Former Aussie PM John Howard ‘s NYT Piece on Gun Control in the USA

John Howard, former Australian prime minister (1996-2007), has a very tantalizing piece on gun control in the New York Times.In the article, he talks about the gun control reforms that he and his government introduced following the massacre of 35 people in Port Arthur in Tasmania in 1996. What stood out was this quote: The [Read More...]

The Achilles Heal of Two Complementarian Objections

Since the release of my ebook Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry and John Dickson’s sister volume Hearing Her Voice: A Case for Women Giving Sermons, a number of responses have been made, especially from within Australia, and the most engaging has been from Peter Bolt at Theological Theology. In [Read More...]

N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God Available Soon on Logos

In what will surely be the biggest publishing event in biblical studies in 2013, volume 4 of N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God series will be released sometime this year. It will be published in three parts with Paul and the Faithfulness of God comprising the main work, plus a history of Pauline Research [Read More...]

Cool Stuff in New IVP Catalogue

The latest IVP catalogue has some great stuff in it: Scot McKnight is interviewed about “empire criticism” in regards to the book Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not! Joel Green and Jeanine Brown talk about the second edition of Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. There is a promo of Jason Hood’s book on Imitating God in Christ [Read More...]

Free John Dickson Book “Hearing Her Voice” on

I just heard on FB that John Dickson’s ebook, Hearing Her Voice: A Case for Women Giving Sermons, is currently free on if you have a kindle account. John has stirred up a bit of controversy about his claims in Sydney Anglican circles so the book is worth reading to see what the fuss is [Read More...]

Robert Yarbrough Reviews “The Apostle Paul: Four Views” at TGC

Over at  TGC is a nice review of The Apostle Paul: Four Views by Prof. Robert Yarbrough of Covenant Theological Seminary. Yarbrough says in the end: This is an important and telling book. In brief compass it characterizes understandings of the Pauline gospel, along with the hermeneutics and historiographies applied to Paul’s writings, across a wide [Read More...]

Remember JSPL

Dear readers, I want to remind you three things about JSPL. 1. It is an awesome journal of Pauline studies. The current issue which is just out, 2.2, is a battle royale on Galatians, apocalypticism, and salvation-history with Martinus De Boer, Jason Maston, and Bruce Longenecker all going toe-to-toe. Plus some other groovy articles too. 2. I [Read More...]

Great Book Deal: We Proclaim the Word of Life

Great value deal at from a book produced by the NT Group of the Tyndale Fellowship: Only 4.99!  [Read more...]

Grace, Law, and the Gospel of Grace according to Les Miserable

Before I was a theologian and before I was a paratrooper, I wanted to be a lyricist for musicals (you know, like Tim Rice or Stephen Sondheim). So I love musical theater. I even wrote the lyrics to a few musicals that never quite hit broadway. I can sing the complete score of Les Mis pretty [Read More...]

The Gospels as the “Seal” of the Scriptures

Wonderful quote from a Syriac document called The Teaching of the Apostles (9): The apostles further appointed: At the conclusion of all the Scriptures let the Gospels be read, as being the seal of all the Scriptures and let the people listen to it standing upon their feet: because it is the Gospel of the redemption [Read More...]

Nicodemus – A Questionable Disciple

I had the privilege of preaching at my church last weekend. I preached on the story of Nicodemus from John’s Gospel. Nicodemus’ story challenges me to live a life of genuine discipleship. [Read more...]

History of Evangelical Christianity in Australia

For those interested in antipodean evangelicalism, the second edition of Stuart Piggin’s book on the history of evangelicalism in Australia is now out: Stuart Piggin Spirit, Word and World: Evangelical Christianity in Australia Melbourne: Acorn, 2012. Order here. This revised edition brings the story right up to the present, covering the worldwide expansion of Sydney [Read More...]

John Piper Clarifies Remarks on Wife Abuse

Some time ago, John Piper engaged in a Q&A about wives submitting to their husbands and what to do in the case of wife abuse (see a video here). This caused quite a bit of a stir, and rightly so, because it gave the impression that wives should just suck it up for the glory [Read More...]

The Fourfold Gospel: A Rationale

The adoption of the four Gospels by the proto-orthodox church is a remarkable feat of Christian history. At the dawn of the second century, the Jesus tradition crystalized into what are now the canonical Gospels, yet oral tradition and secondary orality remained quite alive, “other” Gospels were also composed at this time, soon after Gospel [Read More...]

Women in Ministry Blitz Begins

The response, feedback, and debate stemming from Zondervan’s ebook series Fresh Perspectives on Women in Ministry has formally begun. Its causing a bit of a stir in Evangelical Anglican circles in Sydney and round about (wonder if Kath Keller is getting as much air time as Dicko and I are?). Some reviews include: Tamie Davis [Read More...]