Surprised by N.T. Wright – The Podcast Part II

Mere from the guys at Mere Orthodoxy about N.T. Wright, this time their podcast includes discussing his Reformed critics. [Read more…]

This I Believe (Hillsong)

Hillsong discovers their “inner-trinitarian-orthodoxy” in this wonderful worship song “This I Believe.” Dear Hillsong, do this more, encore, encore, encore! Next I hope they do something from the Second Helvetic Confession! [Read more…]

Thomas Schreiner Reflects on the Scholarship of Leon Morris

Thomas Schreiner joins in the centenary celebration of the life and work of Leon Morris with a guest post on the Ridley Blog about Morris’ influence upon him. Leon Morris influenced me with his commentaries. His careful work in 1 Corinthians and the Thessalonian letters helped shaped my understanding of those Pauline letters. But his [Read More…]

Book Review: John Goldingay on the Psalms

John Goldingay Psalms for Everyone, Part I: Psalms 1-72  London: SPCK, 2013 Available at By Jill Firth (Adjunct Lecturer in Old Testament at Ridley Melbourne) The book of Psalms includes ‘about 135 things you can say to God’ according to Goldingay, with four main ways of speaking to God. We can say, ‘You are [Read More…]

Does Religion Become More Intolerant as Society Becomes More Secular?

Over at The Atlantic, Jonathan Rauch, has a piece on The Great Secession about the apparent exodus of religious conservatives from mainstream culture and even every day life. Its a good piece to read and gives good pause for thought in the culture wars going on the west between the gay and god-fearing. Rauch declares his main [Read More…]

Book Review – N.T. Wright on the Psalms

Tom Wright  Finding God in the Psalms: Sing, Pray, Live London: SPCK, 2014. Available at  By Jill Firth (Adjunct Lecturer in Old Testament at Ridley College) Reading Tom Wright’s new book on the Psalms is like taking a helicopter flight with David Attenborough. A panoramic view of the spiritual landscape of the Psalter is delivered [Read More…]

Cultivating International Biblical Scholarship

Larry Hurtado has a good post on A Vision for International Biblical Scholarship where he calls for more support for biblical scholars in the developing world: What we need, and desperately, are financial resources to allow talented scholars such as this one to be sprung free periodically from regular duties to pursue some major research and [Read More…]

Condemnation No More – Reflections on Romans 8:1-4

Someone should start a Christian rock band called “Condemnation No More” as a deliberate pun on the 90s rock band “Faith No More.”  The phrase “condemnation no more” comes form Rom 8:1 and its a great summary of the Pauline gospel. In fact, Paul’s whole sentence in 8:1-4 forms a perfect summary as any as to [Read More…]

SBL’s Bible Odyssey is Launched

SBL’s Bible Odyssey website has been launched. Its a great on-line encyclopedia for all things biblical. See my article on Bethlehem. [Read more…]

Jeremy Treat on the Cross and the Kingdom

Jeremy Treat’s essay in Christology Ancient and Modern about “Exaltation in and Through Humiliation: Rethinking the States of Christ,” is great, and includes this gem quote: While Many Christians either champion the kingdom or cling to the cross, Scripture presents a mutually enriching  relationship between the two that draws significantly from the story  of Israel and culminates [Read More…]

Surprised by N.T. Wright – The Podcast

Over at Mere Orthodoxy is a great podcast called Mere Fidelity: Surprised by N.T. Wright which features three bright chaps discussing N.T. Wright with a mix of huge accolades and critical reflections. Its quite a good discussion about why Wright is so popular, so controversial, what he does well, and what people find him less convincing [Read More…]

A Theological Reading of Colossians by Nijay Gupta

My good friend Nijay Gupta has posted on-line his article “Beholding the Word of Christ: A Theological Reading of Colossians,” Canadian Theological Review 2.1 (2013): 21-43. Its a good piece dealing with intra-canonical interpretation and theological exegesis, Nijay engages interpreters like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Thomas Torrance, and John Webster, as well as expounding themes like Israel, Incarnation, and [Read More…]

A Critique of N.T. Wright on Justification in Expository Times

In the latest issue of ExpT there is an exchange over justification between Richard K. Moore and N.T. Wright. Richard K. Moore (Vose Seminary, Western Australia) N. T. Wright’s treatment of ‘Justification’ in The New Testament for Everyone Expository Times July 2014 125: 483-486. N. T. Wright is a widely published author with a large following among those interested in his [Read More…]

Robert Jewett on Ethical Transformation

In light of recent sanctification wars, thought I’d post this quote I just read in Rob Jewett’s Romans commentary. “Honesty about the dilemmas of current Christian ethics should not be allowed to override the evidence in Paul’s own letters of an expectation of ethical transformation.” Amen. [Read more…]

Mere Anglicanism Conference in 2015

Wish I was going to the Mere Anglicanism Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, 22 January 2015. The line up of speakers includes: Ross Douthat, Mary Eberstadt, Os Guiness, Alister McGrath, Bishop Michael  Nazir-Ali, and N.T. Wright. The theme is: Salt and Light: The Christian Response to Secularism. Actually, come to think of it, I might [Read More…]