Latest Episode of The Now and the Not Yet – Allah, Romans, and Lost Letters of Pergamum!

In the latest episode of The Now and the Not Yet we: – Discussion on “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?” – whoa, big controversy here! – Review of Richard Longenecker’s Romans in the NIGTC series. – Review of Bruce Longenecker’s Lost Letters of Pergamum. – Michael Bird is forced to drink coffee against his will! Remember, [Read More…]

Peter Leithart plugs What Christians Ought to Believe

Presbyterian theologian Peter Leithart (Theopolis Institute) gives a nice plug to my imminently released book What Christians Ought to Believe over at First Things. Of late, many within the evangelical Protestant world have been calling for some form of ressourcement, renewed attention to the early church’s creeds, theologians, liturgies, and practices. Michael Bird’s What Christians Ought To Believe is [Read More…]

Symposium on Religion and Free Speech with Tim Wilson and Mike Bird

On Tuesday 12 July 2016, I will be speaking at Mentone Baptist Church in Melbourne along with Tim Wilson (former Australian Human Rights commissioner and Liberal candidate for Goldstein) on a symposium about “Freedom of Speech in Australia.” My particular topic will be: Free Speech, Religion, and the New Tolerance. You can get info here and [Read More…]

When to Disobey Government – Quick Look at Romans 13

Given the election season in the USA and Australia, it is fitting that Zondervan’s Jeremy Bouma posted a summary of my take on Romans 13:1-7 from my commentary on Romans in the SGBC series. Caveat: When to Resist Governing Authorities Is Paul’s teaching an unqualified statement that gives “governments a license to do whatever they [Read More…]

Scott Harrower on Dante and the Three Beasts

Scott Harrower continues his Christian Imaginations series on Dante. [Read more…]

Creeds and Confessions in the New Testament

The other week I had the pleasure of having coffee (i.e. coke) with Keith Stanglin from Austin Graduate School of Theology where he kindly gave me a copy of their journal Christian Studies which had several nice pieces, including one by Jeffrey Peterson on “Confessions of Faith in the New Testament.” There Peterson briefly discusses texts [Read More…]

On-line Course with Tom Wright on Romans

From the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study, there is an on-line Udemy course with N.T. Wright on Romans you can do with the first two episodes available for free as a preview. Pitched at a lay level, ideal for small groups, and individual Bible study. [Read more…]

Female Deacons in the Catholic Church?

In regards to Pope Francis’ willingness to call a commission to investigate whether women can serve as deacons in the Roman Catholic Church, a few writers have had something to say. First, Candida Moss wrote for The Daily Beast with a piece on “Does Pope Francis Have a Precedent for Female Priests?” If women were to be [Read More…]

Memorials to British Theologian John Webster

I’m sure many of you have heard the news this week that British theologian John Webster unexpectedly passed away. Webster was a professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland and a celebrated Christian scholar. Stephen Holmes wrote a tribute to Webster for Christian Today and over at Mere Orthodoxy are some nice words about Webster’s description. [Read More…]

Wonderful Student Documentary on the Gospel of Judas

Christian Askeland taught an Honours course at Indiana Wesleyan University where he got students to make a short documentary about the Gospel of Judas … and it is really good. The young sheila Rachel Price (about 15:00 mins) is hilarious, I just want to fix her pronunciation so badly! I’m tempted to assign a task [Read More…]

My Top 8 Podcasts Programs … You’ll Want to Know Them Too!

I thought I’d share my top eight favourite podcasts programs: 8. Eric Metaxas Show.  I enjoy the Eric Metaxas show, it keeps me informed of politics and culture wars in America, Metaxas is super smart and quirky, but I’m silently grieving his (tacit) support for Trump. 7. Word Matters by Brandon Smith and Trevin Wax. These are two of [Read More…]

Review of Richard Hays on Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

Over at Faith and Theology, Jeff Aernie has a great review of Richard Hays’ new book Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels. Hays has provided another masterful foray into the hermeneutical question of how the New Testament authors read Scripture:Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels (Baylor University Press, 2016). In this volume Hays turns his attention [Read More…]

First Review of What Christians Ought To Believe

Over at Theology in the Raw,  Josh Cramer  reviews my soon-to-be-released volume What Christians Ought To Believe: An introduction to Christian Doctrine through the Apostles’  Creed. Bird writes well and accessibly, at home quoting Irenaus/Pannenberg/Balthasar and Stephen Colbert/Joan Osborne/Star Wars. He combines solid biblical scholarship with good historical, churchly theology to ground the Creed in the Scripture’s [Read More…]

Go Ahead, Evangelicals, Use the P-Word! My Article for Christianity Today on Priesthood

Over at Christianity Today is my article “God Ahead, Evangelicals, Use the P-Word,” about my journey into the Anglican priesthood and the meaning of priesthood for all types of Christian service whether ordained or not. This past November, at the gorgeous St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne, I was ordained as a priest in the Anglican [Read More…]

Reviews of God and the Faithfulness of Paul

Over at Exegetical Tools is great review of God and the Faithfulness of Paul (see description here), which includes a nice sales pitch at the end: I highly recommend it to any students of Pauline theology and even to pastors who want to engage in rigorous Pauline debates. For Pauline scholars, it would be irresponsible not to own [Read More…]