Why Say the Creeds?

Matt Chandler has a great sermon series on the Apostles’ Creed with some good resources including wallpapers and music suggestions. I also love how he describes the importance of the creeds to The Village Church in the first sermon: Here’s something to think about. When the early church recited this, it was simultaneously their greatest [Read More...]

Women Deacons for the Catholic Church?

Interesting piece in HuffPo about the possibility of female deacons in the Catholic church. Jesus’ Apostles established the order of deacons mainly to carry out the charitable mission of the church. In the Catholic tradition, the role was eventually subsumed into the priesthood, until the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s revived it as an [Read More...]

TGC-A Review of The Gospel of the Lord

Over at TGC-A, Hefin Jones has a nice review of my The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Who should read this book? Anyone who has a shred of interest in historical Jesus research. If you are anything like me and haven’t read enough serious literature on the Gospels [Read More...]

TULIP of the Apocalyptic Paul

Being the good reformed theologian I am, I try to break down all theologies into five points and convert them into the acronym of TULIP. Francis Watson did a good job many years ago providing the TULIP of the New Perspective on Paul (see here). Below I provide the TULIP of the “Apocalyptic Paul” Total Rejection [Read More...]

Judith Lieu on Marcion

Over at B&I, Judith Lieu gives a summary of recent research on Marcion and what it means for NT studies and Christian origins: Marcion and the Idea of Heresy. Well worth a read. Her new book is Marcion and the Making of a Heretic: God and Scripture in the Second Century.   [Read more...]

Why Did the Romans Persecute Christians?

So why did the Romans persecute Christians? Well, in my estimation, Roman attitudes towards Christ-believers highlight the incommensurability between Christ-devotion and Roman religion, especially in relation to the imperial cults. The Christ-believers who were persecuted under Nero in the mid-60s CE, including the probable executions of Peter and Paul,[1] were motivated by complex factors. It [Read More...]

Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Calvinism

Stephen Altrogge of The Blazing Center has a whimsical piece on Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Calvin. Among the symptoms of AOC are: A strange and inexplicable ability to listen to 300 John Piper sermons in a single day. A burning passion to convert everyone, especially your extremely godly parents WHO TAUGHT YOU THE BIBLE, [Read More...]

Launch of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature

I just learned about the launch of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL). President Tony Burke writes on their site: The North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature is a scholarly organization dedicated to the study of the Christian Apocrypha, a vast assortment of texts that feature [Read More...]

The Biblical Basis of Theosis

I have some student writing an essay for me on theosis, so they will naturally appreciate Carl Mosser’s short clip explaining the biblical basis and meaning of theosis. [Read more...]

Star Wars Icons

Alex Ramos, a PhD student at University of Pennsylvania, has a set of Byzantine-style icons of Star Wars characters. You have to check it out. See here. HT: Annette Yoshiko Reed   [Read more...]

Review of John Barclay’s “Paul & the Gift”

As many of you Paulinistas are aware, John Barclay’s long awaited volume Paul & the Gift (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015) is now out. This is thought to be a landmark volume in the whole question of Jewish and Pauline soteriologies. A review has been posted at TGC-Australia’s website by Peter Orr, which you can read here. [Read More...]

Two Cool Christology Conferences Coming in 2016!

In February 2016, Valentine’s Day weekend, at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum debating aspects of Christology and Christian Origins. Speakers include Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, Michael Bird plus Bart Ehrman, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust. See details here. ****** Also, in 6-8 June 2016, is the St. Andrews Symposium  on Son of God: Divine [Read More...]

Bruce Longenecker on Apocalyptic and Salvation-History

Great quote from Bruce Longenecker on salvation-history: In effecting salvation in Christ, God has not avoided, neglected, trivialized or rendered irrelevant Israel’s situation. Instead, the situation of Israel is the arena wherein God’s transforming power has initially been operative before extending to universal proportions. The rectification of Israel’s predicament, rather than its abandonment, stands as [Read More...]

Australia is Officially Becoming a Scary Place for Christians

I have always thought that my country of Australia was a tolerant place for people of all faiths and none. However, two recent events in the last 48 hours have convinced me that this might no longer be the case as the political left is flexing its muscle to gag and persecute Christians who publicly express views [Read More...]

What Should Protestants Make of Pope Francis Mania?

Over at the Ridley Website, I have a short piece on what Protestants, Evangelical Anglicans in particular, should make of Pope Francis and his whirlwind tour of the USA. Here is my introduction: It’s hard not to like Pope Francis. On the one hand, he remains religiously and ethically conservative, while on the other hand, [Read More...]