Timothy George on Baptism, Sacraments, Unity, and Church History

Over at Trinity House, my favourite Southern Baptist, Timothy George presented the John Williamson Nevin Lectures. The topics are: 1. Recovering the Baptismal Theology the Early Church 2. Being Baptized More and More: Luther on Baptism and the Christian Life 3. How Calvin was wrong about Baptism and Right about the Lord’s Supper 4. John [Read More...]

Markus Bockmuehl Appointed as Dean Ireland Professor at Oxford

David Lincicum announced that Markus Bockmuehl has just been appointed as Dean Ireland’s Professor of Holy Scripture at Keble College in Oxford replacing Christopher Rowland. Congrats to Markus. He’s a great scholar. I still treasure his book This Jesus as a useful and highly informed volume. Plus his stuff on Jewish Law in Gentile Churches and [Read More...]

Andy Stanley, Revelation, History, and Faith Foundations

American Mega-Pastor Andy Stanley has courted controversy with a tweet he put out: “Why we must teach the next generation the FOUNDATION of our faith is a an EVENT not a BOOK” Strictly speaking, Stanley is right. According to Scripture the foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ. As Paul says, “For no one can [Read More...]

Todd Billings on Reformed Catholicism

In a recent article, J. Todd Billings (“Catholic and Reformed: Rediscovering a Tradition,” Pro Ecclesia 23.2 [2014]: 132-46) argues that the church can escape its cultural captivity by pursuing a biblical, Christ-centered renewal along the line of retrieval of its Catholic-Reformed tradition. According to Billings, the mainstream church is culturally enthralled to what some sociologists call a [Read More...]

Book Notice: Alister McGrath, Lord and Saviour

Alister McGrath Lord and Saviour: Jesus of Nazareth London: SPCK, 2014. Available at Amazon.com Alister McGrath’s next book in his Christian Belief for Everyone series is about Jesus. McGrath exposits the person and work of Jesus through a wonderful mixture of biographical anecdotes, scriptural reflection, and quotations from church history. Expectantly there is a lot of C.S. [Read More...]

Graham Cole Reflects on Leon Morris

Over at the Ridley website, Graham Cole (Prof. of Theology at Beeson Divinity School and former Principal of Ridley) reflects on the life and work of Leon Morris. He writes: Leon knew how to preach the cross too. I recall meeting folk in Melbourne who had been brought to Christ through a sermon on the [Read More...]

The End of Reformed Evangelical OT Scholars … Once More!

Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) has announced the “retirement” of Douglas Green from the seminary. His “retirement” is occasioned by the findings of the board of trustees that his hermeneutical approach to the NT use of the OT is no longer acceptable to the board’s interpretation of the Westminster Standards. Apparently Douglas Green’s article on a [Read More...]

Paul as Pastor: Conference at Ridley College in August 2014

Ridley College is hosting a two-day conference on Paul as Pastor to be held in Melbourne on 1-2 August. The conference will feature keynote speakers, Robert Yarbrough (Covenant Theological Seminary), Trevor Burke (UK), Sarah Harris (Carey College) and Brian Rosner (Ridley Principal). Along with Ridley Melbourne faculty there will also be speakers from five states of Australia, [Read More...]

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.16.15 AM

I was in Israel a few weeks ago and shot a number of videos. In this video I introduce the Dead Sea Scrolls and describe their significance for Christian faith. For an accessible introduction check out my book The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls: How They Were Discovered and What They Mean [Read More...]

What’s So Great About the Ascension?

Question: Why does God the Father always have to use his left hand? Answer: Jesus because is sitting on his right hand! That’s a corny joke I know, but a good opener to talk about Jesus’ ascension, the moment which marks Jesus’ departure from the earth and the beginning of his heavenly session. Sadly, the [Read More...]

Nijay Gupta on the Bird-Ehrman Round Up

Nijay has some good final reflections on the HJBG and HGBJ books. See here. On the positive side for Ehrman, he writes: Confession: I am using Bart’s book as a textbook for my NT Christology course, and I genuinely hope students will take his arguments seriously and engage his evidence as rigorously (and openly) as his [Read More...]

Female Voices, Sydney Anglicans, and Adelaidian Bishops

My friend John Dickson’s book Hearing Her Voice (HHV) caused a stir in Sydney Anglican circles with his book arguing for women preaching in church resulting in a response volume called Women, Sermons, and the Bible edited by Peter Bolt and Tony Payne (WSB). Bishop Tim Harris, an Anglican Bishop in Adelaide. is currently reviewing WSB and [Read More...]

How Luke Geraty Changed His Mind on Women in Ministry

Over at ThinkTheology, Luke Geraty describes how he changed his mind on women in ministry. He describes his journey and how it was shaped by reading scripture afresh, books that forced him to think things over, and experiencing the wonderful ministry of women around him. And glad to see that I had something to do [Read More...]

Brian Rosner on Why Did Jesus Rise?

We all know that Jesus died on the cross to procure our forgiveness through his atoning death, but why did he rise from the dead? Apocalyptic party trick? Proof of life after death? Something to use to mess up anti-supernaturalistic theologians? Well, Brian Rosner has a good little piece on why Jesus rose from the [Read More...]

N.T. Wright on Pentecost

Its Pentecost Sunday, the one day of the year where we are all Pentecostal … to some extent or other. Any way, here’s a great quote from N.T. Wright’s Pentecost sermon from 2009: The claim of Pentecost, from Acts 2 and Ephesians 4 and Romans 8 and all those other great Spirit-texts in the New [Read More...]