Udo Schnelle on Cross and Wisdom in Corinth

Came across this interesting and elegant thought in Schnelle (Apostle Paul [2005], 202-3): The Corinthians integrated the revealed divine wisdom into the creaturely abilities of human beings in order to make them more powerful. As they understood the matter, divine wisdom and knowledge worked as movens (mover, inciter, inspirer) of human intellectual power. Thereby the real [Read More…]

Challenges to Religious Freedom in the Future

Thanks to First Things, there is a great interview between Mark Bauerlein (senior editor at First Things magazine) with Mark Movsesian, who is a legal expert specializing in religious freedom. In the interview, Movsesian addresses what will be the likely challenges to religious freedom in the US in the foreseeable future. In Australia, in the State [Read More…]

Chris Tilling interview about Pauline Christology

Over at On Script with Matthew Bates and Matthew Lynch there is a great interview with Chris Tilling on divine Christology. Do listen to it! [Read more…]

Lewis Ayres on “Irenaeus, the Rule of Faith, and the Task of the Christian Intellectual”

There is a great essay by Lewis Ayres on “Irenaeus, the Rule of Faith, and the Task of the Christian Intellecutal” from his Academia.edu page. Well worth reading! Ireaneus does not envisage a Christian intellectual working other than at the service of the community and for the purpose of instructing others. He is concerned that [Read More…]

All Things Syriac and Syrian Christianity

I just discovered a brilliant one stop website for all things about Syriac and Syrian Christianity with Syriaca.org which provides references on places, persons, saints, authors, and hagiography in ancient Syrian Christianity. If you want to get started, try Steven C. Hallam’s Basics of Classical Syriac. [Read more…]

A Biography of Jacob Neusner

If you don’t know who Jacob Neusner is, then you probably haven’t read a book on Judaism or Christianity in the last 50 years. The dude is epic and he has written over a 1000 books, essays, articles, and entries. Aaron W. Hughes has written a book about him Jacob Neusner: An American Jewish Iconoclast (New [Read More…]

N.T. Wright’s Stocking Filler for Christmas

Will be out at SBL just in time for Christmas. Tom Wright Advent for Everyone: A Journey through Matthew London: SPCK, 2016. Tom Wright takes you into the heart of the Gospel of Matthew, exploring the key themes of watching, repenting, healing and loving.Sparkling reflections by our most popular Christian author, from Advent to Christmas. [Read More…]

HBU Conference: How the Bible Came into Being

Good news from Jason Maston. On March 2-4, 2017 the Department of Theology at HBU, in conjunction with Lanier Theological Library, is hosting the conference How the Bible Came into Being. The conference will consider the formation of the biblical canon, the literature included and excluded, and its theological significance. Our keynote speakers are James [Read More…]

Book Notice: Stanley E. Porter on Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament

Stanley E. Porter Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament: Studies in Tools, Methods, and Practice Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2015. Available from Amazon.com This is a volume of collected essays and presentations by biblical Greek guru Stanley Porter. It covers a variety of topics like lexicography, linguistics, discourse analysis, verbal aspect, with some specific [Read More…]

Should Christians Defend the Virgin Birth?

Over at the Zondervan Academic Blog, Jeremy Bouma interacts with the section in WCOB where I talk about the virgin birth. He uses the provocative title: “Should Christians Defend the Virgin Birth?” You only have to watch the famous episode of Not the Nine O’Clock News where they mock the virgin birth (“No, don’t laugh, they [Read More…]

If Only We Had Phoebe’s Lecture Notes

I’ve just finished reading through Richard Longenecker’s epic NIGTC Romans commentary and I loved what he had to say about Phoebe in Rom 16:1-2. Phoebe had been Paul’s patron during his ministry at Corinth, had most likely heard from his own lips the contents of the letter as it was being formulated, and must have [Read More…]

Mike Bird’s Romans Commentary is only $6.00 on Kindle!

Bargain bonanza, my Romans commentary in the SGBC series is now only $6.09 on kindle! It is normally $36.99, so get it while you can.   [Read more…]

What If I Told You There Was A Reasonable & Non-Homophobic Case Against Same-Sex Marriage?

Okay, this might be a tad late for friends in Ireland, UK, NZ, and the USA, but in Australia we are yet to legalize same sex marriage. So the good folks at the Australian Christian Lobby have published a short article of mine where I try to set out a reasonable and non-homophobic case against same-sex [Read More…]

Podcast Interview with Larry Hurtado on “The Destroyer of the Gods”

Over at The Deep Waters podcast is an excellent interview by Nick Peters of Larry Hurtado about his forthcoming new book Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2016). Click “podcast” to listen on-line or else subscribe via iTunes. [Read more…]

Trinity Conference in Houston this November

RTS Houston is hosting a conference on 12 November called Confessing the Triune God: Retrieving Nicene Faith for Today’s Church, with a great panel of speakers lined up: Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin | Biblical Exegesis in Fourth-Century Trinitarian Debates Rev. D. Blair Smith | Trinitarian Relations in the Fourth Century Dr. Scott R. Swain | “God from God, [Read More…]