More on the DJG (2nd ed)

I’ve compared the articles and the contributors lists of the first and second editions of the DJG. I’m sorry to report that if you want an article on “Abiathar” the priest you’ll no longer find one in the second edition. Very sad! You’ll have to keep your first edition after all! Here are some data: [Read More…]

Protestant or Reformational Catholic

Over at First Things, Peter Leithart has an interesting piece on The End of Protestantism where he argues that we should think of ourselves not as anti-Catholic Protestants, but instead as Reformational Catholics. Protestantism has had a good run. It remade Europe and made America. It inspired global missions, soup kitchens, church plants, and colleges [Read More…]

Joel and Mike at SBL

    [Read more…]

Preparation for ETS/SBL

I”m Getting ready for ETS (Paper on Global Evangelical View on Inerrancy) and SBL (Paper on Synoptic Problem). Here’s what I look like while I’m doing it: [Read more…]

Dictionary of Jesus & the Gospels (2nd Ed)

I am excited about recently receiving the new edition of the Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels. I am also pleased that these days I consider two of the editors (Nick and Jeannine) and many of the contributors as friends. Quite a different sense of things from when I first used the first edition of [Read More…]

The Church as the Public Face of the Gospel – Renewing An Evangelical Doctrine of the Church

A high view of Christ, should lead to a high view of the Church, that’s what I’m saying. [Read more…]

N.T. Wright on Beauty, Justice, and the Faith that Enhances Life

Simon Smart from the Center for Public Christianity interviews N.T. Wright about “Beauty, Justice, and the Faith that Enhances Life.” Here is the first video: Two other videos are located at the CPX website! [Read more…]

Christianity’s Dangerous Idea

Recently the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” was held in Sydney featuring, among others, Peter Hitchens (brother of the late atheist journal Christopher Hitchens). Here is what Peter Hitchens is his dangerous idea: The most dangerous idea and philosophy in human history remains the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God and rose from [Read More…]

Who is Reformed? Is John Piper Reformed?

Kevin De Young has a piece over at TGC on Is John Piper Really Reformed? I think De Young’s argument is basically correct and he gives helpful nuance to the diversity of Calvinistic and Reformed churches in North America But there are two issues here: First, the definition of “Reformed” is slippery. For some it [Read More…]

A “Configuration” of Judaism is Accurate, A “Re-configuration” Is Not

I’m still mulling over my post about my unease with the category of “reconfiguration” and the like so oft used today.  I’m currently writing on Galatians for my  commentary in the Zondervan Story of God Commentary Series which has been lunched this month with Scot McKnight’s Sermon on the Mount and Lynn Cohick’s Philippians. So [Read More…]

Michael Jensen’s Endoresment of Evangelical Theology

Rev. Dr. Michael Jensen, former lecture in theology at Moore Theological College, and current Rector at St. Mark’s Darling Point, was kind enough to write a blurb for EvTh: This is the one-volume theology text we’ve been waiting for. Bird’s Evangelical Theology is a model of a gospel-centred, genuinely biblical approach to systematic theology – [Read More…]

Early Comments on Evangelical Theology

I’m quite pleased that a few early reviews, mentions, and interactions of Evangelical Theology (EvTh) – or known to me as my baby girl “Evangeline” – have appeared. Here are a few. Over at TGC, Trevin Wax highlights a few of my more humorous moments in the book. Nate Clairborne, Brian LePort, and Marc Cortez [Read More…]

Doug Moo reviews N.T. Wright’s “Paul and the Faithfulness of God”

Over at TGC, Douglas Moo (Wheaton College) provides a lengthy and interesting review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God: Critically: I won’t list other instances, but Paul and the Faithfulness of Godcontains too many of these kinds of rhetorically effective but exaggerated or overly generalized claims. A related problem is Wright’s tendency to set [Read More…]

Timothy George on “Strange Fire”

John Macarthur’s Strange Fire conference with its militant critique of the charismatic movement has raised no little bit of controversy. Some audio and video is available here, see Mark Driscoll’s open letter to Macarthur, and note Trevin Wax’s cautious words over at TGC. Now me, personally, I’m not charismatic. I don’t dance on pews, I don’t [Read More…]

N.T. Wright and Michael Kruger on Healthcare

Michael Kruger, New Testament scholar and President of RTS-Charlotte (see his forthcoming book on The Question of Canon), takes exception to N.T. Wright’s critique of evangelical opposition to the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare.” This is what Wright said in an interview: In your country, for example, there seem to be Christian political voices saying [Read More…]