Book Review: Strangers and Pilgrims Once More

Addison Hodges Hart Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at Pilgrims, but what do we leave behind? A review of Strangers and Pilgrims Once More, Addison Hodges Hart, Eerdmans, by Kara Martin Addison Hodges Hart is an American living in Norway, and [Read More…]

Academic Dean Position at Trinity College in Perth, Western Australia

Trinity Theological College in Perth is looking for an Academic Dean with administrative and lecturing responsibilities. See the college website here and job details here. [Read more…]

This Land is Mine

The video below is a dramatic animation about the history of violence in Palestine by Nina Paley (see her description of the project). It is arguably a secular lament for the history of war in the region. The video is also an implicit critique of religion – or at least religion with nationalistic/territorialist tenets – [Read More…]

Candida Moss on the Movie “Persecuted”

Candida Moss has a candid and critical review of the movie persecuted. Now I have to confess that I’m certainly one to whinge about secular elites regarding Christians with disdain (some Aussie secularists are pretty scary). However, Christians tend to be mocked in the media and marginalized by policy makers rather than persecuted in any [Read More…]

The Gospel of Hope

Thought for the day on the nature of gospel hope: Hope is not optimism, rather, hope is the audacity of faith under adversity. Hope is the cheering in triumph for what others deem a lost cause. Hope expiates the misery of life. Hope is currency in the land of melancholy. Hope is the dancing when [Read More…]

Advice to Younger Scholars

Over at Zondervan’s Koinonia blog is a short video I did on advice to my students, specifically, advice to younger scholars. Michael Bird, contributor to Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy, has three things to say to young Bird and young up-and-comers: (1) Don’t be a man pleaser. “Because if you go chasing respect or chasing [Read More…]

Houston Gets the Bird

Just announced, I’ll be teaching some courses for Houston Baptist University over the next few years. In an announcement, I’ve been appointed to an adjunct role as Distinguished Research Professor of Theology. Looking for Just to be clear, I am remaining at Ridley College where my primary responsibilities lie and where I’m very happy at. [Read More…]

Interview about HGBJ

Over at Books at a Glance, I did an interview about HGBJ … if anyone is still interested in that debate. [Read more…]

TGC Australia

In interesting news, an Australian chapter of The Gospel Coalition has been launched, see the details here. Good to see so many folks with Ridley College and Moore College connections featuring prominently. The Aussie Bible Society also has a write up on the organization. I do have several questions going through my mind, but on [Read More…]

Paul as Pastor Conference – Synopses of the Papers

The Paul as Pastor conference is scheduled for 1-2 August at Ridley College. It features speakers like Robert Yarbrough, Brian Rosner, Paul Barnett, Glenn Davies, Peter Orr, Sarah Harris, and others.  You can see the list of presents and topics with their synopses here. Here’s Bob Yarbrough’s key note: Robert Yarbrough (Professor of New Testament at Covenant [Read More…]

Logos Interview about Evangelical Theology

I was interviewed by Logos Academic about Evangelical Theology, read it here. Also includes a coupon for a discount code to buy the book through Logos. [Read more…]

Zondervan Biblical Studies eBook Bargain Sale

Zondervan has a great bargain sale for great ebooks on biblical studies going for only $3.99. See the link here. Books like: Kevin Vanhoozer, Is There A Meaning in This Text? Scot McKnight, Blue Parakeet. Al Mohler et al, Five Views on Inerrancy. Fee/Stuart, How To Read the Bible For Al its Worth. And more goodies [Read More…]

A Baptist View of Gaza

Over at the website Come and See, is a great post by Yohanna Katanacho on A Palestinian Baptist in the bombarded Gaza shares his thoughts and prayer requests. Do read it. Interestingly, Shadi is not harboring anger and revenge. He is part of a church that has a martyr who was murdered by Muslim extremists, and [Read More…]

Book Notice: New Atheism: A Survival Guide

Graham Veale New Atheism: A Survival Guide Fearn, Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2013. Available at This is a good little book on the New Atheists written by an Irish Presbyterian high school teacher. Veale also has a website called with various apologetics resources including articles and videos. Veale notes how atheism has been spurned [Read More…]

Con Campbell’s Evangelical Greek

Con Campbell (TEDS) is a very naughty boy as he’s done a parody video about my Evangelical Theology. Evidently I’ll have to do my own parody video on Verbal Aspect and Jazz! [Read more…]