Book Review: The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

Can the Gospel compete with alternative worldviews? A review of The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas, P. Copan & K. Litwak, IVP, by Kara Martin Available at Earlier this year I preached about contextualising our gospel in response to popular culture, for which Acts 17:16–34 was the obvious model. Paul’s speech on Mars Hill [Read More…]

The Latest Issue of JSPL is an Extended Review of N.T. Wright’s PFG

The latest issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters is dedicated to a review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. The issue features responses by Thomas Schreiner, Michael Gorman, David Starling, Martinus de Boer, Markus Bockmuehl, and Beverly Gaventa, as well as a 15 page rejoinder by N.T. Wright himself. Its [Read More…]

A Solution to the Problem of the Historical Origins of the Bible and Jesus

I found this very interesting passage in Martin Kähler’s The So-Called Historical Jesus and the Historic Biblical Christ. Kähler offers his solution to the knotty problem of the historical origins of both the Bible and Jesus. Kähler places supreme value on the history of the effects of Jesus and the Bible as evidence for its reliability and credibility. The great reality of [Read More…]

Textbooks for the Fall Semester

The required textbooks for my three courses at NPU in the fall semester: 4th Year Seminar – Topic: Theological Interpretation of Scripture Introduction to the Bible Jesus of Nazareth [Read more…]

Paula Gooder on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Over at CPX, John Dickson interviewed the British Bible Society’s resident theologian, Dr. Paula Gooder, on the historical reliability of the Gospels. [Read more…]

The “never-ending screw”

Last week I was putting up a shelf using a molly bolt. These are bolts that you use to hold something in drywall. I took my drill put the 1/2 in. diameter hole into the wall, then put in the molly. Theoretically this is to hold the screw so then you can hang your self. [Read More…]

Book Notice: Rowan Williams on Being Christian

Rowan Williams Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at I read this book over the weekend. Its rather short at only 84 pages and written in a very easy going style. Williams, now Master of Magdalene College, covers the topics of Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and Prayer, and in each [Read More…]

Latest issue of Themelios

The latest issue of Themelios (39.2) is out and features D.A. Carson on “What are Gospel Issues?” A heap of stuff on Jonathan Edwards. Plus a review of HGBJ by Jonathan Huggins. Though admittedly biased, I do like his conclusion: The idea for this project is superb and certainly serves the church well. Bart Ehrman [Read More…]

Work, Life, and Theology: A Review

Is the way we work working? A review of The Way we Work, Grffith Review. The way we work has changed profoundly with the two biggest game-changers being technology and globalisation. Rather than making life easier, and creating more leisure, technology has just made us more available. In fact, Australians have amongst the longest working days [Read More…]

The Gospel of the Lord is Now Released

My new book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus is now out! I’m a very happy little vegemite today. I’ve been working on this for several years. It’s a concerted study of the transmission of the Jesus tradition, the Synoptic Problem, Johannine “Frage”, genre of the Gospels, [Read More…]

The Gospel according to Bob Dylan

Over at ABC’s Radio National, Aussie Theologian Ben Myers is interviewed by Geoff Wood about the evangelical phase of Bob Dylan’s career. You can read and listen to the interview here. In January 1979, Bob Dylan committed an act that outraged people around the world. It had nothing to do with sex, drugs or rock [Read More…]

Living with the Enemy

An Aussie TV station, SBS, is broadcasting a series called “Living with the Enemy,” including the story of  putting an Anglican minister and a gay couple under the same room for ten days. No second prizes for guessing who the villain is in this show! The adjective “fundamentalist” pretty much gives the game away. I [Read More…]

Perspectives on Davidic Messiah – m.Ed Podcast with myself and Mark Strauss

 A month or so ago I had the privilege of traveling for a second time to Bellingham, WA to teach a course for Logos’ Mobile Education program. That same week Mark Strauss of Bethel Seminary San Diego was also teaching a course. While we were both familiar with each other, it was not until our [Read More…]

The Gospel of Mark and Syria?

Just came across this article, Warren Carter, “Mark and Syria? An Assessment,” ExpT 125.11 (2014): 531-37. It is often argued that Mark’s concern for the temple must indicate that he is in some proximity to the temple, probably from the vantage point of Syria. However, Carter argues that what creates concern and pathos for particular events [Read More…]

Richard Bauckham and Chris Marshall on “Jesus in Context”

Thanks to Carey College in NZ is a one hour lecture by Richard Bauckham and Chris Marshall on “Jesus in Context” ably introduced by my friend Sarah Harris. Worth a watch!   [Read more…]