Society of Beer Lovers 2014 Meeting in San Diego

The Society of Beer Lovers and Associated Academic Research meeting will be happening again in San Diego on Saturday 22 November 2014. Here is the promotional video by the insane John Anthony Dunne and Chris Brewer with a cameo from N.T. Wright. [Read more…]

Book Notice: Church History by John Woodbridge and Frank James

John D. Woodbridge and Frank A. James Church History: Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2013. Available at I’ve read several Church History intro volumes. Chris Cairns is what I used as an undergrad and I’ve usually recommended Bruce Shelly to my undergrad students because of its readability. [Read More…]

Wow, American Liberals Really, Really Do Hate Catholics

I have to confess that I never cease to be amazed at the depth of hatred that American liberals have for Catholics. Read the article about the Satanic Temple holding a “Black Mass” at Harvard Uni, which was only cancelled after much outrage and protest. Is it me or does the whole freedom of religion [Read More…]

Theology as Poetry

Theology as Poetry  by Miriam Dale “Theology is poetry”, he tells me, and as a poet I quite like that. Theology is poetry, I think. It is the shading in a world of lines, the winch that straining, pulls words from the page and into the 3-dimensional. Despite being the study of an objective Truth, [Read More…]

The Problem with Liberal Churches

I’m browsing through Addison Hodges Hart on Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World and came across this quote: Mainline (“liberal”) Protestantism, meantime, continues to evaporate like an insubstantial morning mist. Left-wing in politics, “nice,” bland, ineffective, graying, vague in message, spineless in matters of sexual morality, and doctrinally vaporous, [Read More…]

Israel Here I Come!

I leave tomorrow for about two weeks in Israel. It is something of the culmination of my year-long sabbatical, which I realize I’ve not spoken much about. While there, I’ll be studying Modern Hebrew for a week in Jerusalem at an Ulpan, touring the land with one of my best friends, Kelly Williams, and participating [Read More…]

Authentic Media (Paternoster) Catalogue for 2014

In the Authentic Media Catalogue for 2014 are some cool titles including: Salim Munayer & Lisa Soden, Through My Enemies Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine. Stephen R. Holmes, The Holy Trinity Andrew T. B. McGowan, The Person and Work of Christ Paul Barnett, Paul in Syria Aaron O’Kelly, Did the Reformers Misread Paul: A Historical-Theological Critque of the New Perspective [Read More…]

Interview with Justin Holcomb about Heresies and History

Justin Holcomb teaches Gordon-Conwell and Reformed Theological Seminary and he has written two books on Know the Heretics and Know the Creeds and Councils (Zondervan, 2014). Here is my interview with him about the books: Justin, you’re an episcopal priest who is obviously interested in the church’s preservation of its orthodox faith. As an episcopalian, um, well, [Read More…]

Debates about Dust, DNA, and Death

Given the release of the controversial volume by Ronald E. Osborne, Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014), I’ve been reading up on a bit of Genesis 1 stuff. Along the way I found this provocative quote from Jack Collins: “Each of us is, ultimately, ‘formed [Read More…]

Mariam Kamell to Deliver the 2nd Annual Leon Morris Lecture

Later this month Dr. Mariam Kamell (Regent College) will deliver two lectures at Ridley Melbourne, including: Open Public Lecture on 22 May at 1400 on “A Biblical Theology of Social Justice.” The Leon Morris Lecture on 26 May at 1745 on “Living the Kingdom Law.” This session deals with the kingdom law as it was [Read More…]

Response Book to John Dickson on Women in Ministry

Last year Zondervan released three ebooks on women in ministry by Katherine Keller, Michael Bird, and John Dickson. John Dickson’s book, Hearing Her Voice, caused a bit of a storm in Sydney Anglican circles and it has prompted its own response ebook from within Sydney Anglicanism called Women, Sermons, and the Bible edited by Peter Bolt [Read More…]

Book Review: Dale Hanson Bourke on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Dale Hanson Bourke The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Tough Questions, Direct Answers Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2013. Available at Okay, the Israeli-Palestinian is a sensitive issue, invoking great pathos and emotion, and a lot of theological baggage is also bound up with the discussion. I’m glad to say that this book by Dale Hanson Bourke, as [Read More…]

Ehrman’s Response to the Bird Response Book

Bart Ehrman has written a response to HGBJ over at his blog CIA (thankfully available for public viewing). It is quite a cordial piece, critical but not adversarial, it sets out his side of the story, and what he thinks is lacking in our response book. Ehrman is fully aware of why his book is [Read More…]

More Reviews of Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird on Jesus as God

Many reviews of HJGB and HGBJ are now available. Over at Grace for Sinners, Jennifer Guo reviews HJGB and HGBJ. Over at Crux Sola, Nijay Gupta reviews Ehrman’s book here and here and then HGBJ here and here. Andrew Sullivan reviews both books here. Gerrit Dawson reviews HGBJ and reports a near-miracle: ” I was so happy to see [Read More…]

Chris Tilling on How God Became Jesus

Over at the St. Mellitus website, Chris Tilling has a short video about his part in How God Became Jesus and why Christians should read Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God. [Read more…]