Now Out: God and the Faithfulness of Paul

God and the Faithfulness of Paul is a volume of international contributors which engages with N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. A great study in Pauline theology by an international cast of biblical scholars and theologians. Edited by Christoph Heilig, J. Thomas Hewitt, and Michael F. Bird. See the Mohr/Siebeck site if it is not on [Read More…]

The Greer-Heard Debate on Jesus’ Divinity with Bart Ehrman and Mike Bird

Below is a video of the Greer-Heard forum on “How did Jesus become God?” with discussions between Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird, featuring also Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust. It was an awesome time. Ehrman sketched out his general view, I did a critique about the earliest christology being adoptionist, Hurtado set [Read More…]

Our Bodies “Do” God’s Revelation

In his recent book The Revelatory Body: Theology as Inductive ArtLuke Timothy Johnson presents a remarkable thesis: Our human bodies are the fulcrum of God’s revelation. He contends that even Scripture itself points beyond itself to our human bodies as the “preeminent place of God’s self-disclosure.” The argument of this book is thoroughly phenomenological by [Read More…]

Interviews with Presenters Ahead of the Greer-Heard Forum

In some promo pieces for the Greer-Heard Forum in New Orleans, Steve Morgan has an excellent interview with Simon Gathercole, Larry Hurtado, and Jennifer Knust about what to expect. Hope you are all coming, it starts this Friday! [Read more…]

How I Do Research

Over at Sola Crux, my buddy Nijay Gupta interviews me about “How I Do Research.” This is first in a series that Nijay is doing and I’m sure it will be great. Step One: Dress like a lumber jack and drink over-priced coffee. Step Two: Play a ukulele while organizing your notes in Zotero. Step [Read More…]

An Excerpt from Michael Bird’s Romans Commentary

Zondervan has posted an excerpt from my Romans commentary, the “Live the Story” section on Romans 12.1-2. Yes, it includes a reference to Oliva Newton-John. [Read more…]

CT’s 7 New Must Read Theology Books for 2016

Glad to see that Kevin Emmert at CT lists my Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans as one of the must read theology books of 2016! An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, And Romans, by Michael Bird (Eerdmans, October). Paul was a complex figure who held a strange mixture of beliefs that brought him [Read More…]

Book Notice: John Goldingay on Proverbs

John Goldingay Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs for Everyone London: SPCK, 2014. Available a By Felicity Clift If I was to attempt to summarise my first thoughts on Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs prior to reading John Goldingay’s study on these books “for Everyone” they may be something like this: – [Read More…]

Brant Pitre on the Divine Jesus of Mark’s Gospel

Is the Marcan Jesus identified with Yahweh? Brant Pitre draws on recent research to give an emphatic “Yes.” Is Jesus Merely a “Human Messiah” in Mark? Are Meier, Marcus, Yarbro-Collins, Boring, and Hays off base to see Jesus’ egō eimi saying in Mark 6 as a reference to the divine name? If so, how does one explain [Read More…]

Jesus Quotes Republican Candidates

From Jimmy Kimmel, Jesus reads quotes from Republican Candidates. Hillarious! [Read more…]

Hardest NT Essay Question Ever! Can You Answer It?

Preamble: Read Peter Lampe, Christians at Rome from Paul to Valentinus, 120-122. Bishop Callistus of Rome (217-22) had a problem. Many women from the Roman upper classes (senatorial and equestrian) had become Christians. However, there was a shortage of male Christians of the same social rank. So these women had a choice: either marry a [Read More…]

Book Review: Paul and the Vocation of Israel

Over at RBL is my review of Lionel Windor’s volume on Paul and the Vocation of Israel: How Paul’s Jewish Identity Informs his Apostolic Ministry with Special Reference to Romans. Sadly, SBL membership required in order to read it (grrhhh). [Read more…]

Book Notice: John Goldingay on Numbers and Deuteronomy

John Goldingay Numbers and Deuteronomy for Everyone London: SPCK, 2015. Available at By Felicity Clyft It is a bold claim to say that a book can be ‘for everyone’. From a literary point of view we might wonder if this is even possible. What would such a book look like? John Goldingay’s Numbers and [Read More…]

Has Anyone Heard of the New Illuminations Commentary Series

I have belatedly just become aware of the Illuminations commentary series edited by C.S. Seow with Loren Stuckenbruck, Scott Jones, and Judith Newman, published by Eerdmans. So far only C.S. Seow on Job 1-21 is out, but some capable scholars are lined up and it looks like it could be a good series. Here’s the NT [Read More…]

Review of Mending a Fractured Church

Joe Valenti offers a nice review of Mending a Fractured Church (edited by M. Bird and B. Rosner, published by Lexham Press). The authors of these short essays do an excellent job of presenting their topics with clarity and brevity – showing from Scripture the goal of Christian unity, but also underscoring the fact that [Read More…]