians Disagree: Mending a Fractured Church

Ridley College, with guest contributor Peter Leithart, have produced a volume on what to do when Christians disagree. It called: Mending a Fractured Church: How to Seek Unity with Integrity (Bellingham, WA: Lexham, 2015) edited by Michael Bird and Brian Rosner. This volume seeks to answer such questions about pursuing unity amidst diversity and controversy, looking [Read More...]

Did Matthew think that Peter was a False Disciple?

Kevin Emmert has a piece over at CT about Robert Gundry’s controversial new book which argues that Matthew’s Gospel portrays Peter as a false disciple of Jesus. The book in question is Peter-False Disciple and Apostate According to Saint Matthew and you can watch Gundry’s lecture about his thesis of Matthew’s portrayal of Peter here. The CT [Read More...]

1 Year NT Post at Wheaton College

Wheaton College seeks candidates who are specialists in New Testament Literature and Exegesis for a Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament. The position is a non tenure-track appointment for one year with possible extension to three years to begin in August 2016. The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. completed by time of employment, evidence [Read More...]

N.T. Wright on Cruciform Theocracy

After reading a few blog feeds I made the mistake of googling “N.T. Wright” and “Theocracy” and the hysteria from critics is something to behold. You can read about it on the UK’s Christian Today and see the reaction at the UK’s National Secular Society. Andrew Perriman has his own take on the debate here. Truth be [Read More...]

Rahner’s Rule and Theological Humour

If you know anything about twentieth century trinitarian theology, then you’ll find this funny:   Me and my colleague Scott Harrower with Sharm in the middle like Jesus between two thieves. [Read more...]

Is the Word “Evangelicalism” Worth Keeping

Over at the Aussie Bible Society page, Michael Jensen has a great post on Evangelicalism: A Word Worth Keeping. I know American friends who have abandoned the term because in the USA what counts as “evangelical” is now so broad as to be meaningless as the current spate of support of so-called evangelicals for Donald [Read More...]

Stan Porter’s New Romans Commentary is Out!

I just saw on Amazon that Stanley Porter’s much anticipated Romans commentary is now out. No doubt will be worth checking out. So new or forthcoming Romans commentaries now include Bird (SGBC), Longenecker (NIGTC), Thielman (ZEC), and Gaventa (NTL)! [Read more...]

Ed Sanders on Paul as Human and Missionary

Ed Sanders has a great essay on “Did Paul’s Theology Develop?” in the Richard Hays festschrift The Word Leaps the Gap where he offers a nice summary of Paul as “human and missionary.” He writes: First, a reminder about Paul himself, whom we have been discussing as a theologian: he was also a human and a [Read More...]

Alvin Plantinga on the Pejorative Term “Fundamentalist”

I have been called a fundamentalist, a moderate, and a liberal. Even worse, I was once accused of being … I struggle to say it … “English.” On “fundamentalist” as a term of derision, David Lincicum posted a great quote on FB from Alvin Plantinga that I thought worth sharing: We must first look into [Read More...]

Book Notice: The Story Luke Tells

Justo L. Gonzalez The Story Luke Tells: Luke’s Unique Witness to the Gospel Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at Justo Gonzalez, known for his works on church history, turns his hand to the first church historian, St. Luke. This is a short and quaint little book on Luke-Acts which touches on some interesting [Read More...]

Latest Issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters (2015)

Some great articles in the latest issue of JSPL: Siu Fung Wu Participating in God’s Purpose by Following the Cruciform Pattern of Christ: The Use of Psalm 69:9b in Romans 15:3 Matthew E. Gordley Galatians and the Progymnasmata on Refuting a Law: A Neglected Aspect of Pauline Rhetoric Jamin Hubner Revisiting authenteo in 1 Timothy 2:12: What [Read More...]