On-line N.T. Wright Courses on Galatians, Gospel, and PFG

David Seemuth of the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study has developed N.T. Wright Online where folks can, relatively inexpensively, do a number of on-line not-for-credit courses with N.T. Wright on topics like Galatians, Simply Good News, Worldviews and the Bible, and Philippians, with Romans and Paul and the Faithfulness of God set to come in [Read More...]

John Goldingay: Do We Need the NT?

John Goldingay Do We Need the New Testament? Letting the Old Speak for Itself. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at Amazon.com This book, mostly a collection of lectures by John Goldingay, allows Goldingay to play the part of provocateur by pushing back on doctrines of scripture that are too NT-centric and schemes of hermeneutics [Read More...]

A New Tool in Pastoral Care for Seminary Students

As a lecturer in a theological college, I’m constantly worried about my students, and always wondering how I can provide meaningful pastoral care for them during their studies. I frequently have students coming to my office feeling anxious, afraid, angry, or aggrieved. In any given week, I will have a 19 year old young man [Read More...]

A Great New Book About Herod the Great


I just spent the day enthralled in an excellent new book about Herod the Great. Its called The Many Faces of Herod the Great. Herod the Great mesmerizes me. I have a fascination with his life and career. I’m impressed with this political acumen and his architectural prowess. He’s know as the patron saint of [Read More...]

Engaging Josh Jipp and his Christ is King, Chapter 3, Josh’s Response

Josh responses to my engagement with his chapter three in Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology. – I’m glad to hear that reading the book is providing further confidence in your own approach to Pauline Christology! I’m looking forward to seeing the reception of chapter 3 given the dominance of understanding Paul’s Christ-hymns (esp. Col. [Read More...]

The Glory of the Israel’s Davidic King and Yahweh

Crispin Fletcher-Louis was gracious to take up the conversation about Josh Jipp’s third chapter over at his Jesus Monotheism in response to my post. In particular he discusses my reference and interpretation of Psalms of Solomon 17:30-31. I was unaware of his discussion of this in his own work and his dependence on Bauckham. Crispin writes, [Read More...]

Engaging Josh Jipp and his Christ is King, Chapter 3: King and Praise

I continue my dialogue with Josh Jipp on his new book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology. A few weeks back I began a series of posts engaging Josh’s chapters – find last post here and Josh’s response here. He has graciously agreed to respond to my posts. We have been finding much common ground [Read More...]

Con Campbell Responds to Criticism of his Advances in the Study of Greek

Con Campbell’s fine book, Advances in the Study of Greek: New Insights for Reading the New Testament, received quite a barrage of criticism from Nicholas Ellis and Michael Aubrey in a recent review in Themelios. My good friend Con asked me to post his rejoinder of their critique and I’ve gladly put it up here for all to view. [Read More...]

I. Howard Marshall (1934-2015)

I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of I. Howard Marshall. Just yesterday I was reading his volume Origins of Christology and it reminded me of the stature of his work and even his boldness in going against (at the time) the scholarly grain. Howard’s influence is not simply through his many writings, but also through [Read More...]

Book Notice: Richard Bauckham on Gospel of Glory

Richard Bauckham Gospel of Glory: Major Themes in Johannine Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2015. Available at Amazon.com This is yet another good book on themes and issues from John’s Gospel by the indefatigable Richard Bauckham. It is based on several lectureships and previously published articles. The book has three highlights for my money. Chapter [Read More...]

Being a Christian at Work During Christmas

Over at Ethos, my friend and colleague, Kara Martin, has a great piece on Being a Christian at Work – at Advent and Christmas. I’ll give you a hint, protesting about Starbucks cups is not how it is done! For those who are conscious of God’s Spirit, Christmas is a time of praying for opportunities [Read More...]

Ben Myers – Faith Gives Fullness to Reasoning

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, Australian/Greek philosopher N.N. Trakakis wrote an essay on Why I Am Not Orthodox which quickly becomes Why I am not Religious. He documents his journey from Greek Orthodoxy to Atheism. In response, Ben Myers has a great rejoinder on Faith Gives Fullness to Reasoning: A Response to Nick Trakakis. [Read More...]

The Best Selling Books at SBL 2015

SBL has produced a great little video of the bestselling books at the recent SBL conference in Atlanta. Now, even more, I wish I had been there! [Read more...]

Rudolf Bultmann, “Theologian of Perpetual Advent”


This morning I opened a package which contained the new book by David W. Congdon on Rudolf Bultmannwritten in the excellent Cascade Companion series published by Cascade Books. I read the introduction and briefly scanned the table of contents. My eye caught the title of the final chapter, “Advent.” It is of course the season [Read More...]

Themelios Review of my Gospel of the Lord

The latest issue of Themelios is out and it includes Mark Strauss’ review of my book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Strauss offers a very generous conclusion: This is an excellent book, a perfect complement for seminary level courses in the Gospels or New Testament introduction. While avoiding technical [Read More...]