The Bantam Journal

Some students from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis have  launched their own journal called The Bantam Review. You need to read it just to find out why this is the only theological studied journal that has a rooster has its logo! Their first issue is on-line with some good stuff in their first issue, including [Read More...]

Gay Couples and Jedi Knights (Humour Alert)

The last Australian Census (2011) has some interesting statistics. Note the following (HT: Australia Incognita) Same sex couples: 33, 714 (so 67, 428 people); Jedi Knights, 65,000. So there are roughly the same number of gay and lesbians as there are jedi knights in Australia. Two implications: (1) Perhaps we should provide state sponsored ceremonies [Read More...]

German Court Bans Circumcision

In a strange and disconcerting turn of events, a German court has banned circumcision! Read about it at ABC News. The court said: “The child’s body is permanently and irreparably changed by the circumcision. This change runs counter to the interests of the child, who can decide his religious affiliation himself later in life.” I [Read More...]

Con Campbell’s New Website

My uber-talented friend Con Campbell -the  NT scholar, Greek expert, evangelist, and jazz musician- has a new website show casing some stuff he’s done in biblical studies, preaching, and music. Also, a must read is his forthcoming book on Paul and Union with Christ, this man knows his Greek, and I think he really cracks [Read More...]

Why No-one Robs a 7/11 in Israel

Certainly not your average 7/11 in Australia! [Read more...]

Rottenness to Apprehension?

I have a genuine question (and this is a genuine question): Does the Bible’s “explicit gospel” demand that humans acknowledge how rotten they are before they will truly apprehend how glorious Christ is? [Read more...]

What goes after the “is” in “The Gospel is . . .”?


John Meier’s imaginative scenario with which he introduces his Marginal Jew project is something analogous to the experience four of us are having in Cambridge this week. We have been locked (not really locked) into the “hex” (not the bowels) of the Tyndale House Library (not the Harvard Library) in order to come to an [Read More...]

Book Notice: The Message of Sonship

Trevor J. Burke The Message of Sonship Bible Speaks Today; ed. Derek T. Tidball Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2012. Available at The image of salvation as adoption is largely a Pauline metaphor (see Burke’s earlier volume, Adopted into God’s Family: Exploring a Pauline Metaphor), but here Burke explores an analogous theme, that is, sonship. [Read More...]

Interview with John Dickson on ABC

Australian Anglican minister, theologian, historian, and founding director of the Center for Public Christianity (CPX), and also all round good friend of mine, John Dickson, does a wonderful 10 minute interview with ABC’s One plus One. John has much to say about his own conversion, Christianity in society, and of course gay marriage. Watch the [Read More...]

Christology theologically precedes Soteriology


When studying the person of Jesus Christ, his nature and his identity, should we begin with his works or with his person? This was one of the questions Bonhoeffer grappled with in his lectures on christology. Bonhoeffer points to the ambiguous nature of Jesus works as irrefutable evidence that beginning with Jesus’ works in studying [Read More...]

Australians Losing Their Faith

Australia is an odd country in terms of church/state relationships. We have govt. funding for a school chaplains program (staffed mainly by evangelicals), yet we are one of the most secular countries in the world. Australia has more Buddhists than Baptists! In the latest issue of WSJ, there is a piece on Australians losing their [Read More...]

Bonhoeffer on Solitude from Life Together


Bonhoeffer continues to be my theologian. I’ve been reading both his Life together and his lecture on Christology. I’ll have more to say about the latter in due course. In the evenings while here in Cambridge I’ve been reading Life Together. In the chapter “The Day Alone”, Bonhoeffer provokes reflection about the importance of solitude [Read More...]

Karen Spears Zacharias Interviews Scot McKnight about Eschatology

Karen Spears Zacharias (let’s just call her KSZ) interviews Scot McKnight about growing up dispensational and how he moved out of it. Note, Dallas and Liberty grads, you really, really should bookmark this page! It includes this quote: I went to college as a devout fundamental dispensationalist, but in college I discovered George Ladd’s The Blessed [Read More...]

Congrats to Adam Copenhaver on passing his Viva!

I’m glad to announce that my Ph.D padwan Adam Copenhaver has passed his doctoral viva. His thesis was: “The Colossian Heresy? An Investigation of the Christological Polemics and Socio-Cultural Background in Colossians.” Adam boldly argued for M.D. Hooker’s position that there was no specific “heresy” or “heretics” in Colossae, and Colossians was written as a [Read More...]

RBL review of Jason Hood’s Ph.D Thesis

I am most pleased to see a relatively glowing review at RBL by M. Eugene Boring of Jason Hood’s published Ph.D dissertation The Messiah, His Brothers, and the Nations (Matthew 1.1-17). The opening line reads: This stimulating and well-written book is a revision of the author’s PhD dissertation accepted by Highland Theological College and the University [Read More...]