Interview at Creative Theology about Evangelical Theology

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dave Dunham about my Evangelical Theology. Dave raised some good questions about the role of Scripture in theology and how to balance creativity and orthodoxy in theology. You can read the interview here. [Read more...]

Stan Porter on Hermeneutics, Interpretation, and Biblical Authority

A great read is Stanley E. Porter, “The Authority of the Bible as a Hermeneutical Issue,” Evangelical Quarterly 86 (2014): 303-24. Porter shows that a lot of debates supposedly about “biblical authority” are largely misdirected and are really about “biblical interpretation.” Many of the debates that court controversy are really about interpretation rather than hermeneutics or authority. He [Read More...]

Markus Barth Lectures on Colossians and Ephesians

Mark Goodacre links to newly digitized audio lectures by Markus Barth on Colossians and Ephesians put up by Matt Montinini. In my mind, Markus Barth is one of the most underrated NT scholars of the twentieth century. I’ve enjoyed his many works and every year I pick up at least one reprint of his works [Read More...]

Ben Myers’ on “Christology: 12 Grammatical Rules”

Ben Myers gives an overview of his course on christology and includes 12 Grammatical Rules on Christology. Well worth checking out. We should start a petition to convince Ben to turn this into a book. Unless some publisher wants to offer him a contract before anyone else does! [Read more...]

Enclave Theology

Thanks to FB (HT: Charles Y. Kim) I came across this quote from George Hunsinger about “enclave theology”: By ‘enclave’ theology, I mean a theology based narrowly in a single tradition that seeks not to learn from other traditions and to enrich them, but instead to topple and defeat them, or at least to withstand [Read More...]

Rough Injustice at General Theological Seminary

AKMA Adam, an ordained Episcopal priest living in the UK, offers a very pointed review of the situation concerning the eight faculty sacked by the Trustees of GTS. He writes: [T]he administrative style on display in this tragedy coheres with the way leaders in the Episcopal Church have operated with increasing frequency over the past few decades. [Read More...]

Richard Hays’s Lecture on the Divinity of Jesus in the Gospels

I just heard news that Richard Hays is presenting a lecture/discussion on “Did All the Gospel Writers Think Jesus was Divine?” which will be broadcast live through Google Events and on You.Tube. HT: Jim West   [Read more...]

Logos High Definition Commentary Series: Romans

Logos is releasing the first volume in its High Definition Commentary on Romans by Steve Runge. According to the blurb, the volume is organized into preachable portions of Scripture and featuring over 100 custom graphics, Romansis perfect for sermons, Bible studies, and small groups. Using principles of linguistics and Biblical exegesis, Dr. Runge illuminates the key [Read More...]

Ben Witherington on the Imperial Cult and Romans

Ben Witherington offers a review and interaction with my essay on Romans in the McKnight/Modica book Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not. I would not put anti-imperial rhetoric on the front burner of Romans, however, I am convinced that much of Paul’s theology in Romans is incompatible with Roman esteem for the princeps and the empire [Read More...]

Book Notice: Simon Chan on Asian Theology

Simon Chan Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at I have to say that this is easily one of the best books that I’ve read this year. I was initially just gonna have a basic perusal through this book, however, after the first chapter [Read More...]

Hillsong Clarifies Stance on Sexuality

Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong, made come comments in a NYC press conference that created a bit of a stir because he refused to take a definitive position on the issue of homosexuality. He used the language like “an ongoing conversation” and talking about those “on a journey with it.” See full report at RNS. This [Read More...]

Douglas Campbell’s New Book on Pauline Chronology

Douglas Campbell (Duke University) has a new book coming out on Pauline chronology and critical introductory matters called Framing Paul, looks like it will be a treat, see a promo for the book below:   [Read more...]

Simon Gathercole on the Canonical and Non-Canonical Gospels

A few months ago, Simon Gathercole gave a plenary paper at the BNTS on a comparison between the canonical and non-canonical Gospels.  In brief, Gathercole argues that the canonical gospels are distinguished from “other” Gospels by their kerygmatic content, in that they express what became known as “the rule of faith” (regula fidei). You can find [Read More...]

Things to Say if the City of Houston Asks for Your Sermon Notes

I’m sure many of you have heard that the City of Houston has demanded that several leading pastors turn over to authorities any sermons dealing with homosexuality and gender. See news reports here and here. I’ll be visiting Houston Baptist University in January, so I thought I better have some things to say in case [Read More...]

Cliff Kvidahl Interviews Wayne Coppins about German and English Biblical Scholarship

I’m glad to have Cliff Kvidahl as a guest blogger today so find links below with his interview with Wayne Coppins about the Baylor Press and Mohr/Siebeck Verlag joint venture on translating key German monographs into English. Part 1 Part 2 Some interesting books are schedule to come out in that series! [Read more...]