Forthcoming Christology Showdown in San Diego

David Capes announces on his blog a session to be held at the “The Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity” section of SBL which will be reviewing Bart Ehrman’s book, How Jesus Became God, with the authors of the book, How God Became Jesus, as the respondents. Plus a few others who they hope to get [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado and Gnostic “Intellectuals”

Over at his blog, Larry Hurtado has a great response to a claim made by the Bible Hunters program that the Gnostics were basically Christian “intellectuals.” The money quote has to be: There are modern equivalents to the ancient “gnostics,” people who go for the esoteric, who imagine themselves “special” in some way, such that, [Read More…]

Thoughts on Kirsten Powers, Grace, Ghettos, & Conscience

Kirsten Powers and Justin Meritt wrote a piece in The Daily Beast about How Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate. The presenting issue is recent laws in Arizona which allow individuals and businesses the right to deny service to same-sex couples. The laws came into effect in order to protect [Read More…]

Recent Books on Greco-Roman Background to the NT which You Should Know About

I’ve always admitted that I’ve been more on the ball in the Jewish world than in the Greco-Roman world. I’ve got a fair grip on my OT, Apocrypha, OT Pseudepigrapha, Josephus, Philo, Dead Sea Scrolls, even read up on inscriptions. But reading scholars like David Aune, Stanley E. Porter, Abraham Malherbe, and Peter Oakes has [Read More…]

Seminary is Bootcamp not Summer Camp

Good video by Mark Gignilliat from Beeson Divinity School about Seminary. It actually involves hard work! Amazing, who would have thought? [Read more…]

Greetings to new Ridley Students … and a Warning!

Huzzah, today another academic year commences, another cohort of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed B.Th and M.Div students begins their academic journey here at Ridley Melbourne. I want to wish my new and continuing students a warm greetings from the blog and tell them how much I’m looking forward to our forthcoming lectures. Perhaps I’m nostalgic, but I love the beginning [Read More…]

Logos Software Here I Come!

I’m heading to the great Northwest today, to Bellingham, WA. I’ll be hanging with the good folks at Logos Software for the week teaching a course on John’s Gospel for their Mobile Ed program.  It’s a really cool way to accesses excellent teaching resources. I’m really looking forward to it and thankful for the invitation, although [Read More…]

Grace in Early Judaism and Paul

I’ve been listening to Prof. John Barclay’s Galatians course offered a few years ago at Regent College. The audio of the course is available at Regent College audio. I strongly recommend the audio course! There are number of interesting and insightful discussions as one would expect from Barclay. One thing in particular was thought provoking. [Read More…]

From Jesus to Christology

In light of two certain books about Jesus as God which are on the verge of being published, this little quote is quite interesting: If Jesus thought of himself as the decisive messenger of God’s kingdom and as mediator between God and Israel and if he used the expression “bar nasha” in that sense as [Read More…]

God’s First Decree is Christ as Saviour

Over at the blog, Evangelical Calvinism, Bobby Grow posts one of the “theses” about Evangelical Calvinism set forth by him and Myk Habets, namely, a supralapsarian christology! Don’t get lost on the word, it means that God’s decree of Christ as Saviour is logically prior to God’s decree to permit the fall. Might sound speculative, but [Read More…]

Conference: Ecclesia and Ethics II

For those interested, the St. Andrews Eccelesia and Ethics II conference, focusing on the internet, will be held on the Saturdays of March 1st and 8th. Only costs a small donation to a charity of some kind to gain entrance. What is more, registrants will receive a 35% discount of any title published by T&T Clark! [Read More…]

Doug Moo’s Galatians Commentary

This is an unorthodox endorsement of Doug Moo’s Galatians commentary. Late last year, sometime in early November I think, I bumped into Doug Moo on campus at Wheaton (I’m you might say “moonlighting” at Wheaton College teaching as a guest professor here and there). I’ve known Doug for a number of years primarily as the father [Read More…]

My New Business Cards

I’m thinking of using one of these as my new business card: Thanks to Alistair Sterne: Thanks to Anthony Le Donne: [Read more…]

Great Anti-Trafficking Video

Man, talk about sucker punch! This anti-trafficking video was shot in the red light district of Amsterdam. It is not what it first appears to be. The large gaggle of male on-lookers think that they are getting a free dance show by sexy ladies … then comes the twist! [Read more…]

Biblical Scholar Business Cards

Over at The Jesus Blog, Anthony Le Donne has done up a series of hilarious business cards for biblical scholars. Here’s a few of my favourites:   I should probably design one for Joel Willitts and he can design one for me! [Read more…]