Zondervan Biblical Studies eBook Bargain Sale

Zondervan has a great bargain sale for great ebooks on biblical studies going for only $3.99. See the link here. Books like: Kevin Vanhoozer, Is There A Meaning in This Text? Scot McKnight, Blue Parakeet. Al Mohler et al, Five Views on Inerrancy. Fee/Stuart, How To Read the Bible For Al its Worth. And more goodies [Read More…]

A Baptist View of Gaza

Over at the website Come and See, is a great post by Yohanna Katanacho on A Palestinian Baptist in the bombarded Gaza shares his thoughts and prayer requests. Do read it. Interestingly, Shadi is not harboring anger and revenge. He is part of a church that has a martyr who was murdered by Muslim extremists, and [Read More…]

Book Notice: New Atheism: A Survival Guide

Graham Veale New Atheism: A Survival Guide Fearn, Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2013. Available at Amazon.com This is a good little book on the New Atheists written by an Irish Presbyterian high school teacher. Veale also has a website called saintsandsceptics.org with various apologetics resources including articles and videos. Veale notes how atheism has been spurned [Read More…]

Con Campbell’s Evangelical Greek

Con Campbell (TEDS) is a very naughty boy as he’s done a parody video about my Evangelical Theology. Evidently I’ll have to do my own parody video on Verbal Aspect and Jazz! [Read more…]

Writing a Romans Commentary: An Interim Report

I’m just now half way through writing my Romans commentary for the SOGBC series. I plan to finish it by October/November. Let me say that it is jolly hard work. Romans is, after all, the magnum opus of the Pauline corpus, with disputed purposes, some curious text-critical problems, a plethora of exegetical problems, covering wide [Read More…]

How God Became Jesus Excerpt and a Review by Fulcrum

Over at Christianity.com is an excerpt of HGBJ. Also, there is a nice review of the book by Bowman Walton over at Fulcrum called Bauckham’s Line – A Review of “How God Became Jesus”. He writes: Bird and his co-authors ground their case for “Yes” mostly in Bauckham’s “line that monotheism must draw between the Creator and [Read More…]

A Response to Same-Sex Unions by Ian Paul

A good little booklet in the Groves series about Same Sex Unions has been put together by Ian Paul which is worth checking out. See here. The debate about same-sex unions continues to dominate the media. Within discussion, it is often assumed either that the biblical texts have little to contribute, or that, rightly understood, [Read More…]

A Pilgrim Theology

Down the road from where I am at Ridley, the Uniting Church has renamed its theological college as Pilgrim College, which is rather appropriate in light of this quote from Ernst Kasemann on Rom 8:17: “[T]he Spirit  who makes Christ present on earth is the very one who imposes on them a pilgrim theology … Only he [Read More…]

Alan Torrance on the Priesthood of Christ

Just read the last chapter by of Christology Ancient and Modern by Alan Torrance on “Reclaiming the Continuing Priesthood of Christ” and noticed these powerful words: In January 2008, my wife, Jane, died of cancer. She was the most wonderful Christian woman, wife, and mother. Watching her die in pain as the cancer spread through out her [Read More…]

Ben Myers on Teaching the Primary Sources

Over at Faith and Theology, Ben Myers has a great piece on The Joy of Teaching Primary Sources. He writes: To read books from the past is also to encounter minds with their own prejudices, parochialisms, and blind spots. But students soon discover that they are able to discern these limitations and to address them. Such [Read More…]

Book Review: Robert Cotton on Discipleship

Reimagining disciples, or the gospel? A review of Robert Cotton, Reimagining Discipleship,  London: SPCK, by Kara Martin I started off wanting to like this book, since it references much of what I am passionate about: Christians being whole-life disciples, public actors of faith in the marketplace, and making God’s presence known with creativity and grace. However, I [Read More…]

Surprised by N.T. Wright – The Podcast Part II

Mere from the guys at Mere Orthodoxy about N.T. Wright, this time their podcast includes discussing his Reformed critics. [Read more…]

This I Believe (Hillsong)

Hillsong discovers their “inner-trinitarian-orthodoxy” in this wonderful worship song “This I Believe.” Dear Hillsong, do this more, encore, encore, encore! Next I hope they do something from the Second Helvetic Confession! [Read more…]

Thomas Schreiner Reflects on the Scholarship of Leon Morris

Thomas Schreiner joins in the centenary celebration of the life and work of Leon Morris with a guest post on the Ridley Blog about Morris’ influence upon him. Leon Morris influenced me with his commentaries. His careful work in 1 Corinthians and the Thessalonian letters helped shaped my understanding of those Pauline letters. But his [Read More…]

Book Review: John Goldingay on the Psalms

John Goldingay Psalms for Everyone, Part I: Psalms 1-72  London: SPCK, 2013 Available at Amazon.com By Jill Firth (Adjunct Lecturer in Old Testament at Ridley Melbourne) The book of Psalms includes ‘about 135 things you can say to God’ according to Goldingay, with four main ways of speaking to God. We can say, ‘You are [Read More…]