Update on the Complementarian Trinity Debate

Just when you thought the melee was over, some interesting posts on the Complementarian Trinity Debate have gone up! Over at TGC-A, Andrew Moody has part 2 of “The Ordered Godhead.” He confesses that he is driven by an “aesthetic agenda” rather than by a gender agenda where “The idea that creation arises out of the [Read More…]

Book Notice: Anthony Thiselton on Systematic Theology

Anthony Thiselton Systematic Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at Amazon.com Reviewed by Adam Ch’ng Most systematic theologies are structured around a key organising principle, whether explicitly adopted or implicitly assumed.  For John Frame, it is the lordship of Christ.  For Millard Erickson, it is the magnificence of God.  And for Michael Bird, it [Read More…]

Still Time to Pre-Order What Christians OUGHT to Believe

Still time to pre-order and get your free ebook, book mark, and poster!   [Read more…]

Michael Bird Testimony in The Challenge Newspaper

I am the subject of an article in Challenge, a Christian newspaper, where Darryl Budge describes some snippets from my life story of how I came to faith. Doubt gave way to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of the Universe, which Michael says “opened a constellation of meaning, beauty, hope, and life that I had [Read More…]

Latest Episode of The Now and Not Yet Vodcast – About the Church

In this episode of The Now and the Not Yet, we look at the church with a special focus on two books: Michael Bird and Brian Rosner (eds.), Mending a Fractured Church (Lexham Press) Jonathan Leeman, Political Church: The Local Assembly as Embassy of Christ’s Rule (Crossway) In a nutshell, in this episode we discuss the how to [Read More…]

Why the Intra-Complementarian Debate on the Trinity Matters: Theological Cultures and Tragic Lessons from Anglicanism

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Intra-Complementarian “Civil War” about the Trinity, Subordinationism, and Gender. While this might seem like a storm in a teacup or else sound like the esoteric ravings of academics, let me assure you that there is far more than that going on. My good friend and colleague, Scott Harrower [Read More…]

The Trinity Subordination Debate Gets Noticed by Christianity Today

Over at CT, Caleb Lindgren writes on Gender and the Trinity: From Proxy War to Civil War. Basically, the debate boils down to three interrelated issues: a particular understanding of the relationship between God the Father and God the Son in the Trinity; whether that relationship reflects the historic creeds of Christianity; and whether that [Read More…]

The 2016 Evangelicals and Gender Study Group Session on the Trinity

For those interested in the Calvinism Complementarian Civil War on the Trinity, you might be interested to know that at this year’s ETS meeting that the Evangelicals and Gender study group will be discussing the Trinity. Here’s the program (HT: Jamin Hubner): Lucy Peppiatt (Principal of Westminster Theological Centre): “Co-heirs of the grace of life: [Read More…]

Buy a 1-2 Timothy Commentary and Help Rick Brannan Adopt a Baby

If you like Greek exegesis, 1-2 Timothy, and helping families adopt, then go to this page and buy Rick Brannan’s commentaries on 1 and 2 Timothy! All money raised will help Rick and his wife adopt a child. Rick Brannan has produced a robust and rigorous exegetical introduction to First Timothy. This book is a [Read More…]

Uncovering the REAL Truth Behind “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife”

Whoa, stop what you are doing, cause you have to read the lengthy article in The Atlantic by Ariel Sabar on “The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’ Wife.” Sabar tracks down the author of The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and it is a cracker of a tale. It has forgery, porn, shonky businessmen, Egyptian museums, bruised egos, the east European Stasi, and [Read More…]

The Intra-Complementarian Trinity Battle Continues

Over at New City Times, Mark Jones responds to Owen Strachan with Biblicism, Socinianism, and “Arid” Scholasticism. Jones takes particular issue with Strachan for likening opponents of trinitarian subordination to scholasticism. All I can say is whoa and wow, Jones does not hold back! It is easy to argue, “we need to just follow the plain teaching [Read More…]

Fred Sanders’s 18 Theses on the Father and the Son

As the Complementarian Trinity melee winds down, I refer you all to Fred Sanders’s excellent piece: 18 Theses on the Father and the Son. I think points # 9 to # 16 are the real guts of the debate. I still have to reflect on analogates of the immanent Trinity in #17, I’m not so sure. [Read More…]

Marks Nanos Interviewed on the Paulcast about “Paul within Judaism”

Over at The Paulcast (an excellent podcast on Pauline studies, if you aren’t subscribed, why not!) Kurt Willems interviews Jewish scholar Mark Nanos about the “Paul within Judaism” approach to the Apostle Paul. Nanos’ interview is remarkable because it provides some insights into his intellectual journey into Pauline studies, he uses some interesting “Amish” analogies [Read More…]

Old Testament Teaching Position at Ridley College (Melbourne, Australia)

If you are an Evangelical, keen on the Old Testament, and would like to be my colleague here at Ridley College, then feel free to apply for this position:   [Read more…]

The Socially Progressive Paradox: LGBTI Rights and Anti-Islamophobia

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics I have an article on The Socially Progressive Paradox: LGBTI Rights and Anti-Islamophobia. Note, I wrote this article about two weeks ago, and only just updated in light of the tragedy in Orlando, Florida. My point is that there is destined to be a conflict between campaigning against religious [Read More…]